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  1. Clarke

    Delhi smog

    Read some articles here & there recently, there was mention of how rice cultivation has increased and the time period is dictated by the state govts with water requirements in mind. That leads to higher pollution levels in this time period due to concentrated burning in a few days as opposed to spread across months. One Haryana officer was claiming 1-2% of farmers burn the stubble. What on Earth would happen if many more did so
  2. Never knew the castes of players but what I read is most players like Tendulkar Gavaskar etc were brahmins. Surely there were some great international players of lower/dalit castes too ?
  3. In 1975, it may have been understandable. This is from 1985, we were already WC champs. Srikanth was opener and scored 86(89) in first innings. It could have been at least attempted, something doesn't add up.
  4. Good thing. He's jolly good to play on flat tracks and not good enough when movement is available. The warm up won't matter much.
  5. Clarke

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    Depends on who u ask .. I for one would love to visit Balochistan as well as the peaks & valleys up north if we got along well sometime in the future. Same goes for Lanka, Bhutan etc, will surely go there.
  6. Bowls a better bouncer than Bhuvi koomarr, no one mentioned that yet
  7. He's taken his place for granted or something. The first attempted yorker came after getting smashed for 2 sixes. The endless slower & knuckle balls look idiotic when they're overdone.
  8. Dude's got confidence, lage raho
  9. Clarke

    Pakistan vs Newzealand 3rd ODI

    Ferguson is pretty phassht.
  10. Clarke

    Aus vs SA - 3rd ODI

    And dhoni too these days
  11. Clarke

    Aus vs SA - 3rd ODI

    Cummins isnt a death bowler
  12. Clarke

    Aus vs SA - 3rd ODI

    Hope harmanpreet & co smash such big sixes against padosis today
  13. Clarke

    Aus vs SA - 3rd ODI

    What a partnership, oz will struggle to chase this target.
  14. Unless u play for a bankrupt Zimbabwe board that really doesn't pay much or on time, it must be what Lamborghini I got rather than I need "food on the table".
  15. Where was he in the last 3-4 years ? Don't worry, Sir Vinay Kumar, Sri Sri Unadkat and others shall continue to unleash the 122 kmph thunderbolts. There was a new kid on the block in Vidharba as well, the future looks bright
  16. Yahi to dhoka kha gaya India. Sadak ke beech kachra daalne wale aur gaadi park karne wale yahi kehte hain, tumhein problem hai to yaha na aao/dekho. Aur aap forum pe yahi karte ho, lage raho
  17. Clarke

    Jacqueline Fernandez - The queen of curves in Bollywood

    Freshers/newbies end up doing the dirty work. Wo naye launde ko silly point pe khada rakhte hain na until he solidifies his position in the team ...
  18. Tujhe kya maza aata hai ye kachra post karne mein ?
  19. This .. I mean this isn't even a question to ask. Best batsman in the world, fitness freak, fashion conscious, Bollywood hottie wife, active on social media .. he'll have a bigger following than any cricketer we ever had.
  20. Clarke

    Rohit sharma's Hectic schedule ahead in next 15 days

    Maybe he can drop that NZ game. Hitman at least got rest in Eng tests. Dhawan has been playing non stop except for the last test against Eng. Just insane playing in Eng UAE India and next to Aus non stop. Thankfully not part of test squad in Aus.
  21. Clarke

    Pak vs NZ 1st Odi

    Nope, pretty sure someone would be 40*(120) with maybe one boundary.
  22. Clarke

    Global GDP shifts in last 50 years

    Modi sarkar GDP growth rates haven't been unprecedented when compared to UPA avg growth rates. The key thing from the video is the lost decades where our leadership was totally inept and couldn't decipher the basic difference between free market economies and centrally planned ones. I was critical of Nehruji earlier since the far left leaning economic ideology came from the beginning but then USSR was doing well in the initial post war years. The future govts were actually more regressive and learned nothing from the world around us until we needed to airlift our gold to get some $$ cash in hand. How many countries have parties with communist ideologies to this day which frankly belong to the stone age.
  23. She was a teen advocate for education of girls, that's it. She got shot unfortunately and that gained attention, but she isn't Nelson Mandela despite getting a Nobel or whatever. To begin with, I would not expect much of her. I was trying to suggest that she'd not want to be the target of all Islamic hardliners (as opposed to the few that shot her) by coming out in favor of blasphemy victims. Additionally, if she spoke of Kashmir in a balanced manner, the entire country would be after her as a liberal fascist traitor or whatever they can come up with. Their fauj is solely responsible for the state of affairs including islamization, the bigoted legislation and its supporters AND they are the only ones who can face these droves of jahils. It is their job not to surrender to the blackmail from the fanatics and unfortunately they are caving in.
  24. Rahulji can use this as an election slogan, Modi sarkar has made all institutions of India including cricket team/captain intolerant. PJs aside, I was a fan of his fiery spirit and in general like captains who lead by example, but this guy isn't much of the latter without the bat in hand.
  25. Are you serious ? The padosi govt & fauj is negotiating with the jahils and u want Malala to speak against the same mob ? How could one not blame the govt/army as opposed to Malala ? Regardless of her religious beliefs, she or any other ordinary citizen shouldn't be expected to speak out against the mullahs. Doing so is immensly courageous or maybe foolhardy depending on the consequences but not doing so is not to be judged on every step of the way.

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