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  1. Will trundler reach his 50?
  2. New Dinda wannabe to trundle in
  3. Provides favours off the field. The new Daniel Christian.
  4. Spinner of unknown age now getting smashed
  5. Trundler getting abused by old men while the other trundler captain watches on like a voyeur
  6. Bravo looks like he belongs in a retirement home. Out of breath & barely able to bowl the final over. CSK have an old man smell about them and it reeks.
  7. Yewchup looks like escaped from a retirement home
  8. Dismal squad full of has-beens and mediocrity. SA are steadily becoming an average side.
  9. The standard of cricket in the IPL has regressed. Far too many journeymen cricketers taking up slots for easy money.
  10. Rohit Sharma is borderline clinically obese. Only in cricket can you get away with such abysmal standards of fitness.

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