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  1. His Indian Passport with the name of Hussain Patel is recognised to be original one (according to the claims from Pakistanis). If it is really so, then it is a the worst part, while this was the document upon which he travelled to Iran 17 times, but Indian government also has to accept him as Kalbhushan. Hope for peace is this that in next 2 years the relationship between two countries become better and Imran Khan shows some senses and does not order to hang him. But I am afraid that military will not let him go to India. Anyhow, it would not be easy to hang him after 2 years.
  2. Equating Aurangzeb to Taimur is not justified in my opinion. Aurangzeb is loved by the religious Muslims due to his hatred against the Hindus. While Taimur is hated be the religious Muslims while he had nothing to do with Islam and numbers of Muslims that he killed were many times more than Hindus. Taimur attacked India once or twice maximum, but rest of his life he has been killing the Muslims in the Islamic states of his time. If we have to equate Taimur to someone, then it should be Alexander the great.
  3. Word "Suhana" is not an Arabic word, but it came from प्राकृत prākṛta language of Indian Subcontinent (link). Artists in Bollywood want to be popular among all religious groups of India and thus don't want to be recognised to belong to any particular religion. It is natural that they thus avoid to show themselves as religious fundamentalists. Is it not enough for our Hindu friends that Muslim bollywood stars are not naming their children as Muhammad, Umar, Abu Bakr, Uthman? Although I am not very familar with Hindu names, but still I have this feeling that names of Hindu deities are difficult and not very common in present era. Forget about Bollywood, even normal non-bollywood Hindus are also not naming their children so often after the name of the Hindu deities today. I have not seen any child with name of Ganesha, or any child with name of Hanuman. Earlier, I think names like Vishnu, Brahma, Rama, Krishna were more common, but modern generation is not having it so much. @maniac do you have children/cousins/uncles with name of Hindu deities?
  4. The controversy about name of Taimur was unnecessary, while Taimur is absolutely not considered as an Islamic Hero against the Hindus. In fact, Taimur killed many times more Muslims as compared to Hindus. Religious Muslims are actually hate him. He was same like Alexander the Great. Although both killed innocent people, but both are known and respected for being great warriors. People do name their children as Alexander, and same is true for Taimur. It is a common name in Central Asia, from where the ancestors of Indian Mughals came.
  5. In Pakistan too, every where is beard now. Difference is this that long beards are due to religion, and there are lot of them in recent years as Pakistani society has turned very religious. While short maintained beards are there as fashion. It is my own impression, which could be entirely wrong, but one reason could be this that the older generation got wider jaws and thus little bigger faces, where beard didn't look so beautiful. While the younger generation is having narrow jaws and thus they are using beards while it often suits people with narrow jaws. Other reasons have already been explained above. It may be that younger generation is lazy. The older generation was not only good in maintaining their shaves, but also their clothes, while younger generation wants only to wear casual dresses, even in the offices.
  6. And the main criticism is not going upon her, but mainly Islam has been criticised here, due to which it's followers have almost no options of entertainment. All agree she has right to do as she chooses and no one could compel her to change her decision i.e. her personal rights are guaranteed. But at the same time all others have full right to criticise her decision and criticise Islam while she is a public figure and Islam effects whole society in which we also live.
  7. As I said above, not enough in quantity and not good enough in quality. Non Muslims have to invest many times more against the dangers of Islam. For example, Muslims invest many billions of USD every year on the preaching and spreading of Islam. You need enough amount of money to counter this mass propaganda by Muslims.
  8. Liberalism only needs reforms, not the death. Islam and Muslims put the biggest dagger in the back of Liberalism. They are the main reason of the downfall of liberalism. Culture and family values should evolve, and should not stay within the boundaries of old religions any more.
  9. When you believe in existence of Allah, then it is difficult to escape. And dear friends, let me tell you frankly that rest of the world has not done their homework and they have not produced enough scholars/phd professors who had criticised Islam enough, and who had written GOOD ENOUGH books against Islam. There are simply lacking good books and good orators who could deliver speeches against Islam. There is some material available in English against Islam, and little bit in Urdu, but there is total lack of such material in other languages. And even if some material is present, but Muslims don't let it propagate in the Islamic countries, or even don't let their children read such books in the western countries. A very sad situation. Islam should be thoroughly defeated first on the academic level.
  10. India has a lot of variety of food and drinks as compared to other countries in the region. It is due to the reason that India is a multicultural country.
  11. Alam_dar

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    In Pakistan nimbu pani is known as Shikanjbeen, and it contains no black pepper or cumin, but only lemon juice, sugar, kala namak, water and ice. In Pakistan, there was hardly any masala tee earlier, but slowly and gradually Indian and Afghani dishes are coming to Pakistan too.
  12. Alam_dar

    Fighting skills of monkeys !!!

    Lately I watched a video of monkey vs dog fight, and I was impressed to see the fighting skills of monkeys. Can we assume that among non-predators, monkeys are the best fighters?
  13. Alam_dar

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    O dear, you posted such beautiful photos of Lassi, that my heart is now crying Lassi Lassi Lassi ... tu hai kahaN, Jane Jaan Dhoondhta Phir Raha
  14. Alam_dar

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    If @velu does not know about Roh Afza, does this mean that South Indians have no idea what Roh Afza is?
  15. Alam_dar

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    Did any one mention good old Yoghurt Lassi above? It is criminal to not to mention Lassi as summer drink. Another drink which is very common, but has not been mentioned above, is Milk Shake (mango shake, banana shake etc.). Perhaps sugar is missing in your Rooh Afza. I don't like Rooh Afza now, but as kid I liked it. I think it is due to the reason that now I am more concerned about the health benefits/harms of the drinks/foods. I don't think Rooh Afza is good for health as all Sharbats like Rooh Afza have lot of chemical preservatives today. I don't feel myself hydrated after drinking Rooh Afza.

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