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  1. philcric

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    It's a no brainer to not even mention Rohit, opening, tests, Eng in the same sentence. Irrespective of what's happening with Vijay or Dhawan or Rahul.
  2. philcric

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    Not quite. If let's say Dhawan loses his form badly in ODIs now and scores about 100 runs in the next 15 innings, he will have to be replaced. Replaced by Rahul/Prithvi/Mayank or even Iyer/Pant/Pandey/Karthik. Suggesting Pujara to replace Dhawan in ODIs would still be a terrible idea even if he'd be able to score more than Dhawan at that point.
  3. philcric

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    That argument is flawed. Vijay being a walking wicket does not make the suggestion of Rohit as test opener in SA/Eng any better. Rohit is not an opener in longer format, neither has the style of game nor the past performances to indicate he'd have any chance to succeed in those conditions at that batting position. After Rahul and Dhawan if you have to think of another opener in place of Vijay, it has to be someone like Mayank or Prithvi who are openers and have been doing exceptionally well in that format and in that batting position.
  4. Must be Karan Johar's. The cricket quota of Manish Malhotra's raves (orgies) is apparently taken by Ajinkya Rahane of all people
  5. Why not? It's similar to SRK and Priyanka/Jonas. SRK paid off Jonases to make Nick marry Priyanka, so that SRK can continue having an affair with Priyanka. That's what happened. I heard so.
  6. philcric

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    Compared to none. Taking a player's biggest weakness (playing swing in Rohit's case) and putting him in the batting position and the conditions where it happens the most (opening in SA/Eng/NZ) is an extremely dumb idea.
  7. May be along with yo yo test these players must be subjected to a basic IQ and anti suck-up tests before getting into the Indian team?
  8. philcric

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    Nothing can beat the idea of Rohit Sharma as a test opener in South Africa and England.
  9. I heard from my uncle's friend friend's uncle that Pandya's straight orientation is a sham. Karan Johar paid off Avrams, Rautelas and Guptas to act as Pandya's love interests. He will come out of the (shiny designer) closet soon. Dekh lena. PS: LMAOO
  10. philcric

    Pant Overtakes Dhoni In Just Three Tests.

    Tests outside Asia 92, 90 82, 82
  11. Game has slipped away. Buttler 50* Ashwin has been very disappointing.
  12. philcric

    Commentary gems tracking thread

    Harsha Bhogle .. 29-4-65-1
  13. Come on guys. Get another wicket now.
  14. Another partnership developing. Need a wicket.
  15. Much better over by Ash this one. Should keep bowling the same way next 3-4 overs without thinking too much.
  16. Partnership building. Need a wicket or two asap.
  17. Our bowling looking a bit limited because of Ash not getting into his groove and Ishant not allowed to bowl from around the wicket.
  18. philcric

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    You are the one who is comparing Pant to Dhoni, by saying it's way out of reach. Let him play couple of years.

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