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  1. Which Indian celebrity do you hate the most?

    Salman Khan. Hate that smug on his face as if he owns everyone Also, he is the biggest hypocrite. He is always giving big lectures to people on big boss but he is the biggest and has history in women physical abuse, druggie, murderer, terrorist supporter(contact with Dawood and underworld), alcoholic. And his charities tend to go in support of only one religion. I make a point of not watching his movies in theatre. Not paying a penny to this arrogant hypocrite terrorist sympathizer Salman. Can’t stand why people like him.
  2. What is your Most Unforgettable Nightmare??

    1996 Wc SF. That was the first match I saw all by myself after my dad taught me the rules of the game in QF against Pakistan. Since this was the second game I watched after the high I got from game against Pakistan, the loss impacted me a lot. Wcup loss 2003 also hurt a lot
  3. PSL is a trulyunique league

    This! Who are we to criticize the PSL. IPL has its own fair share of issues. Not that I watch PSL, but I rather watch low scoring T20 games than your typical 200 run games.
  4. Pink hard ball or pink tennis ball?? Fielding any kind of cricket like ball of any color will break your fingers if you try to catch or stop the ball.
  5. What kinda bowl are they using. A Cricket Hard ball will break your finger in freezing temperatures. It has to be some kind of tennis ball.
  6. @Gollum final warning. Enough of your filthy language. Guys, please keep it civil in the thread. If you want to take your anger out, please comment in TOI and Youtube comments se hoon.
  7. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    Change your name to BeardedJasmine
  8. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    lol I don’t need man boobs like you. Will stick with my bird chest.
  9. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    So a guy after playing 84 ODI that too in top order, still averages 35 and has a patethic strike rate of 77, and you are happy with that???? if you take out his runs against pathetic Windies, his average drops down to 33 and strike rate down to 74. But I guess you are ok with that. Cuz he is supposedly very calm looking and has backing of Rahul Dravid.
  10. Nope. You ignored the biggest truth which no Sikh would talk about. Thousands of Hindus were killed in Punjab ‘before’ the blue star operation. Buses full of Hindus were gunned down. But no one cared about them. Finally Blue Star happened, and things became even worst for Hindus. Regardless, what bothers about 1984 is that Sikhs talk about all the victimization but ignore what they did to Hindus. Let’s not even talk about Sikh militant blowing up Air Canada plane and killing 200 innocents. But no, no one cares about that. Hindus sufferered worst than Sikhs but no Hindu talks about unfairness.
  11. I am not going to downplay what happened to Sikhs. But do you know Hindus in Punjab and Haryana sufferered atleast 10 times worse than what happened to Sikhs. But noone talks about sufferings of Hindus. My family have personally sheltered more than 20 Hindu families at our house during 1984. But no, Sikhs don’t care what happened to Hindus in 1984. For them, only Sikhs suffered.
  12. @randomGuy Please keep the thread civil guys
  13. @Muloghonto stop calling insulting remarks to religious figures. I had to edit your post. Guys, can we please keep it civil without insulting any figures.
  14. Guys, can we please stop this namecalling here. Have to edit some posts.
  15. Hello guys, ICF is not a place to abuse or do name calling any country or religion. Various posts had to be edited. Keep it civil.
  16. 10$ seems pretty cheap price for a budding pace bowler. Kudos to Ian Pont for taking this initiative.
  17. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza - ***The Leader of Tigers***

    Respect to the guy, Mashrafe, for bringing that intensity and energy into the BD team. A good captain is the one who is well respected by colleagues and he seems well respected. And people who who are making fun of him or the BD team, they recently beat us in a bilateral series easily and kicked us out of Asia Cup. So start respecting oppositions. Indian fans make fun of Bangladesh fans for being arrogant and over the top but I think we are 100 times worse than them.
  18. Help with hindi

    Wah hazoor wah. Kya sher hai Lol what kinda charity is that which requires this banner
  19. @Gollum I had to edit your posts. ICF is not a place to do namecalling or disrespecting religions or communities. Please do not do it again.
  20. I have noticed this time and again, and I am surprised no one has ever called it out onmedia or other platforms. In short this is what Dhonis strategy is in all IPLs and T20s. He takes dots, singles and doubles and scores 5-6 runs an over till 17 over. With him batting you usually see a score of 110 by 17th over.And then goes bang baang. But the problem is even he scores at max 12 runs in those 3 over, it will take to a max of 140-155 score. Which is just an average score. And the annoying thing is that his worshippers start to call him a great finisher and a superagressive batsman based on his last overs exploits. Which means his spot in the team is supersafe. But everyone ignores his 90s style batting till 17th over. Why, cuz he hit some sixes in last 2 overs. Also, it creates pressure on the other batsman to do all the hard hitting and up the run rate till 17th over which creates even more wickets. I have seen this time and again in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 T20 World Cup. Heck even in IPLs, if it wasn't for Raina, csk would never be a gun team. We all know what happened to Pune Warriors when Raina separated from Dhoni. This strategy is ok in 50 over games and I am not doubting him for 50 over team. But it's team people call his bluff and start asking questions in his defensive batting till 17th over for T20s. Scoring 12 runs an over is useless if you leave it to only last 2-3 overs. He gotta stop exploiting the rep of a finisher and improve his batting. And I keep hearing from Dhoni that I will be more free, stop using too much brain, become more aggressive yadayada but noting changes to his strategy. its time, he is actually dropped from the T20 format!!
  21. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    I am an experienced club cricketer whho has been playing both 50 overs club cricket and t20 over club cricket from last 8 years. Know more about the game than you can only dream.
  22. The OP proves that it took Dhoni 10 years to even manage some decent strike rate. If you check his stats from 2008-2015, he didn't even manage a strike rate of 115. If so much time was given to any batsman in the history of the game specially at number 6, we would have had a sure shot match winner. As as I keep mentioning it earlier, he bats at a strike rate of 100 till 17 over. So usually by this time he is at 27 of 26, 16 of 16, 21 of 21, 10 of 11, and then in in last three overs he hits some 12 runs over. Now this strategy is pathetic as it means India will have 110 by 17 overs, and maybe 146 by 20 overs. And that is a pathetic score for a T20. His fans will go GAGA over his last over sixes and will say that he saved India from a collapse but they will forget that it was him who brought India to a pathetic situation of not being able to score above 170. I rather have us 135 allout trying to get 175 than sometime trying to guide us to 145 by playing slow from 8th over to 18th over.
  23. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    Exactly!! Actually it was Raina who scored all the runs in IPL for CSK but Dhoni took all the credit. It was only two years back when Dhoni and Raina seperated and we all know what happened. Pune came last in the IPL under Dhoni's leadership with no help from Raina. so it was actually Raina who was winning the matches for Chennai not your Dhoni. Also, Raina's team Gujarat Lions qualified for the finals under Raina leadership but who will give him the credit
  24. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    He was 28 of 28
  25. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    Exactly what I said. Played his selfish 28 of 28' and last two overs hit few boundaries. And everyone is happy

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