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  1. Alam_dar

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    In my opinion, it is a wrong perception that sex is present in the nature only for reproduction. This reproduction thing may be true only for the animals with very low IQ level, but certainly not for higher IQ level animals, where they need company, and they need others to have body contacts with them (even if it is not sex). While Bonobos (who are our closest evolutionary relatives) need sex not only for reproduction, but also for fun, releasing stress, and for political reasons and thus sex has a very big "social function" in their life. While chimpanzees are mostly limited to hugging and kissing. Male Bonobos constantly make the anal penetrations. It is not only this that the fully grown up and stronger male Bonobos penetrate, but they also let the weaker Bonobos give full opportunity to penetrate. Same is true with the female Bonobos who rub their vaginas against each other. Please read this post of mine.
  2. Alam_dar

    Homosexuals in Family

    Casually? Are you serious? Perhaps without present social pressures, we would have been thinking differently. For ancient Romans, having sex with their young boy friends was absolutely normal. And even in some Pakistani areas, having sex with boys is very much normal, and not seen any worse than doing masturbation. Please see my edited post above. And I refuse to be counted among the seniors. Abhi to meiN Jawan HooN.
  3. Alam_dar

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    In many species, it is not normal to kill the fellow animal.
  4. Alam_dar

    Homosexuals in Family

    One does sex for fun and pleasure. Do you enjoy masturbation alone? Do you enjoy other parts of girl except the vagina too? Do you enjoy if she provides you the hand job? Would you enjoy it if your gay partner provide you the sex service? If you believe you could enjoy the sex service from same sex partner too, then it is a proof that this is real "human NATURE". Our next evolutionary relative is not chimpanzee, but the Bonobos. And Bonobos are 100% bisexual. Bonobos males regularly do sex with each other. Bonobo females regularly rub their vaginas against each others. Sex for fun in bonobos plays a social function. There is stress-relief sex, make-up sex and random hook-up sex. Chimpanzees (and even the humans) are more violent cousins, and they do not seem to use sex in this way . They occasionally torture each other, kill strangers and demonstrate other echoes of humanity's dark side. [Bonobos Make Love - Chimps Make War ] Bonobos, who use sex to resolve conflict, have never been seen to kill each other. They share food. They are more cooperative than chimpanzees. And they are nicer to strangers than they are to friends. To bonobos, a peaceful, sexual existence is the most natural thing in the world. Please see the following video to see the extreme of bisexuality among Bonobos (English explanation also comes in this video later) I don't think anyone could doubt homosexuality (or perhaps the bisexuality) after watching the behaviour of Bonobos.
  5. In whole earlier history, they were not allowed to choose a name for themselves, and they were called 'untouchables' by the others (in this case high caste Hindus). Therefore, this earlier history means nothing in this case. Then came the British people, who were again the "others" and they gave them the name of "Schedule Caste". Why should this community accept this name which has been given to them by the British people? Recent history shows that this community was not so comfortable with this name, and thus some how the name Dalit appeared, and it got popularity among this community. Dalit rights groups are saying that this term now holds political significance and a sense of identity. There is nothing derogatory in the use of the word ‘Dalit’. It gained currency in the sixties and seventies with Dalit literature. Therefore, from the history point of view, then it is only the "recent past" when this community got the right to take any name for them themselves. And they chose the world Dalit. === There are few Indian laws about women rights and Dalit rights, which are controversial. Arguments could be brought against them and they could be opposed. But the name of this community was a non-issue. BJP using it as tactics to hide the Indian Past. But this is a mistake and may backfire.
  6. And for the political reasons it is tried to demolish this name, but this time not from the community itself, but by the others, and then pressurizing them to use for themselves only the name of "Schedule Cast", which has no history and which is not even passes to the fashion of names of the other castes. Was Brahim not used for the political reasons? Was Khastriya not used for the political reasons? Why then only to remove the word Dalit in names of politics, and that too without the approval of that community? The very basic question still stays there, is it not the right of the community itself to decide a name for them? If we go according to your logic i.e. world Dalit means people still oppressed, then the word Brahmin should also still mean the people who oppressed others and their name should also be changed. Therefore, I don't think this argument holds any value.
  7. Link: https://indianexpress.com/article/india/refrain-from-using-word-dalit-stick-to-scheduled-caste-ib-ministry-to-media-5338274/ What is your opinion regarding this issue? I personally question the intentions of BJP and the High Court Judge. When Dalits themselves don't have any problem with this word, why then the honourable judge is ordering to change the name of the community without their approval? Word Dalit has been associated with history of millions of people and their sufferings. Removing their identity is not going to change the facts.
  8. Alam_dar

