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  1. Yeah, a really bad day at the office. And a field day for 'some' idiots on this forum. I support our team but I think the game has definitely gotten away. 300 lead and still 6 wickets left for Aus. Also a reality check for people like @maniac who think matches are won/lost only because of the pitch. And that India is somehow unbeatable on a spinning pitch, and the opposition is there just to show up and lose.
  2. So many dropped catches. 95/3. Looks out of reach now. Should have been 5 down before 100.
  3. Looks almost impossible. Pitch's difficult for batsmen but India's 1st innings score has more to do with a sudden collapse before the team could even react. Happens sometimes. During these kind of collapses, everything than can go wrong usually does (unlucky dismissals, good catches by opposition, run outs etc.). I believe we still have a chance (about 20%) to win this. Extremely difficult but possible. Need to get Aus out for about 150 for a target of about 300. Need to play with controlled aggression in the 4th innings. Rahul and Kohli will be the keys.
  4. Also because SA players may not be available during the last stages of this IPL.
  5. Wow! I don't think anybody was expecting this. Somebody make sure Sidhoni doesn't harm himself.
  6. wtf The weakest part of RCB is pace bowling and they lose their best pacer They should buy 2 good international (Rabada, Mills etc.) and 2 potentially good Indian (Thampi, Nathu etc.) pacers in the auction. They should not look for anything else (batsmen, spinners, all rounders).
  7. We are bound to have one really bad game after winning so many (a few of them from difficult positions) in the last 5-6 series. Do not discount the traditional Aussie fighting spirit. They have been poor in Asia in the last few years, they may have learnt from their mistakes and will be super motivated against India. Starc, Hazelwood and Lyon will likely have that one really good match.
  8. 2-1 to India. Why is everyone picking Jaddu as the best bowler. Aus has so many left handers .. Warner, Renshaw, Khawaja, Shaun Marsh, Mathew Wade in their top 7 ... Ash will be the best bowler I think. Best India bat - Kohli Best India bowl - Ashwin Best Aus bat - Warner Best Aus bowl - Starc
  9. A win with a session to spare.
  10. Missing the woods for the trees. Different teams have to compromise / strategise / go out of their way to mould their teams and give themselves a better chance to succeed in conditions they generally struggle in. For example, Aussies have been struggling with their batting in asian conditions for a long time, while absolutely bossing games at home. So, they have to take certain punts on particular kind of batsmen who look like they may do well in asian conditions than the incumbents, even though the incumbents perform extremely well at home but are proven failures in asian conditions. South Africa may have to keep picking a spinner (at home) to find/groom, even though an extra seamer might help them win games more easily at home. India has to develop a pool of fast bowlers to do well in Eng, Sa and Aus. There's no other way. Whilst keeping their core strength in tact (2 terrific spinners in form who do the job day in and day out), they have to involve the pacers as much as they can, keep them in the game and let them develop, even if it looks like more spinners would make India win games easier at home. Anyway, none of our pacers (Shami, Umesh, Bhuvi, Ishant) have been a burden and they have contributed reasonably well to the overall bowling attack over the past 12-18 months.
  11. This. Most commentators treat it like a vacation, and feel entitled just because they are former cricketers. Absolutely no homework or preparation. Hussain, Doull and Bishop are few of the commentators who seem to put in some effort.
  12. @maniac did you manage to find any?
  13. India is decimating teams. Check the scores in the England series. or the West Indies series before that. Or South Africa series before that. Or Sri Lanka series before that. Consider the possibility that you may not have appetite or patience for test cricket, nor the understanding of how pitches and game situations and relative strengths of two playing teams work.
  14. But I've got cricket acumen. And I'm an attention wh*re.