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  1. Thought this was interesting. Good to see another young talent being considered by the Indian team and he is very, very promising but also great to see that they're not taking any exceptions over fitness. http://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/yo-yo-the-new-dreaded-term-that-can-swing-a-players-fortunes/article19786606.ece Nehra passing it is a surprise.
  2. The walking wicket took your best bowling attack in history to cleaners in a WC match. Pakistan seem to have an inferiority complex when it comes to Sachin.
  3. People saying Kohli is better than SRT are too young to watch Sachin at his prime. No person who had to sit through 90's watching Sachin carrying that absolute joke of a middle order would ever make that comparison. Three factors which make the comparison stupid. 1) The pitches weren't this flat. 220-230 used to be a good score more or less. Now days 300 is considered to be a good score. 2) The bowling attacks. Aussies had Mcgrath and Warne. Saffers had Donald, Pollock. Pakistan had Waqar, Wasim, Shoaib. SL had Vaas, Murali. 3) Indian batting was a joke. For the first ten years only Azhar and Jaddu were decent ODI players. Only after Ganguly and Dravid did he finally had support.
  4. Shami over Pandya/Ash?

    Some of our fans are clueless as hell. Yes he had a bad bowling day today, but as a package he's an invaluable asset to India right now. The final XI will be the same inspite of the need to make changes here.
  5. Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    His bowling excites me more than his batting(that's not to say that he is not good as a batsmen). I think if he progresses like he has, then there's no reason he can add more speed to his bowling. I was watching some Pakistan cricket show on YT to see them crying after our latest match and to my surprise found one of the shows had Sir Viv, Ian Chappell and Lara as pundits. All three of them pointed out Pandya as someone who has huge potential and very impressed by his bowling and speed. Makes me laugh when people say Krunal is better than him. Hardik will be a test match international cricketer for India, Krunal has to go above Axar to get into our second string Indian side.
  6. Well said. I want a coach who can really work on the player's mental side of things when they're out of form. Viru as a coach will probably be the worst thing to happen to our National Team when it comes to Tests. Can imagine him dropping Vijay and Pujara to get in "attacking" batmsen like Rohit and Dhawan.
  7. Jadeja is the best fielder?

    Just my opinion but I think Jaddu is a level above in fielding when it comes to every other Indian fielder in the past. Probably the best ground fielder in the world right now.
  8. Indian ODi squad for me should be, looking ahead

    I trust the selectors. Still remember the reaction here after our squad was announced, loads of people were saying that Pakistan have a legitimate chance of beating us. Thampi, Shankar etc need to prove their mettle on A Tours first. They're not super talented like Pandya, Pant etc that they deserve to be fast tracked.

    Bhai, please turn off your caps lock key!
  10. Another ICC match and another As* whopping

    Honestly this was a rubbish match. Had the same inevitable feeling as if we were playing Namibia. Bangladesh are a much better side than Pakistan.
  11. Guha resigns from COA

    He also says that at one of the players camp, one of the national coaches wasn't available due to IPL. Says that country must take precedence over IPL and suggest that the coaching salaries should be increased so that financially they don't take a hit by ignoring IPL. What's wrong in that? I love the IPL but if a coach is ignoring a national camp due to IPL then it just doesn't sit right with me.
  12. Guha resigns from COA

    Don't like the man at all but he has a very valid point regarding Kumble/Dravid/Gavaskar.
  13. Anyone but Sehwag, his comments and twitter stuff might be appreciated by idiots but I can't stand him these days. International cricket is serious business and I hope we appoint someone suitable.
  14. Alright so many things wrong in this post. 1) "Rohit Sharma is in such a horrible form that he can't even buy a run" - Has scored 3 fifties in the last 5 IPL innings. All three coming when rest of MI batting has failed and he has scored at a strike rate of 150's. 2) "Dhawan is an embarassment on international stage" = Top scorer overall in CT 2013 and Top scorer for India in WC 2015. 3) "Gambhir should be in the team cos he gets under the skin of Pakistan team and plays wonderfully against them" - Last played an ODI in 2013. If scoring against Pakistan is a criteria then we better get Sadagoppan Ramesh in the team too. Last thing, to the morons who are quoting IPL performances as a yardstick for team selection. Then we should presumably also drop Kohli bring in Uthappa. Drop Shami bring in Unadkat.

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