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  1. Rather than abusing him, atleast understand what he is trying to say.. He is not being an anti-Indian..its rather opposite... He is just suggesting what would have been good for India in a long run...
  2. Annoying thing is we Indians make fun of Pakistanis for playing Amir back in their team. Heck, we Indians have no right to do that. We have selected these same corrupt cricketers as members of parliament, Bcci official commentators and now bell ringers
  3. rahulrulezz

    Krunall vs Jadeja

    I have been saying from Day 1 that Krunal should be a must for our 50 and 20 over format. Only if we groomed him for our World Cup 2019. We kept recycling back to Jadeja (Asia cup) even though Jadeja has been part of all our 5 failures in all 5 World Cup. It’s not too late and I hope Kohli sees how big of a match winner Krunall is!!! DONE WITH JADEJA TORTURE!!
  4. rahulrulezz

    Sehwag's Association with Kings XI Punjab Ends

    This. Can’t believe he selected Ishant cuz of his personal likes.
  5. rahulrulezz

    Why are Cricbuzz commentators so shameless?

    THIS. Most casual cricket fans keep admiring Dhoni, it's the genuine cricket enthusiasts who know the reality of Dhoni.
  6. rahulrulezz

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    Why the eff is he bowling so slow. Seriously a population of 1.3 billion, you have a fast bowler bowling 131. Yes he took 3 wickets, but seriously this guy is garbage. It's depressing man. Why the eff we don't have 140+ bowlers in the country!!!
  7. rahulrulezz

    Marriage culture & Surname importance in Indian weddings

    Haha yes. As I said, Aggarwal/Gupta is other word for Baniyas in Northern Hindu belt. There are subgotra inside Aggarwals. So any Mittal, Jindal, Goyal, Gard, Jindal, Bindal, Kansal, Bindal, Singhal, Mangla, Goel etc can use Agrawal as their last name instead of their sub gotra but not the other way around. Btw if someone is interested in the history of Agarwals, it has been based on King Agrasen. The Agrawal communities claims their roots from him. He founded the city Agroha (Hissar in Haryana). King Agrasen had 18 kids and his sons are subgotras of the Agrawal community. (Mittal, Goyal, Jindal etc etc)
  9. rahulrulezz

    Marriage culture & Surname importance in Indian weddings

    Agarwal is from the devnagri script. When you translate a devnagri word to Latin script, you base it on the sounds. So to answer your question, yes they are same. There are 5 versions of English spelling for Agrawal. My friend has it as Agrawal. One of my family member keeps it Aggarwal, my sis keeps it Agarwal. But they all are same.
  10. rahulrulezz

    Marriage culture & Surname importance in Indian weddings

    Aggarwal can be applied to all baniyas. It is not a subgotra. Just like Jatts can all themselves Jatts, most baniyas in Northern Hindi belt can all call themselves Aggrwals. However, all Aggarwals have their own sub gotras like Mittals, Bansals, Kansals, Gargs, Goyals etc etc. Just like Jatts have Gill, Dhillon, Chatthas. But similar lat to most other Hindus/Sikhs, baniyas/Aggarwals can't marry within their subgotra. So a Bansal can't marry a bansal, Jindal can't marry a Jindal from the fathers side.
  11. Marcus is probably the worst international player ever. The only reason I didn't support kings 11 was Marcus Stoinus and Yuvraj!!
  12. Jadhav is a must in our LOI team.. What are selectors thinking is beyond me!!.. Sad part is Jadhav, KL Rahul, Pant, IshanKishan are all keepers too but they wont be selected ahead of Dhoni or Rayadu..
  13. rahulrulezz

    Aussies are heading the Westindies route

    lol look at the arrogance of Indian fans here.. a population of 1.3 billion, only one sport, and still lost to RSA and England pretty bad and then we have guts to make fun of Bangladeshi supporters for their OTT comments.. atleast win ONE series in Australia... and then you can alteast have the balls to make fun of OZ team or their system... wait how the same OZ team will show the Indian fans their place on the upcoming tour of OZ.
  14. Holly sh1t! I am a massive fan of Kohli and his captaincy, but oh my god, what is wrong with him. I wouldn't even pick Rayadu for my Indian B squad. I followed Vijay Hazare trophy and I swear, Rayadu wasn't even the best batsmen in Hydrabad 11, forget about India 11. How can Kohli not see the problem. There are players like Jadhav, Rahul, Prithi Shah, Pant, Shreyas, Nitish Rana who are thousand times better than Rayadu and can score at strike of 90 plus, but we have to pick Rayadu!????? A guy whose strike rate is 76!!!! That too when he played most of his games on patta. Seriosuly if Rayadu plays the worldcup, I am done with Kohli.
  15. rahulrulezz

    Team for first 2 ODIs against Windies announced. Pant selected

    Why the hell Jadeja keeps getting picked as an allrounder... The guy is a panauti to us in worldcups.. Played 5 world cups for us, we didn't win even 1 single match in super 6 rounds in 3 times and didn't make past Semfinals the other 2 times.. Why can't they pick Krunal Pandya... in a population of 1.3 billion, we keep going back to Jadeja... serioulsly, this is the best Indian selectors do... and I hope Rahul plays over Rayadu for god sake!!!

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