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  1. I think so; did see Azhar in late 90s and although he had those moments (i recall a runout in the 96 WC semifinal, magical) I still feel RJ is the most awesome fielder in Indian colors. Ajay Jadeja was pretty neat as well.
  2. Its even nicer of you to ask for common sense lessons
  3. Nice of you to admit that :)
  4. Ha! You found it convenient to create a thread on "Bhuvi vs Ganguly" as the TOPIC, highlight one or two numbers for just Ganguly & Bhuvi and then want to divert away when the fallacy of narrow comparisons is pointed out. Sounds pretty convenient
  5. Clarke

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    Nope, home advantage and we were poor. Will get hammered by Eng & even full strength India in Eng.
  6. Whoa, I also learnt that Zaheer Khan, the MVP bowler who was such a key contributor to WC win, was good with new ball and generally all right in death overs is inferior to Ishant! Coz avg SR avg SR avg SR destroy opposition break stumps damage helmets blah blah. The same Ishant who can't get a basic IPL contract while even Unadkat makes his millions. Someone educate the cricketing world about these realities that only few ICF experts seem to know.
  7. Clarke

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    Oh no, he is the worst odi bowler in history and is of the level of Virat Kohli & Sourav Ganguly as per some cricket experts.
  8. Oh I'm sure Ganguly would fit right in opening and closing the bowling in this era where 500 came close to be achieved. There was a time someone created a troll thread on Agarkar vs Akram using selective stats. The difference was it was intentional trolling and now passes as cricketing logic.
  9. Maybe Bumrah & Shami should be ODI 1/2 while Ishant & Yadav should play domestic tests while we give some new guns chances.
  10. Seems to be replicating his t20 record. Has a couple of half centuries there & may manage a century here
  11. You must be the biggest moron in the history of cricket forums, 6-7 nations or otherwise. It is idiotic how people like you keep harping avg avg as if ODI cricket is all about destroying the opposition batting. In your form of ODI cricket, if team A scores 250/6 first and team B manages 248/7 in 40 overs, does team B lose because it lost more wickets ? Is bowler A who manages 10-0-40-0 worse than bowler B who manages 10-0-80-1 coz bowler B got better average ? Average is one part of the equation, ER is at least as important if not more. Somehow, this phassht addiction has gone to the heads of numerically challenged fans who have lost the primary idea of winning in ODI cricket is more runs than the opposition and wickets is one means to achieve that, not the primary objective. If you exhibit enough control, the opposition will try to take risks of other bowlers, and that will not reflect in your avg or SR either. There were great fast bowlers of the game who had bloody awesome economy rate: Akram, Ambrose, Pollock that I watched, others like Garner, Hadlee & Holding. Then there were other bowlers who did a tidy job on it like Gavin Larsen, really miserly while going through the overs. They had a role in the team which demanded restricting the oppositions run flow, in times where 5 RPO wasn't common at all. Teams weren't run by morons to play them. Economical bowlers have an equally important role in high scoring times of now. Now if Bhuvi isn't at least economical like he hasn't been so in England ODIs or first ODI or many other matches, he doesn't deserve to be in the XI. That's one thing; but claiming he's the worst thing ever just shows your poor understanding of limited overs cricket. Even on bad days, he produces very good initial spells like CT final had 5-0-10-0 and this match had 5-0-12-1. Either he sorts out his death bowling or we find newer bowlers, but in no dimension is he so awful as you claim. Because at the end of the day, runs scored decides matches, not the wickets.
  12. "Please be assured that the desire to conduct the inquiry is not a desire to 'cover up'. The interest of cricket in India has to be kept in mind. The off the ground act of the players was deplorable. It was crass as I said immediately after reading the comments," Rai wrote. "It is our responsibility to reprimand them, take corrective action, sensitise them of their misdemeanour and then get them back on to the ground once they have suffered the consequences," he said. The former CAG stated in his mail that players have been "shamed" after being recalled from an international tour, the ongoing ODI series against Australia, and principles of natural justice demands that they be heard. "We have shamed them by recalling them from an ongoing tour. We have suspended them from further games. We need to correct them and not bring their career to a cul de sac by indefinitely delaying a decision. These misdemeanours require swift action, with a corrective approach," he added. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/pandya-rahul-tender-unconditional-apology-bcci-members-demand-sgm/articleshow/67526692.cms Rai uncle seems to understand the situation. If only he had the spine to stand up to a feminist. Chalo jaldi case close karo.
  13. It's not that they need experience that they include Dhoni. They just come up with words to cover up such inclusions. It is experience now, could be variety or x factor for someone else.
  14. Even though the punishment that Rai suggested (2 ODIs) is harsh, he seems to be a very diplomatic chap. Edulji on the other hand is some character and maybe wants some lashes or prison term.
  15. I'm saying they should put the money where their mouth is, let them decide how much holier they are. Eventually it might bring sense, currently it's just a world of $h1t.
  16. Ye to mafia gangster constitution pe lessons dene jaisa hua.
  17. I don't think he was mentioned that often. I read about some other names like Siraj & Rajpoot/Avesh more often and that's maybe because they have been impressive in domestic or A tours.
  18. AR Faheem has better figures to show than the first 3 bowlers including the so experienced Amir & the new leader Abbas. That's a sorry state of a fast bowling attack. Even Shadab has done better than Hasan Ali.
  19. Cow protection sounds good on paper and creates a mess in the real world without planning & budget allocation. If u really care about the cows then dedicate a budget or introduce a tax like the swachch bharat tax and then make sure it's implemented properly. This dikhave wali religiosity just creates a shitty (or dung wali) society.
  20. Clarke

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Anyone showing ability, be it Gill, Shaw, Pant, Agarwal or someone else. I am against this typecasting as openers for the young lot. They need to grab whatever chance is available and show flexibility towards the teams needs and those that show the ability may move to the desired slot in the future. The best batsman like Sachin/Kohli will naturally command their desired position eventually and make the most of it. So let's discover the next big thing soon enough while Virat is in his prime.
  21. Clarke

    Pakistan's ongoing cricket streaks

    I always find it funny when they claim some sort of superiority over India in general sporting terms such as stronger individuals. They had a superior cricket record for some time which has gone through it's course correction over more than a decade. Besides that, they can't hold a candle. Just look at CWG or Asian games, they are way behind the medal tally. The last Asian games, they ended up sandwiched between Nepal & Afghanistan.
  22. I'm keen to see which side of Siraj shows up. The one on A tours took plenty of wickets and could be match winning. The other in T20s already gave some half centuries in 4 overs and could concede a century in ODIs.
  23. Congrats poyzz on another whitewash
  24. To be fair, MC BC isn't always the same as yo dawg bling bling types.
  25. Match is progressing pretty fast, could swing either way.

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