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  1. As has been said numerous times before a computer with access to a database of domestic players could pick better players than the jokers masquerading as selectors. The limited overs teams are going nowhere. The same old group have failed in every tournament in recent years yet continue to be recycled like a sad piece of underwear.
  2. Never gets old Why does he look constipated?
  3. Where does Old Man Dhoni fit into this equation? Can't see the gutless selectors ever dropping him despite however many games he fails to take to the last over.
  4. So basically 3 down and the tail starts... It is a very weak middle order particularly for T20s and what makes it worse it is the lack of any big hitters in the lower order. Going nowehere until some selectors who can actually fulfill their job description are appointed.
  5. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    Who else can play a glittering innings of 8 off 22 balls (no boundaries) and run out their team mate in an attempt not to win but to remain not out
  6. And how did Eng lose to this sorry lot in the same tournament? They look such an average/journeyman team
  7. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    This T20 team is a mess. Going nowhere with old men like Sharma and Dhawan opening - far too slow and one-dimensional. When it comes to the crunch this team will be found out as it always is in critical tournament moments.
  8. Instead of giving cheap interviews Gavaskar should be donating some of his food to Rahane, difficult to achieve a high strike rate when look that malnourished.
  9. India squad for NZ Series

    Expecting the T20 team to be OLD - probably slightly younger than the selection committee.
  10. Is this selection committee best India had?

    The benchmark must be very low if this selection committee is regarded as the best. The test/odi teams are a couple of injuries away from being exposed for their dependency on a few players. Batting depth in particular is nonexistent. The T20 team is a joke, a veterans XI that recycles has-beens and ignores young players. What vision has this committee shown? What is their strategy? All their selections are safe easy picks that a computer could do instead. There is no out of the box thinking or identifying young talent and backing them.
  11. Its nearly 2018, in what world does it make sense to play two has-beens in the T20 format? Its embarrassing bordering on disgusting that the T20 teams are progressively getting older with no young players even given a sniff of a chance.
  12. Young Batsman Making Debut ODI - Kohli Captaincy Watch

    Under the current regime anybody under 35 is regarded as young. So the team under Kohli has actually got younger.
  13. Suresh Raina and Amit Mishra fail fitness test.

    I'm sure I saw somewhere that Yuvraj Singh scored lower than Raina in this "fitness test" yet there were no issues with him playing in the recent champions trophy.
  14. Raina's belly v Mishra's belly

  15. Suresh Raina and Amit Mishra fail fitness test.

    Whole "failing a fitness test" just smells fishy... Suresh Raina has become one of the prominent cricketers who is working hard on their fitness and workout regime. The left-handed batsman is seen uploading videos from his gym sessions regularly on his official social media handles and he once updated a post-workout picture of him with his India Blue teammates. The picture caption read, “Gym session with India blue✌️#uttarpradesh #cricket #goodvibes #strengthandconditioning.” http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/suresh-raina-sweats-it-out-at-the-gym-with-india-blue-teammates-see-pic-4859502/

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