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  1. The no.4 conundrum

    Should try this order for couple of games and see how it goes. S Dhawan R Sharma K Rahul * V Kohli H Pandya K Jadhav + M Dhoni B Kumar K Yadav Y Chahal J Bumrah
  2. Your T20 squad to face Australia?

    + R Pant K Rahul * V Kohli S Raina R Sharma H Pandya K Pandya B Kumar J Unadkat K Yadav J Bumrah
  3. Bhuvi-The one who should have got the MoM yesterday

    Oh yes. Totally forgot about Rahane and Stoinis. Kuldeep I don't think deserved the MOM. He bowled alright, wasn't great. Even his wickets, the one to Cummins was a great delivery, but others which got Wade and Agar were ordinary. Chahal bowled much better if you consider all 10 overs. Bhuvi would definitely have got MOM if Rohit held on to that catch. 6 overs, 9 runs, 3 wkts in opening spell would have been a definite match winning performance, easily ahead of Virat's 91 and bowling performances of Chahal/Kuldeep.
  4. Bhuvi-The one who should have got the MoM yesterday

    Could have easily been 3. Simple catch was dropped in the slips. IMO, it was a toss up between Bhuvi and Kohli. Kohli(91) was the highest scorer in the match by a long way, there was only one other half century in the match (Smith(59)). Once India scored only 252, Bhuvi's contribution with the ball up front was the most important, it got India back into the game.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. 4 day test matches (day-night). 100 overs per day. A team can bat only 1 day (100 overs) per innings. Definite win/loss result. Taking 20 wickets not mandatory to win. The team which scores more wins. This would somewhat combine the skill set of both LOIs and Tests. Good for the spectators too because of a definite win/loss result and also decent increase in the pace of the game. Of course the rules have to be refined. What happens when a team loses only 5 wickets in their first innings of 100 overs. Do they carry forward those wickets into the second innings. What happens when team gets bowled out before 100 overs. Do the other team gets those extra overs to bat. And rain interruptions, what if 100 overs could not be bowled in a day due to rain etc.
  6. How India got fast

    As the MRF Pace Foundation turns 30, here's the inside story of its transformative effect on Indian bowling http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1118419/how-india-got-fast Quite an interesting read. @express bowling
  7. Select your best T20 XI for India

    For me, bowling is as important as batting. IMO our 4 best T20 bowlers are Bumrah, Bhuvi, Kuldeep and Chahal. I would like to have all of them in my XI. If there is any other bowler who is as good and can bat well, I'd pick him, but I don't think we have any. Gun to my head to absolutely have a batting option at #8, I'd replace Chahal with Axar. Grudgingly.
  8. Select your best T20 XI for India

    You got me wrong. I said 'long innings' not 'slow innings'. For ex. Gayle, with around 150 SR, is also a long innings batter. So are Finch, Raina, Virat etc. These guys are consistent and score big runs with good SR. When you have 3 such batters in the team, #8 doesn't even get a chance to bat. Having a good 4th/5th bowler is much more important than having a 8th batting option.
  9. Select your best T20 XI for India

    I prefer 4 frontline wicket taking bowlers. Bumrah, Bhuvi, Kuldeep and Chahal. I don't feel the need for a batting option at #8 because at least 3 in the top 7 are consistent long innings players. There would hardly be kind of collapses which would need batting contribution from #8. Yes K Pandya could be replaced by a specialist batter, but there's hardly any stand out lower order batsman with high SR. Krunal has high SR (Av 32, SR 150+), played some important innings and finished games for MI. His bowling is pretty good too.
  10. Select your best T20 XI for India

