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  1. May be for foreigners. But for locals, just quarter plate Kuska is more than enough for those malnutritioned players.
  2. mahesh_g

    Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Lol at this guy. Increasing his post count here. Other pak fans need to support him here.:). Watched some of the games. Must be one of worst leagues. Hardly any good batsman. Almost all retired overseas players are there.
  3. mahesh_g

    Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    Lol Hasan couldn’t stay as no 1 for long time.
  4. Comedy league. I bet tnpl is far better than this league in quality.
  5. mahesh_g

    1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    One person from respected forum calls India a test minnow away from home. He says India has not won any series in SENA countries for 100 yrs. stupid should check the record. India beat eng and nz and drew a series in both aus and sa. Almost won the series in aus if not for Buckner.
  6. mahesh_g

    How do you rate Virat after this SA series?

    Flat track bully. Babar is better than him.
  7. mahesh_g

    What is South Africa's T20 Squad like?

    You seem to have excuses ready already for the inevitable. LOL.
  8. Where is Billal? Amla lover and Kohli hater. Pak lover and India hater.

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