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  1. Dismal squad full of has-beens and mediocrity. SA are steadily becoming an average side.
  2. The standard of cricket in the IPL has regressed. Far too many journeymen cricketers taking up slots for easy money.
  3. Rohit Sharma is borderline clinically obese. Only in cricket can you get away with such abysmal standards of fitness.
  4. How about adding some muscle & variety to your bowling? Trundlers never improve, once found out get smashed for fun.
  5. The WC picks so far look out of their depth or out of form. Not looking good.
  6. Retired Kevin Pietersen > current Ind middle order
  7. Been screwing Ind ever since 2009 T20 WC no matter which physical style adopted
  8. Jadeja is so past it. Awful T20 player who only plays thanks to his close relationship with Dhoni.
  9. Like watching paint dry. Trundler Factory v Retirement Home
  10. The Realist

    Rahane has learnt nothing from 2016 t20WC SF?

    Alistair Cook > Rahane
  11. Rahane tried to show intent but muscles failed him
  12. In the last four overs, Rajasthan Royals' economy rate is 12.17 - the worst this IPL. Additionally, they have taken only eight wickets in the death overs. Dhawal Kulkarni, Jaydev Unadkat and Ben Stokes have gone at 18.50, 16.00 and 12.8 respectively in the last four.
  13. For all the years of the IPL very few batting talents have emerged hence the likes of Kartik, Rayudu etc are endlessly recycled
  14. The Realist

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    Should have picked Manish Pandey...
  15. He's becoming a poor man's Dhoni who prioritises process > results. No plan b, no innovative thinking and no idea how to recover or pull things back. Kohli accentuates the crapness in the team rather than drag them to success.
  16. Pandya was all over Negi and all Kohli could do was watch like a voyeur.
  17. Bowling under Kohli every season in the IPL is abysmal. So clueless
  18. Kohli just can't stop losing Shocking body language

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