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  1. Agree with everything barring the last part about Rahanr as opener. He is fine at where he is. If Pujara ever doesn’t bat at 3, only then I will move him to 3. For opener, either current openers play or we find another opener, Rahane shouldn’t be asked to open. 
    Rahane has issues against spin .He has batted at no 3 for Mumbai.he has to open otherwise he will again loose his place at home

  2. in 96 @joburg we had srinath ,prasad,ganesh and kumble ,on that last day srinath got so tired having to be both the strike and stock bowler ,today shami was fresh and a bit miffed at not being given the ball and polished sa off
    Today Ishant,Bhuvi bowled accurately when the pitch was slow due to overnight rains which kept India in the game .I see Shami and Bumrah as strike bowlers ,they finished the job

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