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  1. You need variety in attack .Bhuvi is a swing bowler Shami gets seam movement and Bumrah genuine pace ,Ishant provides Control.
  2. CG

    Ishant Sharma, India's lifeline

    In a bowling attack you need guys like ishnat who can bowl tight spells.He has bowled superbly after his comeback against Lanka adds variety to attack.
  3. India have a good record Defending totals.
  4. Aus batting is weaker than india.Smith can't alone save Aus .Law of avg will catch up.Uts going to be a good series.
  5. We should continue with this attack and not chop and change.Bhuvi the swing bowler,Bumrah Shami Yadav strike bowlers ,Ishant The workhorse .May be Saini Should get a look in.
  6. They showed Shastri giving him a pep talk about hitting the pitch hard.
  7. Have u looked at Ishant seam position and accuracy after his comeback against Lanka .He is able to bowl with straight seam and sometimes holds it for inswing .
  8. CG

    Future of Shikhar Dhawan in test cricket

    Last time Moeen Ali destroyed us in England.Pitches in England take turn.Rahane best bet is to open.
  9. CG

    Future of Shikhar Dhawan in test cricket

    Rahane has issues against spin .He has batted at no 3 for Mumbai.he has to open otherwise he will again loose his place at home
  10. CG

    Future of Shikhar Dhawan in test cricket

    Dhawan is damn good odi player ,In test he has to sort his short ball issue .K.l Rahul for a opener is too loose outside off stump .Vijay is on his last legs .We need a settled pair I would open with Rahane in England.
  11. Today Ishant,Bhuvi bowled accurately when the pitch was slow due to overnight rains which kept India in the game .I see Shami and Bumrah as strike bowlers ,they finished the job
  12. Should not forget Ishant contribution he kept India in the game.
  13. Get last week wickets we have a great record.
  14. Pitch will.quicken one wicket will.open up the end for Bumrah against right handers.
  15. There was rain.As the wicket dries it will get quicker and Ball also got wet.
  16. One Wicket and everything will change.Wicket have gone in clusters this series.

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