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  1. Happy Valentines Day

    To be realistic, most problems in the family are occurring due to wrong behaviour of the parents. Parents have not recognised that times have changed, and they also have to change with it. Parents still interfere too much in the life of the children, as our culture allows them to do so.
  2. I don't care about the discussion between an atheist and agnostic. But when religious people start imposing their system, then no other choice left other than to counter them. (While atheists and agnostics follow almost the same system, which is based upon intellect and free thinking)
  3. Let me answer it in private.
  4. Very sad. I just hope that communists in West Bengal are aware of the dangers. 100% true about moderate Muslims. They too defend Islam using all possible lame excuses. It seems I have to give up my job, and to write whole encyclopaedia about Islam. Despite having limited abilities, I feel I could make a difference, but it is full time project and I am unable to give away my job at moment). We got great success in Urdu discussions and we didn't let the Muslims run away using their lame excuses.
  5. Dr. Richard Dokins said: "On scale from 0-10, I am an Atheist at scale 9 and rest one part is agnostic" Why? According to his logic, till the time science does not answers from where did the "matter" come, there will always be one part agnostic hiding in every atheist.
  6. Liberals may have a problem in case of Islam. But for sure Liberal Seculars were not wrong in case of Christianity and Judaism. Indeed masses in Europe and US/Canada, Australia etc. became liberals from religious extremists. In fact, till some 40 years ago (before 1980s) Muslims were also becoming liberal. But then came Islamic Revolution in Iran, then Afghan war started which brought Jihadi Culture along with it, then came al-Qaeda. Also, in the mean time Saudi Arabia got itself established through oil money, and for the first time it started exporting the extremist Salafi Islam, which was the main reason why Muslim conversion towards liberalism stopped. Then due to Media, this Jihadi culture spread very very quickly all over the Muslim countries. But off course Liberals learnt from it and they are also now in favour of fighting the extremist Islam. NOTE: Liberalism not only made a mistake in case of Islam, but it also made a mistake in case of Extremist Hinduism in few Indian States. Unfortunately, they also didn't turn towards the true Secular values as the Christians of Europe turned towards secularism. Religious extremism is not good for the humanity overall, irrespective of it being Muslim extremism, or Jewish extremism, or even Buddhist extremism as we see in Burma. Secular way of opposing vs extremist way of opposing: If Muslims don't reform them, then sooner or later Liberals of Europe will also turn against them (as we already watching in form of introduction of strict laws in Europe regarding Burqa and children rights etc. and also in form or social boycott of extremist Muslims in Europe as they don't get good jobs etc. And this trend will only increase in the future. While response of religious extremists is out of proportion and it indeed brings destruction along with it. In India, what RSS and Akali Dal brought in name of response to Muslim extremism, it was also carried very much negative along with it. Hindu extremism not only reacted against Muslims, but they also made other communities fearful of them. Christians and Sikhs are fearful of Hindutva. Hindu Seculars are fearful of Hindutva. In fact, even moderate Hindu supporters of BJP are also fearful of this extreme Hindutva practices by RSS and others. It would be better for India if all other forces could unite against the extremist Islam (even the moderate secular Muslims also to share the boat against extremist Islam). It seems BJP is trying to achieve it in some cases which is a positive development. The biggest issue with extremist Hindu approach is this that it is turning the Moderate Muslim population into extremist Muslim population, and thus making the problem worse overall.
  7. How to deal with sensitive teeth?

