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  1. Match Thread

    Worth a try. The current middle order is too similar, flaky and collapses far too often. Nair looks unconvincing and if can't score on home tracks struggle to see what he will do overseas. Rahane has been in decline for a year.
  2. Match Thread

    Rahane & Koomar have to be the weediest players in international cricket. Look malnourished & have dreadful body language. Seems like they have bypassed sports diets & mental coaching.
  3. Match Thread

    Malnourished trundler. Horrendous team selection for a series decider.
  4. Probably shacked up with his cousin in Bradistan. "The story with British Pakistanis is very different. 55% are married to their first cousins, rising to 75% in Bradford."
  5. Bigger story is Dhoni's buddy trundlers being sidelined, Mohit or Aravind not received any contracts.
  6. David Warner has been exposed as a home-track bully AUSTRALIAN opener David Warner might be the fifth best ranked batsman in Test cricket, but after flopping in India he owns the unwanted title as one of the format’s biggest home track bullies. Warner has a massive gap of 22.4 runs between his away (36.8) and home (59.2) averages, one of the biggest discrepancies among the world’s leading runscorers. Only India’s Cheteshwar Pujara, who cracked 202 against Australia in the third Test, is more reliant on familiar conditions of the world’s top 10 ranked Test batsmen, with a 32-run gap between his home (65.2) and away (33.3) averages. The other eight batsmen in that top 10 have together an average home-and-away discrepancy of only 6.9 runs, less than one-third of Warner’s enormous gap. And Warner’s performances overseas are only getting worse. In the current series against India he is averaging a paltry 22, which is his exact same average across his past three series on the road. That average of 22 is so bad that even the much-maligned Mitch Marsh almost equalled Warner, averaging 19 with the bat over those same three series. The opening batsman has a habit of either over-committing on his front foot, making him susceptible to edges, or playing on the back foot to full deliveries, which often sees him bowled or trapped LBW. His returns away from home have become so dire that there is now genuine cause to debate whether he should be an automatic choice in the Australian Test team on foreign tours.
  7. Ishant Sharma: Rating 5: Verdict: Average Ishant Sharma looked off-colour in the first innings and failed to pick up a wicket as the Australian batsmen made the best use of good batting conditions. Ishant though was sharp in the second innings and got the important breakthrough of Matt Renshaw. But more wickets are expected from India's most experienced paceman. Rinse and repeat in almost every match.
  8. The off-field services that Sharma provides help to put a smile on the faces of the selectors.
  9. Depressing picks. The current selectors strategy document consists of one page with two words "recycle" and "trundlers".
  10. Can't expect to win games consistently with a 3 man bowling attack especially when one of them is carrying an injury. The burden is too much. Should call up RP Singh or un-retire Dhoni and have him play as a bowling all-rounder.
  11. Rahane is the weakest link. Does not inspire confidence with batting and has submissive body language. Proving useless in home conditions.
  12. Does not say much about the mentality of the team if they depend on one player for motivation. Overall though probably are right as the team is far too passive.
  13. Pujara apart there has been some pathetic batting. Lower middle order is woeful. Last 10 overs 8/2
  14. Its what he does on his knees under the table that plays a pivotal role in his continuous selection.