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  1. Harmanpreet's innings Highlights Match Highlights
  2. Highest Level Played: Inter-College Role: All Rounder Batting: Opening bat. Very reliable and long innings batter. Did not have lot of big shots, more of a steady accumulator. Very good with left alone, cover driving, leg glance and inside out shots. Good on the front foot, not so on the back foot. Not good at pulling/hooking. Stronger on the off-side compared to leg. Weak at handling short pitched bowling and strong at handling good length and full length bowling. Bowling: First change bowler. Medium pacer. Occasional spin bowler (both leg spin and off spin). Had pretty good control. Fielding: Loved fielding. Many times used to field for both the teams (mine and opposition). Was among the best around. Favourite fielding positions were point and cover.
  3. If they were just recommendations, why to make public then? If you check the BCCI official tweets, they use the word "appointed", not "recommended". BCCI ✔@BCCI UPDATE: Mr. Rahul Dravid is appointed as the Batting Consultant for overseas Test tours 11:10 PM - 11 Jul 2017 BCCI ✔@BCCI UPDATE: @ImZaheer is appointed as the Bowling Consultant of the India Cricket Team till ICC World Cup 2019 11:16 PM - 11 Jul 2017 Now, after couple of days have passed, they are talking about availability, conflict of interest etc. So, they have recommended/appointed Dravid and Zak without even talking to them if they were interested and if they were available?
  4. BCCI does u-turn on Dravid, Zaheer appointments
  5. ^ first part of the interview was cringeworthy ... so full of himself. He does make couple of good points somewhere in the middle ... about the test team having the potential to be the best Indian team ever and about India having a battery of fast bowlers now.
  6. This guy is our cricket team's head coach
  7. Dale Benkenstein ? Van der Wath ? Nantie Hayward ? Andrew Hall ?
  8. Most likely not. But it would have been nice if he scored a century and took the innings as far as he could. He would not have won this match, but it would have given him (and the team) a major confidence in his batting for the future. Also, the loss wouldn't seem so bad if we scored around 250 all out in 40 overs or so.
  9. Run out situations (both batsmen ending up on one end) usually come as a surprise to the batsmen, most often they don't have the time to process what's happening and take right decisions. I'm not entirely sure if Jaddu processed the situation, was aware that he had a chance (time) to save Pandya's wicket but deliberately saved his own. Not many replays were shown of Jaddu's end. What do you guys think?
  10. Congrats to @Asim and other reasonable Pak fans on this forum.
  11. Game over. /endthread
  12. Fcuk. Dhawan gone. 33/3. Amir on fire. Almost impossible to win from here. Think Yuvi should go for broke against the spinners.
  13. No doubt Pak on top at the moment. If Dhawan-Yuvi can get a 100+ run partnership, even if a little slow, something like 100 around 20 overs, we'll have an outside chance. 85-15 in favour of Pak as of now. Don't give up guys. Back the team.
  14. 4 down. Keep picking them. Only way to somewhat control the run flow.