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  1. Ab fathers day par nikamme bete ke saath hisaab barabar karo
  2. Someone changed/sanitized the thread title. Please change the post from saudi prison to gently beat them with pillows.
  3. Wtf Ball hitting the stumps with some momentum used to be out. That one not out can very well change the game. Warner could get a big one after that stroke of luck.
  4. Send them to Saudi prison
  5. As I said in the other thread, this is hedge against poor glove work & batting. He's called a patriot instead of a below par performer when things don't go well.
  6. Nervous tbh. A weaker Aus beat us at home in March. They look hungry the way they fought back against WI after screwing up initially.
  7. They can't be ignored altogether by the astute observer. It's not a measure of the utility of the knock or player contribution but the measure of player quality if deciphered in an unbiased manner. In your attention whoring & blind worship you will obviously come up with these idiotic standards and comparisons, include this metric but ignore that and then whine if someone calls them out. But then one shouldn't be surprised given your ghise pite threads beating the same dead horse. I'm actually surprised your other IDs haven't been pressed into service to agree with you.
  8. I'm not playing anything, it's you who endlessly trolls and then tries to inject logic in your hero worship, facts be damned. You shouldn't be bringing up Kohli's masterclass while trying to glorify boy wonder's century against a weak SA. It's like a Buick lover claiming that even the Ferrari F1 car breaks down. Its a different ball park dumbfeck, your dubba isn't good enough to run on the ultimate track, don't bother with the comparisons.
  9. I don't think u can be neutral if ur comparing Kohli's luck across 2 very challenging series & conditions with the red ball and an army of quicks compared to Rohit's 1 odi inning. There is a reason Kohli is worshipped across formats while Rohit isn't considered good enough to play test cricket. Greats give far lesser chances than good or ordinary players.
  10. Dhoni bada smart banda hai. Below par glove work is being ignored with the insignia chatter hogging the attention. He might add another sticker on the bat to cover up for his tuk tuk.
  11. What was it exactly in the Indian cap that riled up your team & population ? No presence of brain cells whatsoever that it was due to one of the worst terror attacks in a decade ? Just political posturing from your side, India+Army cap=evil ? Who's the scum, me or your lot ?
  12. They will bring forward peace gesture as proposed by captain turned PM Khan: Play violin like SRK from mohabbatein before they get spanked* *Inshallah
  13. Pretty much. Rohit did that well yesterday, beaten once or twice but left many deliveries and tonked some sixes later. Dhawan just hangs his bat out.
  14. These Aussies fight hard! Lyon is a very good attacking bowler, he should get a couple of chances.
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