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  1. F me Rayudu - never performed at ODI level and will now play in a critical role in a WC (having never played in one before or any other tournament), which means he must be a young and upcoming talent right? A nearly retired Yuvraj Singh brings more to the party than stale old biryani that has dribbled from Dhoni's mouth to the floor been covered in $hit and now been picked up by Kohli who in his delusional mind thinks its the best thing he has ever tasted.
  2. Urgh not looking forward to a malnourished trundler getting smashed on hard bouncy Aussie pitches. Vinay Kumar all over again.
  3. Should have a quiet word with Dhoni about retirement.
  4. Empty words of an alcoholic cheerleader. Still thinks he did well in Eng despite getting hammered 4-1 (which he regarded as a drinks promotion 2-4-1).
  5. Captain Phillips > Vice captain Rahane Malnourished Somali pirates in Captain Phillips > Malnourished Rahane
  6. The Realist

    Will Pant put pressure on Dhoni to perform better

    Dhoni probably needs counselling as must feel very threatened by a younger talent given that thesedays he regularly shoots his load before the climax.
  7. The Realist

    Same Team for 2nd Test vs WestIndies

    Blocking the entrance to anybody under 30 getting a game
  8. Undoubtedly post of the year Greater analysis than the Ind "coaches" have done in all of 2018
  9. The Realist

    What India needs is team director

    Back in 2014... In reality little point as the position would go to Cheerleader's drinking buddies and/or a Kohli yes-man
  10. Hyderabad chief selector Noel David. Was he a WC spinner/pacer back in the glory days?
  11. The Realist

    Rahane's test average

    Cheerleader bottles on tour consumed > Rahane batting average.
  12. The Realist

    Aus will start as the fav in BorGav Trophy

    Does not matter how weak Aus are, Ind record there is abysmal and unlikely to change given that they barely win one test on any overseas tour that and that occurs when the series is over. More chance of Cheerleader staying sober than Aus losing the series.
  13. The Realist

    Bhajji vs Best

    So Dartbhajan was there in Eng this year as "commentator" and lost 4-1 and also toured previously as "injured player" when lost 4-0 8-1 and not counting fake injuries yet still mouthing off..

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