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  1. philcric

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    Bowling .. Our 2 best pacers (Bhuvi, Bumrah) are injured. Batting ... Most unsettled Indian lineup in a long long time. Vijay - on his last legs, out of form and fitness Dhawan - in very good form but his performances before in SENA have been dodgy Pujara - mostly been crap away from sub-con conditions Rahul - handled badly, been in n out of test team Rahane - been poor in the long home season If all players were available to play and in good form, then yeah we would have had a very good chance to win the series. But this team ... with injuries and out of form players ... very unlikely to win more than 1 test in the series.
  2. philcric

    MS Dhoni: Past Perfect, Future Tense?

    Is it because of his grey white beard ?
  3. philcric

    MS Dhoni: Past Perfect, Future Tense?

    @velu what's with your obsession with Dhoni ?
  4. philcric

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    Arguably our 2 best pacers Bhuvi and Bumrah aren't available.
  5. philcric

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    If all the players were fit and available, I'd have been excited and confident. But with Bhuvi, Bumrah missing and Vijay, Pujara in awful form and unnecessary tinkering with Rahul's spot, I'm just hoping that we play well.
  6. Another misinformed opinion from a former player. Who is a part time keeper among the incumbents or the hopefuls? Dhoni, Saha, Karthik, Parthiv, Pant, Ishan .. none of them are part time keepers. Parthiv is a **** keeper, but full time !!
  7. philcric

    1st Test vs ENG-Choose your Batting Order

    Indian batting has never been this unsettled in the last 18 years. Part of it is their own undoing (wrong selections, unnecessary tinkering) and part of it is loss of form/fitness of a player or two. I'd play my best players in the middle order and keep it constant. Rahul, Kohli and Rahane at 3,4,5. Won't tinker with it at least for 4 innings, if not more. For the 1st test, if the pitch looks normal (not too green, too dry or too flat), I'd play 6 batsmen + WK + 1 spinner + 3 pacers, and make required changes from 2nd test. From the selected squad, Vijay (I'd have preferred P Shaw but he isn't in the squad) Dhawan (Based on his current good form and bad form of few others) Rahul * Kohli Rahane Karthik + Pant Kuldeep / Ashwin Shami Ishant Umesh That's a sorry looking team. Missing a few first choice players, don't know Shami's fitness and mental state. Most likely we would get a phainty in the 1st test. If everyone was fit and available for selection, this would have been my playing XI .. P Shaw S Dhawan K Rahul * V Kohli A Rahane + D Karthik / R Pant H Pandya / R Ashwin (based on pitch) B Kumar K Yadav J Bumrah U Yadav
  8. What a clusterfcuk this is becoming. Bhuvi seems to be off the boil after injury. Bumrah injured and out of series. Shami personal issues most likely he'd not be at his best. Unsettled batting line up. Don't think anyone even knows who are our 5 best test batsmen are. Rahul-Rahane both could be in the XI, or both may miss out. Dhawan/Vijay/Pujara/Rohit .. there's a chance all 4 could be in the XI, there's also a chance 2 of them might not even make the squad. Thing is it's not lack of personnel. India has enough of really good players to work with. The team management (selectors, coach, captain) is either incompetent or biased or both. India should have had a settled squad before embarking on tough and exciting year of away test cricket in SA, Eng, Aus. There was a chance to make history. SA already gone, a wasted opportunity. The way things are looking, we may get a phainty in Eng.
  9. philcric

    2019 World Cup: Challenges ahead for Captain Kohli

    Wrogn selections.
  10. philcric

    D Chahar- quick rise to first team

    Bhajji played 13 matches. Chahar and Thakur played as many or less. Kedhar Jadhav played 1 game for CSK this season He played 13 for RCB last year which finished near the bottom. Rohit is a regular in Indian cricket team which is one of the best performing ODI teams in the last couple of years. He also captained MI to 3 titles in the last 6 years. Not enough winning mentality?
  11. philcric

    D Chahar- quick rise to first team

    You missed Bhajji. He won like 4 'major trophies' in the last 6 years. Such winning mentality. Rohit captained his team to 3 major trophies should be kicked out of the team.
  12. Very good comeback by India after 10 overs while bowling. Batting they always looked in control and ahead of the game even when both Dhawan and Rahul were a bit unlucky with their dismissals. Rohit was fantastic. Kohli and Pandya were quite good too.
  13. Indeed. Bowling - 4 wickets Batting - 33 (14)
  14. Really poor cricket all round by India so far. Difficult to come back from here. At least 2 of Kohli/Raina/Dhoni/Pandya have to play out of their skins to put on a competitive score.
  15. May be Karthik ahead of Rohit would have been a better choice. Too many top order players in the team (Rohit, Dhawan, Rahul, Virat, Raina). Also form .. Karthik is in much better form than Rohit. Rahul Dhawan * Kohli Raina Karthik + Dhoni Pandya Bhuvi Umesh Kuldeep Chahal would have been a better balanced team.
  16. philcric

    Virat Kohli is the solution to our vacant #4 spot

    Kohli after today's T20 game ..
  17. Where pizza delivery boys are not paid in cash but in kind.
  18. SA series is not the only cricket he played.
  19. Good news for Delhi cricket if implemented. A big 'if' though.
  20. Not just the class of Rahul, but also how poor a T20 player Pandey is. It's like 2 extremes. No way Rahul not find a place in the team based on his ability/form. No way Pandey find a place in the team on his ability/form. And to see someone suggest both these events happen in the same match is just mind boggling.
  21. Evidence so far suggests otherwise.
  22. philcric

    Virat Kohli is the solution to our vacant #4 spot

    Yeah, it would be great if Rahul can nail the #4 spot.
  23. Pathetic from Greg Chappell. And I don't think this is the first instance. Think Chappell did the same thing to at least one another cricketer. Not just Indian team, Chappell was disliked by Australian team too when he was associated with them.

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