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  1. rahulrulezz

    The Myth of Thousand Years Rule

    1) you get my point. I don’t want to get into the specific details. Most Rajputs were still together till this point. It was not the case later till Rana Sanga 2) he was smart in a way that he was the first Hindu lord who thought of actually uniting India. He also defeated 17 other war lords before winning Delhi. After Humayun and Sher Shah, he realized there was a potential for him to rule India. Which no Hindu never thought from 1200. Rana Sanga was still fixated about Delhi not whole of India. Yes Panipat was a blunder. 3) yes Ghouri. Thanks for pointing. I was busy When I wrote this post and wasn’t fully focussed. Somehow that movie Ghajini was stuck in mind when I was writing the post.
  2. rahulrulezz

    The Myth of Thousand Years Rule

    In my opinion three most important battles in no order for India agiant Islamic empires were 1) I always believe battle of Khanwa the most important battles for India. Rana Sanga United Rajputs for the first time after Prithvi Raj Chauhan 2) Even second battle of Panipat with Hemu was another one which I believe would have changed demographics of India. Hemu was smart and brave. 3) 2nd battle of Tarrain (taraori) with Prithviraj Chauhan against Ghouri. If Ghouri was stopped that time, things would have been so different for India. Though Prithviraj was just unfit and too soft for this battle. P.s. I have been to all three battle grounds. More than Rana Sanga, I believe Hemu had more in him to conquer and unite India What annoys me is the kind of attention Maharana Pratap gets.
  3. rahulrulezz

    Is Pakistan test team that bad?

    Can we please keep the discussions in a civil way. I had to edit/delete so many posts. If I see more abusive posts, I will have to lock this thread.
  4. Finally people are catching up to this scam called Jadeja. Not only 4 t20 worldcups, this scamster also played 2015 world cup cuz of Dhoni and did NOTHING...As a matter of fact, he was Dhoni's boi even before 2011 worldcup and Dhoni wanted him in 11 team as well.
  5. rahulrulezz

    Where are the Kolkata Knight Riders Fan?

    kayyyy kayyyy aaarrrr... always believed in KKR from start that they will qualify for playoffs btw, we have a whatsapp group for my cricket club, and I have made few $20 bets with few of my fellow mates that KKR will make it to playoffs... I have no idea why people rated KKR so low before the ipl... the team has some genuine matchwinners in Lynn, Narine, Andre, Kuldeep, Karthik, Mavi, Gill... I might end up making close to $120 if KKR makes it to the playoffs
  6. rahulrulezz

    Foriegn players who should not playing this IPL edition

    Tim Curran for KKR. I don’t know who is worse. Tim Curran or Vinay KoMaar for KKR
  7. rahulrulezz

    Suresh Raina shud never be selected for Indian team again

    He is a must in T20s. Full stop!
  8. rahulrulezz

    Rayudu 2.0 should get a chance back in Indian team

    Keep this tuchia far away from my indian team this Guy is the same tooch Who even after playing so many games had a strike rate of 72.
  9. rahulrulezz

    USA vs Canada vs UK

    Definitely Canada
  10. rahulrulezz

    6cr for Gowtham Krishnappa is a good investment

    Can you imagine Jadeja player 4 T20 worldcup abd 1 50 over World Cup over players like him, Krunal etc
  11. Chahal IMO is just an ok T20s bowler. No mysteries or googlies with him. Don’t know why never find him the culprit.
  12. rahulrulezz

    Hope Kishan is ok

    Icf is not your hate spewing platform. Last warning.
  13. rahulrulezz

    Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India Thread

    That’s not enough. If you actually the temples he built, his architectures in Chittorgarh, his contribution to music, his life, if there is any Indian King after Ashoka it was Rana Kumbha His life was full of drama as well and as they, “hamko apno ne luta, gairon main kya dum tha”, his murder was biggest black mark in Mewars history.
  14. rahulrulezz

    Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India Thread

    One of the biggest blunders that Indian text books and Bollywood has missed out on was that they missed out on biggest super heroes of kings of Mewar that is Rana Kumbha. He was undefeated through out his career and have built highest amount of forts in India. Kumbalgarh, IMO, is the most beautiful fort in India. Ncert should definitely mention about Rana Kumbha and his legacy and his architectures
  15. Anyone else bothered by that beeping noise from the coverage which sounds like a fire alarm. I keep thinking that my fire alarm is on
  16. rahulrulezz

    Where are the Kolkata Knight Riders Fan?

    Why the eff do you play Vinay Kumaaar
  17. rahulrulezz

    Beeping noise from the IPL tv/digital coverage

    Thank god. I thought something is wrong with me.
  18. rahulrulezz

    Beeping noise from the IPL tv/digital coverage

    Holly man. How come no one else can hear it. It bothers me so much. I tried both my tv and online, and the beeping noise doesn’t stop. Why are more people not complaining.
  19. rahulrulezz

    Where are the Kolkata Knight Riders Fan?

    Have always been a KKR fan!!! Lyn Narine Russell Kuldeep DK Nagarkotti will win it for us we are the champions!!
  20. rahulrulezz

    OMERTA - official trailer - Rajkummar Rao

    I saw it last year at Toronto Film Festival!! What a movie!!! 10/10
  21. rahulrulezz

    Which Indian celebrity do you hate the most?

    Salman Khan. Hate that smug on his face as if he owns everyone Also, he is the biggest hypocrite. He is always giving big lectures to people on big boss but he is the biggest and has history in women physical abuse, druggie, murderer, terrorist supporter(contact with Dawood and underworld), alcoholic. And his charities tend to go in support of only one religion. I make a point of not watching his movies in theatre. Not paying a penny to this arrogant hypocrite terrorist sympathizer Salman. Can’t stand why people like him.
  22. rahulrulezz

    What is your Most Unforgettable Nightmare??

    1996 Wc SF. That was the first match I saw all by myself after my dad taught me the rules of the game in QF against Pakistan. Since this was the second game I watched after the high I got from game against Pakistan, the loss impacted me a lot. Wcup loss 2003 also hurt a lot
  23. rahulrulezz

    PSL is a trulyunique league

    This! Who are we to criticize the PSL. IPL has its own fair share of issues. Not that I watch PSL, but I rather watch low scoring T20 games than your typical 200 run games.
  24. Pink hard ball or pink tennis ball?? Fielding any kind of cricket like ball of any color will break your fingers if you try to catch or stop the ball.

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