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    In the first 3 IPL matches, only 4 Indian bowlers who have pace have played. The fastest they have clocked in 1 match each are


    Umesh       149.2 k

    Bumrah      146.4 k

    Khejroliya  143.2 k

    Shami         142.0 k


    Quick bowlers of Indian origin who are yet to play are











    Aniket C


    Quick Indian pacers not playing the IPL are







    It is a tad difficult to bowl 140 k+ in a game without playing the game     :phehe:








    Khaleel will probably be the find of this Ipl.


  2. 8 hours ago, putrevus said:

    Sachin in my book was a Steady Eddy who would get his stats without having huge impact on results.Punter on other hand had 5 or 6 dynamite years where he was the man and he played major part in winning everything. I would take that match winner in my team over steady eddy every day of week and twice on sundays.


    Sachin is ATG but compared to his peers he had more longevity but had lesser peak. Peak Lara is greater than peak Tendulkar anyday.

    Its a myth .Go and check every test victory india had and sachin played a major role in it.

  3. Fantastic point; echoed my sentiments exactly. Re: sudden spike in his returns, I did notice a sudden upwards spike in his returns following his ability to consistently extract reverse swing game after game. I also noticed that he is nowhere as effective without reverse swing, as evidenced in the first 3 games of the current series. As you say, the jury is out. 


    I was always bemused as to why Hazelwood and Start were so effective, they seemed to consistently punch above their weight. With someone like Steyn/Rabada its obvious why they return superlative figures but in the case of those two I must say I was a bit puzzled. 

    Sa Have been fined & caught tampering with the ball most times in the last few years


  4. It is preplanned only because they admitted it so. Do you seriously believe faf was a lone act in that zipper gate and graeme smith was totally oblivious to it happening? And even if it is preplanned, the thing is ICC doesn't have different laws for premeditated ball tampering and "man me aya to kr dia wali" ball tampering. A punishment should fit the crime and only reason why I see them being so harsh is because of the mass hysteria surrounding the controversy. 
    Anyways, they could've the Pakistani way and there's zilch anyone could've done about it. Example, 
    Exhibit A: 
    Smith : It's nothing but a witch hunt against us by South African media who's trying to get back at us by hook or crook for obvious reason. We are proud cricketers of a proud cricketing nation and such acts are beneath us. 
    Bancroft : I did nothing of such sorts and it's a ploy by south african broadcasters to upset our gameplan. The yellow tape I plunged inside by undies was part of my sunglass and I just did that for my own amusement. (yeah bad reasoning but it's not like we haven't heard worse reasoning before, remember 'I was just smelling the ball from my teeth') 
    There would've been scrutiny around thr globe for few weeks and people would have moved on and earmarking Smith as one of finest captain in the world much like faf. 
    That's why it was dumb for Smith and co to admit it.

  5. The three men were ushered into the public square, black hoods covering their faces. Their hands and feet had been chained, as befitting the perpetrators of great crimes. The mob that had gathered some time before and grown steadily angrier. It fed on its own anger to become even more furious.

    “Punish them.”

    “Hurt them.”

    “We want vengeance.”

    The authorities knew this was their chance to look good. The three had transgressed under their watch. How better to deflect any criticism of those doing the managing than by serving up those caught for public justice? Let the vultures of shrill outrage feed on the carcass of immediate action, fairness be damned. And protect the money coming in, at all costs. The bottom line was… the bottom line.

    Three men had been determined guilty, their crime angered the public, there was fear that this anger could have negative consequences for the overall brand, once the public was angry it fed on its own fury to demand blood, authorities the world over were only too happy to satiate that demand. Pile on the punishment until the outrage is satisfied, the crime be damned, and the penalty matching the crime be doubly damned.

    Today was to be the day of the sentencing. There was the blonde one, the stocky one, and the rookie.

    The rookie had done the deed, the stocky one had planned it, the blonde one had allowed it to happen. Their crime was trying to cheat to win an unfair advantage in a game. Their punishment had nothing to do with the crime. The punishment was for how people reacted to them being caught doing it.

    The three men looked like they had been space-rocketed to an alien civilisation because their lives suddenly didn’t seem to make sense anymore. They played a sport that had wink-wink-nudge-nudge allowed the sort of cheating they attempted for decades. They just did it very ineptly, and got caught. A significant part of the backlash they faced was because they had come to be regarded as ‘bullies’. But not just bullies, sanctimonious bullies who were happy to lecture other teams on appropriate behaviour. That backlash was understandable, and even to be expected.

