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  1. Another half fit player picked and he gets injured again during the match. In last 4 months,


    Bhuvi Kumar

    R Ashwin

    Hardik Pandya?

    Kedar Jadhav

    Shardul Thakur


    Have played despite carrying injury and have aggravated it.


    Bhuvi was played with a back injury in England and he aggravated it and missed the tests.


    Ashwin was played in the 4th test with an injury.


    Thakur was injured in Asia cup and comes back in the test team without playing a single domestic game to prove his fitness.


    Dont know if Kedar Jadhav had played a match before coming back to the Indian team in Asia cup.


    Will Pandya go to Aus without playing a domestic game post his injury recovery?


    Who is accountable? Who is asking the selectors why are they picking injured players? Who is questioning the team management?


    What is the experts of everything CoA doing? The proficient CoA, who are pundits in everything and appointed by the all knowing SC, what are they doing?




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  2. Sure, but after a few days of effigies, majority of cricket fans won't want the BCCI to boycott the ODI World Cup.  That's the issue, boycotting the ODI WC is an empty threat.  
    No its not. Tell people how icc is funding pakistan and terrorism in india indirectly. They will not look at the WC. Without India there will not be a WC.

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  3. Are you aware that FIFA bans football federations if they decide that there is too much government interference?  
    Bottomline, BCCI by virtue of membership of the ICC, has agreed to to abide by the rules and policies of the ICC.  And will have to accept this farce of a verdict that can't be appealed.  

    Foreign policy and laws have to be followed. Fifa cant do anything about it. Teams boycott Israel many times.

    Laws of the land trump any such laws of sporting bodies. WADA has had to face many such thrashings in courts.

    The "unappealable" judgement isnt really unappealable. All such arbitration awards are subject to being rejected if they are againist the laws of the country its applied in. Thats part of the 1996 arbitration act.

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  4. ICC can simply re-direct the money from BCCI share of ICC revenue.  There are umpteen 'legal' ways to do it.  Question is of will.  And unfortunately, while the BCCI was busy fighting internal battles, it has lost a major battle at the ICC.  One that has impact beyond this 'verdict', regardless of what it is.
    And indian team can simply refuse to turn up for the icc tournament.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, putrevus said:

    Exactly Lodha and COA are incompetenent bunch who have nothing to do with the economic power which BCCI have become.Srini mama might have 1000 faults but he was associated with cricket in this country long before cricket was making any money.




    The SC should have appointed better people than a  retired govt Babu,a nobody woman cricketer,a gandhi family boot licking historian.The only competent man was Vikram Limaye who quit long back.

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