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  1. philcric

    13 ODIs to WC

    You missed Bangladesh.
  2. Even without knowing the inner workings of the team and the coaching methods, it's extremely unlikely that someone as delusional, hyperbole and pompous as Shastri would be a good coach.
  3. In no particular order, Pacers - Malinga, Bumrah, Akram, McGrath, Starc Spinners - Narine, Saqlain, Warne, Muralitharan Honorary mention - Tendulkar (He bowled the final overs of couple of edge of the seat thrilling matches, and won/tied).
  4. Will it be elite lifting of the ban or normal lifting ?
  5. India's top 3 some of the best in the world and in great form, couple of potentially very good top order players like Rahul and Shaw on the sidelines, and Rahane who is a top order batsman and who has never been a very good LOI player even in his best form is confident of somehow playing in the World Cup which is about 15 games away. And he also believes Pujara has the skill sets to be an all format player. Okay.
  6. philcric

    Dhoni's batting in last 30 ODI's!

    Worse than Master Blaster? What are these big $hitty things Tendulkar has done after retirement?
  7. philcric

    Dhoni's batting in last 30 ODI's!

    The sample set was probably different. In the last 5 games he scored 50 off 51 balls but that wouldn't increase the SR from 67 to 74 over 25-30 matches.
  8. Only 3 good leg spinners in Indian cricket history. Does that mean we cannot produce another good leg spinner? Zero chinaman bowlers in Indian cricket history. Does that mean Kuldeep cannot become a good one?
  9. Oh okay. I misunderstood.
  10. He was talking about Ponting selecting Dan Christian and other Aussie rejects. Last I checked Ponting is not Indian(s).
  11. err, no. There's nothing to make it for you. You lack credibility to debate and discuss. You either go on tangents or give ridiculous excuses to not answer fairly logical and objective questions, when it doesn't suit you.
  12. philcric

    BCCI = Bhabi Controls Cricket in India?

    I heard they are both gay and liked the same girl, apparently.
  13. Two. Vinoo Mankad, Kapil Dev. Do you have a point to make?
  14. You wanted runs. Pandya got runs - 391 in 11 completed innings. Players batting at #7 are tailenders ?
  15. Why just India. Why not the world across? How many pace bowlers India produced before Kapil Dev? 0 (Amar Singh played only 7 tests. In 1930s !!) How many leg spinners India produced before (and after) Anil Kumble? 2 (Subhash Gupte, Chandrashekar)
  16. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?batting_positionmax1=7;batting_positionmin1=7;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=2;filter=advanced;orderby=runs;spanmin1=16+Oct+2016;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting Last 2 years (which is Pandya's career) .... At #7, only 10 players have scored more than 200 runs. 4 of which are minnows who mostly play amongst themselves. Pandya has 391 runs in 11 completed innings with an average of 36 and a SR of 118. Moeen Ali (who is also an 'all rounder' btw) tops the list with 631 runs in 23 completed innings. (Extrapolated runs for Pandya for the same no. of innings would be 800+) Pandya has the highest average. Pandya has the joint highest SR. Pandya has the joint highest no. of 50+ scores. PS: Why is power hitting not important in LOIs ?
  17. Yeah I always wished the franchises picked their local players as much as possible. Commiserations to @beetle though. She doesn't like Dhawan much.
  18. It's friend's uncle. The friend will get a new uncle, if rumours are to be believed.
  19. Okay deal for both KXIP and RCB. I don't mind having Stoinis in RCB. If there are no better all round options in the squad, he could play as #6 bat and 5th/6th bowler.
  20. You need to put away logic and basic cricketing sense.
  21. The bot must be 'crying a river'
  22. Reminds me of your threads on Dhoni's attributes and his contribution to the Indian team these days
  23. He seems to do it quite often in the commentary. In today's match .. "That's a big one. A west indian one." ... when the windies opener hit a big six. "Small man with a big one." ... when Rayudu hit a six.
  24. philcric

    India has the worst later order hitters in the world?

    No late middle order batsmen are standing out in our domestic scene / IPL, except possibly Pant who also bats in the top 5. All our exciting domestic batsmen are mostly top order players. Not going to happen, but I'd like to play this combination for a few games to see how it goes .. R Sharma S Dhawan K Rahul / P Shaw * V Kohli + R Pant H Pandya K Jadhav plus 4 bowlers. IMO Kohli has to bat in the middle order for better batting balance of the team. He should have no problem switching from #3 to #4 because his fundamental batting design and the way he constructs his innings is suited to #4 too.

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