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  1. Uncle showing the youngsters how to hit big - 34 off 10
  2. Big hitting by tail putting the dire middle order to shame
  3. Oh Piyush, came flying forward while ball went over him
  4. Yewchup has to be one of the leading imposters in the IPL. Convinced so many gullible teams that he is a cricketer.
  5. Has Yewchup played any decent innings in recent memory?
  6. Saha put all his strength into that shot and now looks like injured himsellf
  7. The Realist

    Rahane has learnt nothing from 2016 t20WC SF?

    Jonathan Trott would be a better T20 player than malnourished Rahane. Way way out of his depth in this format. Put it this way there is no other franchise in the world that would ever buy Rahane yet the RR dunderheads make him captain
  8. Total waste of money, whoever bought him at that price needs to be shot. Allegedly the main bowler but barely bowled two overs.

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