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  1. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    The guy scored only 1 match winning 50 (not even a 100) in 130 ODIs. And you still want this pathetic guy to play for us. Even Bhuvi has better match winning stats than this guy. He is not a batsman!!!
  2. Happy B’day to the World Cup 2011 Hero Gambhir

    Probably the biggest reason why I support KKR even though I have nothing to do with Bengal. The most underrated guy India has produced in last 25 years. Wish he could come back to indian team again. I would pick Gambhir over Rahane any day in ODIs and t20s and over Murli Vijay in tests.
  3. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Buddy I don't think anyone is abusing Rajputs here. As a matter of fact, most of the posts are talking about how they were brace and strong, but as you yourself suggested, they just were stuck with warfare style of 10 century against Mughals. As you said, they didn't win a single battle. And that is a harsh truth. But we all know why. They were never together. Other then Khanwa, never ever they fought together under entity of Rajputana. Probllem in Khanwa was that they fought Babur with Swords, not with Canons. That was a sin in 15th century. Also Silhadi Rajputs cheated Sanga and blame goes to 'Rajputs' Silhadis!! Regsrdles, Rajputs unlike any other Hindu caste, get more than their due. And that's what I have against Rajputs. They are no more or less than other Hindus. But you don't get the same feelings from Rajputs. They act as if they are special.
  4. Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India Thread

    Interesting very interesting. How you mentioned that history is connected and how you gave examples of that is amazing. Afghanistan was primarily Hindu/Buddhist states and these Pashtuns were infedils till almost 800ad. In just 150 years, whole landscape of Afghanistan was changed just because Islam came in Arab. Same goes for Persians.
  5. Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India Thread

    You actually think Puranmal and his kingdom raped Muslim women. Come on bro, you think Rajput Purammal would do that. it was a fabricated story used by Sher Shah to motivate soldiers and conquer infidel land (not the first Muslim emperor to implant fake stories Against a Hindu king raping Muslim women) he wanted the support of his Muslim commanders to fight against Rajputs and it was not a easy mission Regarddless, even going by your logic that he was just being fair to Muslims in other kingdoms, he eventually played by the religion aka Muslim card. As I said, I don't expect you to agree to my views and neither do I. So I guess we can respectfully agree to disagree on Sher Shah
  6. Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India Thread

    Kudos for this post. Learnt so much from it. Also, a great original post by @Gollum and Gollums theory on Aryan. You guys rock!! Btw such a great introspective on stirrups!! Wow just wow! btw @Muloghonto, are you a history prof or got some double degree in Indian history. How in the world you have so much knowledge!! I personally spend lots of time on ready books and articles on Indian medieval rulers however I do admit that my knowledge is limited to only last 700 years of Indian history. Plus my awareness is mostly limited to North/Rajputana belt considering I am a Northie myself.
  7. Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India Thread

