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  1. If the alternative is being a team of drug cheats who get away with obvious doping like Shaw is, I will still prefer the COA. Shaw's case was a cut and dry case of doping. It's BCCI own fault if fingers are being pointed. If it was a Pakistani player this forum would have a fit
    It is very clear Shaw has powerful political connections and BCCI did everything to hush the matter
    If Shaw had powerful political connections to influence the BCCI, he would have been in the team long back.

    Just read up about how bcci handled the case of Yusuf pathan. It was similar.

    Thing is now these 2 cent babus will get a say in Bcci and you can expect bcci to go the same way other sports went.

    Just look how this Jhulaniya guy dared to stop the permission for the SA tour. With Jaitley indisposed and bcci officials out due to supreme court, these babus think its the right time to get their hands on bcci.

    India's total sports budget is 2296 cr for 2019. BCCI's annual revrnue is last year was 3400cr with profit/surplus of 2100cr.

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  2. Bcci members are opposing this.

    Thing is that CoA and Johri are absolute chewts. They got bullied by sports secretary Jhulaniya, who witheld permission for SA and women tours.

    If it was Srini or Dalmiya, they would have shown Jhulaniya the finger and moved these matches abroad.

    Then Public would have dealt with the Babus.

    How long before these Babus and NADA chewts start asking for free IPL or match tickets? Or other favours?

    These bunch of blabbering bumbling buffoon babus want to destroy the only sports we are really good at.

    The supreme court should have never interfered in the bcci. Now these retired leeches are not willing to go and keep delaying bcci elections.

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  3. 12 hours ago, First class said:

    There are different kind of mulslim, some very religious like Moeen and Rashid and majority either "moderate" or "liberal" which I think Zaheer and Munaf belonged to, hence were not "afraid" of alcohol. Its not uncommon to find muslims who drink alcohol, not just here in USA but in Pakistan also. Like all hindus are not vegetarian. 


    Who told you hindus need to be vegetarian?

  4. Which will be the two new teams?  I hope one of them isnt the Boring Pune again. There is no need to have two IPL teams from one State when most of the other populous states don't even have one. 
    My Guess Gujarat will be on of them. Another could be based in the Hindi-Belt UP/MP.
    It will be based on bids. Adani may bid for Ahmedabad. Tatas will likely bid for Ranchi and Goenkas for Pune.

    There may be others as well.

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  5. 6 hours ago, SachinFanForever said:

    Unrelated - I am a new joinee. How do I create a new post under the "Cricket Talk" forum here? There is no "Create post" option on the forum page. There is one in the website homepage, named "Create Post", clicking which opens a dropdown with the cricket forums here as options, asking me to choose one. But none of them is clickable, clicking the options does nothing!

    If you want to create a new thread, you must jave atleast 50 posts.

  6. So the WC has passed. Second time India has been knocked out in the Semis.


    Both time Ravi Shastri was the team management incharge and he had his own support staff.


    Time has come to relieve him of his duties.


    Who are the possible replacements?

    1.Rahul Dravid with Zaheer Khan and Robin Singh.


    2. Jason Gillespie with Dean Jones or Mike Hussey and a fielding coach.


    3. Mahela Jayawardene with Paras Mhambrey and Robin Singh


    4. Mike Hesson with Craig mcmillan and Shane Bond


    Who do you think should be next group of tesm coaches.

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