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  1. So ppl are saying Dera should pay for all the public property losses. Will the same case be applied here?
  2. Does India need the Mars program? Technology is greatest investment and no need to be apologetic on such things.
  3. It's the other way around. Time is the biggest obstacle and challenge in most sports. 90 minutes, 20 overs, 4 quarters.
  4. Sack Haryana Government

    That's not a complete picture. And remember, it's not restricted to babas, there are likes of Salman Khan or even Tejpal who had their support groups. What about the Bollywood gang and their hypocrisy? There are educated, and intellects who are also supporting such elements.
  5. At 34, he doesn't have a cricket career left. He should focus on being a expert like that fixer accused Azhar or Jadeja.....
  6. Sack Haryana Government

    Why about Punjab government? Nobody is questioning them since it's a secular government. So no expectations from them.... Next, it's impossible to control half a angry million people immediately, it takes some time and one day after, it is seemingly all controlled.
  7. 15 years to give a verdict...
  8. Republic TV - How do you guys see it?

    But he took it a step further. He said all babas should be put in jail... they are rapists... should not be left in country. That's irresponsible and stupid from him. It's like saying all journalists should be banned given Tejpal was a rapist.
  9. Republic TV - How do you guys see it?

    Today, on a legality debate over the court verdict, it was Arnab who was making the legal conclusions while the lawyers wanted to counter but didnt get a chance to respond. So why guests/experts come to his channel? Arnab talks more than them, and is seemingly the expert of all things, while others dont get any time to speak. Surely its plain money.
  10. https://swarajyamag.com/ideas/scs-3-2-triple-talaq-verdict-deserves-two-and-a-half-cheers-not-three Worth reading in full.
  11. Its all part of their vision for the country. Remember MMS said that Muslims have first right for resources. So its first right/preference in laws, government and basically every public property/institution. Now this is happening when they are at 30%. What will happen when they get to 40%? We are at their mercy and fortunate for now, that we can at least celebrate our festivals.
  12. The point is majority of U-19 players will never successful get into senior team. Look at stars like Unmund Chand or Menaria. There are some exceptions like Kohli whom build upon their U-19 career. And then some players like Dhawan whom failed at beginning but eventually got in the team later due to IPL/domestic cricket.
  13. You are wrong. Many came to the team on the basics of strong first-class performances. Perhaps it was Kohli and Yuvraj who really made a successful transformation into the senior team from U19s. Also, we got more players from IPL than U19s or A-teams. The importance of such junior or reserve games is not much really.
  14. How many players we got from U-19s or A-teams? Few only. Majority of our players didn't come from such route, so the results are not significant. It's just like football, because most U-19 players eventually fail to live-up.

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