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  1. You owe me one there Just wanted a good game to watch, and I got a great one in the end.
  2. 70/1 97-03 Pune No more interest left in the game as a neutral. /end thread
  3. 38/1 85-15 Pune MI need 2 more wickets before the score reaches 50.
  4. 32/1 80-20 Pune. Rahane dropped at the score of 22/1. Would have been interesting if that catch was taken.
  5. 22/1 70-30 Pune
  6. 17/1 65-35 Pune
  7. 10/0 70-30 Pune
  8. 130 is low score to defend. But MI's bowling is pretty good. Pitch isn't very easy. And Pune has short batting lineup with Christian at #6. Mumbai has a chance imo. 65-35 in favour of Pune.
  9. Match Thread

    Would want KXIP to win this one, so that there is some interest in the final games in the league phase, with some teams still having a chance to qualify for the play offs. RCB and GL are out. They should lose their remaining games to teams in the middle of the table. DD and KXIP should win their next couple of games to keep it interesting. Even 1 loss and they'd be out of tournament too making the last set of games quite meaningless. Would like to see some good batting from Gayle, AbDV, Guptill, Vohra and Maxwell.
  10. Totally agree. Irrespective of the numbers, some batsmen look perfect for #3 but seem out of place opening the innings. Ex. Ponting, Lara, Kohli.
  11. Spot on. Also, it's easier for lesser/younger players to play at the top with all wickets in tact and very good players to follow. It lets them play freely without too much burden on them. Case in point ... Tripathi, Ishan Kishen and even Parthiv to an extent this season. If you have good batters from #1 to #7, yes it makes perfect sense to send your best players up front. But if you have only 3 good batters out of 7, it's better to spread them around or even have all of them in the middle order because more often than not, the middle order gets to play the tougher part of the innings esp. in chases.
  12. Been calling for it right from the start of this IPL season. There are couple of differences from the last season. He was in much more sublime form then. And he had the cushion of an in-form ABDV at #3 and much better middle order. KL Rahul was in terrific form and the likes of Sarfraz, Mandep and Sachin Baby were more than decent. So, he had the freedom and the form last year. Irrespective of whether he CAN play well at #1 or not, looking at the team composition and their form and the results, he should have batted at #3 and ABD at #4 or #5.
  13. RCB bowling have given the team plenty of chances to win games, but their batting let them down really badly. The pig headedness of sticking to the same when it's obviously not working, sending out all your big players up front in the batting order, and making the lesser players bat the tougher overs later in the game. Hope they give chances to couple of younger players ... Vishnu Vinod, Praveen Dubey etc. Virat Kohli should not open. He must bat at 3. ABD should take the responsibility of finishing the innings and bat at 5. Chris Gayle, if he plays, should get on with it from ball 1 and not try to 'build' an innings. I think every batter should just go for it, margin doesn't matter if they lose. + V Vinod C Gayle * V Kohli S Binny AB DeVilliers K Jadhav P Negi T Mills A Choudhary S Badree Y Chahal
  14. Gambhir closely followed by Dhoni. Gambhir edges Dhoni imo because he built KKR from scratch after they had some horrendous years, Dhoni right from first season had a good and balanced squad. I also like Gambhir's captaincy on the field. Many times I noticed he goes for slightly aggressive riskier option (with bowlers, field settings) in certain phases of the game where other captains would probably go for slightly safer conventional options.
  15. No other options. KL Rahul and Sarfraz are injured. May be Sachin Baby is injured too. There's no other batsmen left in the squad apart from the newbies Vishnu Vinod and Harpreet Singh.