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  1. Alam_dar

    Indian feminists !!!

    In my view, motherhood is not a slavery. But taking away the "Right" from the woman to choose herself if she is ready to become mother right now, or later, or never is a slavery. A mother should be herself ready for being a mother, not that others compel her to be a mother. Unfortunately, in our society, these "basic" decisions still does not belong to the women, but their husbands, families or society make rules and choices for them. First of all our societies should recognise the basic rights of women and also of the children.
  2. I read it in an article that RSS/BJP members residing in US donated her a lot of money for her campaign. But now problem is this that these same people and their organisation is supporting Trump. In fact, article wrote that Tulsi is well aware of this problem and want to get rid of these RSS/BJP people and thus she refused to attend one their latest gatherings as chief guest.
  3. Alam_dar

    Indian feminists !!!

    Feminists movement indeed indeed succeeded in making this world much safer for the women. And may I allowed to also say that this is the thing which NO RELIGION was able to achieve. Nothing is perfect. There may be short comings in the feminist movement. There may be emotional stupid people present in this movement ... but still the negative side of the feminist movement is HARMLESS. As compared to the the feminist movement, the negative side of the religions was not harmless. Women suffered one sided and she suffered badly. I don't agree with this argument that woman should be kept to suffer and her equal rights should be usurped in order to maintain the traditions family (joint family) system.
  4. It may be one exceptional case when MMS would have been seriously ill. But the way Anuphum Khair acted, it seemed to me over-doing.
  5. Her stance regarding Syria was also correct, and even Trump and CIA now decided that Assad should stay for peaceful Syria as compared to the Muslim Jihadists. Her Stance regarding SISI is difficult one, but again seems to be Ok to me. Her friendship with RSS is certainly going to hurt her Secular Democratic Image. Sooner she gets rid of RSS, better would be for her. She should be able to see that RSS are fanatics. And such fanatics could only be friend to other fanatics. For example, RSS members in US are great admirers of Trump. Therefore, it would be my first wish that she get's rid of RSS members in US, and start winning the hearts of the real secular democratic Indians in US, who also support the Democratic party or at least oppose Trump.
  6. It is better for the WEST to give refuge to people like her, instead of religious Muslims, who have already been brainwashed that Western Democracy is Haram and Islamic Sharia should be imposed in whole world. These Muslims are never able to integrate in the Western world.
  7. I like her. She has humanity in her and that is the most important thing for me.
  8. Many factors are involved: 1. Islam is not the only problem, but it is Human Psychology where people from small states always want more independence from the centre government, while centre is governed by other bigger states. Manipur and other Naxals are an example. They are in such minute minority that they don't have any power in the centre. Therefore, they will keep on demanding more autonomy, or ever full liberation. 2. Problem in Kashmir becomes double, while along with being smaller state where people want to get rid of central government influence, religion is also playing a huge role. Actually problem becomes Triple, while the religion of Islam is involved in it. 3. And problem becomes 4 times bigger, while India gets the Hindutva supporting BJP government in the centre. Only true secularism has the power to unite people of different race and religions if rights of every group is secured. Congress was secular, but it was corrupt and people still didn't get their rights due to the corrupt system. But BJP brings the worst dreams, which means corrupt system, along with control of Hindu fanatics and an end of Secular system. In the presence of BJP in centre, the resistance in Kashmir will be at it's all time peak, and there will be no compromise, and there will be a definite clash. 4. Pakistan People's party is the most corrupt party in Pakistan. But it has still been preferred by the minorities over Nawaz League and Imran's PTI, while still minorities still get maximum benefits during the era of People's Party. It is simple Human psychology. I wished India had a true Secular and Corruption free party. It would have solved many problems. Corruption of Congress not only brought problems for India, but also brought big loss to Secularism too.
  9. I forgot to mention that liver is the least tasting organ (along with kidney, tribe). Heart and tongue are much tastier, but people don't show enough courage to eat them. Testicles and udder taste even better than heart- They are really soft and tasty, but people are most afraid of them. While marrow and brain are perhaps the most tasty organs. Nevertheless, liver has the most nutritional value among them.
  10. It seems heavy majority of Muslims have already accepted it, and fatwas by Al-Azhar university, Saudi Muftis and Shia Iranian Mujtahids all have allowed the Muslims in Europe to eat the meat of that animal which has been slaughtered in Halal way after stunning. There are very few voices among Muslims which are still opposing the stunning process. I believe that in India, stunning law will get more resistance by Muslims as compared to Europe, where Muslims were helpless against strict laws.
