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  1. 30 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    I don't believe a Pujara could bat like Rohit. No because it doesn't come to him naturally. Same is the case with Rahane. You need natural power to bat like Sehwag, Yuvraj, or Rohit. Pujara and Rahane doesn't have that. I don't believe just because we have IPL, every young Batsman will start batting like Rohit or Sehwag.  Cricket is a game of natural ability. If you are a medium pacer, you won't start bowling fast. Same way a defensive Batsman won't become Sehwag.  A Batsman always play what comes to him naturally. What Dravid is saying is adjusting to the conditions and situations. Why is he expecting 19-20 year olds to do that. Such things come with experience.  And then it also depends on ability and skills of Batsman to adjust. Such young players won't have a completely developed game like how rotate strike, when to take chance. 

    Rohit is more timing than power.

  2. Quote

    "We were experimenting with the batting order at that time. We decided that if we get a good opening partnership then Sourav Ganguly would come at No.3 but if we had a bad opening stand then we would send pinch hitters like Irfan Pathan or Dhoni to accelerate the scoring rate," said Sehwag.



    "Ganguly at that time decided to give Dhoni a chance at No.3 for three or four matches. There are very few captains who would first give away his own batting spot for Virender Sehwag and then his set spot of No.3 for Dhoni. Had Dada (Ganguly) not done that, Dhoni would not have become such a great player. Ganguly always believed in giving chances to new players," Sehwag added.

    Sehwag also revealed how during Rahul Dravid's captaincy, Dhoni becoming one of the best finishers of the modern era but not before he once got reprimanded by Dravid for losing his wicket with rash shots.

    "During Rahul Dravid's captaincy, Dhoni got the role of a finisher. He got out a couple of times playing a bad shot and he was also reprimanded by Dravid during one instance. But from that instance, he completely changed his approach and became a very good finisher. The kind of partnerships he had with Yuvraj Singh are memorable," Sehwag further said.



  3. 30 minutes ago, Vk1 said:

    What makes Cummins tough to handle unlike Brett lee is his ability to get bounce from good length. Brett lee played alongside McGrath Gillespie and was the targeted bowler at times. Cummins seems to be a class act. Him and starc bowling in tandem in England 2019 should make Aussies as sure shot favorites 

    Problem is australian batsman cant play swing or spin.

  4. Indians have played against Patrick Patterson, who may have been as quick as Shoaib. I consider Akhtar to be the fastest of all times, atleast the ones I have seen.
    Indians have faced Brett lee, Akhtar and all multiple times. If facing 155k's was so difficult, they wouldnt score as much runs. You make it sound as if nobody can ever play such bowlers.
    Without hyping, I have played against a bowler who was bowling 150+ for sure. The only problem was , we used to play with tennis balls. With tennis ball, this guy, a guy from MP, when I had visited Narayangaon in Maharashtra to stay with my sister for a month, used to ball in excess of 150+. I am confident of that. So, I also know how it is to face a quick bowler.
    Batsmen like Sachin and Lara may not be fooled by balls coming at 160k's, but its the guile of the bowler which would be their nemesis. Definitely it isnt easy to face express bowlers. But to think that no one can face them, is a little  naive. My 2 pence, no offence.
    Shoaib Akhtar And Brett Lee Whatever Old Fast bowlers May Claim to be were the quickest bowlers in history of cricket.

  5. On 7/3/2017 at 9:08 PM, jusarrived said:

    On the contrary he should relax and stop batting like everything depends on him , may then we will know how good the Likes of Jadhav are . Dhoni has always played like this , even Virat does exactly the same they do not take risks till a point they have to . I will not be surprised Virat becomes even more circumspect than he is now if he does not get the support from middle order . As for Dhoni , even though his approach hasnt changed he does not have the same ability he had few years back , so its time he changes his approach .

    Dhoni has some major limitations which has always hampered his stroke play particularly through offside.He is your slogger with brain and brawn.His style is suited when their is start otherwise most times he has failed when top order has failed.I think if at peak he was not a top order prospect now its ridiculous he should bat higher,He still can slog few at end ,pandya has to bat higher.

  6. With India's finances and population size, if resources were fully utilized/maximized, the country should have become No.1

    It is a real shame that, in a sport where only 5-6 real competitors exist, India fails to top it. At least in hockey, from 1920s-1950s, India was No. 1 in the world.

    If only academies and infrastructure could make up no 1 then England would have long dominated most sports .Academies and Facilities can raise the standard of your AVG cricketer but not produce genius.You see teams who dominated cricket had the best bowling line ups of their time.You had genius like Shane Warne and Glen McGrath .India's bowling culture particularly fast bowling culture is developing I would expect one or two near 25 AVG test bowlers next gen for us to dominate cricket.

  7. jadeja is a far better bowler than krunal. we will only be adding to our problems by replacing jadeja with krunal. if jedeja is to be replaced, it has to be with a better bowler than jadeja. as of now chahal and kuldeep are the front runners for replacing jadeja and ashwin.

    Jadeja accuracy makes him potent at test level ,in modern odis on flat pitch finger spinners need variety to survive.

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