    KL Rahul + R Pant * V Kohli S Raina R Sharma H Pandya K Pandya K Yadav B Kumar Y Chahal J Bumrah A little light on pace bowling but apart from Bumrah and Bhuvi, there's no 3rd seamer who's been good consistently and demands a spot. H Pandya is the 3rd seamer. Spin bowling very good with a lot of variety. Chinaman, leg spin and left arm orthodox. And a part time off spinner in Raina. Batting is both reliable in Kohli, Raina, Rohit and explosive in Rahul, Pant and Pandya brothers.
  11. Discussion here is about only ODIs. In tests, Gilly is obviously far ahead of Dhoni.
  12. Dhoni's USP and advantage is that he is a WK-Bat, bats in the middle order and has (had) great ability to be there till the end and finish games. There is hardly another ODI cricketer ever who had this combination of skill set. If you pick an all time ODI XI, Dhoni is almost assured to be picked as the WK-Bat. The closest rival would be Adam Gilchrist, but he was an opening batsman and there are plenty of other good (better) opening batsmen to choose from. Even purely as a batsman, he is right up there esp. because of the position he bats at. There are very few great middle order ODI batsmen compared to top order batsmen. My All Time ODI XI 1) S Tendulkar 2) S Jayasuriya 3) V Richards 4) V Kohli 5) AB DeVilliers 6) *+ MS Dhoni 7) K Dev 8) M Starc 9) S Warne 10) M Muralitharan 11) J Garner #7 is contentious. I wanted a pace bowling all rounder there, neither a pure bowler nor a batting all rounder. Only Andrew Flintoff and Kapil Dev would fit my requirement. Went for Kapil Dev because of his excellent batting SR, low bowling ER, opening swing bowling and fielding.
  13. All bowlers are in form, and any combination and personnel has its merits. Personally, I'd always prefer going with 5 bowling options for 2 reasons .. 1) Long term health of bowling unit as fast bowling is physically taxing. I would want them to bowl as well (and fast) in the 4th test as they do in the 1st test of the series. 2) Within each test, the bowlers will have a better chance to give it all in all their spells, as there are 5 of them to share the load. To start with the long overseas season, I'd go with 3 best pacers + Pandya + 1 best spinner. It'd be great if that best spinner is Ash, as that would give very good depth to the batting. I would tinker with the bowling combination depending on how it's performing. So, my starting bottom 5 would be .. #7 Ash #8 Pandya #9 Bhuvi #10 Shami #11 Umesh But will keep fine tuning the combo till we get it right.
  14. H Pandya - 26 runs in an over

    Video http://www.sonyliv.com/details/clips/5539844967001/26-Runs-in-Over-by-Hardik-Pandya Must runs off an over in Test Cricket - List http://stats.espncricinfo.com/wi/content/records/233006.html He had an excellent chance to break the record. The final ball was in the slot and very likely it could have gone for a 6 if he attempted big shot. But he was looking for a single to farm the strike.
  15. IPL performance? Last first class season, Pant scored 1000+ runs at 80+ average and 100+ SR. Not saying he will definitely be a world class batsman, but selecting him is hardly gifting test cap. PS: Not saying India really needs to blood the likes of Pant or Iyer in Tests at this point (unlike in ODIs where we do need a new batsman or two). Our test batting is doing fine all the way from 1 to 8.
  16. Jadeja suspended for Pallekele Test

    Haven't seen the incident. May be harsh on Jaddu. But it's not too bad for India in the larger picture. It would give Kuldeep a game. Good to give games to Kuldeep and Pandya as much as we can. They could play a part in the overseas series of SA, Eng and Aus.
  17. Rest one of Shami/Umesh for Bhuvi. Rest one of Ash/Jaddu for Kuldeep. Pandya stays.
  18. Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    Manju is seriously such a panauti The whole game turned on its head while he was there.
  19. Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    So close yet so far Overall very well played India. Beat the best teams Eng, NZ and Aus to reach the finals. Were in the game in the finals till the very end, at times being favourites to win. If only they held their nerve a little better, they could have been World Champions.
  20. Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    There's a reserve day.
  21. Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    Good call. She got 3 important wickets and broke the English middle order. They were on their way to a 250+ score and possibly much more. J Goswami 10-3-23-3
  22. What a surprise !! I don't think anybody saw this coming
  23. Epic!!!!

    Harmanpreet's innings Highlights http://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/womens-world-cup-2017/m183492/match-clips/wonder-woman-harman-strikes-171/2001904753 Match Highlights http://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/womens-world-cup-2017/m183492/match-clips/india-power-past-oz-to-reach-final/2001904765
  24. What is your cricketing profile?

    Highest Level Played: Inter-College Role: All Rounder Batting: Opening bat. Very reliable and long innings batter. Did not have lot of big shots, more of a steady accumulator. Very good with left alone, cover driving, leg glance and inside out shots. Good on the front foot, not so on the back foot. Not good at pulling/hooking. Stronger on the off-side compared to leg. Weak at handling short pitched bowling and strong at handling good length and full length bowling. Bowling: First change bowler. Medium pacer. Occasional spin bowler (both leg spin and off spin). Had pretty good control. Fielding: Loved fielding. Many times used to field for both the teams (mine and opposition). Was among the best around. Favourite fielding positions were point and cover.
  25. If they were just recommendations, why to make public then? If you check the BCCI official tweets, they use the word "appointed", not "recommended". BCCI ✔@BCCI UPDATE: Mr. Rahul Dravid is appointed as the Batting Consultant for overseas Test tours 11:10 PM - 11 Jul 2017 BCCI ✔@BCCI UPDATE: @ImZaheer is appointed as the Bowling Consultant of the India Cricket Team till ICC World Cup 2019 11:16 PM - 11 Jul 2017 Now, after couple of days have passed, they are talking about availability, conflict of interest etc. So, they have recommended/appointed Dravid and Zak without even talking to them if they were interested and if they were available?

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