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  1. Alam_dar

    I AM FROM INDIA | Social Experiment in Pakistan

    Someone wrote it: Translation: Just look at the effects of hatred That even the animals have also been divided Cow became Hindu While BAKRA became Muslim Dry fruits are also in state of shock No one know when Khajoor (date) became Muslim While Coconut became Hindu Similarly we are dividing the colours too in name of religion Green became Muslim While Red/Saffron became Hindu Therefore, that day is not far when all green vegetables became Muslim, while Hindus will get only tomato and carrots. And biggest problem is to categorize the water melon. It is Hindu (red) inside while Muslim (green) outside.
  2. Little surprised to see the positive reaction by the fellow Pakistanis in this video. Anyhow, I think this video was done in a big city, where people are more educated and open minded as compared to the other small cities of Pakistan. Humanity has not been totally lost.
  3. Alam_dar


    Sorry dear. Making Gajar Ka Halwa and you are wholeheartedly invited. Let us hold hands, form a circle and play ringa ringa roses.
  4. Force is a bitter reality unfortunately. All Palestinians and even the neighbouring Arab States opposed Israel, but use of force by Israel made all of them to retreat and at last give up their demands. For me, no state has a right to exist till it accepts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  5. Alam_dar


    It is like this that I don't feel myself responsible for the actions of the others. Although it seems that guys from different religions who are working at same office, are doing get-togethers. And the situation in the University hostel was even better and even ringa ringa rosese were played, or at least they went to discos and after girls together. It may be that these moderate religious people do have some "Boundaries", like no marriage in other religions or other cultures etc. While for me these boundaries have no more meanings. There are many people from Left in the western countries who try to look at things as humans first. Their daughters are freely able to introduce their African or Asian boy friends, and they are welcomed. They talk to the humans like humans.
  6. Alam_dar


    For me, it should only be #leaveExtremism Which ever religion it is, when it comes to the extremists, then they are no humans any more. Even extremist atheists are also equally dangerous. Humanity is above all for me, even above atheism. Religion does not matter. I have Muslim friends, Hindu friends, Christian friends. There is absolutely no problem in having them as friends.
  7. I have some random thoughts. In West, the village people are very much interconnected. But people living in the cities don't know about their neighbours and thus get lonely. In India, again village people are very much interconnected with the neighbours and joint family system is intact. But city life in small flats making people to forget their extended families and they also don't know their neighbours. Younger generation in India is sticking to computer games and thus very little road cricket as compared to old times where cricket was played on all the roads. There is something missing in the younger generation. They simply don't have such strong ties with the family and the friends and the neighbours and the wife and the children as compared to the older generations. People in West are rich. They want more from the Life. They could afford to have women from the poor countries like Vietnam who are poor and obedient. If people in India also become rich, then perhaps they will also try to bring wife from poor countries. It may be just like still rich men in India try to marry in poor Indian families, while they believe to get beautiful and obedient wives. Vietnam has still the least divorce rate in the world. Much less than even India. Link. The ladies of Vietnam don't follow religion, and they eat every thing which ultimately means they are flexible and settle in any type of society easily. China has much higher rate of divorce as compared to Vietnam. Therefore hardly anyone marries in China. Traditionally the numbers of women were always more than men in Vietnam. But lately it has changed with the availability of modern scientific methods and now girls are scare. Gradually women in Vietnam will also become precious. If you come to West, then you will see so many Vietnam girls working as Barber, Masseur, in hotel, in shops... it is simply mind blowing. They do every kind of physical work which is impossible for Indian women to imagine. Lastly, many men have some taste for girls like dolls. Vietnam girls seem to their first choice. You see, there are also other poor countries in the world. But still western people are mostly marrying in this specific country of Vietnam. Earlier there was also a trend of Europeans marrying poor girls from Russia and other ex-communist countries. But then this trend disappeared while Russians themselves became totally Westerners.
  8. May be. But I don't think that in Europe/US boys and men are so much frustrated as in our region. Perhaps they watch pornography in order to enjoy it, while we watch due to the frustration. In US boys are mostly separate, and they have chance to watch pornos easily and openly without any fear or feeling of being guilty. But in joint family system, one hides such things and feels guilty too. I think that it could have more negative impact of pornography in our region as compared to US. Perhaps US/European the pairs watch it more as an Art, like Kama Sutra. While Indian pairs mostly don't consider pornos as an art and they don't watch pornos together. This could possibly impact the minds differently too.
  9. Alam_dar

