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  1. Rooting for neither in particular. Usually I root for the underdog, but in this case it's not clear who's the underdog to start with. Like to see a good contest. Hopefully, the pitches are result oriented and not pattas, and it goes to the last test with the series still up for grabs.
  2. Sri Lanka tour of India, 2017

    Akash Chopra and Ajit Agarkar are couple of Indian ex-players who are fairly knowledgable and unbiased. Even I was surprised with Akash's XI, but after watching the video, it seems like he's coming from the angle of giving everyone game time before SA series. I don't think he's saying this is India's best XI. http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/video_audio/1126104.html The title is misleading. In the above video, Chopra says Bhuvi has played a lot of LOIs recently, his knee may not be 100%, so he should get a little break and should be back for 3rd test, and also Ishant should get a game being a test specialist. http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/video_audio/1126074.html In this video, again he's talking from the perspective of SA series. Says, we should rotate, that Vijay is the most important opener for India and should play all 3 tests against SL as he's coming back from injury, that Rahul should definitely play 3rd test in place of Dhawan. It does seem like he has a bit of preference for Dhawan over Rahul because of his recent form, but overall he wants all 3 openers to have game time and form before the SA series.
  3. A Green Mamba awaits India at the Eden

    3 pacers and 2 spinners. Shami, Umesh, Bhuvi, Ashwin, Jadeja. Saha, Ash, Jaddu, Bhuvi as 6-9 in the batting order is fine.
  4. That loss was bad for many reasons ... An ICC trophy final, losing to Pak which wasn't a particularly good team, losing by a big margin, selection of Yuvi/Ash/Jaddu, Bumrah's no balls, crap batting by the top order, esp. Virat, Jaddu not sacrificing his wicket for Pandya, and finally Kohli joking around with Pak cricketers at the post match presentation, instead of maintaining a dignified silence after congratulating them.
  5. The AOE Team Selection Is Hilarious

    Yeah, may be they could have just picked 3 pacers + Pandya + Chahal, but once they decided to go with 2 spinners, Axar was the safer option today because of 2 reasons .. 1) Dew - Flattish finger spinner safer than slowish loopy wrist spinner. 2) Better batter (however little it may be) needed considering short batting lineup.
  6. Is Dhawan statistically worst T20 opening batsmen in the world currently playing? Mind, he might still play a good knock today, but does he deserve to be playing today in the first place.
  7. Crap. Dhawan in the team and not Rahul
  8. Hope Rahul plays and not Dhawan, at the top.
  9. Iyer making his debut. He may or may not turn out to be a good T20 batter, but at least the good news is that the ultra conservative, unimaginative Indian T20 batting selection let a newbie in.
  10. Clutching at straws, I hope at least this XI is picked from the squad ... K Rahul S Iyer V Kohli R Sharma + D Karthik H Pandya B Kumar K Yadav J Bumrah Y Chahal M Siraj
  11. Dhawan, Dhoni, Karthik, Pandey What a fcuk all batting line up.
  12. No issues with Bhuvi and Bumrah being the top picks in the ODI team. But Shami definitely is one of the 3 best ODI pacers in India. Unless he has injury concerns or strategically saved for overseas tests, him not being in the ODI squad or not playing a fair number of games does raise eyebrows.

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