    (1) Your Link is criticism of Weston A Price Foundation by so called SkepticDoctor. I don't know about this Skepdoctor, but I know that there are millions of followers of Weston A Price foundation, including many doctors. (2) Skepdoctor declared Weston A Price a fraud in one line while they advocate "Raw Milk". But Weston A Price gave lot of details under raw milk, which Sekpdoctor neglected. Science itself proofs that heating anything over 37 degree cause the destruction of vitamins/minerals. Therefore, it is recommended to cook the vegetables shortly so that vitamins and minerals stay alive. Why does then this basic principle changes when it comes to Raw Milk vs pasteurized milk? The reason lies in the improper understanding about raw milk by Skeptic Doctor as compared to Weston A Price who goes in details for handling the raw milk. For example: * Raw milk cause harm if it is not properly handled (like always keeping cold under +4 degree). * Or in many people digestion is already so bad that they could not handle the living vitamins/minerals in the raw milk. In such cases Weston A Price recommends going slowly and starting with 1 table spoon and then gradually increasing. Or starting with Kefir/yoghurt from raw milk. And even more easy thing is raw milk butter or raw milk cheese. * And then Weston A Price made a very important discovery that raw milk of grain fed cows may cause problems in few individuals with bad digestion, but these problem don't occur if cow eats 100% grass based diet. * Science is proving that Omega 3 content in grass fed cows is many times more than grain fed cows. This important discovery was only brought forward to the public only by Weston A Price. * And Weston Price also brought the concept of 100% pastured raised chickens and their eggs, which again have many times more omega 3 as compared to market eggs. There is hell of difference betweent heir quality and for "healing" our body needs this real stuff. We could not heal ourselves if we keep on using the market bought eggs. And many healthy cultures in the world were using raw eggs. Weston A Price noted it and gave this knowledge further to US public. Again we know that heat destroys the vitamins/minerals, and indeed raw egg is more healthier than cooked egg. (3) And then Sekpdoctor criticized Weston A Price for Vaccination in one line. Here once again Skepdoctor neglected the details. Dr. Weston A Price visited the healthy tribes in different parts of the world, who didn't get any contact with the modern world (in the beginning of 20th century), and studied their diet habits and diseases in those tribes. He found out that these healthy tribes don't have any Polio cases since centuries and these tribes don't know any such disease of polio. Thus he came to this conclusion that their healthy eating habits is the cause that there were no polio cases there. The "Basic Diet" that has been recommended by Dr. Weston A Price, it is superb and indeed helps the body to heal only through diet (without any medication). https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/abcs-of-nutrition/principles-of-healthy-diets-2/
  8. The burden of non-religious wars (WW 1, WW 1 should not be put upon the atheism/liberalism). They were not fought in name of atheism/liberalism, but they were fought in the name of "Nationalism". Actually, the religious powers in Pakistan/India also have the monopoly upon "Nationalism". The extremist religious forces in Pakistan/India distribute the certificate of "nationalism" and "patriotism" or the "traitor". Therefore, Liberals have little to do with nationalism as compared to the religious people. While Liberal have to do more with "Humanity Values" as compared to the religious people, for whom religion precedes the humanity. Then there are human evils like "Personal Benefits", like Chengiz Khan fought for personal glory. But this disease of "personal benefits" is not only limited to atheists/liberals, but religious individuals could also be equally effected with the emotion. Therefore, religious people kill not only in name of religion, but also in name of "personal benefits". In many cases, they even use the name of religion for their personal benefits and change the personal war into a religious war. Therefore: Dangers with Religious Group: They will kill for (1) Purely religious grounds (2) Personal Benefits (3) Nationalism Dangers with Liberal Groups: (1) Personal benefits. Thus, religious groups are always much bigger danger to the world peace as compared to the liberals.
  9. How to deal with sensitive teeth?

