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  1. Unleashed

    India needs to find pace bowling all-rounder

    If you can't see the value of Pandya in our LOI team atleast, then might as well start watching a different team.
  2. Unleashed

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    No dude, just because you're ignorant doesn't mean there's no "exciting" talent. Ishan Kishan and Shubman Gill are both on par with Shaw in terms of the X Factor and exciting talents. A tier below them are the likes of Nitish Rana, Anmolpreet Singh and Himmat Singh who are very exciting talent themselves. Pretty sure there are more i'm missing.
  3. Unleashed

    Team for the next match

    I expect Chahar, Khaleel to get a game. Bhuvi and Bumrah should be rested. KL Should also get a game, but I don't think Rohit and Dhawan should be rested as they've the momentum.
  4. The saddest thing about Dhoni playing is that Dhoni of 2013 would've probably dropped him from the squad on the basis of performances. Dhoni is an ODI ATG, but right now he's shredding his legacy minute by minute, just like how Yuvi had done.
  5. Unleashed

    Chennai Super Kings influencing national selections?

    4D Chess by Bangladesh, making sure Jaddu get wickets to get the CSK conspiracy going.
  6. Eh c'mon man. If we had played Jaddu in place of Ashwin in the 4th test, then the result might have been different. As for Rohit, he's probably amongst the world's best openers in ODI right now.
  7. "Dhoni's boyfriend" "RoFat". Is there no age restrictions on this website? Why are 12yr old posting on this forum?
  8. According to a Journalist, Shardul, Axar and Pandya are all been sent back. The replacements have been Chahar, Jadeja and Kaul. I was wondering why the hell Jadeja isn't playing against Delhi today. That is the answer.
  9. It's clear that the team management wanted a pace bowling option who can bat a bit. The options were either Vijay Shankar or Chahar. I'm glad that we have gone for Chahar. Also the negativity on this site is incredible.
  10. Unleashed

    Asia Cup squad announced, Rohit to lead.... Khaleel Selected

    Very good selection for Khaleel Ahmed. We need a left armer in our squad. Don't see why Bumrah is selected, should've rested him imo. Not that happy with our middle order but I guess Pandey's ridiculous form in A team has sealed his place.
  11. Unleashed

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Yeah, agreed. I was just saying that with the likes of Prasidh Krishna, Mavi, Nagarkoti, we've quite a few very good right arm pace bowlers, but apart from Khaleel, I can't remember any good left armer right now apart from Khejroliya who's just mediocre. It'll be good to have a variety of a left armer.
  12. Unleashed

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Personally I think we need a left armer pace bowler more right now. We've enough depth in right armers as of now. Khaleel Ahmed has been decent for India A.
  13. Unleashed

    Duncan Fletcher, the unsung hero

    Funny how you mentioned the likes of RP Singh and Pathan, both of them who failed to improve after looking like WC bowlers in their initial spell and turned into trundlers. Would the debacle of RP Singh being selected for 2011 Tour happen under Kohli? Like * it'd happen right now. There has been systematic improvements ofcourse background, but it won't matter much if those at the top(i.e the Captain) don't utilize them properly.
  14. Unleashed

    Duncan Fletcher, the unsung hero

    There's been loads of cases in previous years where our bowlers have deteriorated after playing 2 years of international cricket. There've been a lot of memes about Indian pacebowlers starting with a bang and then becoming trundlers, therefore the "improvement curve" point is fairly useless when talking in context of Indian bowlers. It's hilarious how you actually said that improvement at grassroots level is the reason behind the improvement of our current fast bowlers? Do you even know what grassroots actually means? Improvement at grassroots levels is the reason behind the emergence of Mavi, Nagarkotti.
  15. Unleashed

    India squad at Asia Cup

    Pretty sure that selectors won't send Kohli or Bumrah. Both of them are absolutely invaluable right now. Bhuvi might play as he's not playing the English series anyway.

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