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  1. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Muslims also have advanced degrees. Christians too. Jews too. Muslims converted the science to match their Quran, or they converted the interpretation of Quran to match science. They are doing it under the influence of family and society in which they have been living right from the beginning and have been religiously brainwashed. Had they born in a non-Muslim family, then surely they would have been saying it to be a "contradiction" between science and Quran. But due to religious brainwashing, they interpret it and say it to be a "Miracle of Quran". And when even the interpretation also does not help, there they say that God is almighty and God is beyond science and they are going to believe in it even if all the scientific evidences are going against God. And I have seen this same scenario in this same thread of story of Ramayan/Mahabharat. Therefore, my personal opinion is this that people believe in god/gods, while they want to believe due to their upbringing since childhood, and following their family traditions etc. I have seen this scenario also lot of time in my life. I prayed to God a lot, but my close relatives still died and no prayers helped them. People failing in exams despite giving bribes to gods in name of bhaint/Niaz. Respecting elders is not limited to religion. Buddha was an atheist, but still he taught the morality in his teachings including respect for the elders. Good for you if your prayers are heard. You are fully free to tell it to the people that your prayers were heard. It is your right to accept it or not, but other people are also totally free to tell you what their experiences are i.e. their prayers got the wrong numbers. It is fully ok if they bring their arguments from science, till the time they are not forcefully imposing their views upon you. I want full liberty of telling/propagating one's views/arguments to the others. But the problem arises when this basic human right is snatched away in name of "respect" of religion or in name of "blasphemy".
  2. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    I hope a time comes when such questions about god could be openly asked even in the mosques, as god could be mentioned and preached everywhere. Therefore, if people have the right to preach their religion, then there is nothing wrong to question and criticize Allah anywhere including mosques. Good if religious people think that questioning/criticizing their gods/religions brings nothing and their religion still stands. Nevertheless, in my view there is a huge difference between the thousands of years old history and situation of today. While today we are living in highly scientifically developed society. Religions are no more able to answer the scientific questions and they are on the run. The numbers of people who are leaving religion today is unprecedented in whole human history.
  3. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    People may be told to absolutely not ask for the evidences for the religious stories of Quran/Bible/Ramain while almighty god/gods has/have the powers to demolish all the scientific evidences. But when people ask for "evidences" then they mean the modern scientific evidences. Therefore, it is not wrong and very safe to say that all the scientific evidences are going against the stories of Bible, Quran and Ramain/Mahabharat. I would be glad if people do question more and more about the Quranic and Biblical stories. Also I would ask the religious people why all the god/gods of Christianity/Islam/Hinduism wanted to always destroy all the scientific evidences of all the stories that are found in all these religious books? There exists no logic behind the destruction of all the scientific evidences by the god/gods. I hear the same logics and arguments presented by the Muslims of Pakistan. For them too religion is a binding force in Pakistan, without which Pakistan is going to be destroyed. I never agreed with those Muslims. It is only "Humanity" which should be the binding force. If we say religion is above Humanity, and Hinduism is a uniting force in India, then how could the Muslims and Christians and Sikhs of India could ever call themselves Indians? In Europe, no body goes to Church, or give damn to the history of Church (except for the religious Christians, who are becoming less and less in numbers). Still they bind themselves with other people, and especially the difference between white/black was removed and European people even fighting for the rights of the animals. All that happened while Humanity is the binding force. In my opinion, equation is very simple. These billion of people are fully free to "preach" about their religion and religious stories. While even if there exist a single person who disagrees with these religious stories, then he has got the full right to question and criticize them by bringing his arguments and evidences. If these billions of people feel themselves threatened by the questioning and evidences of this single person and want to take away the right to question/criticize from the others, then such religion could never be worthy to be followed. It is very true for Islam, and also very true for all other religions of the world
  4. And I thought that North India is area where mainly Hindi/Urdu language is spoken (which also includes Bihar).
  5. One comment from the case of 4 years old baby: "99% these rapes are happening in north india..." Is it true? If yes, what could be the reason?
