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  1. Scrap the A-teams, U-20s etc as those players will never get to play under the current regime. Probably better to set up a over-30s team which can feed into the senior squad.
  2. So the average age of this team keeps on increasing
  3. It would be easier and less painful for all of us to simply recall the 2011 team for the WC next year. Why bother building for the future when any player under 30 has a closed door smashed in their face. Over the last few years you can count on or hand the number of young players given a debut/run of games.
  4. @UrmiSinhaRay please post more juicy rumours as it will be much more exciting than watching a retirement home try to play cricket when they should be having their afternoon nap. @UrmiSinhaRay Uncle > Retirement home uncles
  5. The Realist

    Replacements of FAB4

    Have been replaced with the Flabby 4 Rayudu Karthik Jadhav Pandey
  6. Pointless exercise as with the current braindead selectors more likely to see recalls for Vijay, Pujara and Rahane as they are that clueless.
  7. The Realist

    How Shameful is this??

    The glaring problem is those players and others who deserve a shot barely get selected and when they somehow are, end up carrying drinks and never playing. Having to watch Rayudu, Karthik, Jadhav and Dhoni playing 90s cricket as we are nearing 2019 is soul destroying.
  8. The Realist

    How Shameful is this??

    Would rather recycle Mishra or Chawla.
  9. The Realist

    How Shameful is this??

    Under Cheerleader the team is plumbing the dark depths of his alcoholic nights when invariably he ends face up in the gutter. Don't think any other team is in such a shambles ahead of the WC. With all those resources yet still look and play like a Sunday pub team.
  10. The Realist

    Bhuvi in ODIs

    Koomar from Harold & Kumar > Malnourished Trundler. Dreadful one dimensional impostor in limited over cricket.
  11. Was trundler Thakur also the tourist on the Eng tour?
  12. Did Cheerleader receive an advance for this tournament as well?
  13. Difficult to do with that layer of fat around his belly weighing him down

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