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  1. Msd was Good Wk Batsman And Captain In his First Few Years as Captain .He Had Knowledge of Legends like Sachin Dravid But After they Went his downfall started .
  2. CG

    Why not Raina ?

    Why not pant?
  3. Dhoni has influence on Virat Kohli and Shastri.Its no surprise team management is basically The selection committee.
  4. Khaleel is nursing a finger injury.
  5. CG

    Rohit should lead our WC19 campaign?

    Kohli has to learn from Rohit specially in odis he just leaves too much to Dhoni.It sends confusing signals where as Rohit handles field changes and looks in charge .
  6. Please change the thread title to Indian Bowlers WatchThread.
  7. It's worse he gets out after being settled.More than technique he lacks concentration.
  8. Hopefully This is Rayadu Last game in odis .
  9. You mean put the chase on a crawl.
  10. Offcourse they will Most will why should they go against Kohli who has power to change coach like Kumble.

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