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  1. Rohit Is a Good Talent Spotter Backed Bumrah.
  2. CG

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    Speed Guns Can be Misleading.He Bowled 135-142ks in Asia Cup.Where he hurt his Non Bowling Hand You Can see it's heavily Taped.He will improve he is just 21.What Impressive is He can swing the ball late And bowl With Accuracy.
  3. You are confusing ODIs and Tests.Odis in England Their is Hardly Any Swing Sometimes Their is but of seam.
  4. CG

    It’s time to let go of MS Dhoni

    Hahaha Dream 11
  5. Most Probably Dhoni And Management Wanted Him to bowl cutters.He is most effective when he bowls like he did in Asia Cup.He Can bowl in 140s and has a good Yorker.Instead of trying too many slower balls he should focus on Bowling his stock ball.
  6. I would Prefer Shami Over Bhuvi And Umesh Anyday As he is a wicket Taker.Bhuvi Leaks Runs and Hardly takes wickets while Umesh is inconsistent.Time to move on from Umesh In ODIs for Saini.
  7. Why Should Dhoni Need Rest He Hardly Plays.Even If They Wanted Pant as batsman Dhoni would have kept wickets like odis.Sadly Dhoni is to be blamed for this humiliation for a wc winning captain.
  8. CG

    Thakur set to miss Test series in Australia

    We are Doomed.
  9. CG

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    Rohit Performances in WC T20 2007 Is Underrated.His contribution in Semifinal Against AUS and Final Against Pak Were Vital.
  10. CG

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    But Kohli Too Struggles In Imp Matches.
  11. Gayle is finished.Its good with are giving young players a chance.I would like to have roston chase in place of Samuels.Dont know why Gabriel is not in odi team.
  12. In Limited Over format Rohit Is World Class And Will Finish as All Time Great Opener.
  13. Bowling in Tests is all about accuracy on any Pitch.Aus is going to provide Juicy Wickets Thats Their Best Chance Considering Their Weak Batting Line Up.
  14. We Already Know we don't have a middle order.Until likes of Dhoni Rayadu Are Dropped we have to depend solely on Top Order.

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