  11. There is no problem in making scientific studies about different types of slaughtering methods and their benefits or harms, and finding out the optimal way. The support or opposition to any method should not happen due to the religious reasons, but only due to the scientific reasons. This debate in India will have several angles to it. For example: 1. Pain Debate 2. Halal VS Jhatka Debate 3. Total ban debate 4. Sacrifice, stunning etc. Pain Debate is most important one, and the solution is which Europe followed i.e. stunning the animal. Afterwards it makes no difference if one kills in Halal style or Jhatka style. Halal VS Jhatka debate is complex. It is going to bring no benefits if we try only to criticize/demonize Halal and Islam without criticizing Jhatka and Sikh/Hindu religion. Muslims will be able to very easily counter this one sided campaign. Reasons is this that Muslims come up with a scientific study which shows that death (unconsciousness) is caused within 10 seconds (for sheep/goats) due to lack of blood, and it is the same for Jhatka too where death (unconsciousness) is caused due to the lack of blood too. But the difference is this that in Jhatka, the "Spinal Cord" is also cut. Due to this, the nerves going to heart are also cut off immediately, and the heart stops beating (i.e. immediate heart attack in many cases), and thus the blood also stops running in the veins and arteries. But there are cases where the animal does not get this immediate heart attack after Jhatka, and the heart keeps on beating. In this scenario, animal keeps it's movements almost just like in Halal slaughter. Please watch the following video where Jhatka has been done, but still the animal is able to do the movements after many seconds, while the animal didn't get the heart attack. Thus Muslim argument is this that: 1. Amount of pain felt by the animal before becoming unconscious in both Jhatka and Halal is exactly the same, while death (unconsciousness) is due to the lack of blood, which is same in both methods. 2. And even if the heart keeps on beating, and animal is able to make unintentional moves due to cramps, still animal is unable to feel this pain while brain is already dead. 3. They also cite that Jhatka may be suitable for small animals like goats/sheep, but for bigger buffalo and cows, it is not suitable and people have to strike multiple times to achieve the goal. 4. They claim pain difference in Jhatka Vs Halal in negligible (if any), while Halal is producing superior hygienic meat. Muslims will keep on boasting that Halal Meat is hygienic and better than Jhatka: All Scientific studies are proving that blood carries germs, bacteria and TOXINS. And You cannot stop Muslims from boasting this and using it as an argument that Islam is the true religion. You cannot stop Muslims from doing this propaganda. All Muslim population has already been brainwashed under this propaganda. Even many Western people also become confused by looking at the scientific proofs that are presented by the Muslim preachers. Even in India, you could see the scientific study in "Times of India" (posted above) where Hindu Researcher was fully convinced with Muslim arguments in light of his scientific research. You are not going to win this propaganda war against Muslims by simply coming up with the Pain argument. Especially, when Stunning+Halal method has also been introduced after which Pain argument becomes totally irrelevant. Only way to stop Muslim Propaganda is to make world realize that practice of Halal has nothing to do with Islam: As I already mentioned earlier, Halal slaughter was not invented by Muslims, but it was the preferred way by the Hunters before Islam. The old pre Islamic Arabia had already been using this method to kill the camels and sheep even before Islam. Therefore, the credit of this method does not go to Islam in any way. Muhammad was simply following the practice of the pre Islamic Arabian custom.
  12. I am afraid this is a misinformation. It often happens that predators eat their prey alive. The most human way that has been adopted by the predators is when they attack the neck and cut the WINDPIPE. But still this is very painful for the prey as blood still circulating and prey feels the complete pain. While hunters way of slitting the under half of throat (known as Halal today) is much more human, while cutting of the carotid arteries takes 10 seconds (for small animals like sheep) to 30 seconds (for larger animals like cattle), and after than animal is unconscious due to the lack of blood in the brain. Then there are still unintentional movements in the muscles, but they are cramps which are caused due to the lack of blood. Unfortunately, it is the NATURE which is cruel. Look how lions are eating their prey alive
  13. What a shame, I have not eaten Dosa in my entire life. I got North Indian friends during the college time in the hostel, but there mothers were feeding them with their own hands, and thus they were not even able to fry an egg properly. What a shame again. It seems, the Indian Sub-Continent MEN are best in eating in the whole world, but they are worst in cooking in the whole world too. In Pakistan, people have no idea what Dosa is. They know very little about South India.
  14. I don't think I can answer it, or any Muslim can answer it. Perhaps Muhammad/Allah should come themselves to answer this question. Marrow and Brain are super foods like other organs Heart, Liver, Kidney, tongue. Marrow has the best taste. One must eat a lot of organs in order to get optimal health. Especially marrow is good for the children. Do you know "food Tourist" Mark Wiens? In this video, he is eating "Chapli Kabab with Marrow" in Pushtoon Area. Please watch how he went crazy for these Kababs. Don't miss to enjoy it.
  15. Thank you for this link. Really, all what he is talking, it is making a lot of sense. I just hope other people also read it, and most importantly government and parliamentarians read it too and pay attention to it.

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