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  1. Cricket wasn't amateur in the 80s, it was tough as nails. Nor was it amateur when Kallis was a badass allrounder. You don't seem to know much of cricket and are giving out immature personal opinions as facts.
  2. Clarke

    Asaram Guilty of raping minor

    https://www.news18.com/news/opinion/opinion-asarams-downfall-began-10-years-ago-with-a-probe-by-cm-narendra-modi-in-gujarat-1730295.html The irony of it all, the one center right politician who took on the likes of asaram and togadia is called fascist.
  3. You conveniently ignored test matches. Jadeja has been an absolute monster with his bowling at home and has made handy contributions with the bat. Averages 39 with the bat and <24 with the ball in the last 2 years.
  4. Correct. But that does not mean not being an absolute all rounder implies no place in the squad whatsoever. Generally, there's batting all rounders and bowling all rounders as well who can contribute on a part time basis in their secondary skill. We accept players with middle of the road stats in both disciplines, its impossible to have 6 really good batsmen and 4 really good bowlers in a team. With that in mind, why should we sideline someone who's shown promise with both bat & ball ?
  5. Clarke

    Best Opening Batsman of All time in ODIs

    School ki jagah madrasa jaate hain to benign effect aisa hota hai!
  6. You sound too young to consider that sort of time measure based on your posts, but essentially there exists a very simple method of identifying all rounders for the uninitiated: i) Should be capable of scoring a century as well as taking 4-5 wickets in an innings, this is a measure for tests/odis. ii) Simple statistical measure: batting average > bowling average. If your assumption of an all rounder is 50+ test batting avg and <25 test bowling avg then it is indeed unicorn category.
  7. The most ignorant thread in a long time. This arm chair critic doesn't even look at the scorecard properly and claims this guy (3-0-20-2) cant bowl etc. Pathan's catch was pretty good as well, potentially prevented some boundaries, but no this guy cant field bcoz i said so. Moron! Everyone's seen his ability with the bat in SL, CT, SA. You can't just expect him to score as often as a batsman, particularly at an insane strike rate. We've struggled to find that kind of consistent hitter for so long and now this fast bowling all rounder should do it as well all the time ?
  8. Pehle UP to govern kar lo! Modi, despite all the negative press and the UPA at the center for a decade, got 3 thundering majority verdicts from his home state. Lets see if the Yogi is anywhere as good.
  9. Clarke

    BJP's vision for India

    Couldn't resist this one
  10. Clarke

    Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    What was the basis of her conviction earlier and acquittal now ? Is it simply witnesses going hostile ? How did this get into a farmer loan waiver discussion, which in itself is a complex discussion :/
  11. Reading a lot in the media and comments here and there that India's institutions are under attack or destroyed already. Could someone i) list these institutions ii) shed light on how each of these institutions have been damaged or destroyed ?
  12. This padosi is still a intelligent technocrat who has an admirable value system given his environment. It may be that he gets his opinions of India from his leftist buddies and their articles. I would think one should be able to reason with people like him. Ghose isn't in the same ball park in any sphere, but then our journalistic standards have been poor. What I actually find shocking is the utterly insulting characterization of the Indian masses that so desperately needs a Nehru to teach them the value of Science, Math or simply knowledge in itself. If that weren't enough, a center right leader would simply drag all of us to the other end of the spectrum and make all of us a giant cult. Whoever comes up with these ideas must think real low of the people of India, who are so naive that they can swing between space programs and hocus pocus depending on mantriji's mood of the hour.
  13. If my memory serves me right, isn't OP a padosi too who would pretend to be Indian settled abroad and bring up poverty & toilets in every other thread ?
  14. From a respectable padosi, but it endorses the idea mentioned in the topic: https://www.dawn.com/news/1402940/what-india-owes-to-nehru So basically if it weren't for Nehruji, we'd be a bunch of anpadh gawar bhagwa tantriks ?

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