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  1. So when are Munaf Patel and RP Singh returning to the team?
  2. Holding = Uncle Tom figure Tongue often stuck to the rear of the Aussie/English rear which is paying him to put people to sleep with his monotone commentary
  3. An extremely solid 7 off 11 balls with no boundaries helped to shore up the middle order. Tried to go big early but "Swings across the line to try and bludgeon this, but the angled bat means he gets an inside edge. Crashes into off and middle"
  4. Considering the resources India has and the limited number of cricketing nations, reaching the semi-finals should be the bare minimum. Going to another tournament with more or less the same team shows a failure to learn from past mistakes.
  5. Absolutely. Its depressing watching the same old recycled team in another international tournament and its not as if they have been playing well either - overly dependent on Kohli to always score big. So many younger and hungrier players have not been given a chance, instead it looks like Ind will have oldest squad in the competition
  6. Match Thread

    Is Stonis the worst overseas player this season? Looks utterly useless
  7. Not seen anything from Dravid which suggests he has what it takes to become a good coach. At the moment he is cricket's version of Claudio Ranieri, tinkering needlessly with team selections and line-ups in an attempt to show that he's "innovative".
  8. Dhoni is back from the dead Any team that has a middle aged man pretending to be a teenager deserves to lose
  9. World class fielding by the middle aged Afghani
  10. Kaul = new Dinda
  11. Moral of the tale: never bowl a trundler at the death Never gets old
  12. Trundler smashed Dhoni is back
  13. Allegedly 30 but add at least a decade to get the real figure
  14. Trundler Koomar looks close to 50 with that belly flopping as he walks into bowl
  15. Need to learn from England as they have revamped their team over a relatively short time. Eng selectors were known for being conservative and going for "safe" picks buy that mindset has changed. Now younger players are picked and given a run in the team despite not always having great domestic records. In contrast the Ind selectors appear to picking names from a team sheet circa 2008. A generation of younger and hungrier players are being ignored and not being allowed an opportunity to test themselves. Its going to be depressing to see the same old group of players, most likely fail again at another international tournament. There's no reason to maintain the status quo given this lack of success.