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  1. 2nd division county level is about his standard. Not sure what Sussex are getting out of this as mediocre seamers like Sharma are dime a dozen in county cricket.
  2. Koomar getting smashed Just don't take enough wickets in the opening 10 overs. Problems galore with this team: Slow when batting in the first 10 overs Hopeless when batting the last 10 overs Unable to take wickets when bowling in first 10 overs Death bowling though better still not great in last 10 overs
  3. Yeah just before the 2015 WC. "Dhoni is arrogant. The way Ravana's proud came to an end, Dhoni will also suffer some day. He considers himself much above Ravana," Yuvraj's father said. "I feel really ashamed when other cricketers come and tell me about Dhoni. Earlier, I used to think that people must be cribbing about Dhoni due to jealousy. But when the cricketers told me about him, I think I have never seen a terrible person like him ever in my life," he added.
  4. 40 overs: 219/3 50 overs: 274/7 Final 10: 55/4 Other teams must be quaking in their boots for the next WC with such powerful finishes
  5. Looks like the premonition is coming true...
  6. Different match but same pathetic collapses. This team is going nowhere fast. Kohli and Shastri don't care anyway.
  7. All hail finisher Dhoni with 13 off 17 balls and one boundary
  8. Will Dhoni be able to manage a boundary as he fights to remain not out?
  9. Such loser mentality Harsha Bhogle: India not getting the finish they wanted (21-3 in the last 6 overs), targets being scaled down. But this track has become very sluggish now. 280, if India can get there, will be good.
  10. Blistering death batting 40 overs: 219/3 45 overs: 240/6 21/3 off 5 overs
  11. Countdown to a Dhoni 11 off 22 balls (no boundaries) with the run-out of a partner to esnure remaining not out...
  12. 6 down. Worst. Middle. Order. In. ODI. History
  13. Iyer and Dhoni together is more nauseating than when Dhoni and Jadeja used to play out dot balls
  14. Cannot have a middle order of Rahane, Iyer and Dhoni and expect to go deep in tournaments. Idiocy.
  15. With the exception of the top 3 this team is an ugly boring 1990s prototype - full of slow accumulators who cannot step on the gas and lack the ability to hit big.
  16. Like whose buying the round of drinks after Shastri has emptied the bar?
  17. So who is next line to be recycled by the brain-dead selectors?
  18. Not even 6 an over in the last 10 overs. 59/3 40-50 overs Pathetic
  19. Even when it does the selectors never pick them and are happy to recycle the same old has-beens
  20. Bring back Yuvraj Singh Tasty middle order of Rahane, Iyer, Yuvraj, Dhoni
  21. Worst middle order in ODI cricket since the 90s. Ridiculous that have to rely on top 3 every game to score the bulk of the runs.

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