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  1. Ishant to lead Delhi in upcoming Ranji season

    Is this an early April fool's joke? He can't bowl two balls in the same spot yet will somehow impart technical & tactical knowledge to his teammates
  2. Got to love the big hitters down the order
  3. What a dismal batting line up Another year coming to a close & still utterly dependent on Kohli
  4. Dropping Rahane From ODI Side: Prayers and Duas Thread

    There's more chance of Dhoni retiring than Rahane getting dropped. Has stolen Ishant Sharma's seat in the Long Rope Club.
  5. 10 anniversary of Yuvraj Singh's Six Sixes

    In the same match Dhoni made 10 off 8 balls with no boundaries and the lowest strike-rate from both sides
  6. Dropping Rahane From ODI Side: Prayers and Duas Thread

    Ain't happening. Rahane is the new Ishant Sharma. The spearhead of opening the batting.
  7. Malnourished Rahane Probably the worst opener in the game The Ishant Sharma of limited over cricket as always picked despite dreadful performances.
  8. India vs Australia Predictions

    Depends if Ishant Sharma receives a late call up... India v Australia, 3rd ODI, Mohali October 19, 2013 With 44 needed off 18, India seemed to have the match well within their grasp. Then James Faulkner slammed 30 off an Ishant Sharma over, and the game turned on its head.
  9. Send a SOS to Pappu Patel Dhawan & Mukund
  10. Has Kuldeep made it imposssible for Kohli to ignore him now?

    Only chance he is getting a game is if he changes his birth certificate to show he is is over 30. Kohli & Shastri's cricket themed retirement home has a strict limit on minimum age entry.
  11. Shastri wants Tendulkar as batting consultant

    Tendulkar may have been a great player but is hopeless as a coach. Great players do not make good coaches not just in cricket but across most sports. Tendulkar since his retirement has put little back into Ind cricket apart from growing his hair and become middle aged. Putting that aside the conflict of interests in this whole sorry episode is off the charts
  12. Future looks bright under Arun: Ishant, a complete bowler ISHANT is probably one of the most technically sound bowlers in the world today. He’s had his successes and downfalls. But he now has the experience to deal with them. Being a mentor to the other fast bowlers in the team now has gone a long way in the enhanced understanding he has of his own bowling. He knows he’s setting an example for them, and he’s doing that exceedingly well. It is all a process of evolving. It takes long hours to gain that kind of confidence for a fast bowler. It’s a lot of hard-work. And then there’s the question of translating that confidence into performance. Ishant’s USP these days are the yards of pace he’s added and the new-found accuracy. He’s very consistent in his line and length. He’s also consistently hitting 140+ these days. He’s become a lot stronger and now he’s got rich experience. That makes him a really potent bowler. All that combined, this is the time for Ishant to collect the loot. http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/indias-pace-setters-ishants-experience-umeshs-consistency-bhuvis-swing/
  13. 133ao in 44 overs Eng SMASHED

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