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  1. No such team is complete without Graeme Hick and/or Mark Ramprakash. Used to wilt in any heat.
  2. Question is has the underwear been worn? Thongs or Y-fronts? Dream come true for all those who like to sniff underwear in private but can now do so openly in public.
  3. There is more chance of them spit-roasting a hog, devouring it and then making pork biryani from the leftovers then calling out their paedo and hateful preachers.
  4. Co-existence with RoPers is impossible, a cursory glance around the world tells you that. Have to live in a permanent state of cold war and maintain a strong defence/police infrastructure because if they are not externally trying to break you then the ones that live in your midst will undermine you from within. The film Parasite had it right but with the wrong subjects.
  5. What about vice captain Rahane? He could offer some sage advice about being passive & showing defeatist body language.
  6. Afridi lover. Can he give back the money he lost Ind when batting like a drunk tailender in the 2014 T20 WC final?
  7. Most sports event are being cancelled so yeah this ain't happening. Probably for the best as Kohli and his bits n pieces T20 team were not winning jack anyway.
  8. Suri (@surunaik14) Tweeted: @AMIT_GUJJU @YUVSTRONG12 @harbhajan_singh Good gestures... Take a bow @ImRo45 https://t.co/tWTXOxNaJ8 https://twitter.com/surunaik14/status/1244938751597395971?s=20
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/surunaik14/status/1244938751597395971/photo/1
  10. Both aren't exactly the brightest so unlikely to be able to play the game of politics. Very few Ind cricketers give anything back to the game or society with one or two exceptions. Dumb as they may be but there is no excuse for promoting a jihadi group ahead of helping your own countrymen.
  11. Tendulkar has always been tight as a duck's a$$. When captain of Ind he never took the team out for a meal/drinks and since retirement has given F all back to Ind cricket/society.
  12. Should feed the jihadis body parts to the Delhi protest jihadis. They love eating biryani after all.
  13. And in those timeframes how many illegal RoPers have crept into Ind? Ticking time bomb.
  14. More chance of them eating a bacon sandwich than any condemnation.
  15. RoPers Atrocity after atrocity even during these times. Parasites.
  16. The state of spin bowling must be in a dismal state if painful mediocrity like Zampa is being lauded.
  17. @UrmiSinhaRay Was ICF's direct line into the latest juicy gossip
  18. - Jaydev Unadkat's 67 wickets is the second highest in a Ranji season, just behind Bihar's Ashutosh Aman who finished with 68 in the 2018-19 season. - Unadkat also surpassed former India pacer Dodda Ganesh (62) to notch up most wickets by a pacer in a Ranji season. Jaydev & Ashutosh should be spearheading the Ind bowling attack. So much injustice.
  19. Seconded. Probably the best TV series from last year. Harrowing, depressing, makes you angry but a must-watch.
  20. May as well cancel. Little point playing in empty stadiums -T20s are all about the crowds & fans.
  21. Bangar & Gony = legends? Munaf Patel trundling faster than Kumar?
  22. He was India's Hussey. Should organise a farewell series such was his contribution...
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