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  1. someone

    #MeToo India 2.0

    That's good. Indian politics and bollywood aren't much different. There is nepotism, hypocrisy, exploitation. Many who take a high moral ground have now been exposed, it's a bad time for so called liberals....
  2. someone

    #MeToo India 2.0

  3. someone

    #MeToo India 2.0

    It's really a battle between successful vs less successful people. And there are many facets to it. - Today first time there is window where less successful people are getting a voice and tell their stories. - The successful people historically have always covered up accusations, and get a free ride. So how will this be any different? - Name and shame tactics works only for a limited time, without any logically end. - It's not about just Indians, there seems to "successful" foreigners who have exploited our people as well. - There may be some less successful people who will use this to settle scores and their anger by false accusations - Yet, it's not open free. Like society doesn't see well to a less successful man accusing a successful woman. - This battle isn't about the ordinary Indians, and really nothing about woman empowerment about the average person. - Successful people battling against each other also needs to happen, like the Aishwarya vs Salman
  4. someone

    #MeToo India 2.0

    It's all good on this movement, but whats the end game? Will everything just return back to normal? After all, we have criminals in bollywood, politics and all of them are doing very well. And this issue has shows that so called liberals will say the right things when it's about others, but will quiet down or silent mode when it's one of their own. It's no different from secularism practised in India. Reforms, interference in one community, while silence when it comes for other communities.
  5. someone

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Bollywood has supportecriminals like Salman, Sanjay. So I dont see as any difference. Its short memories and these accused will be just fine. But the hypocrisy is clear, these people in bollywood/tv talk a lot about social issues during film promotions, but when its about them, they do nothing and instead talk about introspection or some internal investigation. But a comman man have to be more careful, one can misuse the rules and wrongfully assuse another...
  6. Vegetarian, vegan arent based on no harm principle. Its less harm, its unavoidable to completely not harm others. So choose the less evil side, as the no evil side maybe impossible. That applies in politics greatly as NOTA can help the more evil side. Or in other words the best available option...
  7. What happens if a player says the other way round, non veg has helped? The reaction would be different....
  8. There is too much interference by ICC this rules of spouse or even the water breaks rule is totally unnecessary by them
  9. Its common in any High pressure environment . Even good friends can say hostile things. Cant take verbals so seriously
  10. His good boy image played a role in such weak suspension. Had it been a playboy like Warne, there would be harsher penalties...
  11. An interesting take on it. Overall good decision but yet deep questions remain...
  12. Reading above posts, shows history can be whitewashed. The term united states of amnesia is very apt, and literature atrocity is a powerful tool used to justify violence. They did it with native Americans, now with us.
  13. someone

    iPhone XS Max , iPhone XS and iPhone XR !!!

    Dont understand why would anybody buy XR. You can't watch 1080p videos. It's better to buy the older X instead at same price point. Also,can get the new iPhone outside India at cheaper price, if anybody else need, let me know...
  14. Who said what after Pokhran. Important read. Check whole thread 1-17
  15. Is liberals is another name of laziness? They foolishly transform aggressors as victims. They don't read history, as in many times today is all bout repeating of history. They lack knowledge, history and facts yet dominate the discourse.

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