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  1. 1st test - Saha Opportunities - 10 Caught - 10 Dropped - 0 2nd test - Parthiv Opportunities - 7 Caught - 4 Dropped - 3
  2. how many balls will tailunt survive on this pitch?

    As many balls as it takes to make 10 runs.
  3. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Aakash Chopra and Daryll Cullinan discuss Parthiv Patel's wicketkeeping and the chances he has missed in the second Test. http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/video_audio/1133038.html
  4. Thank You Kohli And Parthiv Patel For Your Services In SA

    Among all the keepers I've seen who played a fair number of test matches, the worst has been K Akmal followed by P Patel.
  5. Is it a bird, no it's Saha! Is it a catch, no it's Parthiv!

    Just speculation, apparently.
  6. Parthiv Patel How can any keeper not go for that? It was 2 feet away from him. We could have got back into the game with that wicket. Pappu one the main reasons we are behind in this game. And some people here were happy with his 19 runs
  7. Extremely poor running from Indian batsmen

    Btw, my original thread title was "Pandya, you f***ing idiot" I am pissed off !!
  8. Extremely poor running from Indian batsmen

    With Kohli playing so well and the pitch being decent for stroke play, this was such a good chance to put a big partnership, like 100 runs or more. Now we could get all out in the next 30-40 runs, and pretty much out of the game and the series. Some mistakes are very costly !!!
  9. Ultimatum to Rohit Sharma

    And you say you are not trolling
  10. Pandya or Rohit ? Who is a better Test batsmen

    What kind of a stupid question is this? Rohit has been the most consistent batsman in this series.
  11. Rohit's scores in this series ... 11,10,10 Quite consistent.
  12. Manju has again jinxed an Indian batsman Said Vijay is all settled and relaxed .. 2 balls later, OUT. Edit: Manju said Vijay plays these marathon innings. Jonty said Vijay is settled and relaxed.
  13. Why do you keep getting banned? I figure this is your 3rd or 4th account.

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