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  1. Vinod Rai, the head of the Committee of Administrators overseeing the functioning of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, has called for cohesion within the Indian team, adding that the BCCI would find an ‘equally good professional’ as a replacement for Anil Kumble, who stepped down as the head coach of the national team earlier this week. https://goo.gl/NsU7gD
  2. As many experts have the kookaburra white ball which does not have pronounced seam is one of major reasons for less swing Why can't sg or Duke balls be used for Odis
  3. Dukes and sg have been more conducive for reverse swing .They are used in India ,eng during test ,kookaburras used in Australia, srilanka Harley give much reverse although wickets and outfield do play a part.
  4. Bumrah needs to be tried in Test matches

    He will be star in test cricket ,he is bowling near 150ks and he has good accuracy and inswing and the one which holds its line will pick him many good batsman .
  5. At 80-4 you will lose almost always unless u have helpful pitch where u need to put a score .Very few in history of odis cricket than Symonds ,Bevan,Yuvi kaif and Dhoni one innings vs Pak have done it.I think dravid played some crucial knocks lower down in natwest series with Yuvi.
  6. No kookaburras do not reverse more than dukes .
  7. Yes it was renewed according to his letter.Even if it was not renewed .They had no choice but to renew his contract due to results India had.
  8. His contract was renewed by CAC ,I mean with the sucess he had as coach who would fire him logically.He made it easier for BCCI.
  9. I think you are naive to compare today's gen with what happened earlier.Greg Chappel took on likes of Sachin,Ganguly, Sehwag,bhajji yet he was not sacked till he had a disastrous world cup. Today it's not player power it's arrogance which started with Dhoni which has lead to gagging of commentators and players unable to take criticism.
  10. Yup the dangerous precedent was set by srinivasan and bcci when they first made commentators sign contracts which prohibited them from speaking on selection,captaincy.Players were made to feel nobody can speak against them .They sacked harsha bhogle for being neutral.Kumble was next victim of player power as only kohli would not have been able to remove kumble he must have had supprt of dhoni and yuvi ,rohit and rest would fall in line.
  11. He is asking BCCI to make coach salary 60% of what captain earns,He is not asking to deduct from captain salary.
  12. That's why there needs to checks and balances on captains power.Coach,senior players ,selectors all play a role in building a team.
  13. It's sad state of Indian cricket first it was Dhoni with rhiti sports and now Kohli with cornerstone but unlike Dhoni, Kohli does not hold shares in buntys company cornerstone.One agent can manage many players it's not against Sc guidelines.
  14. As I said Rahane would get out slogging and he did .Problem is He can't accelerate unlike Rohit who can during middle overs and fineshes finshes with strike rate of 100 where as Rahane at 79 .Rahane has to take adavnage of new ball and go after the bowlibg to compensate for his lack of power on this flat picthes.
  15. No problem is Rahane never gets through middle overs and he lacks big shots to make up for it .Middle overs are currently like poweplays anyway
  16. They are more professional than comedy circus that star sports does .They just bark about Kohli for 2 hours and stats and crack silly jokes about opp .
  17. Who can tame Kohli ?

    Fame had gotten to his head and when his form suffered he was slapped by his childhood coach which brought him back to senses according to atul wassan.
  18. Lol Rohit looks like Gilly compared to Rahane.
  19. Pakistani bowled bowled cross seam with new ball .They got some seam off the pitch
  20. Dravid has worked with A team and has knowledge about u-19 players ,he might work with Kohli.
  21. Will Yuvraj Singh retire after 2019 WC?

    Kohli can demand players but selectors have the final say.If we have selectors who can't do job properly blame them .But Kohli is a big fan of yuvi as is well known how he forced rcb to take him at whatever cost.
  22. Kohli is still a young captain,He will learn and improve but he has to take learn to take advice and decide what's best as he will always make the final call.Kumble was imp as he would give him different perspective.
  23. You need Chief selector with guts like vengsarkar to drop big name players too which currently lacks.

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