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  1. No one even crossed 145.These guys were talking about being like Johnson.
  2. But people can still travel.
  3. http://zeenews.india.com/uttar-pradesh/mulayam-justifies-police-firing-on-kar-sevaks-in-1990-says-security-forces-would-have-killed-more-for-countrys-unity-2059219.html
  4. At this moment we need a Srini to take on this Manohar.
  5. Arey bhai you cannot stop individuals from competing againist anyone.They are not representing the country.National teams like cricket or hockey or even Kabbaddi doesnt play. Its not prudent to close the embassies and consulates. We still provide medical visas to Pakistanis. Sushma Swaraj's twitter is flooded by Pakistani national's requests for medical visas.
  6. Your dont giving * doesnt matter.The govt can stop the national team they cannot stop an individual, its their freedom to go to Pakistan or anywhere. Individuals can go and play.They do not represnt India but themselves.
  7. But how can you stop an individual from going to Pakistan?That will be violation of his rights.
  8. Individuals cannot be stopped from going to any country.But the national team can be.
  9. He seems to have the ears of CoA. And CoA is running BCCI.

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