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  1. Quote

    NEW DELHI: After selling 36 Rafale fighter jets to India, French government is now pushing for a project to manufacture warplanes here in Indian soil to give a boost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's push to encourage local manufacturing under ‘Make In India’. And to put Paris’s case strongly, its newly appointed defence minister Florance Parley is visiting New Delhi and will be meeting her Indian counterpart.

    According to south block officials, Parly will be landing India with high level delegation on October 26 and on next day she is scheduled to hold series of meetings with Indian officials on issues related to defence cooperation between the two nation.

    “Though the visit is aimed towards further strengthening defence cooperation between the two nations, but offering production line in India for Rafale jets is surely will be on cards,” said an official.
    Incidentally, Florence Parly of France and Nirmala Sithraman are the only two women to head the Defence Ministry of nuclear-armed nations. Parly will not hold delegation level talks with defence ministry officials, responsible for acquisitions, she will also hold talks with Indian Air Force for better understanding of the force’s requirement. On October 28, she will travel to Nagpur to launch a production facility of Dassault aviation in Nagpur, which has tied with Reliance Defence for offset of over Rs. 20,000 crore.

    Dassault Avaition, manufactures of Rafale jets had signed contract worth $11 billion to supply 126 Rafale aircraft and eventually won an order for only 36 planes last year. India had initially agreed to buy all the 126 jets under a long-delayed deal, even mandating Dassault to build some of them locally. But the 126 Medium multi role combat aircraft (MMRCA) tender, issued by the Congress led UPA government was cancelled by the Modi government. But now, IAF is desperate to increase its combat strength- -the key concern, which have been raised by the force on many occasions.

    IAF at present operating with 32 squadrons and on the verge of losing out more squadrons as MiG 21 and MiG 27 fleeting is ageing and the Air Force would achieve its sanctioned strength of 42 fighter squadrons by 2032. IAF will have 83 indigenous Light Combat Aircaft Tejas, 36 Rafale and 36 additional Sukhoi fighter jets by end of 2019.

    Though, IAF was keen on a follow-on order of 36 additional Rafales to bridge the gap of it depleting combat fleet, but, they are now settling for lighter single engine warplanes. For this, the IAF is will start the process this month to acquire a fleet of single engine fighter jets which are expected to significantly enhance its overall strike capability. But, IAF has already maintained that requirement of twin engine is very much there.

    IAF chief Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa, on the occasion of IAF Raising day has made it clear that there is absolutely a need for twin-engine fighter jets. And Rafaje is a twin engine jet.

    Besides other features that make the Rafale a strategic weapon in the hands of the IAF is the Beyond Visual Range Meteor air-to-air missile with a range in excess of 150 KM. Its integration on the Rafale jets will mean the IAF can hit targets inside both Pakistan and across the northern and eastern borders while still staying within India's own territorial boundary.

    Pakistan currently has only a BVR with 80 km range. During the Kargil war, India used a BVR of 50 km while Pakistan had none. With Meteor, the balance of power in the air space has again tilted in India's favour. Scalp, a long-range air-to-ground cruise missile with a range in excess of 300 km also gives the IAF an edge over its adversaries.


  2. Quote

    KARACHI: The Pakistan Cricket Board has agreed to be a part of the World Test and One-day leagues, announced by the ICC, only if the BCCI honours the MoU signed between the two boards in 2014 to play bilateral series.

    "PCB will only sign on the document for participating in the World Test and ODI leagues if India fulfils its obligations to play bilateral cricket with Pakistan outlined in the MoU signed between the two boards," PCB chairman Najam Sethi told the media in Lahore.

    Giving details of the ICC meetings held in Auckland which he attended, Sethi said Pakistan's participation in the new ICC events was conditional.

    The ICC, after its meetings in Auckland, announced that nine teams would take part in the World Test league scheduled to start after the 2019 World Cup with each team playing six series on home and away basis across two years.

    Similarly, the ODI league will feature 13 teams with each team playing eight home and away series in two years time.

    The leagues are being launched by the ICC to make the Test and ODI formats more meaningful.

    Sethi said Pakistan had made it clear that it would only participate in the leagues only if the BCCI honoured the MoU document signed in 2014 and resumed playing bilateral cricket with Pakistan.



    He noted that any Test or ODI league would be meaningless without Indo-Pak bilateral matches.




    "The documents signed by participating boards have to be handed over to the relevant committee in three or four months time," he said.




    "We will only sign if we get what we want. India fulfilling its obligations as per the MoU in 2014," he said.




