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  1. Countries you have visited/lived

    --------- Visited: United Arab Emirates; - Duabi - Abu Dhabhi Hong Kong Thailand Singapore Malaysia India. -------- Lived: Sultanate of Oman
  2. Countries you have visited/lived

    Can add Italy, Greece and Austria to the list from the current Europe trip.
  3. Thanks champ, using this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.
  4. This is how high up we camped. High above the cloud line, high enough to see the summit of various mountains. What a view mate, what a view.
  5. Where is Everest? There is Everest.
  6. Not quite the top of the world but not far off.
  7. I am staring directly at Everest.
  8. What is your personal beastly eating record ?

    I eat 7 times a day, every day. I bike 100 kilometre round trips. I squat, bench press and deadlift. Food is your fuel. Neglect your food and everything starts to fall apart.
  9. I spent close to a month in Russia by myself in the dead of their winter. What would you like to know?
  10. I have recently returned from summiting to the base of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Going to Everest Base Camp means going from 100% Oxygen at sea level to 50% Oxygen at an altitude of approximately 5.5 kilometres above sea level. 50% Oxygen, believe me, you will feel it. I did it in peak Himalayan winter months of December and January. Everest Base Camp is hard, however, December and January are the hardest months to do it in. --- Pushing on.
  11. PICS - Summiting Mount Everest Base Camp

    The type of fitness you need to do serious mountaineering. I climbed from the bottom to the top via the thin crack down the middle of the rock.
  12. Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    Climbing vertical rock faces with my bare hands and feet. I will let you decipher the levels of physical and mental strength involved.
  13. A question to all Indians from a Russian Guy (me)

    I spent three weeks in Russia - Moscow (near the Bolshoi theatre) and St Petersburg (Nevsky prospect) - over December 2015/January 2016. Pretty much the issues you are facing in Russia politically, people are facing in India.
  14. Have you ever been to a rock concert ?

    Caught Guns N Roses last night:
  15. Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    This is what I do to prepare: Long distance riding on my pushbike - 100 kilometer return trips Mountaineering courses - How to use crampons, fixed rope etc Rock climbing courses - A lot of the rope work in rock climbing transfers over to mountaineering Compound movements - Squat, dead lift, bench press, pull ups, dips etc Squats and deadlifts aren't dangerous. Squats and deadlifts with bad form are. Good morning squats and stripper dead lifts. Its snap city the whole way.
  16. Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    For me, the following are important: High levels of stamina - For spending times at high altitudes (5.5 Kilometers and above) where the Oxygen is a fraction of where it is at sea level Strong legs - For hiking, trekking, vertical climbing Strong core strength - Self explanatory really Strong stabilization muscles - Keeping balance over uneven terrain Strong back muscles - For all climbing movements Strong grip strength This is the stuff I am into:
  17. Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    I don't know what commercials you are referring to.
  18. Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    My two cents: Eat and eat well - Kidney beans, chick peas, chicken, salmon, oats etc Do your compound exercises and do them well - Squats, deadlifts, bench press Work your entire body as opposed to the muscles you see in the mirror Build core strength. Mix up your weights and strength training with cardio Get into rock climbing. This was taken in South America recently. Went hiking around South America before going to Nepal and hiking to the base of Mount Everest. Nobody cares whether you have a flat stomach or rock hard abs. They care about whether you have the strength or stamina to make it to the next checkpoint in time. If your fitness isn't up to par, you become a major, major liability. image hosting
  19. Not content with summiting to the base of Mount Everest in the middle of Himalayan winter, I decided to push the limits of my endurance and climb to the top of Macau Tower, the highest tower in Macau, China. The more you have of adrenaline, the more you need to have of it. There is no turning back from this. This is an activity I don't recommend you do if you have a fear of heights. The heights can induce nausea, dizziness and vertigo. If you love heights, than by means, go for it. This is Macau Tower: And this me climbing to the top of Macao Tower, one ladder rung at a time.
  20. PICS - Doing the highest urban tower climb in the world.

    I am constantly testing the limits of my physical and mental endurance. When doing activities like these, you just have to trust your instincts, back yourself and go for it without looking back. Get used to being uncomfortable, increase the threshold at which you will start feeling pain. Best advice I was ever given.
  21. PICS - Doing the highest urban tower climb in the world.

    Once you are at the very top, you can just chill and do your thing.
  22. PICS - Doing the highest urban tower climb in the world.

    How high? This high. Just keep climbing up. Don't look down.
  23. PICS - Doing the highest urban tower climb in the world.

    I have sky dived twice before. The physical stress on the tower climb is far more relentless. You are climbing one ladder rung at a time, on your own, until you reach the very top. You need to know how to use climbing harnesses, fixed rope and the like. Your arms get tired but you have to keep pushing on. The moment you stop and rest, you lose all momentum and it can be very difficult to start up again. At the top of the tower, you can feel it swinging from side to side. All of this just adds to the danger.

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