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  1. If this happened in Israel there would be serious repercussions. One thing they do know is how to control rabid jihadis. But this happened in India so there will be lots of cheap talk and debates but no real action. Respond with a hammer for once rather than a feather.
  2. Rahane's strike rate during last 11 List A innings has been 77.83; in not even one of those innings did he score at more than run a ball. Malnourished player = malnourished strike rate
  3. The Realist

    Is Rohit-Dhawan pair ideal for T20s?

    Belly says no
  4. The Realist

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Custody (Jusqu'à la garde) a 2017 French film is well worth a watch. A couple fighting over the custody of their son - gets very tense and dark - last act is almost horror/thriller.
  5. The Realist

    Bring Back Pant in ODI - Harbhajan Singh

    New year, New Dhoni?
  6. The Realist

    Sydney Test: Rahane, Vihari and Rohit

    Overseas specialist and vice captain has stunk it out again
  7. Yup time to move on to younger and hungrier players who don't already look defeated. He's had his time in the sun and wilted badly, had more than enough chances and as the difficult overseas tours are now over till the next cycle its the perfect time to try out fresh talent.
  8. Shastri, though, continued to be caustic. He was asked if he would like to share this success with captains who - from Lala Amarnath to MS Dhoni - tried their best to win in Australia but couldn't. "Past is history, future is a mystery," Shastri said. "Okay? We have won today after 71 years, I'd like to live in the present. And salute my captain for being the captain of the team that beat Australia for the first time in Australia in a series." When talking about the satisfaction of winning this series, Shastri again referenced teams from the past, and also said Kohli shows more passion for Test cricket than any other captain in the world."I don't think anyone plays Test cricket with more passion than he [Kohli] does," Shastri said. "At least I don't see any other international captain coming close to him on the field when it comes to showing that passion needed to play the game. He is very expressive, which is different to others. Other captains could have different personalities but Virat is someone who is in your face and it rubs off on all the youngsters who are watching the game in India. His team-mates watch him, they want to emulate him. And to believe that they can be someone like him who can go out there and strive for excellence. "So when an individual puts his neck on the line as captain then the others follow. And you have seen that transition happening over the last two-three years where guys in the team have become more and more confident, about their own ability and the ability of the team as well and it's made all the difference. I said in Melbourne - I think I mentioned people taking pot shots and firing blanks. I wasn't joking there, because I knew how hard this team had worked. When you fire from there, by the time it crosses the southern hemisphere, it's blown away by the wind like a tracer bullet. But lead with something in it can be pretty serious. And that's what we have fired right through the series against Australia. We were committed, and it jolly well made a bloody difference at the end of it all. Taking digs at Dhoni?
  9. Cricinfo: "Drizzle in the air. The pitch is now being covered. There is actually more light rain visible on the radar now than there was all day yesterday." Just abandon the day and end the series.
  10. Stop-start day likely. Cricinfo: Another overcast day in Sydney with the occasionally spot of rain in the air. But the pitch isn't covered at the moment and the floodlights aren't on. The forecast is for it to stay like this much of the day, so light could well be an issue later."
  11. Bowling looks toothless and unable to keep it tight - boundary every over. Last 10 overs: 47 runs.
  12. Bleeding runs. 21 in last 2 overs.

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