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  1. Clarke

    England are an extremely scary ODI side.

    We had an awesome middle order & broken knuckles for bowling.
  2. Clarke

    England are an extremely scary ODI side.

    So true, 12 sixes & the guy manages an SR of 104. Rohit isn't this bad TBH.
  3. Clarke

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    Amreeka & UN have already announced that India & Pak should get along, talk to each other We were & are in this fight by ourselves. Dossiers won't change anything. Surgeon's knife isn't much help, maybe a hammer is required this time.
  4. Clarke

    All Rounders do not exist.

    The whole point of the popular definition (batting avg > bowling avg) was precisely that contribution comes in both aspects. Personal
  5. Clarke

    All Rounders do not exist.

    Ashwin is just one name. You seem to demand perfection from all rounders while accepting mediocrity in batsmen like Dhawan & Rohit who are ftbs. Why the bias ?
  6. Clarke

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    Supreme art of war ~ subdue the enemy without fighting. ^IWT comes to mind. "Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?" ^ padosi fauj needs to be reminded about what is possible. A small strike here & there isn't going to change anything. They need to fear a country much bigger & more powerful than them & we need to stop worrying about economic & international repercussions.
  7. Clarke

    All Rounders do not exist.

    Then why this never ending thread ? Its one thing to claim player A or B isn't a good enough all rounder but strict posturing isn't a logical thing when you know there are multiple players who fit the set criteria at least in tests & odis.
  8. Counter them. Why is it so hard to call out the extreme left losers ? Put the facts before them & more importantly the public at large. Whether it is economic growth or violence, there is truckloads of evidence available regarding the footprints of their ideology. This needs to be brought into every sphere, from textbooks to television debates to man ki baat to entertainment. For those indulging in anti-national activities, the justice system needs to work to bring them to law. It's up to the center party (referred to as right wing in India's commie driven atmosphere) to fix such an essential pillar of the republic.
  9. Gosh I await the day on which we have all moved on from oil. Musk Babu, please bring on the affordable lightweight ultra fast charging long life & durable battery pack
  10. Clarke

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    Kabhi ftb kabhi great How many personalities do u have ?
  11. Clarke

    All Rounders do not exist.

    There's an insane amount of going around in circles happening here. @Khota why don't you first lay down the definition in numbers on what constitutes an all rounder in your opinion based on which you suggest they don't exist ? There is a well known definition: batting avg > bowling avg which you don't seem to agree with.
  12. ^ ban on thread creation stays until the survival of a single star in the milky way
  13. So street cricket is beneath discussion ? That is so elitist Forum needs a dose of PC leftie equal opportunity so that every single stick cricket game anyone plays has the same importance as an ODI WC final
  14. yea, the pious islamic republic of pakistan & each of its leaders has no malice towards India or any ambitions about Kashmir. The Kashmiris are known to shower flowers on Indian security forces in true Gandhian spirit. If you smell a rat here, try looking in the mirror.

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