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  1. Fcuk. In deep trouble again. Need a special innings here from someone.
  2. Kuldeep the magician
  3. 1st session of the test match and India already seem to be way behind in the game. Losing the captain, losing the toss, dropping a catch off the first ball of the match, good batting wicket, 2 aggressive well set batsmen at the crease, high RR and already a sizeable total for loss of just 1 wicket. The replacement captain seems a misfit for the role and the situation, and there is clearly lack of energy in the field. Really need some magic from someone here. Umesh, Bhuvi, Jaddu, Ash, Kuldeep .. someone has to really stand up for us today and make a stellar contribution. I don't think we can get back in this game if we are really struggling by the end of today's play. We have comeback many times from these situations in the last 2 years, but this match is different. It's the last game of the long season, the pressure of series scoreline (even a draw wouldn't suffice to get the trophy), fatigue from the long season, having to bat under huge 1st innings scoreboard pressure time and again, not having your talismanic captain, our best bowler totally out of form.
  4. This thread is about a particular date (3/23/16), not about a day (3/23).
  5. No, you didn't win the match. You did this ...
  6. Nice try. Doing whatever you can for your team.
  7. Well played both teams. Both teams were in deep trouble at certain stages of the game, and they played spectacularly well to overcome it. This has been one of the closely fought test series in the recent times. 1-1 going into the final game. Fantastic (esp. for Aussies and neutrals). As a cricket fan I'm loving it, though as an Indian fan I'd have preferred 2-1. Hope the pitch in the final test at Dharamsala is result oriented and India is on the right side of the result.
  8. 6 more to go !!!
  9. 7 more to go !!!