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  1. Odi is all about taking wickets.Its simple. Umesh will probably be replaced by shami and be backup to him so i do not see issue going forward.But Umesh last year was one of top odi wicket takers in World cricket in odi we cant forget that.
  2. Nailed it bhuvi does neither currently.bhuvi is suited to specific conditions which team management will use him.
  3. Umesh job is to take wickets.In today cricket if you cant take wickets no matter how good u are at death you will be hammered.Bhuvi failed to get early wickets so was dropped.Even if you contain in the end you will get hammered.
  4. Lol Its just one matc.Umesh was best pacer against Nz.
  5. This bunch of selectors are nuts. Hopefully Dravid and Kumble can interfere and get some good players on A tours .
  6. Instead of improving facilities state govt announce prize money which in most cases will not do anything for grass root.We celebrate mediocrity.
  7. CG

    End of Saha's Indian career?

    Parthiv had a horrible series behind gloves missed 12 chances .Pant glove work still has to be seen.In test cricket you pick it best keeper first and saha had a great year and helped saved first test vs eng.So he is still.no 1 in tests.
  8. CG

    Bigg Boss Thread

    First season was good now a days it has become unwatchable.
  9. We have a good team just need sensible captaincy and selection.Also Dhoni as a batsman will be more valuable.Dhoni Lacked Spark in last few years.
  10. CG

    Best bowling attack

    They struggled in India and UAE.They will struggle in Lanka as srilanka is also preparing turners.They won on a green track in India and once in Nagpur where there was reverse Swing.This gen with our spinner you can't win in SC.
  11. That's one tourney Dhoni has been struggling for last 2 years AVG under 38.
  12. CG

    So who is "A Great Captain"

    There is no way Ganguly was better player of spin than laxman who probably was next only to Lara playing spin in WC.Ganguly played left-arm spin well and that's about it.
  13. No if you are suspect outside offstump along with problem against short ball you will find it hard in test cricket .Cook has problems outside offstump particularly if ball is pitched full but he is very good playing cut and pull.
  14. Yuvraj had problems outside offstump and Struggled against short ball.So his test batting was always in doubt.
  15. CG

    India A vs England @ Mumbai - 2nd Warm up game

    Yuvi will play I guess and finally retire .We should have tried a new power hitter.
  16. CG

    Dhoni steps down as Captain of Team India

    Actually Dhoni went missing in most T20 wcs .You can't win when your main player underperforms.
  17. CG

    Dhoni steps down as Captain of Team India

    Dravid Kumble more or less handle team selection now .Dravid said recently Kumble and co ask him for players and they find and play them on a tours.
  18. CG

    So who is "A Great Captain"

    I think you have got it wrong we never lost any wc or wt20 under dhoni its the team which lost,If we had dhoni has captain we would won all world cups and wt20s.
  19. CG

    So who is "A Great Captain"

    What was his contribution with bat in CT in eng?
  20. CG

    So who is "A Great Captain"

    I wrote this decade.You are forgetting the greatest odi side of all time was present took everything in 2000-2010.Captaincy does papy a part but it's childish to say India won just because of Dhonis captaincy.On the contrary his Captaincy was nothing special in WC 2011 like giving Nehra the final over against SA where we lost.Had struggled throughout to come good at finals it was a team effort rather than individual.Let me know some captaincy gems at WC I missed.
  21. CG

    So who is "A Great Captain"

    In current decade it's home team who have the advantage.Be it Aus or Eng who will Win next. Forget great even good players should be enough to win WC now at home.
  22. CG

    So who is "A Great Captain"

    Any Decent Captain with Great Players Can win a Worldcup at Home.

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