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  1. B@$tard. Don’t you dare talk about our jawans or army in a poor light. F@gg0t
  2. Ok I am sick of his brand image and his fans!! The guy has played 150 matches and has ONE just ONE match winning 50 in his entire career. Rest of his 10 50s came in cause when India didn't win the match. That shows the kind of the guy he is.. Tuk tuks his way arounds and bumps his average up... We guys make fun of Afridi, but he had better bowling better, and more match winning innings than this joker.. This guy is the best example of M Kaif who also got 100+ matches because of his fielding and Natwest final innings. And if he is playing as a bowler, why the eff does the guy averages 35 after so many matches... If you want to play a bowler, play Kuldeep Yadav, heck even Ashwin, even Chahal, even Washington but why the eff Jadeja. Lets just face it, he is just a mediocre bowler, a selfish pathetic batsman and an awesome fielder... but a population of 1.3 billion deserves better!!
  3. rahulrulezz

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    The decision of picking Rayadu over Rayadu makes it clear for me that Rohit is the $h!ttiest captain out there... shows the kind of homeworkk he does...based on IPL exploits he picks up Rayadu the 75 strike rate guy... but in the same IPL, Rahul made way more runs than Rayadu....Rahul is a must for our LOI team!!
  4. rahulrulezz

    Rohit should lead our WC19 campaign?

    No way!!! Rohit's selection of Rayadu over Rahul is unpardonable. Thats insecurity for your place right there.. You can't have a captain who uses his captainship to merit his place
  5. rahulrulezz

    Kedar Jadhav - Fan Club - Player with X Factor

    Useless runs? Hs single handedly won us match chasing 350 after we lost our top 4 wickets cheaply.... Point is, the guy averages 45 in international cricket at strike rate of 108 ...and that is NOT useless and selfish!
  6. rahulrulezz

    Kedar Jadhav - Fan Club - Player with X Factor

    Your thread title and most posts in there seems to anti-Jadhav... This thread is purely about positivity, awesomeness and X Factor of Jadhav
  7. rahulrulezz

    Kedar Jadhav - Fan Club - Player with X Factor

    I still dislike Rayadu big time... Rayadu's strike rate is pathetic (close to 75) and takes too many dot balls. So many matches he lost us by breaking our momentum and scoring 20 of 35, 7 of 15 etc.... This is where Jadhav and Rayadu are MILES apart...
  8. Every other day I keep hearing that India did good, India showed a good fight. I am done with this bull crap. We bloody lost by 4-1. Not 3-2, not 2-2. But bloody 4-1. That's called being outplayed. Bloody hell even Srilanka and Pakistan with one tenth of our resources did better than us in England. And all I hear us we did good, and there are positives. Seriously shut the hell up. HEADS SHOULD ROLL!!!
  9. rahulrulezz

    Favorite Indian sweets

    There is this famous Bangladeshi sweet shop in Toronto and OH MY GOD, I have missed so much in my life. No North Indian, no South Indian sweets come close to these Bongs (sorry) mithai. They know their $hit when it comes to mithai. Man those mithais are something else. It’s been three years and i am hooked to these Bong mithais.
  10. rahulrulezz

    New way of exchange sweets between Indo-Pak Armies [Picture]

    I am a North Indian and a big sweets fan. I can vouch that nothing comes close to Bengali sweets.
  11. rahulrulezz

    Kohli v Dravid/Ponting

    Did you just put Rohit and Rahane in same line as Kohli
  12. rahulrulezz

    Kulddeep or Jadeja for second test

    I would pick Kuldeep over any bowler. Heck, Kuldeep would be 2nd name on the playing 11 after Kohli
  13. This guy was part of all our overseas tour from 2012 to 2014.. You name it. Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand.. We played on greenest pitches in all those overseas tours... we had all the legends get out to opposition fast bowlers but this dud of a pathetic bowler who was leading attack in all those attacks, didn't do a jack aside from that Lords test where he just got lucky when all the pulls and hooks went to fielders... and people starting calling him a unlucky matchwinner.. this guy is the most useless bowler to ever play for India... but our fans and selectors don't see that... atleast IPL teams have realized that this pathetic guy was part of 7 of 8 ipl teams that was in bottom 2 for 8 ipl seasons... and finally IPL teams stopped selecting this guy.. but this unlucky tag will stick with the selectors and he will continue to play for india... sad part is, before every series, he calls himself 'leader of the pace attack' and says how he will groom other bowler..I find that so funny
  14. rahulrulezz

    Fakhar Zaman

    so he scores a 100 against us in a champions trophy final, scores a 200*, and yet you call him a tullaybaaz. That's some serious jealousy right there
  15. rahulrulezz

    Regardless of what happens in tomorrow's ODI

    I don't know why people are derating KL Rahul... He is a genuine top 4 batsman. If we give him even half the chances that Rohit and Jadeja, you will have another Kohli for us.
  16. @DHONI_FANN enough with your abuse. and just that you know, everyone is welcome to ICF. Next time, if you personally attack another poster or tell non-indians that they are not wanted in ICF, you wouldn't be welcome to ICF
  17. hahahaha.. this one will haunt him forever
  18. rahulrulezz

    Art of chasing !!!

    Haha die almost made sense in that context, but then I was like, yeh ladki to seriously dil pe le gai Dhoni ki innings.
  19. rahulrulezz

    Art of chasing !!!

    You mean dye
  20. He was batting with both Raina and Hardik. His score when they both were batting was 11 of 24
  21. Oh eff offf dude. We were 150-4 when he came in. A real chance of winning. You don’t do net practice when you are 4 or 5 down, DO YOUR NET PRACTICE IN NETS. Not while playing for my INDIA
  22. What I don’t like is when he came in to bat, we needed 8 run per over, he took the run rate to 18 runs per over. And it’s not as if he came low. He came when we were 155 -4 off 29 overs. A real chance of winning.
  23. Join the club if you are Kuldeep Yadav's fan. Have been following Kuldeep from his under 19 days, and boy o boy, you could see terror in the opposition camp whenever he came to bowl. In IPLs, he didn't many games as he was overshadowed by Narine, Hogg and Chawla because of his age. But I am expecting him to the highest wicket taker in the upcoming seasons of IPL. Will bump this thread in future. Wait for him to go for a million dollar in auction in next few years. Sadly he choose to play for UP, with Chaiwala was the captain and the main spinner, where Chaiwala killed his confidence and that reflected in Kuldeep Yadav's domestic stats. However, Kuldeep Yadav is a big match player and he stands up against the big team. IMO he is a must in our team!! Kuldeeps batting is very very underrated as well. He has scored some very decent innings in domestics and under19s and can play as an all rounder in future too. I can see him scoring good fifties and wouldn't be surprised if he scores few hundreds! If Kohli shows enough confidence in Kuldeep, and gives him even half the chances that Jadeja got from Dhoni, Kuldeep is going to be the biggest match winner India ever had. So all Kuldeep Yadav fans, let's give him enough support and hopefully we will see Kuldeep play for next 12 years in all three formats and make India proud!!

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