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  1. The indian selection committee as of now had 3 members. MSK Prasad,Sarandeep Singh and Devang Gandhi. Jatin Paranjape and Gagan Khoda are in suspension as according to the CoA they are not test cricketers so cannot be in selection committee.


    Now the 3 Indian selectors have played 13 tests between them.


    In comparision Pakistan selection committee is led by Inzy who has played 100 plus tests. It also has Tauseef Ahmed(34 tests) Wajahtullah Wasti(6 tests and 15 ODIs) and Waseem Haider who has 3 Odis.


    Cricket Australia selection panel has the likes of Mark Waugh and Greg Chappell.


    NZC has Gavin Larson as selector who has 100 plus ODIs.


    The indian selection committee looks like a group of yes boys picked from obscurity just to be a rubber stamp. These guys are failures. Their selections pretty much show their ability.


    Is this how Indian cricket function?


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  2. Ganguly straight talking yaasss
    Some of the points he raised:
    1. India needs to pick between Dhoni and Karthick, Dhoni has been in bad form for more then a year.
    2. U cannot drop KL Rahul, your best batsmen, give him a free run of 14-15 matches and then decide.
    3. India's 4, 5, 6 is ****. There are better batsmen then Raina. His time is up.
    Only thing I didnt like was him advocating Rahane :facepalm:
    But he was spot on and blunt , Gavaskar gone hiding.
    This is because he is Dada. He isnt afraid of any kohli srini or dhoni.

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  3. Son, here's a lesson:
    You don't need logic for chewtiyapa.
    Logic is irrelevant. What matters is that Kohli doesn't back Rahul and will sell him down the river the moment things go wrong.
    Or this is the CSK-Dhoni quota. The cost Kohli pays to have Dhoni's support when time comes. Like removing someone like Kumble and having Cheerleader shastri.

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  4. Is Dhoni still captain of the Indian cricket team?
    Does alpha dog Kohli not have the balls to pick the players he wants.
    The guy got someone like Kumble thrown out and you're telling me he can't get the team he wants
    Batman and Robin are in this together making a fool of everyone else,no need to complicate bringing in Srini,Ambani etc

    Srini is CSK boss. He is still the one bcci guys run for advise againist ICC or SC cases. Many state associations are in his pocket. Atleast two office bearers of Bcci are his acolytes. COA days are coming to an end in bcci in couple of weeks. Everyone knows who will wield power then.

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  5. So CSK made a return to IPL this season and we see the selection ghotala in the team India.


    Likes of Raina,Thakur,Chahar getting into the team.


    What was surprising that when Ambati Rayudu failed the fitness test the replacement was Raina as if the committe had to choose a player from CSK only.


    A utter nonsense like Thakur who had done nothing to justify selection.


    Then the surprise inclusion of Deepak Chahar.


    Now we have a situation where KL Rahul is dropped but Raina is kept in the team.


    May be CSK should have been banned forever.


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