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  1. No.Thats the minority judgement. The majority judgement has struck down triple talaq.
  2. Violates right to equality and right to life (with dignity) of women.If its ok then why abolish it for hindus?
  3. Triple Talaq is history.Next is polygamy.
  4. http://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/bcci-seeks-govt-nod-for-2018-asia-cup-involving-pakistan-1494013.html
  5. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20360233/coa-asks-supreme-court-remove-bcci-top-office-bearers
  6. Barcelona Van Terror Attack

    Time for Europe to take strong action againist these home grown idiots.
  7. He can do well for us in the long term.
  8. Rare Madhur Nagme

    @pnimesh1955 Tujhe izzat se yahan rehne dete hai to tu spamming shuru kar deta hai.Itni baar ban ho chuka hai phir bhi besharm ki tarah wapis aa jata hai.US jaake bhi sudhra tu.Tujhse bada besharm nahi dekha hai.
  9. If not Modi, then who?

    The leftists the liberals the so called seculars complaint about Modi all the time.Anything happens anywhere in India its his fault.So if not Modi then who is the alternative to lead India. Discuss
  10. Introduction Thread for New members

    Hi How is Gujarat?Is it goodenough for you?Are you happy?
  11. Junaid Khan tampered the ball against England in CT

    I am not surprised.
  12. India to host Sri Lanka later in 2017, may hamper SA tour

    This is such a half truth news. India was always supposed to tour RSA in January.CSA wanted bcci to tour in December so as to maximise the revenue. Haroon Lorgat even tried to arm twist the bcci.When bcci CEO Rahul Johri wrote to CSA in April 2017 requesting to extend the stay of SA players in IPL by a few days, Lorgat replied that he will do so provided India tour SA in december. So disgusted was bcci with such a demand that they didnt even reply back.I hope bcci agrees to only a very short tour of SA let them take the losses.
  13. Anti Virat Kohli Club:AVKC Reborn

    Years ago one of the most enlightened members of ICF@velu had foreseen the evils that this Delhi born will bring. He had therefore started the AVKC to educate the fans and bring together everyone who was againist VK. Sadly this raider had people inside ICF as well.Led by a man only known as "Kohlitics" these stooges of the despot managed to ban AVKC. But AVKC is an idea and that idea is need of the hour.So ICFERs i give you AVKC version 2.
  14. Totally agree with @New guy
  15. Nitish resigns

    That alliance will work only in UP.But only and only if the votes get transferred
  16. Nitish resigns

    This bogey of BJP being communal is being jettiosoned fast.
  17. Congress influencing Lingayats to form a new religion

    @velu Are Vaishnavites and Shivaites not hindus?
  18. ICF needs a social media manager

    @mariyam Aapke bacche young hai.
  19. Nitish resigns

    Lizards squirming i see.
  20. Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    Ban any loudspeakers by anyone be it Mosque Temples weddings from 11pm to 6am. @mariyam Isnt there a supreme court ruling on this?
  21. I am signing this.
  22. Rahul Dravid will not travel with Team India on overseas tours

    Someone get rid of this Vinod Rai CoA.He is clueless.He allowed himself to be tossed around by Shastri and Kohli.
  23. They are in their home.They are in India.Karnataka is part of India.Seems you guys miss that.
  24. @lannister Would it be nice if govt of India stops taking in southies in union govt jobs because not knowing hindi means they cannot serve outside the southern states?A person knowing hindi can serve in most states even Telengana and hyderabad because of the use of dakkhani hindi.Will that be good?Why should i speak in english to the mallu bank manager?He should be fired or not even hired as he cannot serve in most of the country. India isnt made up of only the southern states.This language issue seems to be only with Karnataka Tamil Nadu and Kerala.You are part of a larger country and not sovereign.If a language is used for the benefit of millions of Indians who visit Karnataka and is not replacing English or Kannada what is the problem? Or is it that you simply dont care about the rest of the country? Tommorow you will say we will not sing Jana Gana Mana as it was composed in Bengali.Why chant vedic mantras composed in Sanskrit?
  25. @surajmal Should happen.Lets watch the IT industry collapse in Karnataka.Let them keep their language

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