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  1. CG

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Directive principles of state policy which are fundamental to governance of country say govt must prevent cow slaughter and improve animal husbandry.Our constitution itself prohibits cow slaughter.
  2. CG

    Really humbling day for Pant

    Dhoni does not attempt anything outside leg or offstump that's the reason he never misses.
  3. CG

    The new craze for evidences

    No access to Pakistan religious school that India says it bombed: Reuters It is the third time in the past nine days that Reuters reporters have visited the area – and each time the path up to what villagers say was a religious school run at one time by militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) and what the Indian government says was a “terrorist” training camp - was blocked. https://in.reuters.com/article/india-kashmir-pakistan-madrasa/no-access-to-pakistan-religious-school-that-india-says-it-bombed-idINKCN1QO26W
  4. Yes Swach Bharat Abhiyan has been a huge success.
  5. CG

    Cricket Apps

    There are many Cricket games on iOS and Android just search on respective stores.
  6. As they say in war truth is first casualty.Media from both sides will do drama for trp.Lets Look Ta Pak Army Who First said Iaf bombed balakot near muzzafarabad then said it was balakot near loc.Then claim They have shot 2 Planes have 2 pilots in custody.After Some time say they have only one.Indian govt and army on other hand did not give any no of casualties not played to gallery.They even shower proof which looks like true about missile of f16. Sent from my Nokia 7 plus using Tapatalk
  7. CG

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    Those bastards dont have basic military ethics.
  8. CG

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    Reuters:Pak Military Spokesperson confirm only one pilot in custody previously Said 2.
  9. CG

    Modi: This will make or break you

    What action do you need.Military Operations are not done with haste.MEA Did Say They Targeted indian military .
  10. Yes but We need lca to boost the Squadron count.Rafale are expensive and are top of line.
  11. CG

    Modi: This will make or break you

    Operations are not planned like that.They have attack indian military so they will get a response.
  12. LCA Should have replaced those migs but due to Development delays we are stuck with junk.
  13. Mea-Pak tried to attack military installations .IMO this is act of war.I think India Should Strike tonight on Pak military.
  14. CG

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    Chasing Pak Jets back.
  15. What fitting reply India bombed Pakistan.Your Army says they bombed without crossing loc to show their strength and IAF planes went it to pok chasing them unlike Paf yesterday.

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