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  1. No other options. KL Rahul and Sarfraz are injured. May be Sachin Baby is injured too. There's no other batsmen left in the squad apart from the newbies Vishnu Vinod and Harpreet Singh.
  2. Liking the way RPS is hanging in there and fighting it out. On paper they are not very strong and a couple of players still haven't hit their strides, but as a team they are playing just well enough to stay in the games till the end. Have a soft spot for Smith, Dhoni and Stokes after all the $hit that happened because of captaincy, owners, irrational fans, trolling etc.
  3. RCB is pretty much done for the season. Plenty went wrong for them. Injuries, form and strategy. Surprisingly, bowlers performed fairly well this season. It's the batsmen that let the team down in a big way. With very little chance of making it to the playoffs, they should now play without any pressure esp. batting. They also need to make adjustments to their batting order, which hasn't been working at all this season. Kohli must bat at 3. Mandeep must be dropped, and should be replaced by Vishnu Vinod. He'll add to the team as a keeper and aggressive opener, which will let Kohli play at 3. Strengthen the middle order with Kohli, AB and Jadhav. AB must be there batting during the final 5 overs. Bowling is doing alright, not much change is required there, may be Aniket in place of Aravind. + V Vinod C Gayle * V Kohli K Jadhav AB DeVilliers S Binny / H Singh / S Baby P Negi T Mills S Badree A Choudhary / S Aravind Y Chahal
  4. Match Thread

    Admittedly there seems to be something in the pitch, and NCN and Umesh are bowling very well. But this practice of putting all your best batsmen upfront is very risky. You need a good player or two for the backend of the innings.
  5. Match Thread

    This is fcuking stupid. Now, Binny and Negi are supposed to win the game for you after your best batsmen don't survive even 1/5 th of the innings.
  6. Match Thread

    ABDV gone. Game most likely over for RCB. This 'best batsmen must play maximum balls' doesn't take into account the fact that most times these best players get out before the end overs and leave some of the most productive (slog) overs to lesser batsmen.
  7. Match Thread

    Kohli must bat at #3. He is fidgety at #1. 2016 season was an aberration, some batsmen just look perfect for #3 like Ponting, Kohli etc., they seem out of place opening. Mandeep is totally out of form. Has to be dropped. Strengthen the middle order. Get Vishnu Vinod to open and keep. + V Vinod C Gayle V Kohli A DeVilliers K Jadhav S Binny P Negi The above looks much more balanced, and keeps them in the game much longer. The present batting order feels like 3 down and game over.
  8. Fantastic innings by Dhoni. His best in quite a long time.
  9. This IPL .. 27*(13), 72(44), 64(44), 49(32), 5(10), 35(24) How is that an odd good knock? He's played well in all the games bar one.
  10. Not that it matters, one of the websites (first page of google search results) lists Umesh Yadav at 5'10" The thing with cricketers heights (esp. Indian) online is that very rarely do the websites get the information from official sources like the player himself or BCCI. Even Cricinfo doesn't specify Indian players heights whereas it does to many players from Eng and Aus. What happens many times is some website guesstimates a player's height and that is copied by many other sites, and google's auto algorithm lists that number at the top with the player profile. FWIW, Umesh Yadav doesn't seem to be 6'2" (187), he seems to be around 5'10" or 5'11"
  11. What a farce this time out. Just 8 runs required, both batsmen toying with the bowlers. Mumbai didn't ask for the time out, Umpire forced it.
  12. The rest of us also saw the way he backed Malinga after a poor over when he came back and DID NOT slowed things down It has got not much to do with captaincy. Neither good nor bad. McCleneghan and Malinga were to bowl those overs anyway. The other options left were H Pandya and Bhajji.
  13. Even before how it turned out, it just seemed a very wrong choice to send Mathews ahead of Morris with 13 RPO required. DD may still not have won, but that decision drastically reduced their chances. More Indian bowlers are getting better (esp. yorkers) at death overs. Bumrah, Bhuvi .... Thampi, Kaul
  14. 1/3 of the IPL done .... quite a few positives Rana Pant Vohra Samson Kishen Thampi Shardul
  15. Some players are plain lucky / unlucky to be in certain teams. Players like Dhawan (average) and Parthiv (mediocre) are still opening the batting for years now because of the teams they are playing in and because of their own shortcomings (like can't play in the middle order).