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  1. CG

    Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    That was because of their pace attack spinner got wickets when they target him.Maharaj is club level bowler.
  2. CG

    Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    They don't have a spinner.We have all bases covered .
  3. CG

    Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    You can run through sides when you can catch.Kohli dropped Faf When they were 60-3 in first test it was a game changer again at 200-7 Dhawan dropped maharaj.70 runs costs us the test.We have a world class bowling line up.
  4. Bowling has been Pretty good.No centuries from any Sa batsman.With out any practice they struggle in the first innings of the first test but after that they have been very good only if our Catching was good.
  5. CG

    Ishant should never play for india again

    One thing about ishant he always tries his best .Good bowling this test.
  6. That's why you need practice matches to find your length.
  7. Seems it's last test for Parthiv Good bye Midget.
  8. Shami finally bowling with intent.
  9. CG

    So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Parthiv Just can't keep Has history of dropping sitters .Even Kl Rahul would have been a better bet.
  10. CG

    So how long is the rope for Saha?

    What did other batters do?On these kinds of pitches it's not easy.Even so called dekock looks like fish out of water.
  11. CG

    So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Lol Don't let facts come in way of mindless Hate.
  12. CG

    So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Do you even follow Indian test cricket?.Saha after being given full time role avg over 40.He was Mom In Kolkata for his batting and Saved us in Srilanka with Ashwin few years ago Did same in Wi.
  13. There was reverse swing.It was a good track if others had applied themselves we would have easily scored 400
  14. CG

    So how long is the rope for Saha?

    It's mostly Dhoni fans who target Saha.Any sane person will know how valuable a keeper is in test specially with our spinners.
  15. Idiot That's what I said .
  16. Rahul Dravid Had U-19 Team Arrive 2 weeks before and Practice in NZ.Look how professional they are always taking notes compared to Mr Shastri and his stooge Arun .
  17. Yes he looks lost out there .
  18. No with Dhoni first slip was always closer as he knew his limitations.
  19. Shami is clearly unfit ,No Pace or bounce.He needs to work on his fitness.
  20. With Dhoni atleast first slip was closer as Dhoni knew his limitations but Parthiv thinks to high if his keeping abilities.
  21. Dhoni away did nothing of note except off innings in England.Saha Is decent with bat.
  22. Let's Hope this is Lesson learnt for England.With Proper planning Improvement in Catching and Rahane this team can compete away.Bumrah Bhuvi Have been finds.
  23. TotallyAgree,Anybody who followed indian cricket for any length of time knows about this.
  24. Atleast Dhoni Did not Blame first slip.
  25. It was a regulation catch it came at perfect height and was so close to keeper.

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