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  1. rahulrulezz

    Project Raina never dies

    Even though I would prefer Krunal or Krishna gowthan(the scary hitter of Rajasthan Royals) over Raina, I still like Raina as he is a team player and would never play selfishly. He is a match winner and can win games on his own. Miles better than the selfish likes of Jadeja, Rahane and Pandey
  2. rahulrulezz

    Kuldeep Yadav Fan Club - A Match Winner

    Another day for match winner. The problem is some of the fans are so fickle that they will ask Kuldeep to be dropped after one or two bad performances. He is our future just wait when he gets his chance to bat. He can a genuine batsman down the order. He can bat in Ashwin and Bhuvi mode and it’s not easy to get his wicket.
  3. rahulrulezz

    List all your phobias !!!

    Flying in a plane Height
  4. WHAT I don’t understand is what does Chahal has over Kuldeep is beyond me. Chahal has been playing with RCB for so long, yet never took them to finals. Heck he is not the guy who sends shivers down any player.
  5. rahulrulezz

    Kuldeep Yadav Fan Club - A Match Winner

    Hogg himself that if he ever wanted a son, he would pray to have a son like Kuldeep Yadav. As per Hogg, Kuldeep is the most polite kid he has ever seen.
  6. rahulrulezz

    Who is our third wrist spinner ?

    I would groom Krishna Gowtham, the guy who can hit from ball 1 and can bowl in power plays as my back alongside Krunal. Enough of Jadeja and Axar please
  7. rahulrulezz

    Kuldeep Yadav Fan Club - A Match Winner

    Another day, another match winning performance. And can you imagine, Jadeja was playing over this legend. Btw where is the guy Who got upset when I said Kuldeep is way better than Shadab Khan!!
  8. Finally something good and finally I might start to support Delhi state team... You can say whatever you want about Gambhir, but he is a genuine patriot who would want to play the bestest of players to play for Delhi (and eventually for India), and would care less about sifrashis giving money to get themselves selected.. If people don't know how Delhi teams are selected, selectors and Delhi cricket board members run their own academies and unless you play for that academy (by paying huge money), you have no chance of playing for Delhi.. and then these Delhi board members who run these academies fight among themselves to get their own players selected (cuz they took bribe from the families promising them a spot in Delhi team).. Which is why sometimes 3 years back, there were two Delhi teams.. one team selected few bunch of selectors and one team by another selectors .. with different coaches.... players had to choose which Delhi team they would play... Can you believe this!! I can vouch that Gambhir will change Delhi cricket to a good cricket board with no Pakistan like system.
  9. rahulrulezz

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    Umesh Yadav. Not even a doubt. Ishant has bowled in 7 overseas tours and played more than 15 test matches in overseas green conditions, and only game he ever win for us as a frontline fast bowler was Lords. Ishant is a brain dead guy.
  10. @Stradlaterwhat is wrong with you brotha. Can we please keep it civil.
  11. Seriously wtf is wrong with some of the people here. Not only I had to edit so many anti Bangladeshi defaming posts, so many anti women post. And Then we complain that we don’t have enough non Indians and females at Icf.
  12. This is why I love Gambhir. I know some Indians hate him, but The guy is a genuine patriot who wanted to win for India at any cost. The guy support martyrs family financially everyday without being in media. Me, being from Delhi/Haryana, started supporting KKR purely cuz Gambhir went there and now I am a kkr fan. Yes Gambhir is past his prime, but he never got his due credit. Only reason we won 2007 and 2011 World Cup was Gambhir. Simple as that.
  13. Jeremy Gordon,Who opens the bowling for Canada, played for my club last week. I was fielding at point, I saw the ball only when the keeper collected it. Probably the quickest I have ever seen. Fastest I have faced is another Canadian opening bowler Cecil Pervez and another Westindian Kyle Marshall.
  14. rahulrulezz

    Last 18 months have taught me a lot, says Karun Nair

    I never find this guy good enough for LOI Can not hit the ball and can’t rorate strike
  15. Pakistan actually became a good fielding unit under him. Why would you even let him go.
  16. Guys, can we please keep demeaning comments off the Icf. Why would a Bangladeshi would ever actively join Icf when some of us use insulting by words. Had to edit few posts.
  17. rahulrulezz

    Are you a Cat person or a Dog person !!!

    Nothing. It’s just that I find cats just weird. Find them selfish, catty, boring, unfriendly, wierd, lazy, moody, unfit, ugly. Cats for me are ‘unpetable’ if that is even a word. No bad experience, having a cat as a pet for me is similar to keeping a snake or a mice as a pet.
  18. rahulrulezz

    Are you a Cat person or a Dog person !!!

    Dog person. One of my dream is to actually own a dog. Retriever or a German Sheppard. But don’t think I am ready for it. Cant stand cats. Simply can not stand cats.
  19. rahulrulezz

    What happened to This Ravindra Jadeja the Batsman

    Even Stuart Binny had a spell of 7 wickets for 10 runs. Does that make him a good bowler. Even broken clock is right twice a day. Jadeja is that clock. He played 150 plus matches yet only one of his fifty came in a match winning cause. You give this many chances to any player, they will score as well. Afridi, Who we all make fun of, had more match winning days than Jadeja in half the games Jadeja played.
  20. rahulrulezz

    Jinnah did more harm than good for Muslims..

