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  1. You need Chief selector with guts like vengsarkar to drop big name players too which currently lacks.
  2. Kohli has become the villian in all these.
  3. Dhoni is probably enjoying all this.Kumble was responsible for Dhoni losing odi kaptani.
  4. Virat Kohli Vs. Anil Kumble

    Don't believe everything written in media like 6 months non sense.
  5. Who can tame Kohli ?

    Results will speak for themselves if he can deliver without coach I am all for it.
  6. Virat has been brought up in atmosphere where captain was Dhoni who did as he pleased and was untouchable and coach was his puppet ,So naturally he will want full control.
  7. Kumble should have never become India coach

    Lol what are so called credentials than kumble lacks?.He won almost everything and improvement in bowlin,planning has been remarkable.Regarding Cac they have mandate to choose whom they feel best be it their buddy and they were proven right by results .Captain and coach will have problems specially when both have huge Egos.
  8. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    Virat is immature and still a kid it was well-known after the breaking of friendship jibe to Australians.
  9. We literally worship our players to Temples and make them demigods .If anybody watched Starsports Coverage It's all about Kohli ,It's like we need a figure after Sachin to worship. You have commentators being thrown out for criticism of team by Dhoni and Chief selector not able to remove captain.No wonder Egos of our Cricketer's are high as Mount Everest .
  10. Lol It would be Fun be Cac again reject Shastri.Kohli will go mad.
  11. Make Dravid the coach.
  12. Cheteshwar Pujara talks about the art of sledging & coach Anil Kumble Click here to view more : http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-videos/5821/cheteshwar-pujara-talks-about-the-art-of-sledging-&-coach-anil-kumble
  13. The interview was 3 days back.
  14. Even during the times of Sachin ,he was criticized by almost everyone in commentary or media but current players like Kohli Dhoni are above criticism as you will loose ur job if u are against them.
  15. Thank You Kumble

    Kumble made sure kuldeep yadav played even though Kohli did not want him and he won the series.Same with pujara sometimes you need somebody with diff opinions.
  16. I fear for pressure pujara will be under now he has to perform and bat the way Kohli wants with good strike rate it may break him or make him a great player.
  17. Results speak for themselves.As long as he delivers he gets what he wants.But if he fails he has to be sacked.
  18. Thank You Kumble

    No it's not a fact.Sports evolve.Its old way of thinking .Ipl has shown how imp coach/manager role .Basically Tactics are already made in dressing room .In future captains will only lose more authority.
  19. Thank You Kumble

    Read kumble letter first.He was told by Cac to continue but bcci told him captain does not like his style .Kohli is like emotional kid like we came to know when he talked about cutting friendship with Australian players.
  20. Thank You Kumble

    Read his letter he mentions He was told by bcci captain does not like his style.Ask Kohli what he disliked about kumble.
  21. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    Kumble's letter.
  22. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    Are Bhai who are the young players? Most of them are experienced players.The only young players kuldeep if report were to be believed was backed by kumble.

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