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  1. someone

    Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas the worst couple atm?

    There is a idea of half age plus seven when it comes to age difference in dating. And its good to see Hindu Bollywood stars still practicing the religion in their daily lives.
  2. Its stupid of you to even compare both countries together. In India, you can show your religion identity openly and nothing to fear. But the same cannot be said about Pakistan. Thus, my point that in the video, he should wear a turban or pandit clothes in Pakistan and see the reaction.
  3. Its biased videos. He should wear a turban or pandit clothes in Pakistan and then see the reactions. on india, we have more muslims than pakistan. So there isnt any hatred against other religion generally.
  4. someone

    Ayodhya Verdict

    So Hindus who are doing the caste fighting are all BJP members? Thats wrong and if anything RSS themselves strive for a casteless society. And caste isnt Hindusism, we have Jati and thats very different. Yet in modern India today, caste is used as number 1 way for exploitation and exploitation itself is a worldwide issue. So its not a easy problem. We dont have discrimination but plain exploitation and important to understand the difference.
  5. someone

    Marriage culture & Surname importance in Indian weddings

    So how do such children grow up together? As brother/sister? I mean how can those cousin themselves accept it??
  6. someone

    Global GDP shifts in last 50 years

    So you just make a random assumption, you could say 2 points , not just a single point. For India to grow, Its needs official money and that was the purpose served. We have already overcome the disruption caused by initial. And this disruption was essential for it to even work at first place. You are already many benefits for it and you cannot ignore it.
  7. someone

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    Many people use loudness as confidence. And Ranveer is no different and it works well for him.
  8. someone

    Global GDP shifts in last 50 years

    Do you even realize what Congress left the GDP at? There is substantial improvement and Modi deserves credit. And Demo obviously helped, you can question its overall effectiveness but as a policy, it was a great move and a first step to a modern India with strong accountability
  9. someone

    Marriage culture & Surname importance in Indian weddings

    I remember there was a recent South Indian film featuring Sudeep in a Hindu family, and his love story with his first cousin. So any south Indians can talk about such prevelance?
  10. That time has gone. Also how can you ignore Kashmiri pandits? Next, Today Kashmir is a strategic point. You do realise our security agencies say 1/3 of our districts are not in our governance so the breaking India forces are out there and any Kashmir breakup will led to a domino effect.
  11. someone

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    So they whitewash history and you avoid my questions. You still can”t give me names any politicians getting away abusing other religions. Now India is full of hinduphobia, not just politicians, there are likes of John Dayal, Kacha Ilaiah who sprew hatred. Bollywood making Islamic tyrants as heros. Try making Hitler a hero in Hollywood. Next you are trapped in your words. On one hand, you have the burden of past, full of guilt for the historical crimes of India. Yet, you foolishly want to abbsolve the white man crimes. They just whitewash history, while Africa, South Asia are still paying the price for their atrocities and genocides. Then, again you have the audacity to call them tolerant while conviently ignorning their war crimes, and exploitation and converting of the weaker today. There isnt any takers for Africa or Hindu critique of west and its religion. Outsiders dont get mainstream space to critique them and that shows the double standard. A highly colonized mind like yourself are obviously insecure about your own culture & history, while in awe of the west. Yet you dont know some truths like the doctrine of Christian discovery. You mention about Japan, and of course they are a good example. They have their own narrative and proud of their civilization. They dont see themselves as westerners nor have any inferiority complex. We ought to have an similar Indian narrative based on our ancient civilisations, dharmic religions, and mutual respect. India is not just about developing, but reclaiming . For that you need to decolonize minds and understand actual history and build an indian prospective.
  12. someone

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    You still cant give me any names. Here we have Karunanidhi, Owasis abusing Hindu gods and getting away freely. They arent some random politicians. But try abusing other religions and there will be huge consequences. Dont reply back till you give me equalivant cases of the west politicians. You mentioned “outsiders” commenting on religious injustice, and that my whole point. Where is the Hindu or African critique of the West and Christinity? The west simply dont give the space mainstream and really no takers for it in the west. Instead they have completely whitewashed their history , and thus people like yourself have to audacity to call them tolerant when their entire history is filled with atrocities and oppression. And today they are exploiting our weak people and converting them. Now compare that to India, here we are in awe of the western view of us, and the only country in the world whose studies is controlled by others, the west. Thus, that results in one sided and distortions versions of texts and history. So now Islamic tyrants are heros, and bollywood foolishly continue to paint such images while ignoring their brutal genocides.
  13. someone

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    So you can't find any names of any politicians who abuse Christianity and got away freely. And instead, have written a random rant. My point is completely validated that in our our leaders can freely abusing Hindu gods , while no leaders can abuse the other religions. The West is full of double standards. Try making a movie, or hosting events about their genocides, atrocities, oppression, you will not get far as there aren't many takers. Whereas we have likes of Romila Thapar in mainstream and leading our education, narrative through distortions and biases. Whitewash and erasing of history is deep rooted there. Cultural genocides violates religions freedom. We have our own problems of , but will need our own solutions. There is exploitation and west themselves are part of it where they prey and convert our weak people today. And please check the doctrine of christian discovery, where anything discovered by Christians belongs to them. So be in property, land and valuables. So like Columbus discovered America, like if the native Americans never discovered themselves.
  14. someone

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Public life, you cant find any names of any eminent politicians there who abused Christianity and got away freely. And please try to talk about human rights violations, religions freedom issues to the west, there arent many takers mainstream. Thats why there is a apt term called united states of amnesia And you keep shifting goalposts, nobody mentioned about western education. Any good things of any cultures we should use but we also know their bad things and horrible history.
  15. someone

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Again you don't read enough. You just read and believe the positive things of the west while brainwashed in ignoring the bad things and whitewashing of history . You see just ignoring a problem, doesn't make the problem disappear. Things like Christian Yoga and Aveda are examples of the digestion which I wrote earlier. And odd that you keep mentioning Japan. They have struck with their own identity and haven't embraced Christianity. There are reasons for that, and you should read more to understand it. Like Japan has it's own identity, we ought to have our own, not be some second class white man like one of our ex PM was proud about.

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