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  1. WeStMiDz

    Potentially interesting games (WC19)

    England v India has all the making of a humdinger even if both teams are already assured of their semi spot at that point.
  2. There are some cricket traders having a field day on Betfair. £5m matched on whether there will be a game or not and it's only 11.30am!
  3. WeStMiDz

    Shankar va karthik

    Bowling option lol. He is on par with Kohli's bowling.
  4. WeStMiDz

    Possible Replacements for Shikhar Dhawan

    Mayank would be a sound bet but most likely it will be one of the reserve players. Rayudu or Pant.
  5. Yuvi on song was breathtaking to watch. Legend.
  6. WeStMiDz

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    Inflicted a vital run out. Has not been utilised with the bat and barely with the ball. Useless is pretty unfair.
  7. WeStMiDz

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    Wins 2 out of 2 convincingly yet forum wants changes for the sake of changes lol.
  8. WeStMiDz

    Your team for next match..,

    No changes.
  9. WeStMiDz

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    So who do you propose to play instead? The only viable alternative is Jadeja or Shankar. The former is a bowling option, the latter is a batting option with much inferior skillset with the ball and in all honesty hasn't shown the composure for international matches yet. Jadhav is the best option.
  10. WeStMiDz

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    41-50 over stats he is amongst the top 10 strike rates in recent times. We have seen he doesn't take time to get his eye in, has the unorthodoxy to unsettle bowlers. Perfect combination for a 6-7 batsman. Bowling wise he is different and can pick wickets when the batsmen are going after him. All in all, do we have a similar player in the squad?
  11. WeStMiDz

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    A vital cog in this side. Not sure what this thread is all about.
  12. Not sure what you are watching. We've just witnessed a world class opening spell from one of the best fast bowlers in the world and now two wrist spinners troubling the opposition.
  13. This is World Cup cricket. We are not watching for thrillers.
  14. As we know in England, the forecast is unreliable for 24 hours ahead let alone 7 days. What you'll find at this time of year is that rain won't last too long. Chances of shortened matches, yes. Washouts will be few and far between.
  15. Not ugly at all. One of the cleanest strikers in the game.

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