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  1. Kuldeep Has to Get Stronger and increase his Speed for Test Cricket.Batsman are playing him off back foot as he is too slow.
  2. CG

    All is not lost .

    India did not have its two best bowlers. Dropped sitters. English batting is as bad. If we win toss and bat it will help .
  3. CG

    All is not lost .

    This England Team Is Very Much Beatable As We showed In First Test.We Have to get our selections Right And With Bumrah Fit And a Bit of luck with Toss we can win.
  4. CG

    Cheers to the two spinners in England theory

    Even with out rain.Spinners have not done too well at lords.Two Spinners will never work overseas unless it's an turner.India Has to play 4 Pacers everytime.
  5. Ishant is so inconsistent for a guy playing 85 tests.If he had supported Shami and Pandya .Next Test Yadav,Bumrah should be in for Kuldeep and Ishant.
  6. Lol True.Pandya Looks Better than our top order.Playing close to his body.
  7. Pujatat,Rahane Avg 60 in Domestic They started well in international cricket.
  8. What team?We never had decent openers after Sehwag gambhir.Middle Order of Pujara,Rahane,Kohli was there on basis of their Runs in Ranji.Dhoni Can be credited for sticking with Kohli but Kohli was already gun in odis and Jadeja.
  9. Its been drizzling all day how it is not an advantage for England.
  10. Dhoni and Kohli are two extremes Dhoni Never changed the team even after whitewashes.Kohli Never goes in with the same eleven.We need to build a settled batting order.I would first look at Shaw Opening with Rahul with Rahane at three and Pujara at 5.
  11. We have to be patient with Rahul,Away tours on this type of pitches are tough for young batsman.
  12. CG

    England tours post 2008

    SA there was far more seam movement.England the Ball Swings more.Australia Has pace and be bounce.
  13. ALL of them Except Rahane,Ashwin Seem to Have Forgotten Their Backfoot Game with front foot trigger movement and going at the ball instead of Playing the ball late.Kohli gets away due to his skill but others can't.
  14. Day one was as good as condition you will get for swing bowling.But this innings they have to show more application.
  15. Our World class fast bowlers just need good total and we can win some test matches.
  16. Atleast he would have made the ball old making life easier for Rahane and Ashwin.
  17. Sehwag has centuries everywhere.Main Diff is Sehwag Had better hand eye coordination and his bat always came straight when defending.Dhawan Is Always Looking to drive where Sehwag looked to cut.
  18. Conditions were really tough,Hope it remains so tomm.
  19. Kohli was extremely lucky even in first test.With his technique he will always have problem when ball swings.But he is mentally strong enough to forget the edge.
  20. Except Kohli Ashwin I don't think anybody place is settled in this team.
  21. Spinners will not win u matches abroad Strong pace attacks have been found wanting in sc.Bowlers like curran,woakes would be Hit to all parts in sc but in these they are good.We have to pick attack based on conditions.
  22. Its an odi shot to get single to third man it destroyed Gambhir likewise Rahul has to stop this habit.

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