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  1. on on that note, the site emojis need a refresh... I didn’t watch the indian innings except for Pandya + B. Kumar, read they pretty much threw away their wickets. Why does that happen in the first inning of every series? Home or away....
  2. devla

    Steve Smith technique

    That does leave you in an awkward position to play square off the wicket in the off... especially if the ball is going across from a left armer... Wonder what his average is against left arm seamers?
  3. devla

    Steve Smith technique

    If there is already a thread on this, apologies... If there was an unsuccessful batter with his technique, they would be all over him for his foot movement and back lift but he seems to work this to his advantage... Maybe a lack of good quality left arm seamers are the reason he is successful?
  4. devla

    Hi after a long time

    I had the same nick back then Live in Chicago, originally from Vadodara and Mumbai. Played school and college cricket in Vadodara before Engineering took over... Coolest thing I’ve ever done? - Watched Sachin’s last day in Tests live at the stadium.. Anyway - not meaning to be a troll here...
  5. devla

    Hi after a long time

    Yes - subscribed there too. And a whole bunch of fly-by-night streams before them... Didn’t you actually host a few streams yourself?
  6. devla

    Hi after a long time

    Yes I was at the old site, same username... I’ve been to the new site as well, a few years ago. I don’t know all the details of how the new site came into being but I don’t care, it was great nonetheless as I’m sure this site is now... Don’t have much time these days but I still have my willow subscription, I was probably the first willow tv customer
  7. devla

    Hi after a long time

    Can’t believe I’m still seeing some of the same names that were here like 15 years ago.... £¥(€ it’s crqxy to think you guys are still around... just dropped in in to say hi...

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