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  1. The Realist

    If not Kohli , who should be test captain?

    Face it he's gonna be around for another decade so may as well give him the reigns and he has some experience...
  2. The Realist

    Ravi Shastri should be grab by the collar

    Little point getting angry anymore, better to accept that this is not set up to be a professional sports team but a random collection of passengers and tourists. The only intensity, hunger & fight they show is taking selfies when out shopping, partying or sight seeing.
  3. The Realist

    All out in a session and a bit...

    It was even worse in 2014, 5th test - Ind 94 (29.2 overs) Both Ind innings in the 4th test in 2014 lasted 43 and 46 overs
  4. The Realist

    What takes for Bharat Arun to train bowlers...

    Arun is just a glorified wing-man, he's there to accompany Cheerleader to bars and pubs and drive him back when he's drunk.
  5. At Lord’s Kohli looked like a man who does not think his teammates can get things done unless he tells them how to do it Kohli’s is still the key wicket and India’s fate is so closely bound to his own that all three innings they have played so far have turned on his dismissal. When it came at Lord’s, caught at slip off Chris Woakes just after 6.30pm, the match seemed to shift irrevocably with it. There are countless thousands of cricketers in India. They have a larger talent pool to pick from than any other nation. And yet the way they are set up leaves an awful lot resting on just one of them. Kohli seems to like it that way. You can see his touch in almost every last thing the team do. Their coach, Ravi Shastri, seems almost ornamental. During their morning huddles he stands mute while Kohli issues the orders for the day. Kohli has been involved in five run-outs in Test cricket but has been dismissed only once. He is not a man who gives up his wicket for the sake of a teammate. In the end it turned out that Kohli’s decision bought India only another handful of runs. But it all added to this impression that Kohli is a captain who seems to think that, if a thing has to be done, he had best do it himself. Which seems to mean that, if he does not, it does not get done at all. Brilliant as he is, it feels as if India have invested too much power, and too much hope, in just one man. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/aug/10/why-india-have-invested-too-much-power-in-captain-virat-kohli
  6. Kohli and Shastri are clueless, dumb and dumber, illustrated by the fact they change the team for every test match.
  7. Cheerleader Friday night London Say no more
  8. There is nowhere to go or hide for this team. Bench is crap and won't play Pant so anything less than a whitewash will be a bonus.
  9. Pitiful. This is 2011 all over again. Only 4 tests then but looks very much like 5-0 this time. Look mentally shot.
  10. Bring back Pappu Patel Mishra batted better than these hacks on the previous tour
  11. 5 down in every innings before 100. 5-0 incoming
  12. This is 2011 all over again. Batting is dreadful and like 2011 will probably never cross 300 in any innings.
  13. School level cricket At least Cheerleader is awake
  14. He's probably out shopping with Kohl's credit card

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