    What threw the three men off was the unrelenting nature of the hostility and its scale. It didn’t stop, and it wouldn’t stop. Its volume meant somebody had to not just do something, but be seen to be doing something. And that something had to be aimed at satisfying those who were going to fork out money, now and in the near future.

    Among the baying public who each wanted their pound of flesh, there were two people who stood a little apart. One had a bored look on his face, the other had a puzzled one. The Cynic, for it was he who had the uninterested look, was merely watching dispassionately to record the event since it was of historic significance. The Cricketer was the one who looked confused.

    “This is how it is,” the Cynic offered, trying to enlighten the Cricketer. “It’s not pretty and it’s not nice. It might not even seem fair. But when the proverbial waste hits the fan, it sticks more to some than others.”

    The Cricketer was grateful for the wisdom, and decided to ask the Cynic about some more incongruous bits about the case that were troubling him. “This is a case of ball-tampering, yes? And all of these three men are batsmen?”




    Cameron Bancroft was caught tampering with the ball. AFP



    The Cynic nodded.

    “Then how is that only these three were found guilty? Were they tampering the ball without the knowledge of the bowlers? If so, wouldn’t the bowlers have realised immediately that something was off when trying to bowl?”

    The Cynic allowed himself a smile. “My boy, when there is a train rushing at full speed and you spot some people on the tracks, you have to make a split-second decision on whether you can save everyone or not. If you can’t, you best get those who you can extricate most easily out. The train will hit those left, but their chances of survival were slim anyway.”

    “Just my luck,” thought the Cricketer. “I get one guy who looks like he could clear stuff up for me and he likes to use philosophical metaphors to explain things.”



  6. If anything SA have been worse with tampering.  Zipper gate required their team to ask for and get approval for - uniforms with zippers on the pockets.  The entire SA board colluded with the team to equip them with ball-tampering equipment on their uniform.  

    Sa are masters at the art of tampering Aussie are amateurs.Sa Commentators Kept talking about so call skill to get reverse swing in India test series where Sa were able to reverse the ball early.


  7. The difference there and here is Indians didn't fess to crime.They didn't take a  sandpaper to scuff up the ball. 
    Here Steve Smith himself proclaimed that leadership group was involved in cheating. and what leadership group doesn't include coach.
    Why would any sane human being take so much risk as these three have taken to help bowlers.
    Nobody is asking them to be banned or given more punishment than ICC has mandated but don't insult people's intelligence by saying coach had no knowledge.
    This is first instance anyone has been caught using a foreign object, others have used lollies, or scratched seam or bitten the ball.
    It's Pretty Clear It's was Warner's Plan .The Way Crowds and Sa Targeted His Wife They Wanted to Win at any cost.

  8. Ball tampering is always pre-planned.  It does not happen in isolation.  When Pakistanis used to do it, they all knew they are doing it. Whole team knows it when such thing happens. Here too, i refuse to believe only these three players knew it and bowlers didn't.  You cannot do ball tampering without taking bowlers in confidence because they are once who will use that ball.
    Steve Smith Has Only Himself to Blame.All He had to Do at Press Conferance Was to Say ICC Is Looking in to matter and Deny Everything Like Fap Du Plessis And Everybody who Caught Did.

  9. The cameras gave Smith away too. They gave Lehman away also. Lehman should also just come out and admit it. Looks bad admitting it, looks worse not admitting it. 
    Camera gave Faf Du plessis Away too and And Anderson Too.They Tried To save Bancroft and This Will Probably cost both coach and captain their job.Good For Cricket though.

  10. Smith and Australian Leadership are morons they should not have admitted anything to save Bancroft.South Africans Have been Caught Numerous Times And Never admitted.He Should Have let Bancroft Take The blame Now He Will probably be sacked.

  11. Standard procedures for Aussies.
    Sadly Pakistani's have earned the cheating reputation, while England and Australia act like they're the beacon of integrity.
    Add Sa to the list ,They Have been Caught Tampering with the Ball Most In Recent Times.

  12. The concern is his failure to connect ball consecutively as well as not showing intelligence to cover and try at least leg bye if he cannot middle it. It exposed his basic batting skills as well as not able to effect or think of "Plan B" in today's innings.
    Clearly Final pressure got to him.His bowling was off and batting under pressure was not up to mark.But he will get better .

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