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  1. Lord

    I would not play Bumrah in England: Michael Holding

    Bumrah,Kohli,Pandya.. hope he targets Rahul,Rahane or Shami now
  2. Rahane doesn't have magical shots that Rohit can produce.Maybe Kohi used your logic in 1st two tests
  3. Already went missing when we needed him in 2nd innings Centurion Should be replaced by Jaddu asap.Might lose on a few runs,but will be better if the pitch has something.Pandya is there anyway
  4. he should retire and become our coach
  5. Nathu Singh,Avesh Khan,Sarfaraz Khan
  6. Lord

    Virat Kohli Captaincy thread

    eh? infact he had all the luck.Got an easy team in SF and finals,won the toss in finals, got dropped batting
  7. Lord

    What is Jadeja doing in this Indian team!!

    I hope you meant LOIs only He should be kicked out.So as Ashwin Need Kuldeep,Chahal or even Mishra in
  8. why did both play whole tourney then
  9. Lord

    Rohit Sharma roast thread...

    which knock against Starc Against MJ I guess you are referring to that 2013 series.Everyone scored there lol
  10. Do you know what finger spinner is? Its the era of leggies with the pattas in.The likes of Santner,Moeen Ali,Ashwin etc all went for plenty Jaddu was good vs SA,BD and Pak league game But hes a containing bowler and should be booted out
  11. yeah he is a bowler who can bat a bit.Bowling AR at best but that would be stretching it.Hasnt developed his batting as much as bowling In Tests hes good enough a bowler alone,should be kicked out in LOIs Even SRT has been called selfish at times,I think its too big an accusation specially on player for his 2nd/3rd role
  12. which finger spinner did better in this tourney?
  13. His batting is very overrated but has played few knocks in CT and otherwise.Good enough for 8-9 More than selfish he looks dumb lol However I'd still start with Ashwin if we have to drop someone.Overall Jaddu offers quite a bit

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