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  1. Umesh Yadav has regressed under Kohli

    Virat Kohli is more approachable than MS Dhoni as captain: Umesh Yadav https://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/umesh-yadav-captain-virat-kohli-dressing-room-atmosphere-ms-dhoni
  2. Shami kebab is at least in his mid-30s but with the fitness of a mid 50 year old.
  3. Ravi AGENT Shastri

    All hail Cheerleader Shastri, it about enjoying yourself not playing cricket
  4. Raina's belly v Mishra's belly

    Its become a three-way with the increasingly tubby Rohiit Sharma joining the party
  5. Followed by a malnourished middle and lower order
  6. This is such a terrible T20 team. Batting is so weak and poor. Looks we need seperate selectors for limited over and test formats since the current lot are so clueless.
  7. Dhoni finishes not out. Mission accomplished. Process > Results
  8. Ind have THE worst openers in T20 cricket. Just embarrassing
  9. Kohli: "We will have to put up a big score" Erm not with those ageing dot ball openers you won't
  10. Dhoni should allow others to fail, too

    He sure does not like it when he is overshadowed by other younger and more talented players...

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