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  1. Why you loafing around today? Itna waqt kaise mil gaya? @mariyam
  2. @lannister Who asked anyone to learn hindi?Millions of hindi speakers visit southern states so if a sign board includes Hindi in addition to English and local language how is it asking locals to learn hindi? India has only one official flag.The tricolor.Should each state have separate flag anthem constitution?How and where will you place the state flag in respect to national flag?This is how you sow seeds of separatism.
  3. Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    I was asking about people commenting on you. @mariyam
  4. Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    @mariyam What has been your personal experience in these matters?
  5. Massively disappointed with my kannadiga friends here.If each state starts behaving like a sovereign country how long will India last?I thought the idea of India was strong within Karnataka Telengana Andhra while not so strong in Kerala and TN.Seems i was wrong. @lannister@coffee_rules
  6. Can you provide a data? How will your IT industry survive without imports from the North?
  7. How many in India speak english and how many speak hindi?My bank manager is a mallu and doesnt speak hindi or bengali should i ask him to be fired?I and most bank customers make adjustments with him because he is a fellow Indian. The southern states are well versed in basic english northern and eastern states are not.So while you guys can come and read english signs in the north many northeners cannot read those english signs when they visit south.What is wrong in putting hindi in there?Are they removing kannadiga?NO. I dont understand if some of you southerners consider Indian to be an identity or not.
  8. Banks are not kannadiga owned.They are either private entities or owned by the central govt so a customer can demand whatever they feel is comfortable. What are you blabbering about being magnanimous?Your IT industry runs on the back of non southerners.That will collapse if that industry moves to other states that are more welcoming.
  9. Since majority of the population in India understands hindi and not southern languages how would you feel if understanding Hindi is made mandatory for working in central govt jobs? You are in a union and not a sovereign state.
  10. Should the central govt also stop giving the southern states anything?
  11. For You?Is Karnataka a self contained sovereign entity?There are millions in India who understand hindi but not kannadiga or english.What is the problem in adding hindi?Are they removing kannadiga or english?
  12. What imposition of Hindi? What is wrong if a sign board has English Hindi and Kannada on it?
  13. Making of another kashmir?Separate flag?Next separate constitution.Then throw out non kannadigas.Then separate country. Congress is going down a very dangerous path.Shame on them.
  14. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Ok.Sad If they couldnot do complete census it will not reflect the complete picture.
  15. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Did they do the census in Waziristan Balochistan FATA?
  16. Why is BCCI functioning so poorly nowadays ?

    Blame the Supreme Court for its unnecessary interference.
  17. NEW DELHI: Back at the helm as chief coach of the Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri is likely to pitch for the return of bowling coach Bharath Arundespite the presence of Zaheer Khan in their ranks. Shastri's choice of bowling coach was always Arun and it is now apparent that Cricket Advisory Committee did not take Shastri into confidence while recommending Zaheer as the bowling coach although his role would be similar to that of Rahul Dravid - that of a consultant. It has been learnt that Zaheer is unlikely to give around 250 days a year that a full-time bowling coach will be required to and may not be available for more than 100 days It may also be mentioned that Zaheer's salary package has not yet been inked as negotiations are still on. Earlier, when Shastri was asked about his choice of bowling coach, he had said Arun but one particular member of CAC was against it. Shastri then apparently said that: "Give me Jason Gillespie then." Gillespie is widely acknowledged as the best bowling coach in the cricketing fraternity. The wily cricketer that he was, Shastri knew that BCCI can't rope in someone like Gillespie, who is already contracted with Papua New Guinea. The BCCI has also kept Venkatesh Prasad's name on stand by but it is unlikely Shastri will settle for anything less than Arun. Prasad however may not be liked by the Indian team as one complaint against him during his earlier tenure was turning quick bowlers into line and length medium fast bowlers. According to reliable sources in the BCCI, Shastri is expected to meet the top officials and the Committee of Administrators (COA) during the weekend as he is expected to cut short his trip to United Kingdom. "Ravi has highest regards for Zaheer but he believes that a full-time bowling coach is required. Let Zak create a roadmap for bowlers and it will be Arun who will implement it. Ravi is expected to speak to COA on Saturday and make it clear that he would like Arun to join the team from Sri Lanka tour itself," a reliable BCCI source told PTI on conditions of anonymity. In case Shastri can get Arun on board, it will be a sweet revenge for him on his bete noire Sourav Ganguly, who had vehemently opposed his candidature. Arun had replaced Joe Dawes in 2014 and was there with the Indian team till 2016 when Shastri was dumped. He didn't have a distinguished playing career but has always been regarded as a great academy coach with a sound grip on the theories related to fast bowling. Arun and Shastri go back a long way having been buddies since their U-19 days back in early 80's. It was on Shastri's recommendation that erstwhile President N Srinivasan gave a go-ahead to Arun's appointment with the senior team when he was the bowling consultant at the NCA. http://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/ravi-shastri-to-pitch-for-bharath-arun-despite-zaheer-khans-presence/articleshow/59575228.cms?utm_source=toiandroidapp&utm_medium=Whatsapp&utm_campaign=show
  18. Bharat Arun - crony or coach?

    This is not football.There is a lot of difference between the two.In cricket unless you know the art yourself you cant teach others.This not only devising strategy
  19. Bharat Arun - crony or coach?

    Not CAC.The BCCI did.
  20. Bharat Arun - crony or coach?

    He knows jack **** about taking wickets.Thats a art you learn as you play.This is not a academy to teach players basics of fast bowling.
  21. Bharat Arun - crony or coach?

    Yes 3rd rate coach.Ganguly was openly telling this during 2014 Aus tour.He said on air that Aussies have Mcdermott as coach who was a very good bowler and can teach the players the art of taking wickets and setting up the batsman.The Indian coach has no idea about these things as he has not played much international cricket.
  22. Bharat Arun - crony or coach?

    Ye sutiya coach bana to i will support ireland.
  23. Bharat Arun - crony or coach?

    Total crony
  24. Dravid and Zaheer removed .Shastri to pick his own support staff

    The CAC has asked Rai to clarify or they will do it.

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