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  1. Anyway theres no moderation on ICF. People do name calling and personal attacks, and the moderators keep sleeping. Heck, there are a few moderators who keep on trolling themselves and think whatever they say are golden words. 
    ICF has come down to a level where I am beginning to not participate in any discussions. Never thought I would say this, but I have begun feeling PP is way better than ICF. We have trigger happy members here, who go on trolling and putting others down, while getting no notice from moderators. 
    This has to be one of the last posts from me over here.
    We are not a group of individuals leaving off dole money and living in council housings and making any profits out of ICF.

    Almost all owners,Mods and Admins of ICF hold proper jobs with respectable lifestyles.

    ICF has always been less moderated as thats how the founders wanted it to be.

    You like another forum thats absolutely fine.

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  2. I don't see any mismanagement with their tenure. They are just making sure the procedures are covered. This is the right way to go about it. 
    No mismanagement?

    How can Kumble be removed just because Kohli wanted that?

    How can Dravid and Zaheer be superceded by Bharat Arun and Bangar despite the CAC recommending them?

    They allowed a selection committee with a total experience of 13 tests to be formed.

    Thing is CoA are a bunch of nobodies given power by a court. They decided since they will fight Bcci officials to concentrate power in their hands its better to keep the superstar on their side.

    The CoA are nobodies who got power and then did everything to get more and keep it. In doing so they destroyed the bcci system.

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  3. Can we blame players if no practice is planned by management?
    If guys like Rahane or Pujara or anyone else wants to practice...how will they if no one has planned any.
    Or if the management defers going to the next city and instead choose to stay back in london.Players don't get to choose...or do they?
    Only captain and management can be blamed.
    If practice is planned and then the players skip it, then we can blame them.
    What management? Kohli is the management. There is no bcci because of the supreme court intervention. Now we have Vinod Rai and Eduljee. As said in the video, one snap from Kohli and they will sit down.

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  4. The moment Kohli got someone like Kumble sacked it was clear that he will get what he wants.Kumble has a huge stature as a player and headed one of the state associations.He was no pushover.On top of that he got the appointments of Dravid and Zakk cancelled. In this scenario who will take them head on in the dressing room? There are only a few individuals who have the power to take on Kohli and still keep their place in Indian cricket.Most of the,like Dhoni,Srini,SRT seem to be in their group.


    The CoA and CEO already have enemies with BCCI brass so they too want to atleast keep the supestar happy.


    On the otherside is someone like Dada who has openly taken on the KohTri(Read like Coterie) and if he becomes BCCI President Shastri can say his place goodbye.Kohli will be cut down to size.

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