    OP nailed it!!! I for one give Jinnah the highest regards for his impact on future of India. If it wasn’t for him, we would have seen more Kashmir independence pattern in various provinces, large scale riots like Godhra train burning. Jinnah in a way saved so many Hindu Indians lives. Thank you Jinnah.
  21. rahulrulezz

    Is Pakistan test team that bad?

    Good job team Pakistan!! Well played
  22. rahulrulezz

    Rani Durgavati

    People talk about Rani Laxmi Bai, people talk about Rani Padmavati, people talk about Rani Karnavati but in my opinion if there was one Indian queen who was genuinely a brave and fierce warrior whom I really admired, she was Rani Durgavati. Sadly I have never heard Bollywood or an average indian aware of this brave queen. I have always been fascinated by her bravery and it makes me sad when noone around me knows her. A bit of a history on Rani Durgavati from various sources: Rani Durgavati was born in early 1500s and versed in horse riding, sword fighting and archery from a very young age. Her ancestors were famous keeping the Mulsims invasion at bay especially Sher Shah Suri and Gazni. She was married to Dalpat Shah, the eldest son of king Sangram Shah of Gond Dynasty. After her husband died when her son was only 5, he took the reign of the kingdom in her hands. After the death of Sher Shah, Baz Bahadur attacked Rani Durgavati but the attack was repulsed with heavy losses to his army. Akbar vanquished the Malwa ruler Baz Bahadur and annexed Malwa under Mughal dominion. Prosperity of Rani Durgavati's state lured Akbar and he invaded Ranis kingdom through his general Asaf Khan When Rani heard about the attack by Asaf Khan she decided to defend her kingdom with all her might although she knew the strength of Mughal forces. Rani maintained that it was better to die respectfully than to live a disgraceful life. To fight a defensive battle, she went to Narrai - situated between a hilly range on one side and two rivers Gaur and Narmada on the other side. It was an unequal battle with trained soldiers and modern weapons in multitude on one side and a few untrained soldiers with old weapons on the other side. Her Faujdar Arjun Das was killed in the battle and Rani decided to lead the defence herself. As the enemy entered the valley, soldiers of Rani attacked them. Both sides lost some men but Rani was victorious in this battle. She chased the Mughal army and came out of the valley. At this stage Rani reviewed her strategy with her counselors. She wanted to attack the enemy in the night to enfeeble them but her lieutenants did not accept her suggestion. By next morning Asaf Khan had summoned big guns. Rani rode on her elephant Sarman and came for the battle. Her son Vir Narayan also took part in this battle. He forced Mughal army to move back three times but at last he got wounded and had to retire to a safe place. In the course of battle allRani also got injured badly near her ear with an arrow. Another arrow pierced her neck and she lost her consciousness. On regaining consciousness she perceived that defeat was imminent. Her mahout advised her to leave the battlefield but she refused and took out her dagger and killed herself. She could have easily become a vassal state to the Mughal empire but she choose to fight to death than to serve under Mughals. I was reading through Akbarnaama how she even told the female members of the royality to do Jauhar than to be captured by Mughals. Sadly few of her sisters were captured underneath the fire of Jauhar and were sent to Akbar’s harem. Also, the fact that she knew what Mughals might do to her body if she was captured, even Akbarnama documents that she killed herself with a dagger than to be captured. What a brave women and I really hope one day they make a movie out of her in Bollywood.
  23. rahulrulezz

    Rani Durgavati

    Agree with you that Akbar was not exactly what India portrays him to be. If you read about his youth, he took a great pride in using Hindu idols from temples to make stairs for the mosques. This is when he knew the only reason he survived as an infant was due to Hindu Rajput rulers from Sindh giving Humayun, his father, shelter. People talk about how Akbar allowed Jodha to be a Hindu. That was totally fake. Jodha had to convert to Islam and was named Mariam. Also, she herself became such advert Muslim that she wanted to be buried in a tomb after death than the Hindu way. Akbar had 20,000 Hindu princess in his harem converted to Islam. All the Hindu prisoners of war were given the option of converting to save their life. But Akbar was still a secular king as per NCERT.
  24. rahulrulezz

    Rani Durgavati

    I think I know who you are talking about but being frank he does talk sense and post useful stuff 75% of the time and I am willing to go through 25% of his garbage for that 75% gold worthy information
  25. rahulrulezz

    Rani Durgavati

    Totally disagree with you on this. As I said, even if 20% of indian rulers fought together against invaders with an intention of “fight to death”, indians wouldn’t be ruled by the so called Mughals. We just didn’t have enough inspiration stories of fighting the invaders. Most of our history, we followed “Muloghonto” advice for not fighting for death and result is 1 out of 4 Kaafir concerted to Islam. Invaders knew that kaafirs wouldn’t fight (most of Mughals and Sultanate were more worried of Mongols and Muslims from the west) than the Kaafirs as we just didn’t fight. We didn’t fight forget about “fight to death”. Simple as that. If only we had more of “fight to death” resistance by other local kings following the path of Durgavati, we would have been invader free very soon. I am sure you probably were NOT a big fan of ChandraShekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh , Rana Sanga, Hemu, Rana Pratap cuz they fought with intention of “fight to death”

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