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  1. As well as being out of form/past it this team lacks hunger and fire. Its a closed shop when it comes to selections so there is no pressure or competition for places. The same set of players who have won nothing for 4 years are continuously backed or recycled.
  2. Nothing has changed still an one man batting team - embarrassingly dependent on Kohli
  3. Which occur once in a blue moon. This is not test cricket. ODI pitches are flat almost everywhere now.
  4. Certainly not for his performances on the pitch, must be some off field activities
  5. Malnourished Rahane Probably THE worst player in limited over cricket today - never performs yet walks into the team
  6. Urgh that team looks unwatchable. Difficult to get excited when the same old greying underwear gets endlessly recycled.
  7. Choke complete SA are so mentally weak its embarrassing
  8. Hit the nail on the head. Can't bat deep, no big hitting lower down the order and its an ageing team so will lose runs in the field.
  9. Looks like it - its a short tournament and flat tracks all the way through. Unfortunately the Ind selectors have picked a time circa 2009 and can't see it ending well.
  10. Fletcher did not win anything apart from juicy fat contracts for doing nothing & keeping quiet. The WC win was under Kirsten.
  11. Duncs is nearly 70 and has no interest in leaving his BCCI funded retirement home.
  12. But but but how much did Dhoni score in the final overs/over?
  13. Spot on. Especially after his ridiculous contortions to not criticise jihadi terrorism.