    1) Tipu Sultan was probably the worst not in terms of brutualess but considering that he was so late in the Indian history and still prosecuted Hindus. Can't believe the fact that he had time to destroy Hindu temples even though Brits were on his ass 2) I agree with Muloghonto choices. Definitely put Ashoka on top 3) I agree. They were greatly superior and definitely deserve more credit in Indian history. However, one thing went against them was the fact that they were limited to south and didn't try to come up Delhi or Hindustani belt. And till you conquer Delhi or northern India, Indian history text books didn't glorify you. Regardless, I read about Chola empire in my history books in CBSE grade 9,10 books so ya, it wasn't as if Cholas were ignored. 4) I am glad you mentioned Dara Sikhon. If he made it to the kingship, he would have been the best. Tbh I won't say Sher Shah was the best as mentioned by Muloghonto. He also started Jehad against Rajputs and his raid against Pooranmal , he declared it officially Jehad. Also the way he treated Jodhpurs Mladeo was another sign of Islamic superiority. Similar is war of Kalinjar. Regardless, he put Islam as his supreme power but didn't downgrade Hinduism completely. Plus his empire didn't last long after his accidental death because of a landline. But you have to give it to him that he was the only emperor to kick out Mughals out of India. something not even a single indian emperor could do. Answering your question, Akbar, even though massacred thousand of Hindus and destroyed thousands of temples , Akbar was probably best of the lot considering he was raised by Hindus and most importantly, had the guts to start his religious sect which no Muslim emperor could even think of. That doesn't mean he was tolerant to Hindus. In order to get his Muslims mullahs and Muslim commander to fight for him, he had to do Jehad and destroy Hindu temples. In 2nd battle of Chittorgarh, one of the biggest Jauher was performed and almost 600,000 Hindus were massacred under Akbars directions. He was a very strange ruler. He had strong influence of Hindus around which is why he became calmer to Hindus later in his life.
  8. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    1 Agreed about Panipat 3 2 I am surprised you underestimate the future of Rajputs. How can you say Rajputs would have fought again among themselves. Rajputs never ever went outside their territory from the Sultanate days. Rajputana flag over Delhi for the first time would have lead to so much difference in their ranks. Plus, it was the first time in history Rajputs were together. Regardless, these are 'what if' 'maybe' statements. You are right in your own way about the future of Rajputana and I am right in my own way. I feel Indian history would have been different. But I am really happy to hear your views on Khanwa. you always bring something interesting on the table even if I might not agree with your views. PS I was reading BaburNama and this toochia Babur was a bastard of the highest order. The way he motivated his soldiers purely on the religious lines in Battle of Khanwa was crazy. It was only after this battle, the future Mughals started using the same religious ideology to motivate their soldiers. They didn't give a crap about Hindu soldiers and commanders. 3 Agreeed about most of the stuff other than the fact that Aurengzeb didn't like Ram SINGH at all after Shivajis episode. Which is why he wasn't provided enough resources for Saraighat. We all know what Aurengzeb did to him and his first son in the later years.
  9. TBH this guy raised a very very important point. How can the bus not have bulletproof glass
  10. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Yes. I liked Jodha Akbar for its visuals and cinematography but even Jodha Akbar was half cr@p the scene from Jodha Akbar, which really pisses me off and I am surprised most Indians find it ok is, the starting of the movie where they are showing 2nd battle of Panipat. They made Hemu (the other king against Akbars army) look like a clown. Hair all over the place and weird facial expressions. Hemu was a brave warrior not a clown!!!
  11. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    TBH I am not surprised why Dhoni can't never be dropped from T20 go check the official Indian cricket team Facebook page and check the likes and shares Dhoni gets and compare it to players like Kohli Dhoni always get atleast 1and half times the likes and share than Kohli. This is when Dhoni is faking every match and Kohli is scoring and winning India matches right left and centre. Who in the world would have guts to drop Dhoni then. We all know what happened, when MSK Prasad made a statement on Dhoni not being a sure short on 2019 World Cup. Prasads effigies were burnt, and famous indian Facebook pages like Rajnjkant vs CID etc etc had gifs asking for MSK Prasads head.
  12. Dhoni yes. Pandey, yes. But Jadhav no. Seems like you have personal agenda against Jadhav Jadjav is the only cricketer in india to avergage 50 in domestics with a strike rate above 105. Yes a strike rate above 100. That too after playing for 8 years. Not even single player in domestic manage to do that. Secondly if you ignore his domestics, and talk about only internationals, he averages close to 46 with a strike rate of 110 in international cricket. Only player in indian team to have average above 45 and strike rate above 100!!!
  13. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Yes do that but don't distort the history. Bhansali not just distorted the history but murdurered the character of BajiRao.The movie showed BajiRao was a aashiq drunk warrior who became a phsycho and lost cause after meeting Mastani. If you watch last hour of the movie, it was like Tera Naam Part 2. I have never been so pissed after watching a movie.
  14. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Exactly!! He made Bajirao a devdas. When I was watching the movie, I was like, What the efffing eff!! I am surprizdd no Marathas slapped Bhansali for making a grave warrior like BajiRao into a comedic Devdas. My blood boiled while watching that movie.
  15. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Agreed about Panipat 3. I personally feel that Vishwas Rao(I hope I got the name right) was super cocky and over confident about this war. He fought and won small battles in south and thought Panipat was going to be same. Plus there was too much family politics between the women in the Maratha family which is why Vishwas Rao got the commander role in Panipat even though Raghunath Rao deserved it. Regardless, as you suggested, taking 100,000 pilgrims in battlefield was just stupid. I am suprirsed people don't know a main event from Panipat3. In an earlier battle in delhi before Panipat 3, Marathas got Muslim POWs but didn't kill them. Vishwas Rao stupidly gave those same bloody POW to take care of pilgrims and women in the camp. It wasn't actually Abdali soldiers who raped and killed pilgrims and Maratha women, it was those Muslims POWs who did that when they heard first time about Abdali chances of winning. If he had killed those muSlim POWs like the invaders, Holkar and his infantry wouldn't have to retreat from the war to save the pilgrims and women About your thoughts on Battle of Khanwa, I am surprised you don't think that was a historic event. Why I feel that was an important event. 1.That was first time Mughals came to India. If Rana had defeated them, imagine no Aurangzeb, No Akbar etc etc 2. Babur army was already tired cuz of first battle of Panipat, plus Delhi heat etc etc, They were at all time low, best chance to defeat them 3. That was the first and only time all Rajputs were one unit. Okay ignore Raja Silhadi(I hope I got the name right, this bastard defected at last second and switched sides). Only once in the history of Rajputana 4. Rajputs had higher number of soldiers, were fresh, and were more closer to their kingdom 5. They lost close to 100,000 soldiers and Rajputs were never the same. 6 Babur created the tower of heads for the first time in india, and literally shook all the kings to Not fight against Babur 7 Rana IMO was probably the strongest and the smartest Rajput leader ever. Rajputs were never the same. 8) if Rajputs had won, i personally feel India would have been totally different 9) your points about strong muSlim presence in Punjab reason, Babur defeated the sultanate and local Muslim kings in less than 1 day. There was no way Rana would be worried of them if he had won the battle. So these are my points why I feel Battle of Khanwa was one of the most historic war for india. Hope my points changed your view Also, talking by Saraighat, I know you have a slight bias because you are from Bengal and I totally understand that. But let's face it, it was mostly a Naval battle and almost a gurella war. It wasn't a big battle and was a limited war ranging over a decade ending at Saraighat. Also, Aurangzeb sent Ram SINGH, and we all know Aurengzeb was biased against Ram Singh because of Shivajis episode. Regardless, it was a good victory and I am not doubting Ahoms kingdoms credibility. Atleast they stood up and fought.

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