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  1. WeStMiDz

    King Kohli averages 59 in ODIs now

    Most of the times stats are boring but I do not get bored of looking at this guy's statistics. They are phenomenal.
  2. WeStMiDz

    Is Kohli hinting at a early retirement?

    He is already picking and choosing series'. Physically he will be able to continue for many years but the mental burden may take its toll. Expect him to retire around 35 ala AB.
  3. His ODI debut was one of the most exciting in recent times - let's hope he can make a return.
  4. WeStMiDz

    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    West Indies will make a sub par total and Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli will chase it down. Nothing to see here.
  5. Not included in the 12 man squad for the first ODI to ensure his mind is not clouded
  6. WeStMiDz

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    At first I thought this was thread comparing Dhoni to David Haye. For all of you non boxing fans out there, David Haye was a great British cruiserweight champion who went on for too long eventually being embarrassed twice in his last two fights. Legacy ruined. Will be remembered for being humiliated on his last legs. Let's hope Dhoni does not suffer the same fate in WC2019.
  7. Given that the selection process in the lead up to arguably the biggest prize in cricket (the World Cup) has been a shambles at times, it's very optimistic to think anything dramatic will happen for a test championship.
  8. What next? Dhoni told me to lift my knees as I run in? Dhoni told me to release the ball from my hand?
  9. WeStMiDz

    Where in UK is this test being shown?

    No where that I'm aware of. Thought Sky Sports had the rights to all India home games but doesn't look like the case anymore.
  10. WeStMiDz

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    There is a major dilemma for India in the near future. Dhawan & Rohit are outstanding ODI openers in any conditions. But in Rahul and Shaw you have two outstanding talents that should not be kept out the side. Somebody is going to have to take the plunge and move to the middle order.
  11. WeStMiDz

    Random Observations / Comments

    Don't let Mikey Holding see this thread
  12. I really don't think he is as bad keeping as people are making out. He has a few technical flaws with his footwork but his hands are very good. This series will give us a better indication.
  13. WeStMiDz

    And the loser is India.

    Think it is an optical illusion because there is a large part of foot in the air behind the line - if you zoom in the toe is on the line and there is nothing grounded behind the line.
  14. WeStMiDz

    Still time to craft a good WC19 squad

    Think it is vitally important to identify another batsman who bowls. Kedar is a vital cog but his fitness cannot be counted on.
  15. Not sure why we are playing a swing bowler in conditions that don't swing. Once again poor vision thinking from the selectors.

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