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  1. The dinner was prepared and consumed with intent and character. But for some bold strange reason, Captain Wrogn and his RCB teammates 'choked' on desserts.
  2. philcric

    New cricket fan here, trying to learn

    For deep and nuanced understanding of cricket, @UrmiSinhaRay. And her uncle.
  3. Except for 2016, all his other years of RCB captaincy has been a mess. They get pretty much everything wrong ... player retention, auctions, coaching staff, off-field strategies, on-field strategies, playing XI, batting order, optimal use of resources, young player development.
  4. philcric

    RCB's dream run

    And they are back That last game against KXIP was a minor blip. Form is temporary, class is permanent. The new dream run starts. 1
  5. philcric

    RCB's dream run

    RCB's juggernaut has been stopped by the mighty KXIP. Can RCB get its form back, play to its true potential, and start another streak? It can and it will.
  6. philcric

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    Good - Rahul, Shankar, No Rayudud. Borderline - Jaddu, Karthik. Pant slightly unlucky to not been given opportunities in ODIs in the last 1 year. This should be our starting XI .. Changes should be made based on form and pitch. R Sharma S Dhawan * V Kohli V Shankar + M Dhoni K Jadhav H Pandya M Shami J Bumrah K Yadav Y Chahal 5th bowling quota by a combo of Hardik, Jadhav, Shankar. For pitches conducive to pace, replace Chahal with Bhuvi.
  7. philcric

    Is this the most open IPL yet?

    On the contrary, 2 of the 8 teams being practically out of the tournament even before half way through, makes it far from being the most open IPL. Practically ... 1 team through, 2 teams out of comp, 5 teams fighting for remaining 3 playoff spots ... so, out of 8 teams only 5 teams would need to be really invested in their matches for remaining half of the tournament .... that's quite ridiculous and far from being a competitive tournament. For something like a 8 team, 14 games/team league, it will be competitive only if the win-loss differential is not more than (+ or -) 2 at any point for each team. CSK is +6, RR is -3, RCB is -5. The position of these 3 teams drastically reduces the competitiveness of this IPL. The interesting, crucial and meaningful matches from here on would be the ones played by SRH, KXIP, KKR, MI and DC. Their W-L differentials are -1, 0, 0, 1, 2.
  8. 3 in a row that too away games. Great going.
  9. Why do you care? Your team is doing pretty well.
  10. Why don't the mods ban him permanently? He adds no value to the forum, is repulsive and derails pretty much every thread. @Cricketics
  11. Unnecessarily so. By the way, did you find any credible article stating that Rahul didn't want to be retained for RCB ?
  12. Poor captaincy by DK. Why is he grinding Russell to dust? It's so obvious Russell is in no position to bowl. They have 5 front-line bowlers. Why Russell, that too in the powerplay? If at all they need to squeeze out an over or two from him, it has to be in the middle overs, after the strategy break or after a wicket falls.
  13. philcric

    RCB's dream run

    No please. A few more wins and we'd be stuck with Captain Wrogn for more seasons. And it'll be same old story, year on year, on a loop. RCB should get rid of Kohli next season, and start building a new team from scratch, hopefully acquiring some Karnataka players.

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