    In the MoU, which Sethi signed with his BCCI counterpart, the two countries were slated to play six bilateral series between 2015 and 2023 with Pakistan hosting the first series in 2015/16



    PCB begging continues.This time trying to hold the ICC leagues hostage.Shameless people.

  3. 5 hours ago, rkt.india said:

    Isn't it possible that the tech used in 1975 extrapolate the speeds? Both things are possible. They might have lower speeds, but if speeds were  lower by 5 kph, you think Thomson was bowling 165 KPH because that is a ridiculous claim from you.

    We already have 4 bowlers breaking 160ks in last 15 years of use of speed guns.Why 165 is a ridiculous claim? I agree that 170 or 180ks as claimed by few is ridiculous but 165 isnt.

  4. And that flight could be the first 15 cm too
    That flight can be 15cm or even 1.5cm but that depends on the fps of the camera.What is the fps of the hawk eye camera and what is the fps of cameras used in 1975?

    Hawk Eye uses 1000fps cameras yet separate speed gun radar is used to get ball speed.

    I am not even going into the cutting edge software and computing technology used by hawk eye.And still radars are used to get the speed of the ball.

    If you study the modern " hawk-eye technology "  .... 6 high speed cameras are used,  placed in different positions.  They track the ball right from the time it leaves  the bowler's hand to the time it goes dead. 
    Speeds of the ball start to be  calculated along the trajectory of the delivery after a few frames are recorded.  You get release speed, speed on pitching, speed at the batsman's end, speed where the keeper is ....  all the data are available.
    Basically, the release speeds are calculated using high speed cameras after the ball travels a very short distance after leaving the hand ....  and the distance and time are both recorded.
    Till about 8 to 10 years back, they used to occasionally show hawk-eye calculated speeds at every point, from release to the keeper.
    If you note the ball-by-ball radar gun speeds shown instantaneously on TV and compare them with the ball-by-ball  hawk-eye high-speed-camera speeds available on the BCCI and ICC websites , you will see that they are very similar ..... proving that the hawk-eye speeds are release speeds too.
    In the 1975 competition, the same thing was done. There was a video available on  youtube where the scientist explained the process. I can't find it now but will post it if I find it.
    The cameras measure trajectory and the speed gun measures speed.They are then integrated to show a combined graphics to the viewer.

    Cameras cannot measure speed unless they have integrated speed guns.But you can calculate speed of ball over the flight using cameras.

  6. So Holding wasn't a 95 mph bowler as spread by Muloghonto, neither was Andy Roberts.  Remember, this was a fast bowling comp so they must have all tried to bowl as fast as they could and then achieved that pace.  This may not be their usual pace that they bowled on average. Regarding Lillie, he was slowed down by 75 due to a back injury. He was at his quickest in 1971. This is Liliee at his quickest.
    At his peak Holding was 95mph.Not all day long like mulo said but top speed.

    Speeds recorded in 1975 and 76  were release speeds.
     " On that one day in Perth, Jeff Thomson had recorded release speeds on 200/400 frames per second photosonic cameras of 159.49kph and 160.45kph (99.7mph), less than 0.3mph short of the magical 100mph mark. In fact, two men considered in the 'fastest ever' category, Michael Holding (148.54kph) and Andy Roberts (150.67kph) were both 10kph slower than Thomson on that day and an unwell Dennis Lillee (139.03kph) was 20kph slower. "
    These pacers knew that they were being measured just that day for a few overs in a competition and bowled as quick as they can.  Their regular fastest speeds should actually be 5 k to 3 k less..... and these were their fastest balls and not average speeds.
    How can cameras record release speeds?The frame rates are mentioned because thats how they calculated speed.

    Using the frames to calculate the time taken to cover distance from hand release to pitch point.Then calculating speed.

    Only speed guns measure release speed.

  8. The Indian team seems to be a bit afraid to experiment.They just want the same 11 playing every match.The problem is that in other conditions 2 spinners may not work and another pacer may be needed.An injury to either Bumrah and BK will mean we may play a novice like Thakur or someone who has not played LOIs.


    The swiftness with which Shami has been discarded after one match, when he is arguably the best fast bowler in Asia is astonishing.Someone needs to tell the team management that while BK can hold runs Shami is more likely to take wickets.


    Very disappointed with the present tactics.

  9. Quote

    Not since December 1975 was anybody recorded bowling that fast in match conditions.