  6. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    No one could deny the hatred and biased nature of BJP/RSS. You also don't deny it, but your sole argument is this that hatred also existed during Congress Period. So ask this question to yourself, if you have problem with Congress or with Secularism? Do you really want to continue the politics of extremist Hindutva hatred while you don't like Congress? You claim that Minorities are not going to revolt while they get what they want. This argument is strange, while BJP/RSS have started the exploitation of the minorities as much as they can. No houses to rent for Muslims, no jobs for them, almost total social boycott of Muslims, compelling them to become the 2nd or 3rd class citizens of India. And you still claim that Muslims get what they want? And you still claim that hatred against Muslims was more under Congress than BJP? Same is with Christians and Sikhs and others. Do you really think that Christians love RSS Hindutva and satisfied to become 2nd class citizens? Do you really think that Sikhs love BJP led Hindutva? There may be a minute numbers of Muslims/Christians/Sikhs which may support BJP led Hindutva due to politics and personal gains. But for sure very huge majority of them simply hate this extremist Hindutva politics and destruction of every Indian State institution at their hands and making Indian minorities their hostage. And you talk about politics and governments of the west, but for sure the normal people in the West hate RSS hindutva same way as Indian Christians hate the Hindutva. Normal people already cursing the Hindutva extremists. The images where Saffron Hindutva members going in processions with swords in hands .... The news of how saffron mobs killing people in name of respect and blasphemy of cow.... then it would be foolish to still think that Western people are still going to love India. No matter even if the western countries loose their power. Even Russian and Chinese people also hate this Hindutva practices. No one in the world is ever going to support it. Sooner of later you will feel the loneliness.
  7. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    Winning states with simple majority of 30-35% votes is every constituency is not a victory. Look at the hatred in reaction against Hindutva who didn't vote for it. BJP, Advani, RSS all of them have increased the hatred in Indian society 100 times more than before. It is a ticking bomb which is going to explode sooner or later. Minorities in India are about 500 million. How are you going to control them if they revolt? And for sure Internationally too nobody likes Hindutva, but it has been hated globally. It is only this that the western world is busy with the Muslim extremism at moment. As soon as they are finished with it, then sooner or later Hindutva will be targetted too as cancer for humanity. With polarized and disturbed society, you may win against Pakistan (which itself is a divided and doomed country), but what are you going to do against the Big Boys like China? Nothing.
  8. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    It seems to be true for the "Original Hindu Religion" teachings, which was concentrated upon Humanity and was a Dharmic religion which had common values with present Secularism. But in no way it is true for the present extremist Hindutva movement, which is biased, which is racist, which is totally anti-humanity and anti Secularism. I don't know about the Indian Secularists. But for sure Secularism in it's pure form is very close to Humanity. If you have problems with Indian Secularists, then you have to reform the Secularism in India, and not to destroy the Secularism by making Hindutva forces strong. Yes democracy is perhaps not suited at moment, while majority of the people of both countries are inflicted with this disease of religious fanaticism and they are a shame for humanity. India still has some hope, but Pakistan seems to be having no more chance to come out of this mess.
  9. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    Each and every institution of Indian State has been infiltrated by the modern Hindutva hate inciting forces and making them their slaves. Last hope is/was Judiciary. Slowly but gradually Hindutva forces are also destroying the judiciary. Hindutva forces don't believe in Humanity and Equal Rights for all humans, but it believes only in making others their slaves, as they kept the Dalits as their slaves for thousands of years. Hindutva forces are two faced. They still say that India is Secular. But actually Hindutva forces are totally opposite to what Secularism is. And their true slogan is not "Sab ka Sath, Sab ka Vichar".... but it is "Sab Hamaray Ghulam, Sab Hamaray Servent". I don't find any difference between these modern Hindutva forces and the Islamic forces. Islamic forces in Pakistan also want to destroy any Secularism. They also want to dominate all the minorities and convert them to their slaves in one way or the other. There is also no justice for the minorities. And when some Secular people, who still have some humanity left in them, speak out upon the plight of the minorities, then these Islamic forces label them as Desh Drohi, and agent of India/Israel, who should be killed for making Fasaad in name of Secularism and Humanity and for protesting for the rights of evil minorities.
  10. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Every one has it's own way. Gandhi didn't stop the way of Bhugat Sing and others for armed struggle. Gandhi's and Mandela's way may take longer time, but they are also more "stable" ways which usually last long. British and Europe were becoming "Civilized" at that time, and perhaps a peaceful protest would have been a better choice at that period of time. It remains a question and nobody could answer it had Palestinians got more success with peaceful Intefada against Israel (like the 1st Intefada) or they had got more success with Hamas type armed struggle. Answer depends upon time and situation at that specific time.
