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  1. philcric

    All Rounders do not exist.

    H Pandya 5/81 in a total of 465
  2. Okay. Makes sense now. Good on Virat and Anushka.
  3. His own balls were in his mouth apparently.
  4. philcric

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

  5. philcric

    Sachin vs Kohli

    batting or intercourse'ing ?
  6. Why would the captain and other players travel in different class? It has to be first or business or economy for all, no?
  7. philcric

    Isa Guha

    Classy every which way. Former player, good cricket knowledge, easy on the ears, easy on the eyes.
  8. philcric

    Please no Ashwin for the rest of this series

    His action doesn't seem repeatable even when he's bowling well. Unnecessarily complicated action. His match figures for this match has been pretty good, and he always is more than decent against lefties even in SENA. With Aus having so many lefties, he is kind of fine. But yeah he has not been threatening enough in the 3rd/4th innings for a while now. Someone among Ash/Jaddu/Kuldeep has to nail down that spinner's slot for SENA tests. We can't be having the same discussion every test match about which spinner should play.
  9. philcric

    Pujara, what a performance!

    The Indian batting really needs to get stable. Pujara has nailed the #3 spot for now. Virat at #4. Rahane played a very good second innings. Hope he has a great game at Perth and solidify the #5 spot. Rahul had an okay 2nd innings. Hope Shaw and Rahul nail down the openers slots by the end of the series.
  10. philcric

    Perth Test: Would you drop the openers?

    Karthik isn't in the squad. Pappu Patel is.
  11. Same XI or make a change or two ? If Shaw is fit, he should replace Vijay. Vihari in place of Rohit? If it's a flat drop in pitch, may be play both Ash and Jaddu along with 3 pacers to lessen their load and save their energies for the subsequent tests.
  12. Congrats guys. Winning the first test of the series in SENA after a very long time
  13. philcric

    All Rounders do not exist.

    Vijay Shankar 4-0-12-0 87* (79) http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/19014/scorecard/1164223/new-zealand-a-vs-india-a-1st-unofficial-odi-india-a-tour-of-nz-2018-19

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