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  1. This should be end of Dhoni and Yuvraj

    Jaddu still is better bowler and far better fielder.Kunal pandya might be one .
  2. Worst defeat ever

    Yeah this is painful because India were clear favs and we made some huge strategic mistakes.
  3. This should be end of Dhoni and Yuvraj

    Jaddu with his fielding ,hitting is still an asset.
  4. If dhoni wins us the game ...

    Dhoni is finished.
  5. Lol that's cricket my friend if and buts.If bumrah had not overstepped we might me winning too.
  6. Sadly it's true and it's his own doing chasing under pressure is not easy.
  7. This is flat picth anything can happen we need to build a partnership first.
  8. We need to take it to last 10 overs.Even 120 is possible.
  9. Ashwin is a fattu

    I meant yadav.
  10. Captain Clueless !!!

    This is flat pitch but Kohli deserve blame for picking 2 spinners against Pak who play offspin well instead of quick who did well last match against them.
  11. Ashwin is a fattu

    He went for 6.7 runs on a flat track.Eveybody can have a bad game.
  12. India's obsession with spin

    You think David was a defensive captain?
  13. Ashwin is a fattu

    That was old yadav.Last few years yadav has been India's best pace bowlers in ICC tournaments also his consistency has Improved more over he took 3 wickets against Pak.
  14. India's obsession with spin

    In modern odis with 2 new balls ,field restrictions there is hardly anything for finger spinners during middle overs.If we have to pay spinners we need to go for wrist spinner like kuldeep yadav
  15. The question is if we wanted to bowl first why play 2 spinners.
  16. Pakistani batsman can't play short ball at pace and have history of playing offspin well ,we made monumental mistake not picking yadav who picked wickets against Pak .
  17. We have two of world's best death bowling ,Expect them to be the diff on this flat pitch.
  18. Bumrah is young will fell pressure of final.Should have played shami/yadav
  19. Genuine pace from bumrah

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