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  1. He played 2 tests in sa looked out of place prodding outside off same here.he needs to go back and work on his game.
  2. Sorry but what has Rahul down abroad except a hundred on a flat Sydney pitch.
  3. Rahul struggles outside off stump when there is movement.He did the same in SA.
  4. Rahul is so overrated Looked worse Than rohit in Sa.Pujara Should be back next test.
  5. Vijay not leaving well outside off .
  6. This creates utter confusion for fielders which one they should go for.
  7. This is the beauty of test cricket.Some Members here lose hope after a session.
  8. Agree we have dropped a catch otherwise they would have been 2 down.
  9. On Good pitches you need to be consistent and have variety which this attack has.We will see at end of day.
  10. He is making a comeback and this is a flat pitch .He will be most lethal when ball starts reversing.
  11. This is test cricket not T20 .This is a good pitch not a green top.This is a good attack wait till end of the day.
  12. Man you do not have patience for test cricket.
  13. Irony is England Batsman are worse Than Us Against Moving Ball Considering It's their Forte.
  14. We should Bat first it will quicken up on second day offer more for bowlers.
  15. He is Turning 33 in few months.Its His last chance anyway.
  16. I Would Give Dhawan 2 matches If he Doesn't Perform Drop Him Forever From Test Matches.Secondly K.l Rahul Has lot to prove in overseas condition he looked worse than Rohit and Dhawan in South Africa .
  17. We will win the series then.
  18. By Same Logic Most Of World Cricket Current Batsman would not find a place in Their respective teams.Batting Standard has gone down .
  19. Sample size is Small A handful of white Ball matches.Even Sachin Had A full Ranji Season.No Doubt Gill Looks Talented But He Needs A Ranji Season and Few A tours To Show his Ability.
  20. Raina Has been a good odi player for india,He Was in T20 Squad.I was against Rayadu Selection Based On IPL. I am all for Gill Being Inducted in to a tours but not in test squad currently.
  21. They are making comebacks.You have to earn your cap.
  22. We have a system now.He will have to do well in Ranji trophy and A tours first.

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