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  1. WeStMiDz

    Worst IPL Celebrations!

    Unadkat's high pitched scream followed by a super angry face after getting Rahul out the other day. All this after being smashed all over the place.
  2. WeStMiDz

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    Personally I cannot see how you sit around a table for hours, days, weeks and come up with an answer of DK over Pant. Now I like DK and think he has come into his own in the last few years but he has never banged down the door forcing his hand in any format.
  3. How was a wide going to help exactly. Crazy stuff thinking every little incident is fixed lol
  4. WeStMiDz

    BCCI need to step in and sort players behaviour out

    This is entertainment and we all love it
  5. WeStMiDz

    Kohli vs Leg spinners

    Reason Kohli is struggling is he plays from the crease. Cannot fathom why he doesn't use his feet more.
  6. WeStMiDz

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Follow Tino Best on twitter for some quality retorts to those who are crying about this incident.
  7. Looks like BT Sports have come in with a last minute offer and taken the rights. Body blow for Sky.
  8. The majority of the British Asians who follow IPL will still be able to watch now that it is on Star Gold. However there is some anger and disappointment amongst English fan folk. They have come to enjoy the IPL as more and more of their players are participating. A definite blunder on Star/Sky's part.
  9. Believe you can cast via a Chromecast
  10. It's on Star Gold in the UK
  11. Only a few games ago Manjrekar was saying that Rayadu has done enough for the number 4 spot and should be left alone. Now he remains unconvinced. His fickleness makes him a good potential ICF poster.
  12. Means Shankar will bat at 4 today. Everyone gets their wish.
  13. WeStMiDz

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    Huge chance for Lokesh - let's not make excuses like he's in and out the side if he fails. He must deliver.
  14. Lol - one of them being the greatest white ball player of all time. Another you could argue makes the list too. Yet overrated. Bizarre.
  15. My source reckons BT sports is going to fade away - apparently the viewing figures are terrible for cricket, Champions League etc.

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