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  1. Never said that. Good luck, if you just want respond to me on imaginary things not written. Keep responding on things written by yourself....
  2. "Perfect is the enemy of good" is apt for this thread. There are plenty of problems here but important to see the big picture, and also remember it's corruption, dynasty parties at the other side. Thus, if there are any disillusioned BJP supporters, it's important that they still vote it, instead of sitting at their homes and later whine if Congress wins. Also, there are many people nowadays pretending to be BJP supporters and eventually causing some infighting among supporters. It's a dirty game, and really, this infighting and possibly low voting percentage turnout of BJP base has to addressed well.
  3. Unless you know him personally, then it's idiotic when you say that. There is no evidence to suggest that Arun is incompetent so far. He is well trusted by his colleagues and has decent experience nevertheless.
  4. You do realize football is far more tactical than cricket can ever be. Coaches can never be ranked on their number of caps. It's a very simple logic. And you do realize that many of our great players like Sachin, Kohli have been coached by people with absolutely little playing experience and yet, these people have been credited in making them. Give Arun a fair chance, don't just make an argument over nothing.
  5. The Bihar episode should be a reminder of what will happen if there is a non-NDA government in power. It's corruption and, family-first agenda. Do we want that at national level? Full corruption, dynasty politics and secular media being silent on them, thus absolutely no accountability and little criticism there. Development issues are completely sidelined whenever there is corruption. Today, we are talking about relevant issues like economic, jobs, and general development only because corruption is not there.
  6. Wrong. Good coaches do not necessary need big playing experience. Similarly, you do not become good coach if you just have big playing experience. Look at many football coaches, and understand them.
  7. Before, it was clear who are the bosses. Now everybody wants to be the boss. Thus, over-stopping over their duties.....
  8. If coaching was all just the playing experience, we might just hire our most capped bowler & batsman as coaches. But that doesn't work in reality. Arun himself is not a newbie, so let's give me a fair chance and support.
  9. It's a religious issue and how can that be solved? It's a simple question with no good solutions so far. Education, economics have all failed....
  10. You are wrong, there are adjustments which every batsman has to keep doing especially overseas. That's where there coaches comes in.
  11. It's still is a fantastic team because there aren't any corruptionIt's the speed which is the issue as many areas are lacking behind big time. And the opposition has played a big part, their complete non-operation and non-support over key bills means BJP hands are tied. Only time, will tell if this is the best government but this is for sure the worst opposition. They have no agenda for the country, and are opposing everything, supporting anti-nationals.
  12. BCCI choose to ask the ex-players to select coach instead of themselves. That's a good move. But these ex-players overstepped their role now and it's them who are unprofessional.
  13. Seems you are describing Kumble.....
  14. Team form heading towards WC has no bearing. We had disaster Australia tour, yet we did very well in 2015 WC. Pakistan were in disaster form this Champions Trophy, but they won it. So World Cup is a lottery, if big players do their job, India will go very far there.
  15. How so? Easily said that done. These things were by our own people. You see they have a religious identity consisting of deep intolerance and violence, and they are just expressing it this way.