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  1. Australian commentators like Mark Waugh and Allan Border are becoming difficult to listen to as they are unable to provide views without their Australian goggles on. For example in the previous game Rishabh Pant flicked Starc nonchalantly for six and what did we hear? 'That was a lucky stroke, if he does that again he will probably get out' Cut to today's test and Travis Head is playing some very flashy/borderline careless strokes before the second new ball and what do we hear? 'Awh yeh I don't mind that at all, may as well throw the kitchen sink at it if it's in your area' It did amuse me how they were questioning why a third man was in place and then a couple of balls later, Head was caught there
  2. The rules are the rules, everybody is aware of it. With hard work, discipline and smart training methods you can avoid such basic errors. See the example of the England team recently who went a remarkable stretch of time without bowling a single no ball.
  3. WeStMiDz

    Pant's sledging behind the stumps

    He is a jovial character, everything is done in good spirits. And you can bet your bottom dollar he is endearing himself to Australian fans.
  4. Nothing has changed - he is doing what he has always done. Just the numbers are stacking up this time round.
  5. Absolutely perfect team minus Shaw. Let's go India.
  6. WeStMiDz

    DD to DC

    No more double D's for Danny Morrison to enjoy.
  7. To be honest the series will lose appeal if Aussies are all nice nice. How good was the contest between Mitchell Johnson & Kohli/Rahane last time?
  8. WeStMiDz

    This series will mark the arrival of Shaw

    That pull shot he played
  9. I do hope there is some needle in this upcoming series and not this new Australia nonsense.
  10. Nasser Hussain called it a while ago. Rohit is already an all time great white ball cricket batsman.
  11. Anyone else hear the delight in Sunny Gavaskar's voice on dismissal? 'The youngster flatters to deceive again'
  12. WeStMiDz

    Rishab Pant will be dropped next match

    Not a single mention of this from experts and pundits. They are all so afraid to speak.
  13. WeStMiDz

    BREAKING: India's squad for final three ODIs

    I don't think Shami is dropped. More a case of we know what he can do and managing his fitness.
  14. No sideways movement so yes Rohit is a good option.

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