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  1. Good, even I probably will take a break from the site.
  2. someone

    Why is Thala hiding?

    So he can remain not out and blame the other batsman for not staying put....
  3. someone

    Remember, Jadeja at 8, Bhuvi at 9

    They are only useful if required runs is less than 50. Right now, we still need 200 runs....
  4. someone

    What a boring World Cup

    Its boring because England has failed as host. That is the main reason, this WC should be the biggest thing, a festival yet its nowhere there. Their staff, groundsman also lack the urgency or simply not passionate enough of the sport. Host failed to do their job well, even bad scheduling.
  5. someone

    Time to boot out Kohli from the captaincy.

    That Lahori logic, a pakistan typical post. Kolhi is fine as player and captain, we have very good records under him. Dont blame him for one game...
  6. someone


    Any DL used, NZ has advantage. Shorter game favors NZ only.
  7. someone

    Absolute disgrace

    These guys, their groundstaff themselves didnt have many equipment and were very slow. They didn't look passionate about the game as didnt hurry to cover the ground. All very lazy...
  8. Sunny again, so expect match today...
  9. someone

    Nothing deeply interesting after the WC

    You mean to say WC is deeply interesting? this wc has been poor, weak competition and nearly all boring games. Most are just watching for the sake of it being Wc
  10. someone

    All hail Shakib Al Hasan

    Bangladesh will be ruining the fact that such a talented player used to bat 5/6 for them. Its unfulfilled potential for him...
  11. Ex-R&AW officers want PM to act against Hamid Ansari’s ‘anti-national’ acts Really makes me angry about such ppl
  12. someone

    India tops the table !!!

    Professional pessimist!!!
  13. someone

    Dhoni conceeded most byes in this wc

    Its a lesson for selection, they gave a filmsy excuse in not selecting Pant, for his low wicket keeping skills?. But dhoni himself is not that good
  14. someone

    biggest disappointment of this World Cup?

    Virat Kohli? Not a single century and not fulfilled to his own expectation and stature
  15. someone

    Sir. Jaddu vs Sanjay manjrekar

    Verbal diarrhoea vs bits and pieces player. Surely, the former was pathetic, personal and totally out of context. Calling someone an average player is not a crime, and Manju or any other commentor/fans can do us at their free will. If Jaddu is so sensitive over somebody calling him totally average, he is not made for top-level sport.

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