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  1. This match brought back memories of 2011(Eng), 2012(Aus) and 2014(Eng) series. Good times.
  2. Sachin Tendulkar - 17 matches - 54.31
  3. The current situation is not a patch on the horror run of 2011-2014.
  4. Funniest meme I've seen in a while.
  5. Long read, haven't finished yet, but looks like a very good analysis. http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1154076/what-is-the-best-length-to-bowl-in-tests
  6. Even maniac never suggested Rohit as a test opener. The only one who ever did that on ICF was Khota.
  7. True. ROFL could be a dangerous activity, sometimes.
  8. philcric

    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    His scores for India A in the recent England tour .. 4, 151*, 23, 112, 112, 40, 0, 68, 0, 1 First 6 are List A, last 4 are FC. He probably should have had one more big score in FC to make it a great tour.
  9. philcric

    FAO Test Cricket fans

    @express bowling @sandeep @rkt.india @Ankit_sharma03 @NameGoesHere
  10. philcric

    FAO Test Cricket fans

  11. philcric

    Shubman Gill- time to step up, your country needs you

    Can you please not bring the same showbiz angle to each and every cricket thread. If your interest lies only in the off the field and non-cricketing aspects of the players, may be create a separate exclusive thread for that kind of a discussion.

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