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  1. My neighbor's kid scored 45/100 while my kid scored 85/100. Does that mean I will not punish my kid ? Oh noes, somebody gonna get hurt real bad coz i only expect 100/100
  2. As if he can produce yorkers whenever he desires to do so. Those 2 beamers must have been intended yorkers as well. Intentions don't really matter if the execution is garbage, which is usual for this guy in T20s.
  3. Clarke

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    Are you intentionally avoiding having a look at the bigger picture in order to defend bollywood ? How many total releases, hits, break evens, flops per year ? For an industry with a monopoly over hindi films, its record is abysmal. Even BSE/NSE compete among Indian bourses :) jeweler shop/stock broker are just front faces of their trade like actors in bollywood. Difference is its very much possible to get into that profession unlike acting in bollywood. Further, if you're not up to the mark, you generally shut shop. In bollywood, being an assclown gets u an award or two. Just ask zayed/fardeen among others. Being a bachchan or kapoor gives you umpteen comebacks. They even bring in nepotism from outside in form of ritesh. Then they feel proud about it and announce it on stage. No other industry is buried this deep in nepotism and wears it like a medal.
  4. Clarke

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Opposition isn't feeling confident. How does one know ? They start shouting evm evm when they feel they might lose
  5. Clarke

    Sir Jadeja family politics drama??.

    No biggie, politics doesnt permeate every sphere of life.
  6. Mayank looks like a very good batsman. I hope he finds a place in LOIs as well sometime in the future.
  7. Clarke

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    Bollywood is not entirely great on the money front if u look at # of hits vs flops. Your second argument is not accurate either. In almost all cases, one wouldn't assign an expensive and detailed project to a novice in the field just because (s)he is a family member, before the family member is established in that field. This wouldn't happen at all if there have been multiple project failures in that person's career. Bollywood isn't the only industry that has nepotism but it is certainly the leader in it, maybe because it has a monopoly over the Hindi film market and it's leaders prefer their own almost all the time and junta is happy cheering star kids.
  8. Siraj is the ultimate pie delivery boy. So many experienced cricketers can't seem to distinguish between formats. He might be good for tests and has been god awful in T20s.
  9. Clarke

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    Almost everything around us at the end of the day isn't a personal business and moreover can be countered in some way. I'm selling this bread with msg which isn't banned, don't eat if u don't like. Asbestos is legal. Wear pollution mask if u have a problem with air quality. Spend less if u think tax is too high. List goes on.
  10. Clarke

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    Agree with the box office assessment, doesn't mean it is exceptional artistic value or it warrants no criticism. There will always be contrasting views on topics.
  11. Clarke

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    Hypothetically if a political party appoints a single family's members as supreme leaders for generations, wouldn't you criticize it ? Oh wait ..
  12. Maybe they got holy water from Saudi in the pipe to bless the commuters In school days, our teacher once informed of a story where a Gormint team was tasked with painting all poles. They encountered a bunch of poles that had been uprooted recently because of storm and instead of informing the concerned department, they simply painted those poles and moved on. Targets achieved, on the ground scenario be damned. If one reads papers like Mumbai mirror or simply lives in such cities, they will also encounter the lack of planning that goes about in the city. When they lay a road they first have to dig it up. Then they lay electric wire and dig up the road again. Then comes broadband provider and fiber cables require digging up. Then the storm water drains need to be maintained so they dig up the road. This goes on and on.
  13. Clarke

    India TV Serials

    Watch chota bheem. It will fit into the idea of hindoo indoctrination for kids as per your fellow countrymen. You might find it intellectually stimulating as well.
  14. Clarke

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    Are baba Umpire made 'honest' mistake in forgetting whether payment was for no ball or not. Maybe he was color blind & can't distinguish pink from yellow. Thala came to remind him, unfortunately second umpire remembered corrupt cop turned good cop Bollywood movie when he saw thala march in and decided it was his farz to umpire correctly.
  15. Clarke

    Super Trundler !!!

    Take your pick among trundlers or otherwise, Siraj has been the biggest pile of garbage in T20s. Got to two half centuries in the 3 T20s he played for India. The third match has his best bowling figures: 1/45 in 4 overs. How do u go worse from there ? Spill multiple catches and get barred from bowling in a crucial stage of the match for your IPL team. I wonder if unadkat can be this bad.
  16. Trump doesn't own or control all the US national security agencies, so he wouldn't have a choice despite his appointments.
  17. About time. I wasn't against him earlier but in his pursuit of US military apparatus, he joined hands with the Russians, which just sounds the worse option.
  18. Clarke

    Is India the unluckiest nation?

    Both Israel-Arab wars were in the shadows of cold war. Arabs had full fledged Soviet support when Israel had American help. Ultimately the wars were fought by Israel, not US/NATO troops. We could have leveraged Soviet tech/diplomacy and we did that in 71. It's just that we didn't have the will in terms of enforcing our position for a better future. I had posted a link earlier which stated how USSR was fully with us if we wanted to march into Islamabad in 71/72 post fall of Dhaka It was Indira's call to back off even though the cabinet was for the push. One can understand how bad other leaders were in terms of dealing with the neighborhood menace.
  19. Clarke

    Is India the unluckiest nation?

    One can't choose neighbors, one can certainly choose how to deal with them. Israel had a much tougher neighborhood in it's initial decades. They punched way above their weight to defeat bigger neighbors twice. We merely preferred ceasefires and UN other than 71. If we had put the western neighbor in its place early on and sustained pressure including military operations & covert assassinations, their nuclear umbrella could have been avoided, which is a major driver of their jihadi policy towards India.
  20. Earlier the p@ki defends her statement, now says it's right wing misquoting & bullying her. Pathalogical liar fits into the p@ki dna
  21. There is information available online about the structure of the missile and how it operates. The main warhead section seems completely missing, kam se kam white color ki pipe rakh dete
  22. What they mean is they are planning terror attack to which India will retaliate.
  23. Clarke

    Rahul Gandhi promises minimum income scheme

    Congress party workers should do more in such threads and explain the ideas of their leadership. Mudslinging at others by calling them intolerant bhakts and backing pakistani positions on certain matters doesn't serve their cause.
  24. Clarke

    What is Ind's flavor of cricket?

    Gali ka gunda/rowdy, MC BC BKL etc

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