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  1. Pink hard ball or pink tennis ball?? Fielding any kind of cricket like ball of any color will break your fingers if you try to catch or stop the ball.
  2. What kinda bowl are they using. A Cricket Hard ball will break your finger in freezing temperatures. It has to be some kind of tennis ball.
  3. @Gollum final warning. Enough of your filthy language. Guys, please keep it civil in the thread. If you want to take your anger out, please comment in TOI and Youtube comments se hoon.
  4. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    Change your name to BeardedJasmine
  5. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    lol I don’t need man boobs like you. Will stick with my bird chest.
  6. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    So a guy after playing 84 ODI that too in top order, still averages 35 and has a patethic strike rate of 77, and you are happy with that???? if you take out his runs against pathetic Windies, his average drops down to 33 and strike rate down to 74. But I guess you are ok with that. Cuz he is supposedly very calm looking and has backing of Rahul Dravid.
  7. Nope. You ignored the biggest truth which no Sikh would talk about. Thousands of Hindus were killed in Punjab ‘before’ the blue star operation. Buses full of Hindus were gunned down. But no one cared about them. Finally Blue Star happened, and things became even worst for Hindus. Regardless, what bothers about 1984 is that Sikhs talk about all the victimization but ignore what they did to Hindus. Let’s not even talk about Sikh militant blowing up Air Canada plane and killing 200 innocents. But no, no one cares about that. Hindus sufferered worst than Sikhs but no Hindu talks about unfairness.
  8. I am not going to downplay what happened to Sikhs. But do you know Hindus in Punjab and Haryana sufferered atleast 10 times worse than what happened to Sikhs. But noone talks about sufferings of Hindus. My family have personally sheltered more than 20 Hindu families at our house during 1984. But no, Sikhs don’t care what happened to Hindus in 1984. For them, only Sikhs suffered.
  9. @randomGuy Please keep the thread civil guys
  10. @Muloghonto stop calling insulting remarks to religious figures. I had to edit your post. Guys, can we please keep it civil without insulting any figures.
  11. Guys, can we please stop this namecalling here. Have to edit some posts.
  12. Hello guys, ICF is not a place to abuse or do name calling any country or religion. Various posts had to be edited. Keep it civil.
  13. 10$ seems pretty cheap price for a budding pace bowler. Kudos to Ian Pont for taking this initiative.
  14. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza - ***The Leader of Tigers***

    Respect to the guy, Mashrafe, for bringing that intensity and energy into the BD team. A good captain is the one who is well respected by colleagues and he seems well respected. And people who who are making fun of him or the BD team, they recently beat us in a bilateral series easily and kicked us out of Asia Cup. So start respecting oppositions. Indian fans make fun of Bangladesh fans for being arrogant and over the top but I think we are 100 times worse than them.
  15. Help with hindi

    Wah hazoor wah. Kya sher hai Lol what kinda charity is that which requires this banner

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