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  1. Countries you have visited/lived

    Can add Italy, Greece and Austria to the list from the current Europe trip.
  2. Thanks champ, using this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.
  3. This is how high up we camped. High above the cloud line, high enough to see the summit of various mountains. What a view mate, what a view.
  4. Where is Everest? There is Everest.
  5. Not quite the top of the world but not far off.
  6. I am staring directly at Everest.
  7. What is your personal beastly eating record ?

    I eat 7 times a day, every day. I bike 100 kilometre round trips. I squat, bench press and deadlift. Food is your fuel. Neglect your food and everything starts to fall apart.
  8. I spent close to a month in Russia by myself in the dead of their winter. What would you like to know?
  9. PICS - Summiting Mount Everest Base Camp

    The type of fitness you need to do serious mountaineering. I climbed from the bottom to the top via the thin crack down the middle of the rock.
  10. Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    Climbing vertical rock faces with my bare hands and feet. I will let you decipher the levels of physical and mental strength involved.
  11. A question to all Indians from a Russian Guy (me)

    I spent three weeks in Russia - Moscow (near the Bolshoi theatre) and St Petersburg (Nevsky prospect) - over December 2015/January 2016. Pretty much the issues you are facing in Russia politically, people are facing in India.
  12. Have you ever been to a rock concert ?

    Caught Guns N Roses last night:
  13. Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    This is what I do to prepare: Long distance riding on my pushbike - 100 kilometer return trips Mountaineering courses - How to use crampons, fixed rope etc Rock climbing courses - A lot of the rope work in rock climbing transfers over to mountaineering Compound movements - Squat, dead lift, bench press, pull ups, dips etc Squats and deadlifts aren't dangerous. Squats and deadlifts with bad form are. Good morning squats and stripper dead lifts. Its snap city the whole way.

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