  11. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    It was not easy for the British to do it "Politically". It is same as South Africa also killed many, but was not able to kill Nelson Mandela. Gandhi was all together on different level when it came to leadership as compared to others. He was a true National Level leader, while Bhagat Singh and Lajpat Rai and others had very limited support and mostly regional support. They didn't ascend to the "national" level. Surely British were able to banish or kill Gandhi, but it would have been back fired badly upon them. Perhaps it would have ended like the Khomeini movement in Iran against Shah. Khomeini was banished, but then he became much more popular and whole country started protesting. And at some point, protests became so huge that Shah had to run away from Iran. Too bad that Khomeini hijacked and turned that resistence movement into an Islamic movement later. Gandhi was that to the Indian what Khomeini was to Iranians. They got the same level of support from the masses. Due to that fear of support, Shah didn't kill Khomeini but only banished him from Iran. I don't know exactly about it. But I could imagine that Gandhi was not so much aware of politics in the first world war as he was young at that time.
  12. Hasan Ali taunting/Unprofessional @ Wagah border

    It seems I was not able to make my point clear. I am sorry. Mullahs in Pakistan and lovers of Islamic Ideology who want to see it imposed in whole world are EVILS while they have only hatred for others and want only to dominate others by destroying them. They know no love and no peace. More or less is also true about the modern Hindutva supporters who want to impose their views upon the others through force. More or less is also true for modern Buddhists who have done the genocide of Rohingiyas. More or less is true for all the EXTREMISTS who are found in each and every religion. Mullahs and Hindutva are the two faces of the same coin.
  13. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Please tell us, from where did you come up with: (1) Gandhi "exploited" others. (2) Gandhi exploited the young kids? There exists absolutely no proof that Gandhi misused his position to exploit the other. There exists absolutely no proof that Gandhi exploited any young kid. The age of 18 is considered as legal age of making own's decision. All the women had the FULL liberty to make their own choices and refusing and no way Gandhi compelled them for it. If you make any such "allegations" of exploitation, then you must also present "very strong Proofs", but here exists 0 proofs. All these women stayed alive long long after Gandhi and none of them said that they were exploited by Gandhi. Please be open to new Ideas: We are frogs of the well, and see the world through only our own Ethics. There are tribes in the world who live totally naked along with naked young girls and young boys. By judging them through our present ethics, we are going to blame them to be sexual offenders like Gandhi. There are families in the modern west who consider dressing as not natural. These families don't wear clothes in the beaches, but there is neither any exploitation nor rape there (at least not so much exploitation or rape as it is present in our easter societies with full clothes). You have full liberty to differ with Gandhi and his experiments, but if you label him sexual offender like some Gurus who used to wear clothes, then it is injustice.
  14. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Take such articles as grain of salt. They are written by Gandhi's opponents. And also they are based upon "Conjectures". For example, this article claims that: (1) When navy revolted, then Gandhi, Patel and Nehru supported the British against them and they were the complicit. But the writer provided absolutely no proof of this accusation. Later the writer made it clear that "not joining" the revolt was equal to supporting the Britain. It is absolute pathetic to make the accusation of being complicit of Britain for not joining this revolt. (2) Then comes the "conjecture" of the writer in play where he claims that Gandhi didn't join the navy and thus Army and Air Force also not joined in revolt, and had Gandhi joined the revolt like Bose then Army and Air Force had also followed. Reality is this that this revolt was not even able to inspire the whole Navy. It was only one navy port of many. Then what to talk about whole Army and Air Force?
  15. Hasan Ali taunting/Unprofessional @ Wagah border

    Please ask this question to yourself: (1) "What good has this action of Hassan Ali brought to the poor peoples of India and Pakistan"? (2) If you ponder, then by this unnecessary action, only the extremist modern Hindutvatva supporters are going to get stronger in India who deadly hate Pakistan and Pakistanies and don't want to have any relations even among the poeple of both sides. (3) And the forces that are going to become weaken, they are the Human Loving forces, who want good relations and want peace and love instead of hatred and bloodshed. (4) You want to dilute this stupid and unnecessary action by telling us that Indians should not over react upon it. But it would be stupid of you to think that Indians are going to listen to you as you are no one to tell the Indians how to react. But you are the one who could tell extremist people of your own side like Hassan Ali to behave and don't indulge in such stupid actions. (5) There are only few forces left that are bringing the message of peace. Mostly it is Music which combines the heart of people of both sides. And then there are games like cricket and kabaddi which again bring the message of peace. It would be extremely sad when Music is being started to use to sow hatred instead of peace. And it would also be extremely sad when the representatives of games are used to spread the hatred too.

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