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  1. SJ mere bhai !!!! Shaadi ho gaayi kya?
  2. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    He was clocked at around 130ks in England.
  3. How does Surya Kumar Yadav earns more than Pujara? Whether one wants to be test only or not that decision is to be his and not anyone else's.
  4. Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.

    No.Not always and certainly not in non metros.
  5. Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.

    They will order that cremations be done in furnaces.
  6. Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.

    What mechanism is in place to challenge people who self appoint themselves?Who cannot be asked to be accountable?Who strike down every law that tries to make them accountable? Who snatched away power by means of a judgement giving themselves the power to appoint themselves?
  7. Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.

    Havent Burst Crackers for 12 years.Will buy and burn this year.
  8. Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.

    Hindus must get ready for the next ban, on cremating dead bodies.
  9. Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.

    Their legal mandate isnt to make policies and ban things. Under what law have they banned firecrackers? This is going into the territory of the legislature and executive. The SC snatched away these powers in 1997 by creating a Collegium, a body that has no mention in the constitution. The Indian judiciary lacks accountability and Transparency. They have continued to wield this power because since 1997 no single majority govt has come to power.This sort of interference in policy matters wont last long. The SC and Police also tried to teach a sharp lesson to the criminals who apparently broke "LAW" between 1974 to 1977. We know the end result. When repression is the LAW, Resistance is the Duty.
  10. No.It doesnt.Not presently atleast. It happened during one auction.The 3rd season.
  11. This is idiotic.Why take away from other players? Is it the fault of someone like Stoke that he is good enough for 3 formats.What happens if the Indian uncapped player becomes capped after few weeks? Pujara not able to play T20 is his limitation and not his strength. Cant be paying players for their weaknesses.
  12. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    152.9 for Donald.
  13. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Even in 2000s he was bowling 85mph. At his fastest he was 150 plus.Its on record.153ks in england in 1993.
  14. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    1996 England he was still bowling 140ks.
  15. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Not in Hari Phoram. I watched it.It was a short of length ball to Graham Thorpe which he left.The commentators said it was 144ks.
  16. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    There was a video on youtube.From 93-94 in that Waqar Younis was clocked at 150k and it was shown on Tv.Pak tour of NZ.Sadly that account and video is gone now. But Younis was undobtedly 150ks.Even in England in 1993.
  17. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    No.Thats in correct. In 1996 he was clocked at 90mph in england.
  18. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Its not easy to beat BC Lara that easily.1997, Lara at his peak.
  19. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    I am sure i have seen a video of Waqar Younis bowling, in NZ or SA.It was on youtube but since removed i believe.In that videi he was clocked at 150ks.
  20. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Infact i found out.It was in 1998.
  21. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    How fast is this @3.18
  22. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    If my memory serves me right Donald was clocked in at 152.9ks in the 90s. It was in England may be.
  23. http://www.rediff.com/news/report/ngt-bans-all-protests-at-jantar-mantar-with-immediate-effect/20171005.htm
  24. http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/hc-rejects-zakia-jafri-s-plea-challenging-clean-chit-to-modi-in-2002-riots-case/story-NM1NRfbP70bSp5EbsGdECJ.html
  25. Australian Players Are Scared To Sledge Because Of IPL Contracts: Virender Sehwag: https://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/australian-players-are-scared-to-sledge-because-of-ipl-contracts-virender-sehwag-1758233?type=news&id=1758233&category=Cricket Shared via NDTV News App (Android - ndtv.com/android | iPhone - ndtv.com/iPhone )

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