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  1. And Indian cricket like many other ecosystems in India isn't as much of a meritocracy.
  2. Does your cat like tomatoes while watching Dhoni bat ? Do let us know, that's what ICF is for.
  3. Clarke

    Trump screwing china !!!

    I would like to think Mueller is very close to knocking out Trump now that he has full access to Manafort among other people. The actual knock out might not happen as the Republicans in house & senate & many of their voters have sold whatever ounce of patriotism they might have had.
  4. Clarke

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    Meh. An Asian Games bronze feels better than this win. Speaking of Asian Games, how was ur contingent ? Did they win enough bronze to make a katora ?
  5. Clarke

    Kedar Jadhav - Fan Club - Player with X Factor

    Walks ahead of pandey, dhoni, Karthik & rayudu in the team because of his skillset, which is ok types but exists with both bat & ball.
  6. This is Pakistani ploy into making India select this kachra squad for WC and their break the streak
  7. Clarke

    Rohit should lead our WC19 campaign?

    Oh please, look at squad selection, worse than what anyone imagined. Don't get fooled by padosi batting.
  8. Seems to try everything now that batting & keeping both have gone down the drain.
  9. Keeping gone down the sewer as well. Just when u thought it couldn't get worse, khoosat Budhao figures new ways to torture team & fans.
  10. Clarke

    Common Sense [ Level = Indian ]

    This has been going on for a long time before whatsapp came along. More than a decade back there were these AQ beheading or other violence videos on some site called liveleak and they were forwarded endlessly. Saddam Hussein's hanging, what is there to watch in that ?
  11. Or a convict saying I had a great relationship with my ex, just that i murdered her.
  13. n-o-hit ki kaptaani visible for all
  14. Clarke

    Trump screwing china !!!

    China, India & Pakistan must hate him. Only Russia (the oligarchs, not the people) love him due to their remote control.
  15. Process > Results, so runs/wkts/catches and go * themselves.
  16. Clarke

    How Shameful is this??

  17. Why r u guys not looking at the bigger picture ? He mentors & nurtures younger players as they seem to suggest, has a calming influence on the field (mostly for the opposition) when he's batting , is ready for outsourced captaincy contracts (ask Kohli!) and believes in total process. So lets just not talk about nerdy things like runs and averages and strike rate and look at the 30k feet view.
  18. Clarke

    When Shikar dhawan celebrated his ton against Hong Kong..

    Um, i'm glad he was there and scored, celebration or whatever. If he'd flopped, the end result would be
  19. Clarke

    Yet another clean sweep for left in JNU

    Duh! Left bastion mein left hi jeetega na. There in lies the challenge. Cracking these bastions in due course of time, be it jnu or state of West Bengal. Too bad modiji can't give political speeches & campaign in univ or else they might have had a chance
  20. Clarke

    Common Sense [ Level = Indian ]

    Accident/lynching happened, people dying => take video & share
  21. Clarke

    I hate tomatoes !!!

    Did u get a voice in your head which said "welcome to icf restaurant, what would u like to order" when u logged in today ?

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