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  1. WeStMiDz

    WC slots - DK vs Pant (2nd keeper slot)

    DK is honestly hitting it so clean right now. Has a more consistent 360 game than Pant at present. However I would like both in my squad.
  2. Why are we surprised. In the IPL it was clear that he is very ugly on the eye as a batsman. As a no8 he can be very effective if his bowling was of any use. So far it has been more miss than hit. The jury is out.
  3. WeStMiDz

    Pathetic Fielding

    How often does he drop a catch these days? Very rarely. Nonsense comment.
  4. WeStMiDz

    Dhoni's popularity : fans at the game yesterday

    It's amazing how Dhoni is adored by money paying fans who attend games but keyboard warriors are criticising him left right and centre lol.
  5. Seems very stiff and upright as a batsman. Not the most attractive on the eye but looks like he is slowly warming to international cricket.
  6. Shastri makes valid point and ICF is quiet. Interesting.
  7. I have always been an advocate of Kohli at 4 in crunch games especially with a big chase to tackle and an early wicket down. Simply put the team cannot cope with a 20-2 scenario with Kohli and one of the openers out. The game is all but done at that point. Rayudu can certainly be used as the sacrificial lamb in such scenarios.
  8. No need for one. Hardik can play as the genuine 3rd seamer if needed. He is better than all these options.
  9. WeStMiDz

    Jadhav the 6th bowler can cost us big and Shankhar

    Had to bowl lots today as no genuine 5th bowler in this side.
  10. Hardik is a proper batsman in this format. All this time he should have been groomed as a number 5 (and even a 4 on occasions, circumstances depending). Would have added so much more balance to this team.
  11. Nonsense thread, please close. Kohli is a rubbish captain and Shastri drinks beer in public.
  12. WeStMiDz

    Ind could play 3 ARs

    Some people wanted Shankar as our test all rounder lol
  13. WeStMiDz

    Rohit should be dropped.

    April fool's day is here ladies & gents
  14. Yes but he drinks beer in public - get rid of him.
  15. WeStMiDz

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    Absolutely - two highly talented cricketers who have done nothing but be a little naive. This absence from the game should hopefully make them value it more and return with more hunger and desire to hush the haters.

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