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  1. The Never Ending Thread

    You should have jumped.
  2. Census Fraud in Pakistan

    What is the fraud?
  3. The Never Ending Thread

    Yea i am an admin. :P Stick around Deelkay
  4. The Never Ending Thread

    Its sunny here, just in case you were wondering.We have a huge issue in sept 2015 and were down for weeks.Activity isnt the same since then.We have been improving though.
  5. The Never Ending Thread

    DeeKay.....Where have you been???
  6. You have named yourself Khota correctly.
  7. Didnt know Kolkata was in Bangladesh.Is this the geography you learnt? Living in US and commenting on Indians living in India.Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.
  8. Even Lahori Logic and Karachi Calculations make more sense than your post.
  9. Dhoni is a ATG in ODIs.He will take that Wk and 6th spot in any ODI team.
  10. Scheduling matches in Chennai in Sep-October

    Big morons.No matches in chennai.
  11. Shami should be playing in place of Bhuvi.
  12. As the continued poor performances of Rahane isnt enough to get him booted out of the team, i believe only prayers and duas can do it now.
  13. Defence News and Updates

    If J20 be as capable as hyped or even anywhere ready China wont be ordering SU 35s.

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