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    For me, disease is only that thing which could bring harm to a person or the society. I don't consider homosexuality for any disease, as it brings only peace of mind for those people who fell in love with their same gender. And I feel that celebrating for small things, despite having other bigger problems, is totally natural. Otherwise we will stop celebrating all kinds of goods like Holi, Diwali, birth of a baby, birthdays, marriages etc.
  9. Alam_dar

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    Paedophilia had already been acceptable and legal in the religious history of the world. And it were only the Secular Liberals who first raised voice against this religious bigotry and due to their struggle awareness increased and this evil first became prohibited. Human Rationale is not 100% perfect, but still it is able to bring much better results than any religious laws or centuries old customs.
  10. @cric_fan OK, you are against bounty or killing people in the foreign countries in name of blasphemy. Please make it clear, do you believe that Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan are justified and people should be killed in name of blasphemy?
  11. For me both are evils, either it is the religious bigotry or the fanatic nationalism. Only thing that I differentiate between them is this that AT MOMENT religious bigotry is "bigger" evil than fanatic nationalism. Actually, a big part of the fanatic nationalism is coming basically from the religion/religions. I beg to differ. I don't know any single country where there is a law that friendly handshaking or even hugging the enemy General is a treason. Actually I am a big supporter of hand shaking and talking with the enemies. It is not about accepting the evils of the enemy, but it is about touching the "humanity" part of the enemy. I strongly believe that every person has both positive and negative side. There may be negative side is much more present in a person due to religious/nationalistic brainwashing, but still there is some humanity present there too. I am a big supporter of what Siddhu did. Do differ and boycott at the Government Level, but the people of both the countries must learn to love and respect each other.
  12. Alam_dar

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    I don't thing brining arguments against homosexuality is hate speech. But arguments should only be limited to the arguments, and not become a law of prohibition, and overrule the freedom of Personal Right/Choice. It becomes hate speech when people try to impose it's prohibition through force or laws. If you think homosexuality is against the nature and a disease, and you don't want your children to become homosexuals, then teach them by bringing your arguments.
  13. Alam_dar

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    It is not a disease, it is a part of nature. And celebration is due while "Acceptance" of the Personal Rights of an individual is the right way to go. Otherwise when it is criminalized, then one religion/country may simply forbid it without punishment, while other religion/country may hang you or slaughter you as punishment.
  14. Alam_dar

    First Lady of Pakistan

    I think I am ultra sensitive. I feel a lot of pain of others which very often saddens me and I even forget to smile. Since morning I am thinking of the pain that such poor children have to undergo whom the societies and the religions declare HARAMZADA (i.e. bastards). If any such Divine God really present in the heavens, then in no way He could introduce any term such as Bastard. Every child is innocent of his/her parents deeds. Every child is beyond any label of Halali or Harami. Surely this Haramzada thing could never be from any Divine personality. But it tells us that Muhammad himself was the writer of the Quran and he was suffering from the Human Mistakes i.e. Muhammad was following the standards of society of his time where being a Bastard was considered the crime of the child. Only this ONE thing is enough for me to abandon such complete religion and rebel against such society.
  15. Alam_dar

    First Lady of Pakistan

    From my side you need not to lock it any more as I have already completed my message and don't think I need to answer the last 2 comments by these 2 gentlemen.

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