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  1. It's Moronic to not accept ones mistake.Its common Sense You need Time to Adjust to conditions in cricket.
  2. Yes even Saha is better than Parthiv.Parthiv Only makes good 20-30s.
  3. Who opens the day with Ishant Sharma?

    Shami is off radar somehow in first innings of every match this series.
  4. Agreed every bowler has his style .Bumrah has bowled well but prone to one bad over in a spell where he tries too much.
  5. We need to give him a chance in t20s ODIs then tests.Saha is good enough for 2 years.
  6. Indian Test openers for ENG tour ?

    As far opening we have to back Kl Rahul.Vijay Is on his last legs.
  7. Sa pitches are quicker and Ball seamed with up and down nature.
  8. In India we have a bad habit of looking only at stats.Last time we got good batting tracks in Aus decent in eng and sa.Lyon and Moen destroyed us .This time we got bit of juice on tracks and we failed.
  9. Batsman-Rahane Bowler-Bumrah Fielder-Rahane.
  10. Opening in SA Has been Hard even for English and Australia Openers .
  11. Avesh is best test prospect he is a thinking bowler with control.Nathu Singh has fitness issues but looks promising.
  12. It was a pivotal moment again we dropped maharaj at 200-7.That cost us the game.
  13. Catches! Kohli dropped Faf of Shami at 80-3 Imagine Dekock Coming against new ball.
  14. Team for 3rd test

    Vijay Karthik Pujara Kohli Rahane Rohit Pandya Ashwin Bhuvi Shami Bumrah Opening is tough anyway in SA and Karthik has done the job previously.
  15. Bowlers are always made scape Goat in India.Look at Yadav had good bowling performances on dustbowls versus England and aus where 10-12 Catches were dropped of his bowling and He does not get a chance in Bowling friendly conditions in SA.Even Ishant Bowled well last test.You don't build bowling attacks by consistently changing bowlers.
  16. Cheteshwar Pujara talks about the art of sledging & coach Anil Kumble Click here to view more : http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-videos/5821/cheteshwar-pujara-talks-about-the-art-of-sledging-&-coach-anil-kumble
  17. Bumrah was on debut ,Shami Was Not his Self .As Bumrah said they were hitting the Indian length in First Innings Lack of preparation showed.Still They Created Chances Which would have turned the match.
  18. The ball was doing too much on that morning.I would not blame them.
  19. First day pitch is usually slow in Sa.Still Pacers Created Chances had faf not been dropped when the score was 80-3 in first test or maharaj at 200-7.We would have won the test.We dropped Catches at pivotal moments.
  20. Bowling was not inconsistent.When you drop 11 Catches opp team will score more.

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