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  1. No thank you. Love listening to little snippets out there in the middle.
  2. This is the rhythm of AB de Villiers

    Sorry but I get more enjoyment watching Kohli
  3. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    As bad you mean
  4. Still no KL Rahul

    Yes definitely something going on behind the scenes. Bad attitude/work ethic perhaps?
  5. Raina is here .

    Perfect all round t20 player. Exactly what this side needs. No issues with his comeback.
  6. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    Forum crying out for new talents but also baying for their blood at first sight. Give them time.
  7. Get rid of him. Disgraceful role model and pathetic captain. We can do much better.
  8. Bat: Kohli Fielder: Kohli Bowler: Morris
  9. Bat: Amla Fielder: Dhoni Bowler: Bumrah
  10. Bat: Rohit Fielder: Pandya Bowler: Kuldeep
  11. Bat: Dhawan Bowler: Rabada Fielder: Rahane
  12. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    Think Kedar Jadhav is getting unfair stick on here. It wasn't long ago he was playing blinding innings against England and we were all asking why he wasn't in the t20 squad. Not a glamorous name so becomes an instant target when he has been away from the scene. Will do a fine job down the order in SA.
  13. Bat: Amla Bowler: Chahal Fielder: Markaram
  14. Think the rule is once you have made your ground and then it bounces up? In this case the bat was not grounded until after the bails were broken.
  15. Indian Test openers for ENG tour ?

    Vijay Pujara Parthiv

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