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  1. Now he is using army for pr.Dhoni is sinking to new lows.
  2. Imo England were extremely lucky to chase 240. openers got exposed against swing and middle order collapsed.Butler was only one who played aggressively.We blame Dhoni but stokes did same thing just got lucky in the end.
  3. India were hampered by Dhawan's injury .Middle order did all right when needed be it jadav vs Afg or Jadeja dhoni vs nz.India had themselves to blame for tactical selection errors.
  4. India and Australia dominated worldcup at home.England barely scrap through.England has weakness against spin which came to hunt them against Pak and Srilanka .
  5. Hahaha your analysis was epic fail admit it.
  6. Lol no a team which was defeated by Pak Srilanka can't be best team.
  7. CG

    Spirit of game.

    Simply put stokes did not claim the run and would not have ran after the overthrow just because it went to boundary it should not have been given.
  8. CG

    Spirit of game.

    Point is after decision was given and bell crossed the boundary they were able to withdraw the appeal.So in cricket if both team captain's agree anything can happen.
  9. CG

    ICC ODI ranking

    If worldcup is played in league format odi cricket played between worldcups is nothing more than friendlys with no advantage given to top teams.
  10. CG

    Spirit of game.

    England made Dhoni recall a batsman after run-out so anything is possible.
  11. CG

    Spirit of game.

    Nz did not even appeal .they should asked umpires if stokes does not want the overthrow they should not give runs.In tests they don't run of overthrow if it deflects of bat.
  12. CG

    Wimbledon 2019

    Tennis has been boring for years need some new star .
  13. Kane knowing Boult had a torrid time made a big mistake giving him the super over and picking guptil over Taylor or himself

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