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  1. CG

    Marks for India

    Bumrah hardly is able to get one on target Nowadays .
  2. CG

    Marks for India

    Bumrah has lost his Yorker otherwise he would have cleaned the tail.
  3. CG

    Series positives?

    Ganguly was captain otherwise he would have been dropped earlier.Again We were not a World class side back then but now we are no 1 and have many options.We can't carry Rahane much longer if he is going to struggle at home.
  4. CG

    Series positives?

    Ganguly was dropped After Zim tour.
  5. CG

    Series positives?

    You can't go by past tours.Fact is Rahane is No youngster if after 50 test he avg 40 There is something Wrong.He struggle against Spin are well documented he got 5 tests in England and 4 more to go in aus if he Fails he will be dropped.
  6. Well Let's see In all Probability you are in for rude awakening which will make you stop.
  7. CG

    Series positives?

    Last 2 years Rahane Has been Poor at home so it was expected he would struggle overseas.No 5 is generally the best place to bat overseas but still he has struggled.If he performs poorly in aus he has to dropped.
  8. Realistically Dhoni Will Play the Wc 99%.
  9. Our Wc Lineup Is Already Settled Except No 5 Which in all probability will go to pant. 1.Rohit 2.Shikar 3.Rahul 4.Kohli 5.? 6.Dhoni 7.Pandya 8.Bhuvi/Khaleel/? 9.Kuldeep 10.Chahal 11.Bumrah
  10. Pakistan is a mediocre Odi Side Proved by together rankings.They Lack Power Hitters and Spinner and Fielding is also poor.I would be surprised if india lose to Pak.
  11. Rishab Pant Has Scored a Century Overseas So Early In his test Career.
  12. CG

    How long is the rope for Shastri ?

    Indian Cricket currently is a one man show.Its Disaster in making Selectors are mere puppets,Coach is Drunkard.Their is no accountability.
  13. In an Interview he was saying he does not play for people,stats he plays to win.Lol
  14. This is what happens when you live in delusions surrounded by Yes Men.India Sure were Unlucky with tosses and Fought Hard But Scoreline Does not Lie.India Lost out at crucial moments where Kohli Made mistakes like Not using Umesh against Curran in first test.Lack of planning for tail.Shocking Selections like Dropping Pujara and Playing Yadav at Lords.
  15. Not really it's almost impossible for away side to win after losing the toss.Mordern Day Test Cricket Even Chasing 250 is hard with Drs And Pressure.England were hammered in the one game they chased.
  16. England don't have a tail.Their Tactic is to play as many all-rounders as possible.By dropping catches it did not help.Also their was lack of planning Somebody like curran is good at offside but we kept bowling Outside offstump.
  17. Kohli has to be let go off his ego and call tails.Its Easy for opposing captains to know Kohli always calls heads
  18. They Should Stop Giving Excuses and Own Up To the fact They Messed Up.This England Side was Beatable.
  19. When Playing at Home You Always Get Such Comebacks.Jayant Yadav Destroyed England in India.
  20. CG

    Rahane, a regressed player?

    On Away Tours No 5 is the comparatively easier than top order still rahane has been Poor.If he does not do anything special today time to give him a break.
  21. CG

    How to draw the 5th test ?

    No it will not.Oval gets flatter as match progresses.
  22. CG

    How to draw the 5th test ?

    Pitch is flat it will be a draw.

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