    On that one day in Perth, Jeff Thomson had recorded release speeds on 200/400 frames per second photosonic cameras of 159.49kph and 160.45kph (99.7mph), less than 0.3mph short of the magical 100mph mark. In fact, two men considered in the 'fastest ever' category, Michael Holding (148.54kph) and Andy Roberts (150.67kph) were both 10kph slower than Thomson on that day and an unwell Dennis Lillee (139.03kph) was 20kph slower. As an interesting side point, Jeff Thomson was also recorded by conventional radar the following year at 160.58kph to win a "fastest bowler" competition.



    Roberts was recorded at 150ks and Holding at 148ks in 1975.Considering these are speeds over the length of flight, the release speed can be 5kmh extra. So no doubt that Holding and Roberts bowled 150ks.



  10. Quote

    The cricketing structure is set to change with the International Cricket Council approving Test Championship and One-Day International League, David Richardson, the ICC chief executive, confirmed in Auckland on Friday (October 13) after the governing body's meeting.



    In the Test Championship, the top nine teams will play six series - three at home and three away - and it'll be put in place after the 2019 World Cup. The teams will be required to play at least two Tests while it can be expanded to five Tests in a series as well.



    The ODI league, that's set to be put in place in 2020, will have 13 teams - the 12 Full Members and the winner of the ICC World Cricket League Championship. The teams will battle it out to earn direct qualification for the World Cup. The first cycle will see teams play four series at home and four away - with a maximum of three ODIs in one series. In the next cycle, all the teams involved in the ODI league will play each other.



    "This is a significant point in time for ICC Members and our collective desire to secure a vibrant future for international bilateral cricket," Richardson said about the decision. The approval of both leagues is the conclusion of two years of work from the Members who have explored a whole range of options to bring context to every game.



    "The ICC Board decision today means we can now go and finalise a playing schedule for the first edition as well as the points system, hosting arrangements and competition terms."



    Shashank Manohar, the ICC chairman, felt the Test Championship and ODI League will now bring more context to every series. "I would like to congratulate our Members on reaching this agreement and putting the interests of the development of the game first," he said. "Bringing context to bilateral cricket is not a new challenge, but this is the first time a genuine solution has been agreed on.



    "This means fans around the world can enjoy international cricket knowing every game counts and in the case of the ODI league, it counts towards qualification to the ICC Cricket World Cup."



    A source also confirmed to Cricbuzz that Pakistan were gripe on not playing India within the new Test Championship and ODI League. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board agreed to the changes after assurances from the ICC that details will be worked out on how India and Pakistan can play against each other either inside or outside of the leagues.



    In other decisions taken, Zimbabwe was confirmed as the host for the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier and the tournament will be played in March next year. Netherlands will host the ICC Women's World Twenty20 Qualifier.



    The ICC also confirmed a position for an independent female director and an appointment will be made in a few weeks.


  11. 14 minutes ago, G_B_ said:

    fully back kohli.


    somebody like Surya kumar yadav earns more than Che pujara. How is that right?


    Cant say for Ranji players, but would like to see test specialists get a flat rate of 5 crore a year. Will encourage people like Rahane to fully concentrate on one format he excels in rather than trying to cement his place in the ODIs side (or even up on the bench). Same with Vijay or even somebody like a Saha. Might even encourage somebody like Ashwin to concentrate on being India's test premier.


    Rahane Vijay Ashwin Shami Saha Pujara should be test only players. Reward them accordingly. 5 crore a year is enough incentive financially to specialize in a single craft. IPL contract is a bonus.



    How does Surya Kumar Yadav earns more than Pujara?




    Whether one wants to be test only or not that decision is to be his and not anyone else's.

  12. 1 minute ago, Muloghonto said:

    I don't think that will ever happen. Supreme court will be very hard pressed to argue against ground pollution created by stuffing dead bodies underground for burial, for 1 billion Hindus. Compared to that level of pollution (which is also far more persistent), cremation is far more eco-friendly.



    They will order that cremations be done in furnaces.

  13. Just now, Muloghonto said:

    Indeed, but through mechanisms put in place. Not rebellion. Rebellion, by default, is anti-statist and therefore, anti-national.  But yes, i've been going hoarse for years now, asking Indians to demand more $$ and investment in the judiciary and police system.



    What mechanism is in place to challenge people who self appoint themselves?Who cannot be asked to be accountable?Who strike down every law that tries to make them accountable? Who snatched away power by means of a judgement giving themselves the power to appoint themselves?

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