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  1. You are jealous. Everyday videos can be as viral as something unique.
  2. Kamal will start with 90% of all Congress votes, they have already shifted to him. Now, it's all about positioning on how much pro-DMK and against AIDMK. He will do very well in TN, which has this particular culture of making their celebs and politicians as gods. Also, this dravidian politics clearly shows that education, and stardom means nothing as you can still be brainwashed and play dirty politics over the Aryan-dravidian.
  3. Seriously to even write something like that, is odd and stupid
  4. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    I guess you have never played any competitive games. Such languages is part of the game and even more so among teammates.
  5. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Dont quite understand what's the Pakistan in the PSL, it should be Private. Bunch of individuals, retired oldies playing in a isolated cricketing place. But I guess the Pakistan tag could also make sense, there is always mismanagement, pathetic level of cricket & fielding, lack of aggression and quality around.
  6. If I remember his interview on youtube, he seemed more of "I" "me" kind of person. Only about himself and less on team. So such comments have to taken on similar lines.
  7. With a batting average of 11 in T20s, surely Binny is saying correct words.
  8. SRT played with many of the same bowlers as Virat. Also, if Virat is supposedly playing weaker bowlers, then why there are no other cricketers with similar records? Virat is dominating the game, while Sachin peaked at various points of his career while struggled at other times.
  9. Longevity is number of caps. And higher number of caps will never make you greater. It's about consistency, best players are the most consistent. Kolhi is one. And I haven't even mentioned his superior match winning knocks, higher SR.
  10. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    Let's disagree. It brought in a reality check in many ways, whether to informal economy, banking loopholes, corrupt babus. The benefits of DeMo will only be enhanced in future.
  11. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Not sure why there isn't any anger among Canadians on what is effectively a paid holiday in tax payers money. Also, this PM himself is not that proactive towards India, it's his first visit since he came in 2 years ago while he has been to China twice.
  12. South Indian is fine, it's geographical based. But Dravidian is the issue, this sparks the aryan-dravidian divide. Nobody talks about Aryan politics, but here there are people who take pride in dravidian. There is nothing divide like that in reality.
  13. HILARIOUS- Modi trolls Renuka Choudhary

    Great presense of mind by Modi. Its such simple things including humour which is essential to be good leaders. Rahul doesnt have it, need his script writers, his cheerleaders at every single stage. He himself cant even write condolence message.
  14. Terrorism/cowardliness in Pak DNA?

    Massive? They are only influence actually, and that's what makes it a problem, when there is too much radicalism.
  15. "BJP in danger of losing a critical support base"

    To be fair, BJP is trying to be the dominant player in states which is the right thing to do, and obviously regional parties won't be happy. But Shiv Sena is bitter, and plain jealous. Akalis are fine and most trustworty ally, while TDP is about posturing against potential BJP=YSR tieup.

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