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  1. India tour of England 2018 schedule announced

    This is the correct format for a tour. 5 ODIs and 1 t20 is a nonsense. 3 and 3 is perfect.
  2. Golden Age of Allrounders?

    Obviously it's a different skill set but cricketers have mastered the art of becoming good at batting and bowling so why not attempt to master the art of two types of bowling...
  3. Golden Age of Allrounders?

    Spinning this thread on its head... Why haven't there been more bowlers who can perform a dual role and therefore revolutionise the idea of an all rounder? What I'm talking about is a bowler who can switch between two different types, let's say spin and seam up depending on pitch and match conditions. How useful could this be to the balance of a team. In bygone years we have seen someone like Andrew Symonds bowl seam up and off spin and even a Tendulkar could bowl all sorts. But these guys were just part timers. I appreciate it is difficult to master one type of bowling let alone two but I feel it could revolutionise the meaning of an all rounder if a player was to master two skills with the ball.
  4. This is Indian selectors and team management we are talking about. They go to tried and trusted options time and again. No point giving fantasy scenarios like playing Kuldeep ahead of both Ashwin & Jadeja. Never going to happen.
  5. England T20 Blast Thread

    An extremely nasty incident has just taken place. Batsman has smashed a ball back at the bowler and split his head open. The match has been delayed.
  6. Is it time to try Krunal in place of Jadeja?

    Krunal's batting does not look very natural and is often cramped by quicker bowlers. The most improved batsman of the left arm slow bowlers is Axar Patel.
  7. Think every Tom Dick and Harry would have bowled first going by tournament trend, batting second at the oval etc. Cannot knock this.
  8. For some reason they bowled a plethora of spin to him. We all know he is a beast against spin bowling. Think a quicker bowler would have come back on and induced a false stroke. But nevertheless a breathtaking innings.
  9. The no ball problem - What are the coaches doing ?

    No balls galore in IPL. Three in this game. Fair to say it is a chronic problem for Bumrah.
  10. The no ball problem - What are the coaches doing ?

    The fix is quite simple. Every bowler should be trained to bowl with their toe not crossing the front line let alone the heel. How difficult can it be?
  11. Nothing to get disheartened about

    This team has given us many highs in recent times. The lows make those highs even sweeter. So next time we win something cherish it that little bit more.
  12. Dravid justification on our low runrate in 1st 10 overs

    The aim should always be to set the benchmark higher. We have all the resources in the world to be trend setters. Once one team does it you can bet your bottom dollar the rest will follow.
  13. Dravid justification on our low runrate in 1st 10 overs

    I feel there is a gap in the market for some team to revolutionise ODI batting in particular on flat pitches. It seems all teams are set in their ways of following a particular template in how to construct their innings. The period of batting between 11-40 is where some innovative ideas are needed and could set a team apart from the rest. Maybe target alternate 5 over segments, not only would this provide some momentum to the innings earlier than usual, it would force teams to bring back their better bowlers and affect their game plan for the death overs. For all these coaches being paid mega bucks, why are we not seeing any innovative approaches? England have tried to some degree and NZ under McCullum but the rest are so rigid in their ways. Is it more difficult than it sounds?
  14. How to Stop Fakhar Zaman's top edges?

    Not a single ball has swung all tournament and you are talking about inswingers and outswingers?
  15. Today was the quickest I've seen Bumrah bowl. Visually quick too. Batsmen were hurried a lot. Brilliant stuff.

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