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  1. rahulrulezz

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    I have been saying from Day 1 that Krunal should be a must for our 50 and 20 over format. Only if we groomed him for our World Cup 2019. We kept recycling back to Jadeja (Asia cup) even though Jadeja has been part of all our 5 failures in all 5 World Cup. It’s not too late and I hope Kohli sees how big of a match winner Krunall is!!! DONE WITH JADEJA TORTURE!!
  2. rahulrulezz

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    Jadeja once again comes back based on his Test form.. Why don't we get it. Jadeja's go to show is to plank his front and edge the ball over point.. It works for him in Tests when the field is up and the ball is old with bowlers tired.. It doesnt work in 50 overs when field is back.. the guy is a headless chicken while running his singles... Frankly, I am sick of Jadeja and his fans.. Jadeja has played 5 worldcups, and not even in ONE world cup game out of 5 worldcup games, he he played as single match winning innings... but we keep going back to his guy based on his Test exploits.. Just when I thought Krunall would be back in LOI based on performance in Australian T20s, Jadeja is back again getting his turn in his 6th worldcup
  3. rahulrulezz

    Khaleel Ahmed

    Seriously he looks so garbage. Trundles at 135 and doesn’t even swing. He should be dropped. Simple as that.
  4. rahulrulezz

    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Are you serious man!! Like really are you serious!! Ball was moving around like crazy for first two hours in both Melbourne and Sydney. And Mayank had to face the quickest attack of the decade. Starc and Cummins constantly swinging and bouncing him above 145kmph, Hazelwood seaming and swining the ball. Just look at the struggle from his non strikers (Vihari and Rahul), even Pujara was batting at a strike rate of 10. But Mayank didn't get scared and stood like a rock. This batting of his is IMO of the most solid brave batting shown by any debutant I can ever remember... If this is not good for you, NOTHING will be good for you..
  5. rahulrulezz

    BCCI: Ashwin declared unfit, ruled out of Sydney

    Can we please play Kuldeep. Please please please.
  6. rahulrulezz

    New year resolutions !

    Because of back injury, I had to take a break from gym for last 1 year, I put on 13 kgs in that 1 year. Now that I am almost recovered, goal is to loose that weight. Started gym two weeks back, and already lost 4kgs. 9kgs more to go in next 4 months before summer.
  7. What a yuck and sad calander year!! Home series vs Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Westindies and away series to West Indies(again)
  8. They used real names!!! Is the first time this has happened.
  9. I give him the credit of Ishant. Can’t believe he is now finally an ok bowler not the garbage bowler he used to be. But it I am seriously disappointed with him on lack of development of Kuldeep in red. Kuldeep is a match winner and Bharat should push him in the squad as the main spin bowler
  10. Sad part is Pujara is coming padded up to bat next. I sometimes don’t understand Kohli. I am a massive fan of him and his agressive captaincy, but I have no idea why he sometimes become a bad captain
  11. rahulrulezz

    Pujara for ODIs??

    Noooo nooooo nooooooo nooooooooooooooooo
  12. @OzGirl and others can we all please calm down and stop insulting respective countries. If I were the ozgirl, I would also rant out if I see the kind of garbage which was there in this thread. For love of god, can’t we all put constructive posts rather than throwing rude, insulting remarks through out this forum.
  13. rahulrulezz

    Celebrating 2011 world cup win

    This OPs post is straight from my heart Statisrically there were genuinely 3 good teams in that World Cup. With worldcup played in India, that increased our chances to basically more than 50% Dhoni captained us 2011, 2015 worldcups then he captained us 2007,2009,2010,2012,2014,2016 worldcups We won two of the 2/8 worldcups. That's a success rate of 25 percent success rate. That's pathetic considering there are guineily 3 to 4 decent ODI teams. But the amount of gaga we go over Dhoni as if he is a god. If you see that he captained us to several overseas failures, he was just an ok captain.
  14. rahulrulezz

    Vihari against short balls

  15. rahulrulezz

    Vihari against short balls

    'Found him uncomfortable as an opener' 'he was mentally not there' I found it other way around!! out of 68 balls he played, he played at least 60 balls in the V from middle of his bat.. Yes he struggled against the short ball, but I wouldn't say he wasn't looking good before he got out. I say give him some more time.
  16. Can someone tweet this to all big news agencies and cricketers??
  17. rahulrulezz

    IPL Auction 2019 Live Updates

    Imagine Tiwary playing instead of Uthappa. Only guy who constantly killed our momemtum and failed in almost every was Uthappa. Tiwary is 100 times better player than him..
  18. rahulrulezz

    IPL Auction 2019 Live Updates

    Andrich Nortje is BESTEST price for money this IPL..Guy bowls constantly bowling over 150kmph, goes for only 20 Lakh!!!!! KKR you guys are awesome. Also, getting Lukas Fergison for 1.5 crores was a steal. Carlos Braithwate was the missing link in this KRR lineup Unless there is any injury, these 4 are sureshot! Chris Lynn Sunil Narine Andrew Russel Braithwate/Fergisson/Andrich All they are missing is replacement for Uthappa BEST IPL 11 is below Lyn Narine Uthappa (Hopefully they get rid of this useless guy. Manoj Tiwary was perfect replacement for him) Shubham Nitish Dinesh Andrew Russel Carlos Braithwate Piyush Kuldeep Shivam/Naggarkoti
  19. rahulrulezz

    KXIP badawas !!!

    This is when they already have Ashwin and Mujeeb. They are sureshot to play. How can they justify this money to Varun if they don't play him. btw Henriques again gets picked!!!! Yuvraj too
  20. I have seen almost every crime thriller show out there in the world but Mirzapur is just something else. I found the show even better than Breaking Bad, Narcos, Sopranos, Ozark, Sacred Games etc Guddu bhai and Babloo bhaiya ki Jai. Kamal hai be!! I can’t stop recommending this show enough.
  21. rahulrulezz

    Secularism in India

    Aise bande ko pakad Ke do muh pe repte lagane chaiyeh. Sala uksaau bhedia
  22. rahulrulezz

    Mirzapur - The best Indian tv show ever

    Tell me a better Indian series than this... My friends are now hooked on to this show. Yes, the writing can be bit over dramatic/gory at times, but amount of goosebumps moments. Don't think any Indian show has it.
  23. rahulrulezz

    Glenn Maxwell, Aaron Finch opt out of IPL auction

    Henriques, Dan Christian and Marc Stoinis are the most useless alrounders who keep getting selected for massive dollars in IPL year after year.
  24. rahulrulezz

    Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas the worst couple atm?

    This is true. One of these Bombay kids was my roommate in Canada during my university and was a really close friend of mine, but boy he was so uncomfortable in Hindi. English was his first language and I can confirm that he wasn't pretending. He genuinely was comfortable in English. Can't reveal his name as he is a famous singer now and does concerts all over (only English songs). You won't hear I of Indian accent in his English and he sounds like a typical Noerth American.
  25. rahulrulezz

    Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas the worst couple atm?

    If there is one Bollywood actress I can’t stand, it’s Priyanka Chopra. Go to America for a movie shoot, comes back with an American accent Slept with a married SRK to get more roles She is such an attention seeker. Stayed in India and Mumbai and made no friends, met Meghan Markle and Kim K, and supposedly became their best friend and best mate on their weddings. I see her her as a wannabe

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