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  1. Absolutely, we are only place which talks about animal's rights, earth rights. Even today, the environmentalism movement led by west is primary based on demand/supply (we may run out of X so let's conserve it) rather than rights of nature. Similar, we also think of aatma in animals. Thus, we should have been the leader in the animals, environment protection movement as it's natural to us given our dharma. Congress governments failed to show our soft power in the last 60 years. Big error...
  2. ^^^ It will be interesting if courts decide against Arnab. Then Modi or many other BJP leaders could do same against basically 90% of our entire media. Given the biggest witch-hunt was against Modi.
  3. Interesting point. Lesser the identity displayed/shown, the less the assertiveness and, thus less violence and terror . So far, that's maybe working there but nobody knows the long term implications.
  4. Seems like many here are bitter, Bhajji said things which are correct. You shouldn't allow a perception of player in the judgement.
  5. Not sure why they deserve additional money. Today, most industries are sluggish so doesn't sport or in this case cricket suffer the same reality?
  6. This part shows it's the same wrong reaction again. The Denial, delusion.... Worth reading article in full.
  7. It's some people, not all people doing bad things. It's unfortunate that because of one particular religion, religion itself gets a bad name. Not all religion nor people are problematic. Similarly, we shouldn't question the methods of education just because of one group. Current education systems are generally fine and needs to spread more.
  8. Obviously not, terrorists do not differentiate civilians on education. However, let's not not undermine education just because it has not stopped the radicalization in one religion. Education has helped many other religions, countries including our own. We need more education but don't expect it to solve the world's dangerous problem.
  9. There are many such interview videos. Suggest to check the India TV & Aajtak recent interviews. What matters is can the media ask BJP questions? And are the BJP answering questions? The answer is YES to both. But that never happened in UPA government. Likes of Rahul, Sonia were completely hostile to the media and yet media were completely obedient towards them. Even today, Mamta, Rahul don't take nor answer questions, yet media is crying out for their formidable alliance. Today, if you are against Modi, there is a open and big platform ready for you by this media. Whereas, BJP as opposition pre-2014 had to fight each day with hostile journalists and their one-sided questions.
  10. Wow, this government is the most accessible government. It's PM to its ministers have given more interviews, answered more questions than the previous UPA government combined 10 years. Plus, there is also a big social media connectivity with ordinary people. Now, reverse this question and let's talk about the opposition. How many interviews or questions has your Mamta, Rahul, Nitish, Lalu given? Media has never dared to ask them questions and always keep playing them up. Today, there is no debate on their credibility and they are default secular champions just because they are standing against Modi. Also, media told us that BJP will lose elections after demonetization. Each election was a litmus test, yet BJP won them. So clearly, there is little credibility there as journalists personal opinion are termed as research.
  11. Look, your idea is good in principle but not practical. No business will open in Kashmir as there is no security nor infrastructure there. Then, participation is low there as seen with the low turnout in elections so democracy is failing there currently. Overall, progress, jobs help but they only solve the problem from the outside. Look at the west, with jobs & money, there are still people going to terror. Radicalization is the big issue and difficult to solve. It's a world problem after all.
  12. You are very wrong. India's media is ideologically driven. And they are majority left-wing, anti-BJP/RSS and are doing many lies, fake news against BJP. Next, when anti-nationals, criminals are given space & platform for just being anti-BJP, it's clear that the media itself is playing the part of the opposition. Today, the reality is any political opponent is fully welcomed and given complete free-pass by this media. Also, if BJP is doing well, it's not because of media. They all wanted and thought BJP will lose UP badly. Please check some old news and see their horrible coverage. While, the opposition could be much worse situation, but are still running due to media support. With incompetent and criminals like Rahul, Lalu, Kejriwal let off scot-free.
  13. It's permanent solution we are talking about, so what's the root of Kashmir issue? It's the religious part... you know that as well. There is huge radicalization there so perhaps education, jobs will not solve that.
  14. ^^^^ To elaborate further - USA, both left/right or democrats/republicans may hate each other, yet they unite when it comes to security, terrorism, nationalism and both generally believe in American exceptionalism. But that's not true in India, our left with huge media support often politicize and give space to anti-nationals, terrorists.
  15. Lol, there are several cops quitting/missing, only to join the terrorists groups later. It's a religious issue and they are being radicalized increasingly. You do understand it's Friday where most stones incidents happens. Education, businesses, industries can only help to a certain level.