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  1. Cook will overtake Tendulkar

    Life of opener is easier in subcontinent and harder overseas,Where as abroad middle order batsman has the advantage.In case of sachin we hardly had proper openers so basically he went in to face new ball most times.
  2. Umesh had about 6 regulation Catches dropped Otherwise he would easily have finished 15 wickets with a 5 wicket haul which would have lifted his confidence.
  3. Starc is a spray gun in tests when under pressure.let's see I think Shami will outbowl starc when aus tour here.
  4. Broad I can understand deserves the tag but Starc and Rabada have done nothing to be mentioned in the same breath in test cricket as broad.They both are raw and starc have much to prove.
  5. I hardly see green wickets anywhere be it Sa,Aus even in england except trentbridge.On green wickets anybody can pick wickets bhuvi will do fine in such conditions anyway.Indian teams have generally done well on such tracks.
  6. You cant possibly compare the bowlers they faced.1990-2010 Had some of the best bowlers be it fast bowlers or spinners in cricketing history. Lastly cricket is a team game Test matches are won by bowlers not batsman.
  7. Why Dhoni is not playing Ranji Trophy...

    Thats the problem in india ,Diff rule for seniors and youngsters.Rahul and co had to play a domestic cricket to prove fitness where as senior player gets it easy.This was the problem which plagued indian cricket for long.Speaking of trust and credibilty its hard to trust a person who lied to sc to save meyappan.
  8. Pitches overseas are not what they used to.We can play 2 spinners at oval,Sydney .When playing one you have to go for ashwin as he is a better allround bowler and batsman.
  9. Kohlis tactics of choking boundaries worked well against this england batting lineup ,They hardly could rotate strike and played aerial shots to get out.This type of tactics might not work against good test batsman who are rare to find nowadays. The earlier test sides may have been good but they lacked the attitude of this current team.We used to be happy with series win and become complacent.We may finally have chance overseas with current lot of bowlers and opp weakness.
  10. Great range of strokes this guy has.
  11. Alteast we got 5 overs .Karun Nair basically got it quickly so losing 5 overs is not a big deal
  12. Both play with such elegance .Nair seems better at shot selction.
  13. Bring back Harsha Bhogle

    Harsha should not be allowed anywhere near commentray box,He should only be used as and anchor/analyst
  14. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

  15. Guess who gets dropped

    Umesh has been really unlucky ,He easily had a 5 with wicket haul at Rajkot if not for drops.It would have been a motivator.His big improvement is he is able to bowl boring spells and maintain line outside off stump instead of going for magic balls.Wickets will come if he maintains his composure.We have a good attack going .
  16. I expect there will be swing in Mumbai so Yadav should do well there.
  17. Yadav is a swing bowler his length is diff to Shami Also he floats the ball while shami hits the pitch diff types if bowlers they are.First test there was some swing he bowled well and should have got a 5 fer.Shami to me uses the seam pretty well so he is in the game in most pitches.Thing is they compliment each other Yadav with new ball bowls outswinger and reverses in while shami does opp.
  18. The main diff between dhoni and Kohli is Dhoni let the game drift while Kohli is always trying something even if Kohli sets defensive fields there is a plan like to stokes or butler who just can't help themselves.
  19. Parthiv Patel in third test?

    Patel is a good backfoot player he has played the likes of Lee Johnson comfortably.I was laughing when england tried to bounce him.But he is so bad behind stumps missed 4-5 chances this test.He can play as opener I guess.
  20. Got to feel for Umesh Yadav

    Anderson looked good because quality of batsmanship has gone down and he has gained experience Obviously also pitches play a major role.
  21. Got to feel for Umesh Yadav

    Sa and Eng batsman have low averages at home and perform better abroad.Cook struggles in England .
  22. End of Saha's Indian career?

    Only idiots will think like that for the guy who averages over 45 this year and played some test match saving knocks.
  23. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    Technically there is major support at 7900.Brexit day it bounced back from 7930.If it breaks it then 7500 would come soon.

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