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  1. Don’t understand why CSK dint go for him
  2. zubinpepsi

    2G verdict - Raja/Kanimozhi found NOT guilty.

    I knew this would happen when Modi paid a visit to karunanithi. They are all in together.
  3. zubinpepsi

    Rashid Latif disgusting Rant against Sehwag !

    A classless moron having a go at another classless moron... why would anyone care?
  4. Can we ban all these dhoni and sachin fans.....this forum is degrading fast... unbearable... can't believe mods are involved this..
  5. Agree with this...I had the same thought.. I will add one other scene.. three arrow shooting scene with devasena against pidaris..those three scenes were epic...
  6. Sorry these two oldies are embarrasing.. Should have been a 200+ total..

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