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  1. Don’t understand why CSK dint go for him
  2. 2G verdict - Raja/Kanimozhi found NOT guilty.

    I knew this would happen when Modi paid a visit to karunanithi. They are all in together.
  3. Rashid Latif disgusting Rant against Sehwag !

    A classless moron having a go at another classless moron... why would anyone care?
  4. Can we ban all these dhoni and sachin fans.....this forum is degrading fast... unbearable... can't believe mods are involved this..
  5. Should Kohli be removed as captain?

    Sad to say that this forum has gone to a gutter level
  6. Agree with this...I had the same thought.. I will add one other scene.. three arrow shooting scene with devasena against pidaris..those three scenes were epic...
  7. Supreme court rulings

    except the national anthem in cinemas i agree with all other rulings from SC
  8. excellent decision by SC.. BCCI burn burn... @Chandan might have been very pleased with this decision..
  9. Lol. Lions are scared and it shows. 2 wkts gone. This is going to be a cake walk for the RCBs
  10. I don't know how gujarat lions can win this match.
  11. KKR vs GL ,Match no 38

    This weird bowler is a Shiite spinner
  12. Jadeja's batting

    Forget about his batting.he wasnever good at it. His only strong suit was fielding.even that has deserted him. In the last match he gave away twos easily n now misfielded n gave away a 4 pathetic player
  13. Umpires r bunch of clowns. He was long way from the crease when the ball hit the stump and this stupid umpired referred to 3rd ump. What the feck was he even looking at?

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