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  1. If score was 220 and not 160 we would be in far better state. Tire out the bowlers on a placid pitch?Huh? really? You play out maidens when the ball is 40 overs old?Thats the best time to score runs. Big Partnerships?On basis of number of balls?Score runs for ffs. I know more about Test Cricket then you can imagine.Test cricket doesnt mean tuk tuk tuk and let the opposition dry up runs.
  2. 4 FC innings.
  3. Scored 300.Got dropped the next test for a hack like Jayant Yadav.Destroyed his confidence.
  4. This is what happens when you dont score runs. couple wickets and you are in trouble. 3 wickets lost for 59 runs.
  5. There is no bloody intent to score runs.Block Block and then we will lose a wicket and we are in trouble.
  6. Just look at the atrocious run rate of India in the last two tests.The slow run rate allowed Australia to escape in the last test.This test also they have choked the runs and India has only scored 140 runs in 52 overs.This will again allow time to pass and let Australia dictate the terms. Remember if the series is drawn Aus retain the Border Gavaskar trophy.
  7. He needs to get his temperament right. Grind out the tough session.
  8. He will still run through the BD side like a hot knife through butter.
  9. Has bangladesh ever produced a decent wrist spinner?
  10. The reforms arent going through.If they do then India pulls out of the CT.
  11. Then there should be no issue if Bcci abstains from icc tournaments.
  12. Let the 9 other members get majority of the revenues and not feed of BCCI and we can talk about democracy.
  13. They cant do that.BCCI has the votes to block it.Else they will withdraw from CT.
  14. He will remain till June only.
  15. Every Avatar/guru/prophet is a another human being for the people who dont believe in them.Respect other's faith if you want respect for yours.If you cant then respect the rules of this forum.