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  1. Starc has already played against Bangladesh,Afg,Wi,Srilanka which are weaker teams.Lets wait for group stages to be over.
  2. I would drop Shankar for pant.
  3. CG

    Hardik and his short balls

    He bowls at 130-145 Kph.
  4. CG

    All Rounders do not exist.

    Genuine all-rounders hardly exist those who can be in the team on both skills except Shakib.But we have few who are good in one skill and average on other.
  5. CG

    Pick the winner - Pakistan vs New Zealand

    It depends on toss whoever bats first will most probably win.
  6. CG

    Bhuvi fit for West Indies match.

    Last five overs anybody will get hit,Shami bowled 6 overs straight at death and did well.
  7. As I thought england gung-ho approach will not work against good bowling Attacks in pressure situations.
  8. Dhoni does get stuck against spinners in middle overs.He has to bat at no 7 where he can play the last few overs.
  9. He bowls in the middle overs on these flat pitches where there is hardly any seam or swing,Only option is to bowl a hard length and variations.He is a batsman who bowls so I am not worried about teams targeting Pandya as we have 4 good bowlers compared to other teams which have 2 or 3.
  10. I watched the 154kph by wood it did not look quick and came after few balls in 135ks.Archer looked quicker .
  11. Bumrah is on another level in odis.Currently only Starc at his best would challenge him.
  12. CG

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Nowadays Dhoni should be batting @ 7.He can come in last five overs and hitout otherwise he will use a lot of overs.
  13. CG

    Advice by Dhoni

    Dhoni's advice helped Shami get over his marriage problems.
  14. I remember Shami said Dhoni is like his father.
  15. CG

    KL Rahul as WORLD Cup Opener

    Kl Rahul is at his best when he is attacking,he has been far too defensive this wc.

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