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  1. Agreed. Only reason I didn’t vote for Andrea from NDP was cuz the party head Mr Jagmeet Singh is a pro Khalistani.
  2. i actually wrote a post in this thread explaining how invaders were able to beat every single king.. this thread is an example of tthat... the Indian kings preferred not helping their neighboring kingdoms against invaders cuz great grand father of the neighbour's king didn't do the trade right 100 years back... guess what, for that invaders, you are next... but i deleted the post as i didnt want to derail the thread
  3. I apologize for calling you double faced. I have edited my post and I am sorry for being personal.
  4. I am not calling you a Khalistani. Can you even comprehend what I meant. I just hate Khalistanis and their supporters. Unless it’s chor ki daadi main tinka
  5. Seems like you are going in circles. There is no denying that Sikhs were killed but similar number if not more Hindus were also killed. But Punjabi Hindus who suffered one of the worst have moved on and accepted the horrors and don’t pass on hate to the kids towards Sikhs. Similar is the case with indian Sikhs. They have moved on as well. As a matter of fact, I see more Hindus show and share Sikhism teachings on social media. Canadian Sikhs on the other hand are a lost cause. They just want to keep the hate and pass it on and keep playing the victim card. Biggest terrorist attack on a plane was done by Khalistanis but rather being ashamed about it, no one condemns it.
  6. I don’t think you get it. Or I don’t think you will get it. I don’t hide my hatered. I not only have inner hate but massive outer hatered towards every Khalistani and any anti-Indian elements and make a point that I in no way show any love or compassion towards Khalistanis.
  7. No racist/offensive comments here please @Muloghonto thanks
  8. Look at you being a saint here. Regardless, I edited my post and apologize for calling you Khalistani.
  9. I do not need a certificate of moral ground from noone.. Specially some one like you As I said, I am done with gurudwaras for good.. and also, I am done with showing my harmony to Sikhs by wearing 'kadda' for good... Me and my friends used to go to gurudwara every week in India, and I wore a kadda for so many years in India ... AND THATS WHEN I moved to Canada and saw photos of guns and terrorists holding guns in the BIGGEST gurudwara in Canada, and people openly preaching hate about India....and thats when I took my kadda off and never visited gurudwara again You insult Hinduism, my caste, my state, my town.. ..I am fine ok with it....I will even join you if the insult is funny. But dare you insult my INDIA in a public/religious institution,and I can't take $h1t about India from anyone... The hate for India, is what pissed me off about Sikhism in Canada and and I continue to tell my other fellow Indians not to go to any Canadian gurudwara... Lots of my family members have come to visit us in Canada, and I make a point to show them the reality of anti-Indian Sikhism in Canada.. Mind you, Indian Sikhs in India are probably the most patriotic Indians I have met. So I will continue to go to gurudwaras in India...
  10. rahulrulezz

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    Umesh Yadav. Not even a doubt. Ishant has bowled in 7 overseas tours and played more than 15 test matches in overseas green conditions, and only game he ever win for us as a frontline fast bowler was Lords. Ishant is a brain dead guy.
  11. So this is what you come down to. Not only did you bring personal (bring his wife in earlier post, asking illegal Bangladeshi) you now call him to fight one on one. So when you can’t debate or talk in a civil way, you talk about fighting it out. Seriously wtf
  12. THIS right there is my problem with Canadian Sikhs. “Innocent Sikhs” killed by Hindu politicians should be given justice?? Why didn’t you say “innocent Hindus” killed by violent Sikh leaders and politicians should be given justice. Do you ever see Punjabi Hindus ever say that. Trust me they never. All these refugees who left Punjab and moved to my city now live peacefully and hold no grudge against Sikhs. They realized it was just a bad time and bad place and BOTH Hindus and Sikhs suffered but they don’t dude hate is probably a low word. By mistake for my first cricket season in Canada,I joined a cricket team full of Sikhs. Now these Sikhs aren’t your 1984 Sikhs. Since I was new to the group and it was off-season, I first hand saw the garbage the hate the venom for Hindus in that group. Can’t even type that here. I left that team and group after 2 weeks of joining. The captain kept calling me to apologize as I am a good cricketer but I didn’t want nothing to do with people. And I actively see Facebook posts against Hindus by Canadian Sikhs. And this hate is coming purely from gurudwaras REALLY!!! Are you kidding me. How can you even write this?? You and me didn’t leave India cuz we were not treated fairly, we left because Canada is a rich first world nation with easy immigration process. We left because India is third world nation with corruption. NOT because we were treated unfairly or without justice. Why didn’t you settle in Nigeria or Syria. I will never disrespect India or call India communal. India might be corrupt but definitely not communal specially when it comes to Sikhs. Sikhs are over represented in machoism, coolness, culture, dancebravery, Bollywood, politics, sports over every OTHER communty. There are only two communities in India. Rich and poor. Stop hate against India and Hindus brother. Time to move on. Hate doesn’t give you nothing.
  13. No it’s not handful. As a matter of fact, new immigrant Sikh who were living peacefully in India before, after looking at guns and posters of Bhindrawala in Canadian guridwaras, have started doing the same thing. The same sikh kids who didn’t know the difference between Hindus and Sikhs in India now wear Khalistani TShirts in Canada, and I seriously go WTF
  14. I condemn killings of Sikhs in 1984, but do you condemn killings of thousand time more Hindus in Punjab before and after 1984. Hindu lives don’t matter in Punjab. All I am saying both people died, but Hindus have moved on and they don’t spew hatered about Sikhs to next generation. My whole town was based on Hindus Who ran for their life from Sikhs but now all these hindu kids go to gurudwaras. But you look at Sikhs in Canada, and they don’t want to move on, and spill hate against India and Hindus for coming generations. Not cool brah not cool
  15. @Stradlaterwhat is wrong with you brotha. Can we please keep it civil.

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