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  1. Saina is a better prospect than Siraj.You should have seen his performance in semi final.
  2. CG

    Ajinkya rahane is not a number 6 in tests!

    If Rahane and Pujara Swap Places it would be best for both of them.
  3. I would play Rishab,He is Better Keeper than Dk And Being a left hander will provide a diff challenge to English right arm seamers.
  4. Its Mind Boggling the hate Rohit gets.He and Kohli have carried indian batting after world cup 15.Top Three Are always under pressure due to non existent middle order.
  5. CG

    Bhuvi kumar ....on flat tracks without swing.

    If India are playing 2 spinners with Pandya.I would Rather Have Yadav/Shami With Bumrah .Wickets Upfront are Important For spinners to be effective.
  6. Cook Struggles in England.His Away Record is Better.
  7. I am not Surprised Dhoni Has Always Played Like this.His GamePlan of taking the game to last 5 overs most often Fails against Top Sides.
  8. We Have Been Long Too Dependant On Top Order.We Don't Have a Middle Order.
  9. CG

    Our seam bowling reserves

    I Am hopeful Khaleel was in A side and did well in England.Saini Was In test side against afg.
  10. K.l Rahul had his fair share of troubles playing moving ball outside off stump In Sa.
  11. Good Hardware and Clean Android.[emoji846]
  12. Don't know what Team Management is smoking.Pandey is not even in form. Sent from my Nokia 7 plus using Tapatalk
  13. Looking forward to Khaleel Ahmed,Potential India Odi Prospect.
  14. Khaleel will probably be the find of this Ipl.

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