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  1. Only chance he is getting a game is if he changes his birth certificate to show he is is over 30. Kohli & Shastri's cricket themed retirement home has a strict limit on minimum age entry.
  2. Tendulkar may have been a great player but is hopeless as a coach. Great players do not make good coaches not just in cricket but across most sports. Tendulkar since his retirement has put little back into Ind cricket apart from growing his hair and become middle aged. Putting that aside the conflict of interests in this whole sorry episode is off the charts
  3. Future looks bright under Arun: Ishant, a complete bowler ISHANT is probably one of the most technically sound bowlers in the world today. He’s had his successes and downfalls. But he now has the experience to deal with them. Being a mentor to the other fast bowlers in the team now has gone a long way in the enhanced understanding he has of his own bowling. He knows he’s setting an example for them, and he’s doing that exceedingly well. It is all a process of evolving. It takes long hours to gain that kind of confidence for a fast bowler. It’s a lot of hard-work. And then there’s the question of translating that confidence into performance. Ishant’s USP these days are the yards of pace he’s added and the new-found accuracy. He’s very consistent in his line and length. He’s also consistently hitting 140+ these days. He’s become a lot stronger and now he’s got rich experience. That makes him a really potent bowler. All that combined, this is the time for Ishant to collect the loot.
  4. 133ao in 44 overs Eng SMASHED
  5. “A coach is a mentor to a team. He is a friend and an elder buddy. He has to actively contribute to building up the morale and harmony in the dressing room. Motivating and guiding the players off the ground is the responsibility of the Coach. The captain is the leader and the gladiator on the ground. Any team is always built around the leadership qualities and professionalism of the captain. He is the face of the team. The coach has to provide backroom support."
  6. Recycling the same old failures Vijay is getting old and fragile. Need to start looking at younger openers. Rahul is made of glass so he will cry off injured soon. Mukund and Dhawan opening
  7. Flight already booked for the next WC
  8. Placing a bet on this dad's army being the oldest ever team at the next WC. Kohli & Shastri's cricket themed retirement home.
  9. Only played ever played 2 tests and 4 ODIs at international level and appears to have little or no coaching track record - apart from being an assistant coach at RCB... Yet Head Cheerleader Shastri is "adamant on having Bharat Arun, who served as the bowling coach during his last stint as team director, back on board" Did find the following gem on Coach Arun Do you also use Ishant as the catalyst to communicate with the other bowlers? Absolutely. Ishant is the leader of this attack. The bowlers look up to Ishant and sometimes, when he comes up with an idea and talks directly to the younger guys, it creates much more impact than the coach saying it. It is smart to get the senior bowler speak to his colleagues directly about what he did right and the lessons he learnt. Looks like he's following in the proud tradition left by other illustrious coaches like Joe Dawes
  10. All hail the new leader. May his era be glorious
  11. Shambles. What else is there to say. At least the football season is starting soon.
  12. In this case coach=chef. Dravid will be overseas chef while Bangar will cook for home tests. And a "batting coach" is a non-existent position. By the time a player reaches international level it is usually too late to change techniques and batting styles so all Dravid will be doing is cooking and being a tourist.
  13. How old will the team be at the 2019 WC? Expect every player will be in their 30s
  14. Terrible committee, its effectively one man as not sure what mute laxman and tendulkar even do