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  1. KKD hatsoff

    Brilliant innings
  2. Greatest moments in cricket.

  3. DK > Pant

    17* (21) ... warm up game where DK scored 0 (9) 63 (52) 4 (16)
  4. DK > Pant

    DK didn't play even a single game in CT 2017. He played 2 warm ups. 15 vs 15 kinds. They didn't even have an List A status. Scored 0 and 94. How are they the matches that 'mattered'?
  5. Maniac'ed ... Poor chaps .. lost to Scotland, Zimbabwe and now on the brink of losing to frikking Hong Kong.
  6. Facebook ... search for nidahas trophy live streaming
  7. DK > Pant

    CT .. Champions Trophy 2017 ?
  8. No Rahul. This is beyond belief. Career - Avg 51, SR 148 Last 3 innings - Avg 51, SR 145 (2 50's)
  9. Ravi Uncle doing what he does best

    Cringeworthy. Could not watch beyond a couple of minutes.
  10. I've no choice but to agree. The evidence of cricketing greatness was simply irrefutable. 2 fours in 2 balls !! And that comfort level.
  11. http://www.iplt20.com/teams/gujarat-lions/squad/102/Dinesh-Karthik/ 10 seasons of IPL. Overall average of 25, SR of 125. Strictly middling numbers. One good season in 2017. All other 9 were either average or poor. Did you watch any of Agarwal's knocks this season? How was his body language? How was his comfort level?
  12. Did he play any 'India A' matches? How was his performance ?
  13. How did D Karthik get back into the Indian team?
  14. Is Rohit’s test career over ?

    The only one who believes Rohit can be an opening batsman in tests.
  15. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Fair point.
  16. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Difficult to break into Indian LOIs as an opening batsman at this point of time. Rohit, Dhawan .... Rahul and Rahane as back ups .... though most of us believe Rahane should be out of LOI teams. Ironically, Mayank has better chance to break into the test team, though he looks more suited to LOI in terms or technique and stroke making. Mainly because there's a chance that Vijay may reach end of his career soon 'coz of form/fitness and Dhawan may also get dropped if he has a terrible series or two. And Abhinav Mukund has fallen off the radar in the recent times.
  17. What's the point of Rohit and Dhawan opening, playing for 10+ overs, and leaving a few overs for the newbies? What's the upshot? What's in it for the Indian T20 (and ODI) team going forward? What will the team gain? Newbies and the players on fringes should be given the opportunity up the order. We need a batsman or two to bolster both T20 and ODI teams. Raina should bat at #3, if he's back in form and gets back in ODI team, he solves the problematic #5/#6 batting spot as well as 6th bowler, apart from being a terrific fielder and all round good influence on the field. Dhawan should sit out. Rohit should bat at #6 and captain the team well. No issues with bowling selections. Most of them are newbies or fringe players. Chahal should sit out. Play 3 pacers and 2 spinners. The players I'd specifically like to do well in this series (with an eye on ODI team as well) .. 1) Pant - To be first choice in T20 team and as a back up to Dhoni in ODI. 2) Raina - To be #5 or #6 in ODI team. 6th bowling option to help out Pandya. 3) Rahul - To be first choice opener in T20 team and either #4 or opening back up in ODI. 4) V Shankar - Long shot but if he can bat really well and chip in a few good overs, he could be #5 or #6 bat and 6th bowler in both T20 and ODI teams. That way there's a chance to play 2 pacers, 2 spinners, and Pandya+Shankar, without feeling short changed in the pace options. 5) Any one among Unadkat/Siraj/Thakur to have a great series and be the 3rd pacer behind Bhuvi and Bumrah if required, as Shami and Umesh aren't being considered for LOIs these days.
  18. PSL is a trulyunique league

    Mohammad Sami is still playing cricket?
  19. Best ever tour of South Africa?

    Yes. If only test series, 2011 > 2018. If test + LOI, 2018 >> 2011.
  20. Now that the squad is selected, I'd like this to be the playing XI. + R Pant K Rahul S Raina V Shankar D Hooda * R Sharma W Sundar A Patel J Unadkat S Thakur M Siraj
  21. Dhawan, Pandey, Karthik and Jadhav are apparently better T20 batsmen than KL Rahul according to team management. IIRC, even Rahane was picked ahead of Rahul in one of the games. Pathetic.
  22. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Mayank Agarwal is the closest to V Sehwag in terms of style of play.

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