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Chances are that Imran Khan will win. Imran Khan is playing the role of being a boot licker of Army, Establishment and Taliban and all Mullahs. Imran Khan's party members are making alliances with the banned terrorist Jihadi outfits. Actually, earlier these Jihadi outfits were banned by the State of Pakistan under the International pressure. But now establishment has took back the ban, and allowed these terrorist organisations to take part in the Elections, and their bank accounts have also been released. There are only few who have been raising voice against this ban lift, but surely Imran Khan is not one of them. Imran Khan has not uttered a single word against it, actually his party members have been openly making alliances with these banned outfits in many constituencies. There is a danger that lifting ban of these Jihadi Organisations may put Pakistan into the black list from the grey one. ** We have the unfortunate situation in Pakistan i.e. there is NO Secular non-corrupt Alternative. People's party is slightly left wing secular party, but the worst corrupt party in Pakistan. Actually, this party almost strangled the image of secularism in Pakistan and thus people think Islamic system is better than secularism.
  10. I am against this one sided propaganda. It was the lady who first slapped the Maulana, but Media and people is showing opposite picture if Maulana slapped her first. You have full right to be against Maulana or even Islam, but you don't have any right to be UNJUST. I just hope people could understand the importance of Justice and Fairness. Hatred driven biased attitude and false propaganda are poisonous for the society.
  11. I think lately Supreme Court of India has given the indication to change this DEPRECATED rule. Can't you see this rule is a shame where only men get punished in name of integrity of a family, although it may be possible that woman is not satisfied with her husband and she is the sole reason for love affair. And basic rule is that family relationships should never be based upon the FEAR of rules, but they should be based upon mutual respect and love. Therefore, if Hindu men are jailed, then they have to sort it out themselves. But here we are only and only concerned with the betterment of the Muslim women, and their wish to happy return to family life. We could not deny poor Muslim women their wish and destroy their family life by imposing them some obsolete law of Hindu men.
  12. I agree with your argument. But things are always complicated when it comes to the relationship. Even in cases of violence, the women mostly want only the end of violence and want to live a happy family life. Especially if violence is not so extreme, then in first time people try to warn the husband to give up these practices. But if violence carries on, then one has no other chance for happy family life any more. As compared to domestic violence, I don't feel that giving divorce is a Crime as such. While triple Talaq becomes unwanted/crime while husband pronounces it in anger, and then he has no other way to take it back, and it is the women who has to suffer in name of Nikah Halala, and also the children suffer. If we ask Muslim women what they want, then it is clear almost all of them want abolishing of triple Talaq while they want happy return to home in their family life. Thus, sending husbands for 3 years in prison is neither logical not beneficial for their family life in case of triple talaq.
  13. The BJP's supposed solution (i.e. imprisonment of 3 years for husband) is not going to work, while it is not solving the problems for the Muslim Women. First Problem: If husband goes to jail, then how the wife and children are going to survive? This solution is worst for the women. Second Problem: The real wish of Muslim women is "Happy Return to Home". But if Supreme Court simply abolishes 3 Talaq, still this goal is not going to be achieved. The mentality of Muslims Men is clear that for them it is a religious matter, and pronouncing 3 times Talaq has made their wives Haram upon them and if they do sex with her then it is only fornication. Therefore, even if Supreme Court says NO Talaq has taken place (on papers only), still such women will not never achieve the task of "Happy Return to Home". Please remember, abolishing of 3 Talaqs is not for alimony or the maintenance money, while these rights had already been granted to the Muslim women by the Supreme Court in 1980s. But recently Muslim women are protesting against 3 Talaqs basically for only one reason, i.e. Happy Return to Home and continue their family life. Therefore, I am writing here from the Muslim Women's perspective, and how could they achieve their task and which could really solve their problems. According to the Sharia law, marriage is only a contract, and State has the power to change the conditions of marriage contract. Indian State should make additions in the "Default" marriage contract in India, according to which Muslim men will automatically loose the right to give 3 Talaqs, but they have to go the same procedure as Normal Indian citizens. After addition of this simple condition, Muslim men will not be able to give 3 Talaqs. Secondly, they will be free from religious point of view too in taking back their wives. This is the only way possible for Muslim women for "Happy Return to home". I just hope that politics are not played. If the objective of BJP is only to malign Islam, then BJP will leave the simplest and best solution, and it will go for 3 years jail. But it will not provide relief to any Muslim woman. While Mullahs got 1400 years to change this marriage contract. But they never changed it. And they even didn't tell the women about their right to make this condition at time of marriage. Even now I see only this the Mullah neither want 3 years imprisonment, nor they want to make any change in the marriage contract and they want to keep the women under the pressure of their husband in name of 3 Talaqs. Therefore, neither support BJP nor support Mullahs, but in name of Humanity please support the Muslim Women and get them rid of this evil of 3 Talaqs.
  14. I am wondering what to think about this woman Shabina. We are sincerely fighting against Nikah-Halala, but it may be that some women try to use our struggle for their wrongful personal interests. This woman (Shabina) perhaps even don't know that Nikah or Nikah-e-Halala is not allowed with the father-in-law. Therefore, I am very doubtful about her. Perhaps she wants some kind of personal revenge against his husband. Therefore, be aware of such cases.
  15. This is the unfortunate thing for India. On one side RSS wants to make India a Hindu Pakistan (Shashi Tharoor is totally correct and I fully agree with him). While on the other hands Indian Extremist Muslims want to implement the unjust laws of Sharia in name of personal law. This is also a political move while Muslims in India are getting out of control of the Mullahs. So, they just want to have some more influence upon the Muslim community in name of Sharia Courts. Extremists on both sides are actually brothers of each others. Hindu extremists get popularity due to the foolish statements of Muslim Extremists. And Indian extremist Mullahs get popularity among Indian Muslim community due to the fear of extremist Hindu RSS. I just hope sensible Indians could see it and don't let themselves become prey of this hatred driven agenda, and also don't let Muslim community become radicalised and driven towards extremist Mullahs.

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