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  1. That's true you are going nowhere with such nonsense. Look, there is no need for conversions if the help is genuine. There are many Indians who help fellow Indians without conversions. Christian missionaries unfortunately have other extreme agenda in using violence, fear or false propaganda which are all completely unacceptable. Just because our people are poor, uneducated that does not mean that they can be fooled. This is my last reply on this topic to you. As I feel you keep justifying such conversions which is no difference than how some justify prostitution in which they are helping the poor people earn money at the end of the day.
  2. You are completely underestimating the Gandhis. They do not care about the PM post. They just want power and that without any accountability. If RaGa wants PM post, he will have to face the media, daily scrutiny, and that's very scary for him. For 2019, they just want an alternative body where the real power will be head irrespective of UPA PM candidate. Remember NAC in 2004-2014. And our regional leader will be happy with such setup as they can get the fame as the proxy PM and ministers . On 2019, the mega alliance sole aim to to make sure to gather near 100% Muslim votes. Muslims will continue to vote on communal votes and they will make sure it doesn't get split. And mathematically if that happens true, it's gonna be very difficult for BJP to win. For BJP, another challenge is complacency or simply laziness, these things cannot be afforded. (aka 2004)
  3. Akhilesh yadav: 'After UP results, I doubt if the Indian voter is smart' These politicians really are full of themselves. No respect for the voters nor the results.
  4. Like if Abdul Kalam got them Muslim votes. The most important thing really has got to be he/she must be a genuine leader and nationalist. We do not need a castist nor uninspiring person as president.
  5. Muslim woman are the actual untouchables. They have no voice, nor any representation. And even today, they are regarded as inferior and abused a lot.
  6. There are tons of Hindus who do selfless charity work in helping the poor without the need the conversion. If these Christians really wanted to help, then why ask for conversion? It's completely immoral of them. And they engage in mass conversions particularly in tribal areas where uneducated persons are many. There are tons of youtube videos exposing them. They use many violence, fear, and simply con our own people. These Christian missionaries are not all peaceful, and they have their own extreme agenda with big foreign financial support. Yet, I guess for you it's acceptable as long the poor get money. That's exactly the same logic used for prostitutes or drug dealers. Being poor does not mean that they can be exploited. Remember this.
  7. ^ And when was AAP relevant at first place? And MCD polls are totally irrelevant themselves. The opposition today has no plans nor any vision about India. They just want a mega alliance in combination of caste politics led by thugs. However, Big alliances themselves can only bring corruption, as they work for themselves instead of the country. I wrote it in 2014 at that time, it was post-poll alliance, now it is all pre-poll alliance. That's the main difference.
  8. BS, it's also called exploitation. Just because one is poor, doesn't mean that they can be converted. The same idea is used for drugs, prostitution as well. Also, there is many discrimination on Dalit Christians from within. And Christian community has done a lot of conversion in poor Africa regions, but they haven't uplifted them at all. Just false claims and exploitation.
  9. He always had high potential. For last many years, I was perhaps one of the very few in this forum who believed in his ability. Many users here simply ridiculed him.
  10. ^Again, just because you have freedom, doesn't mean you can eat anything. That simply doesn't work here nor in western countries. Cows have a special place in our Indian beliefs and that should be respected by everybody. Next, we cannot keep cows in a caged place nor they can really defend themselves against human attacks, so there needs to be strong laws to protect them. Thus, banning cow slaughter is the correct thing but unfortunately, many particular groups don't co-operate and thus it's logically for Swamy to demand a death sentence. If every citizen of our country is secular, banning cow slaughter itself would be fine and workable fully.
  11. Anyone who does conversion does not put nation over religion.
  12. These journalists are rewarded for supporting terrorists (Yakub), anti-nationals, doing fake news and inciting riots. They have forgotten reporting but have instead just turned to some party campaigners/cheerleaders. So obviously, one expect some punishment for their unethical and fraud works. Today, there is little difference between politicians and journalists. Thus for starters, there should be some accountability in our media. Like many big "breaking" yet fake news happens and then followed by just "small" apologies.
  13. ^Such a silly post. Do not confuse banning cow slaughter as banning all meat. And beef itself is not the reason for nutritional failure. There are many types of foods, and solutions to deal with it. Death penalty is sure extreme, yet it is best way to deal for the rights of Gau Mata. They have special place in our beliefs, just like the Gangas which has recently been declared as living entities by our courts. If anything, minorities should fully co-operate as this is a great opportunity to show their secular credentials. Why always the burden only on the majority for it?
  14. We have such a loose definition of communal attacks. Even a road accident could be counted as communal. Thus, this word is just misused often.