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  1. The true Delhi fan sad story.

    Jindals own 50% of DD now.
  2. The true Delhi fan sad story.

    Jindals are the new owners of DD.
  3. Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

    I wonder if Nagarkoti when 22-23 will be a express pace bowler like Lee etc.
  4. Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

    Why Ishant? What has he done?
  5. Who wants to give his best for 150k? Gayle gets twice of that in IPL. Russel,Bravo and Jofra didnt bother turning up for the padosi league to keep themselves fit for the IPL. Padosis Small League can only afford so much.
  6. Hasan Ali taunting/Unprofessional @ Wagah border

    These guys are frustrated that our U19 stars make more money than these guys. Good that these people are not allowed in IPL.
  7. Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

    Speeds not shown today for 1st match.
  8. Where are the Kolkata Knight Riders Fan?

    Nopes. Its Bengali.
  9. History teaching in Pakistan

    Haan bhai.
  10. History teaching in Pakistan

    That angels thing is truly taught in Pakistan.
  11. SRH has best bowling ipl

    So you supporting SRH?
  12. The Astonishigly Poor Captaincy At KKR

    Well the way the U19 stars are being treated is shockingly poor. First Shubman Gill came way down the order as if he is some tailender now Mavi hardly gets to bowl. Kkr now is full of India discards like DK Uthappa Vinay Ko Maar Chaiwala and they seem to be threatened by these new upcoming stars who may displace them from their retirement home and hence not giving them their chances.

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