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  1. It's not Kohli. It's Kohli's wife's brother.
  2. philcric

    Why can't Dhoni play as a specialist batsman ?

    2018 Avg - 28 SR - 67 Last 25 matches ... Avg - 27 SR - 72 Indian team's SR - 94 Indian team's SR (removing Dhoni's numbers) - 96 Rohit - 100 Dhawan - 102 Virat - 95 Pandya - 98 Jadhav - 90
  3. philcric

    Same Team for 2nd Test vs WestIndies

    What's the point of Shami playing this test ? He's got so many overs under his belt recently. Siraj is in terrific form and should have made his debut. It's his home ground too.
  4. That's a lot of text. It's all over the place. Some of it makes sense to me like a possible friction between Kohli and Rohit, quite a bit doesn't esp. regarding Pant's selection as suspicious (Pant and Rahul if anything are shortchanged in LOIs), Anushka and his brother having a say in selection, selectors using players against Dhoni (if anything most of the borderline players in LOIs are from CSK like Rayudu, Jaddu, Chahar). Assumptions can be within reason based on logic and plausibility. They can also be extremely far fetched when one makes a farcical connection between the dots based mainly on gossip. Many of your assumptions/opinions fall in the latter category IMO.
  5. His rights have been taken away. He is allowed to dump all the crap in only one thread.
  6. Serious question ... Are you being serious or facetious ?
  7. Felt it would be Pak. But then they got bitch slapped in their own home series by SL. I'm conflicted between Pak and SL to be honest. May be they could form a combined Pak-SL team, should give them some chance to take the game into the 4th day.
  8. Don't think anyone gets riled up because of velu's posts or threads. But yeah you are right, he seems to be a big Dhoni troll, providing lot of ammunition to the ones who dislike Dhoni.

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