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  1. as an admin, why cant you warn him?
  2. I hate this guy now. He was so happy when Rahul got out. Selfish player. He would have got out for duck.
  3. mahesh_g

    Cloud Dance for tomorrow

    Exactly. As if we have clouderson in our team to take advantage of the condition. Team is filled with spray guns.
  4. Lol at playing KD as a batsman.
  5. Why don’t you shut the f up bajji? Pitch is flat now and yesterday it was a completely different wicket.. seriously..
  6. That was 10 yrs ago. Check his recent domestic stats as a batsman, we have so many better middle order batsmen with better stats than him. He is picked up in the squad mainly for his WK plus batting skills. Not picked up as a pure batsman. It’s cruel to play him as a batsman ahead of pure batsmen like Dhawan, Pujara or Karan Nair who all have better batting stats than KD and technically better batsmen than him. Check his overall batting average in test with other pure batsmen. Also don’t take his warm up game score seriously. There is a big difference in batting when bowlers and ball were fresh than coming in when ball is 50 overs old.
  7. 300 on this wicket is still good score. If we dont lose more than 2 wicket in first 20 overs, we will get a lead of 50 to 75. If we lose 3 or more in first 20 overs, they will lead by 50 to 75 runs by end of our innings. So it all depends on how well our openers and no 3 play clouderson and barbie when ball is new.
  8. we still lost that game. hopefully we win or draw this test match.
  9. why do you need to play Karthik as a batsman when we have a better middle order batsman like Karun Nair in the squad. Also other guy suggested to open with Karthik when we already have 3 openers in the squad. seriously, are these guys new to cricket? I would only play KD or Pant as a WK Batsman, no way they can get in to the team as a batsman.
  10. Preparing for the worst, so I was only happy to see this eleven. I was literally praying for these dummy heads (ko-sha) to somehow keep Rahul in the eleven. my ideal eleven that I was hoping for Vijay Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane Karthik Ashwin (Pandya if green mamba / Ashwin if dry or flat wicket) Kuldeep ishant umesh Shami if flat wicket, top six is good enough to score runs. we dont really need Pandya or 7th batsman. Also we would need spinners to bowl a lot of overs. so Ashwin is needed as a second spinner. If green mamba, we would need additional batsman. Pandya would be a better option than Ashwin. also Pandya would be more effective on green mamba.
  11. Dumb captain and his chumcha coach will drop Rahul and Kuldeep from the 11. Win the toss and bat first when wicket has all the juice and fresh. We will be 70 for 6 at the end of first session. Eventually all for 170. Ashwin and other spray guns will let those average eng batsmen look like Bradman. They will score around 450. India in second innings will get all out for 300 runs. dhawan and Pujara will get out for single digit scores in first innings. One of them may go past 10 combining both innings but no more than 30s. if I was standing infront of kohli and Shastri, I would keep slaping them in their face until they cry. Kola veri la irukkean. mfers.
  12. May be for foreigners. But for locals, just quarter plate Kuska is more than enough for those malnutritioned players.
  13. mahesh_g

    Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Lol at this guy. Increasing his post count here. Other pak fans need to support him here.:). Watched some of the games. Must be one of worst leagues. Hardly any good batsman. Almost all retired overseas players are there.
  14. mahesh_g

    Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    Lol Hasan couldn’t stay as no 1 for long time.
  15. Comedy league. I bet tnpl is far better than this league in quality.

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