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  1. Yes, his personal choice, but when  security is not an issue for every other player, he is just trying to create a negative impact , regrettable. 
    Ohh security is very much an issue thats why except the head coach, the entire support staff has withdrawn.

    Will any SENA teams visit pakistan?

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  2. I swear this bsdk MSKP has been the outgoing chairman of selectors for the past 6 months. When the heck is he gonna piss off? :whack2:
    New selectors can only be appointed by the CAC.

    There is no CAC since everyone resigned due to conflict of interest nautanki in the new constitution of BCCI.

    BCCI has moved the SC to relax those rules.

    Until SC relaxes the rules and new CAC is appointed who appoint a new selection committee, we are stuck with MSK.

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