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  1. Did u watch the match Philander was Bowers leg spinners at 125ks
  2. Even Kohli dropped faf of Shami first innings like Rohit took Amla today's the match would have been diff.We need openers good slip fielder.Rahul Rahane must play on these pitches Ashwin is not needed.
  3. Pitch quickened up on day 2.It was slower on first day.Batting first is always a advantage.We bowled poorly batted poorly lack of practice.
  4. When pitches were flat.Even Kohli hammered Aussie attack on flat tracks in Aus and sa attack when pitches were flat last time.
  5. How disgusting and hate-filled is Holding?

    He holds grudge for 1983 WC.
  6. You think starc has control?Starc Bowls Many Loose deliveries it's his ability to take wickets.
  7. Thats a good point.Batting does get easier .
  8. Morning session new ball there is diff .Lower order batting is easier with kokaburra ball.You expect a top order bat to apply himself he did get a good ball.
  9. you are one who is delusional.Nobody even starc will avg 145k in tests consistently.Steyn never avg 145ks .In Recent series in ind vs aus Yadav was as fast as cummins.Even yesterday bumrah avg 139 with fastest 144.In recent times shami has easily crossed 145ks.Its just he is unfit
  10. That's Bs.India Has 3 bowlers who are 90mph.You have only starc who is 150 in world currently.
  11. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Go and watch highlighted India were 100-6 when Saha came he and Rohit Build a partnership Saha was mom as he got 50 in both. Ininngs.Even Against Wi He and ashwin Saved us.Just Use common Sense Many have problem Against Steyn.Its just One innings.
  12. That's his natural game if you watch him in ODIs and FC he takes his time to settle then he opens up.
  13. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Saha won us a test on green wicket in Kolkata against NZ when top order failed with 50 in both innings.Was Mom.
  14. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Saha failed in 1 innings .Atleast Give him some time.He AVG 45 last year and is world's best keeper.
  15. Can't depend on Shami.

    I would give Yadav a go Shami looks unfit.
  16. It's just one test. No practice .We have a varied attack.Ishant Has improved a lot he is bowling full ,Yadav can be a strike bowler on his day.Shami will improve.Thats why we need 5 bowlers as a unit we can take 20 wickets with help from Jadeja Ashwin.
  17. Can't depend on Shami.

    He looks like carrying a injury on docile pitches he bowler 145ks and got lift and on helpful tracks he is bowling 130ks
  18. Forget them they are in past.Mordern day bowlers are quicker than any Wi quick of his era.
  19. This guy seems real potential just won baroda a match with fine all-round performance.Better than likes of binny.Should be atleast in the T20 Team.
  20. Nobody will be assured when u face quality bowling on this pitch.Fact is he applied himself left a lot of balls.he got a good ball.atleast play like test cricket rather than swinging.Pandya is diff he plays down the order.
  21. Rohit plays inside the line he does not poke like Kohli.
  22. Pandya was effective because Rohit and Pujara played the first session where there was movement .Lower order batting is imp abroad as kokaburra ball becomes soft easily.
  23. 1.Cancelling the lone practice match When we should atleast have 2 matches or even played ODIs before to get used to conditions. 2.Going with 5 bowlers in the first test where we have history of batting poorly. 3.Giving a rookie debut in a high pressure series.When u have guys who bowled their hearts Out on roads in India. 4.Bringing Ashwin So late in to the game.When it seams it surely would take some spin. 5.Leaking boundaries forgetting to set in out field's। We dried the runs and Abdv got out।

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