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  1. This is a farce.Stadium should be banned.
  2. Pace is not the only criteria.Nathu has good height as well as control .He mainly Nips the ball in.
  3. I got in to football through Football Manager Games.When You Manage Players and Go through Emotions Through a season You Get attached to a club.
  4. This does not surprise Amarnath Also Lost His Job Going Against Dhoni.Even Kumble Lost His Job .Captain Has Too Much Power in Indian Cricket.
  5. Reason behind Mohammed Shammi's decline

    No wonder He looked Lost In SA.
  6. I think Bhuvi can't be a front line odi seamer.He is good at death but Can't pick wickets with new ball.He has to be played on helpful tracks or as a allrounder .
  7. He does get some outswing.Decent pace can be worked on .Playing after long time so will not judge.
  8. Batsman-Abdv Bowler-Rabada Fielder-Klassen Sent from my BLN-L22 using Tapatalk
  9. Batsman-Dhawan Bowler-Pandya Fielder-Dhawan.
  10. Batsman-Rahane Bowler-Kuldeep Fielder-Rahane
  11. There is no need for re auction.Transfer system has to be developed.

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