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  1. What is different this time around? Such reactions weren't seen even after 26/11. And it's both sides where one is extremely angry against Pak while another side is openly celebrating the attack itself. Is it a counter-reaction to each other? And why are we so surprised to see so many anti-nationals?
  2. Imo; Kashmir is a lost cause yet it is with us to remind us not to make other states like Kashmir. Our aim should be to prevent Kashmirs emerging in other parts of country. And thats my big worry as there are huge anti-nationals around our country and they dont need a majority to cause troubles. Its the critical mass and thus as a country, we are facing a timebomb...
  3. someone

    Tactics, strategies and ideas on repealing article 370

    Its demographics that needs to be changed to start any progress there....
  4. The immediate problem is closer to home. We have a large number of traiters and anti-nationals. Imo, 25% of Hindus names people are a gone case and completely sold out. And this number will increase with more unfavourable demographics.
  5. I want BJP but I dont think i will go out to vote. Imo, many BJP supporters are gonna be like that...
  6. someone

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    A lot of lazy Indians. We have many with large ego, and thus lack of respect/care of jobs. So will take many holidays, and incredible slowness at work. And if one doesnt tell them the work, they will just stare and do nothing.
  7. Its not about secularism or even atheism. Its just that they are against idol worship. And obvious reasons for that. Now the question should be when, not if, will such intolerant things be forced upon all over the country.
  8. If you read the first paragraph, it's clear he is way ahead so you are completely wrong to say terrible decline. And it's relative and they foolishly took the peak Jan 2017 to compare. It's always consistent in that numbers range and that's the main point. He is better placed today than 2014 and thus, that's why BJP starts as favorites and the dynasty are forced to aligned together. Modi no longer is a taboo subject so people are now openly supporting him. If you use that article logic, then Kohli today is terrible decline as his numbers were much more last year. Also, that's a bad website, have to disable adblocker to view them....
  9. Such a lame and filmsy point. You compare him to current leaders around and he is constantly on top by large margin. And rewind back to 2014, where even praising Modi was a taboo subject. He is much better and have higher acceptance today than 2014. Seems many have weak memories, Modi was abused, laughed. That was the only tactics of opposition in 2014. So we have come a long way where they are now completely worried our their dynasty so coming together.
  10. That rubbish. actually these surveys shows his popularity is intact and in fact increased in different parts of countries. The vote shares will increase so you are reading completely wrong. the question should be why despite all those mega alliance, these people still dont have much acceptance. Whereas Modi is single handed comes on top.
  11. You ought to check Rajiv Malhotra videos on Kumbh Mela and how harvard, and the west are targeting the Kumbh Mela.
  12. someone

    Do you collect Airline/hotel points?

    Is priority pass worth it? They seem to be offering some 20% discount. Or any other cards or services with complimentary access??
  13. someone

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    Why do ppl think Kareena as hot, one should see her old movies and actual photos without all that makeup
  14. someone

    Rishibh Pant Starts New Innings ----in Life

    Wow, such a difference. Even our bollywood actress like Kareena who very different in reality.

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