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  1. WeStMiDz

    Does India need Pandya for England test series?

    His fielding alone has already turned a test match. He is a must to begin with.
  2. WeStMiDz

    Virat Kohli gets his beard insured !!!

    A couple of team mates cannot have a bit of fun now? Jesus.
  3. WeStMiDz

    Bowling combo in England

    Hope workloads are managed and Bhuvi is not trundling at 70mph towards the back end of the tour again because we have bowled him into the ground.
  4. Bit confused as to why this is called match fixing. Match fixing is when players are intentionally under performing to throw a match. This is a case of betting syndicates making hefty profits as a result of inside information.
  5. WeStMiDz

    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    People are swayed by current events. IPL is the current hot event so test cricket is at the back of people's minds.But nobody can tell me those test matches against South Africa were not enjoyable. Rabada v Kohli going hammer and tong against each other. Boring? Get out of here.
  6. WeStMiDz

    Kohli unlikely to play county or Eng series

    Dramatic thread title
  7. WeStMiDz

    Flop season for uncapped batsmen

    Agarwal the most disappointing. Truck load of domestic runs and ample opportunity to excel for Punjab but just did not deliver.
  8. WeStMiDz

    Fielding standard

    Barely any
  9. WeStMiDz

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    So here we had a thrilling match going down to the wire, KL Rahul going great guns with his sole aim of taking his team to victory. Meanwhile in the commentary box we have Sunny Gavaskar jabbering on and on about reaching a hundred. Can someone have a word please
  10. WeStMiDz

    Abhishek Sharma is a star!!!

    That straight six off Southee was the kind of shot you will remember for some time. Absolutely stunning.
  11. Pant & Samson should be squad regulars.
  12. WeStMiDz

    What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    5. Wouldjubelieveit
  13. WeStMiDz

    K Pieterson tweet

    Don't get the hate for Hussain. Ultimately he's English but he's always very complimentary about India. Yes he might have called a few our fielders donkeys back in the day but let's be honest they were. A very good commentator to boot.
  14. WeStMiDz

    Young Indian players' performances in the IPL

    He plays more assured in IPL than his few outings for India. Seems to panic and look awful in blue but needs more chances. One knock will probably transform him at international level.

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