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  1. Clarke

    Why are Indian Fast Bowlers "timid batsmen" ?

    They don't consume much red meat
  2. The closest possibility of the title being true is that the Parliament has a games room and he stole a copy of this title
  3. I say we should learn from this, not by barring some of our players but forcing them to play overseas T20 leagues. The golden arm: Shri Shri Unadkat, that nuclear striker Manish Pandey, the clutch all rounder Raina as well as the newly found wonder boy of Indian cricket who's name sounds like washerman in hindi. Hopefully they'll be too rich & tired to play international cricket and boom, problem solved!
  4. Clarke

    MS Dhoni: Past Perfect, Future Tense?

    I hope he pays u for all the free advocating/marketing. A player as crappy as he is these days does not justify this much attention, these many threads.
  5. Amla dropped. Three down already Boosts the gap between rank 1 & 2
  6. Clarke

    Why isn’t leg spin popular in test cricket?

    The other imp factor is defensive batting standards have fallen overall. On tracks offering a hint of assistance to spin, most batsmen struggle royally. In such circumstances, orthodox spinners get more wickets for lesser runs with the available control. Look at SA play in Lanka. Slow left arm spinner arm ball means lbw, turner means outside edge, vice versa for the offie. Ashwin+Jadeja chew the opposition alive on our wickets which aren't minefields.
  7. Clarke


    ^whats the matter with u man ? I'm just trolling and u show up with the band baja baraat of secularism, just like in every post of yours
  8. Clarke

    Why isn’t leg spin popular in test cricket?

    Generally speaking, wrist spin is a tougher art since it offers lesser control than orthodox spin. Those that do manage to combine most of the attributes of a good spinner (flight, turn, variety etc) with control are successful. Most successful T20 wrist spinners bowl quicker through the air, basically evolved as per the format. This is different from conventional wrist spin which commonly relies on flight, guile and turn.
  9. Clarke

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    Dont make this an India Pak thread. Irrespective of the opposition, dude's achieved a major milestone and has had a great start to his career.
  10. What if it was a ploy to plant a very tiny voice recorder+transmitter on the PM
  11. Clarke


    Do you invite them for get-togethers at ur place where you all hold hands, form a circle and play ringa ringa roses ?
  12. Great minds think alike, been a long time Bhuvi supporter as well :)
  13. A confession: there was a time around maybe 2014/15 that I thought Rahane was the best all round batsman in India, he had scored runs abroad and some in IPL as well. The way he smashed a straight six off Steyn in the WC reminded me of Dravid's off Donald. Alas, it wasn't meant to be and 4 years later we're still not sure who fits in at 4 (and 5 and 6 and maybe even 7)
  14. Clarke

    Fakhar Zaman

    Guy (like Babar) is scoring runs, u gotta give him that. Pak fans must be thrilled to see the runs on the board after all the batting struggles in comparison to their consistent above average bowling. His true reckoning will come in Pak's nemesis, the tour of Australia.

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