    Raw Milk VS Pasteurized Milk =================== Yes I could imagine the problems in India. Unfortunately, Ghee is not a very good replacement. Firstly, we could not eat big quantity of ghee. Secondly, whenever we cook milk over 37 degree Celsius, then Vitamins and Minerals start dying (especially those who are heat sensitive). Therefore, there is a huge difference between raw milk and pasteurized milk. Above in one post Mr. Flamy gave the link of Weston Price Organisation (regarding cod liver oil). It is a must read. This same Weston Price organisation talks in details about Raw Milk vs Pasteurized Milk https://www.westonaprice.org Only the cows on 100% grass diet have Omega 3 in their milk. The natural colour of butter with Omega 3 is yellow and it tastes very different with white colour butter which is made from milk of cows who are grain fed. Moreover, remember that Omega 3 is very heat sensitive. Therefore, even if the milk has omega 3, but by heating it, we loose a big amount of omega 3. Your best choices of fats in India are then (1) Home made coconut cream (first choice) (2) Cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil which is very costly in the West (3) Ghee from grass fed cows. Although it looses vitamins due to heating, but still it is many times better choice than vegetable oils in the markets. Use as much ghee as possible. It will to some extent help you to overcome carb issues. PS: It seems there is no custom of drinking raw milk in Pakistan (only sometimes people drink directly from the udder of cow). In West, raw milk is immediately cooled down under +4 degree and could be used in raw state within next 4-5 days. Nevertheless, you don't get raw milk in the markets, but you have to go to the farm houses. (2) I know there is no custom of eating wild herbs like dandelions and nettles, like we have in the west (especially Europe) where a lot of edible wild herbs are used in salads. Europe also lost this tradition, but gradually they are going back to the origins and again they are starting eating them. And there is not so much pollution in West as in India. Here we are able to find wild edible herbs in areas where there is no traffic. (3) You wrote that you are not able to digest salads. Remember, it is very difficult to digest the roots like vegetables in salads (like carrots, reddish, turnips etc.). But as far as soft leaves of lettuce are concerned, then they are very easily digested. While the root vegetables should only be used for making raw Juices, which is easily digested and really healthy as it also has living vitamins/minerals. Ok, another problem is this that in Pakistan I saw only one type of lettuce salad. But in West there are 5 to 10 types of different of lettuce salads easily available in every discounter. Anyhow, people living in India may use the green leaves of reddish, carrot, turnips, red beet in salads. Their leaves have 3 times more nutrition than the roots themselves and they are much easily digestible than roots and tubers. It is sad that people throw away their leaves in India, while they are much more important for health as compared to the roots and tubers.
  10. I think only the non-religious community believe in this African Origin theory, while it is somehow linked to the Theory of Evolution, which majority of the religious people deny. Secondly, I think after knowing that we all have the same origins, then it would reduce the hate and supremacy feelings over the others. There are still many white people who are supremacists. This news could help them to get rid of this disease. Humanity has been divided into religions, nationalism, races, castes etc. But such news provide us an opportunity to go above these thinks and to feel the real humanity.
  11. I didn't want to link, but it automatically occurred. That is why I request the mods to please edit the title of this thread. I am sorry for this inconvenience.
  12. @Mods: Please edit the title of the Thread. Thanks.
  13. First modern Britons had 'dark to black' skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis revealsThe genome of Cheddar Man, who lived 10,000 years ago, suggests that he had blue eyes, dark skin and dark curly hair image: http://www.pakpassion.net/ppforum/attachment.php?attachmentid=78662&stc=1 The first modern Britons, who lived about 10,000 years ago, had “dark to black” skin, a groundbreaking DNA analysis of Britain’s oldest complete skeleton has revealed.The fossil, known as Cheddar Man, was unearthed more than a century ago in Gough’s Cave in Somerset. Intense speculation has built up around Cheddar Man’s origins and appearance because he lived shortly after the first settlers crossed from continental Europe to Britain at the end of the last ice age. People of white British ancestry alive today are descendants of this population.It was initially assumed that Cheddar Man had pale skin and fair hair, but his DNA paints a different picture, strongly suggesting he had blue eyes, a very dark brown to black complexion and dark curly hair.The discovery shows that the genes for lighter skin became widespread in European populations far later than originally thought – and that skin colour was not always a proxy for geographic origin in the way it is often seen to be today......continue reading:https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/feb/07/first-modern-britons-dark-black-skin-cheddar-man-dna-analysis-reveals =========== Comment: Everyone in this country is either an immigrant or the descendent of an immigrant. There is no such thing as a "british" human. We all came from Africa and arrived here at different times. Once we realise this then maybe we could try being nice to each other.
  14. Terrorism/cowardliness in Pak DNA?

    Brain Washing: Religions are all about brain washing. About getting beautiful life after the death. Do you believe that European turned Muslims are different than Pakistani Muslims? Or should we say that DNA of Europeans also changes to Pakistani DNA when they convert to Islam? I believe in Humanity. All CHILDREN are alike, till the time adults change their behaviours by brain washing them.
  15. How to deal with sensitive teeth?

    Ha Ha Ha I know all the problems that are caused by removing carbs, as I often goes on carb free diet some times for many weeks (although I do take some fruits (mostly beeries ). So I know from my personal experience what I am talking about. You must know the "proper alternatives" in order to successfully fight against the carbs. First: High Quality Fats ============== The biggest help comes from high quality fats. (1) Before fast take few spoons full of Butter. But this butter should not come from "grain eating" cows, but only from 100% grass eating cows. There is a huge difference in them while only grass fed cows give milk full of Omega 3, which keeps the good mood. The "Kerrygold" butter from Ireland is from cows who pasture only on the green lands of grasses with no grains (at least in summer, while in winter they do get grains). And even better than Kerrygold, there is an option of "RAW 100% grass fed butter". Are you in US? It is relatively easy in US to get hands to raw milk from 100% grass fed cows. Normal grain fed butter is almost useless and you will notice no help during your fast. (2) Avocados also have good fats and help you feel satisfied during your fast. (3) Coconut oil is also very good (but it should only be Cold Pressed Extra Virgin coconut oil). Much better option is if you make Coconut cream from coconut meat yourself at home (using the juicer machine). I think you are vegetarian, otherwise non-veg diet has some better options when it comes to Fats with Omega 3. (4) Eggs from hen on pastures Do you eat eggs? If yes, then use eggs (better raw eggs) from hen who pasture on green fields where they eat some grains, some grass and lot of worms and insects. Only these eggs have Omega 3. While normal eggs from market make me ill. Wild Fresh herbs like dandelion: ==================== No cultivated salats are even 1/5th so satisfying as fresh wild herbs like dandelions and nettles. They keep you satisfied for a very long period of time. I am afraid that is all of recommendations if you are a vegetarian.

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