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  1. Every country has certain type of pitches and home advantage should always be used but tracks like these where any spinner can take wickets and stroke play is difficult will only breed one style of play. We need pitches with some bounce and those which turn from 3rd day.
  2. Its hypocrisy nothing else.Its just mindset that pitches with lot of grass like we saw at hobart where aus lost to nz are tough pitches and pitches which take turn are minefields.Same guys were not complaining in england.Fact is current crop are not good enough.For betterment of test cricket u need competitive matches but in current era home team has been dominating everywhere so nothing new.
  3. Offcourse A tours and Domestic are breeding grounds But and we see benefits in current gen players who are good fielders and play short ball better on average than previous gen.But these type of pitches are lottery where any spinner be it elgar looks like bedi.International cricket too is a learning ground as quality is far ahead of Domestic cricket.During 90s we won most home series but it came at cost of away record.Batsman will have no form and fast bowlers no confidence playing on these pitches,even spinners would get in to bad habbits.Suddenly next away tour same spinners become redundant.What we need is balance in a series play on pitches which has good bounce .Have variety of pitches while planning a series .
  4. Award Wapsi

    I fail to understand how can people fall in to such media created fear mongering and participate to enhance it. Aamir is such an idiot. We all are so hypocrites. Who the hell truly believes a country can be secular. Utopian. There will few countries where minority get so much encouragement.
  5. Rahul shukla is a talented guy i still remember his rocket throw at ipl from boundary to get a important runout for rr.Dunno why no team took him.He has the best yorker i have seen by an indian fast bowler after zak and bowls 140+
  6. Starc Clocks 160.4km/h or 99.6m
  7. He seems to be using his wrist a lot more.guys like Ryan Harris.

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