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  1. someone

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    Saha has to the winner. 5cr easy money. But overpaid has to be unadkat, stroke. yet can't win any match for their team...
  2. someone

    Halla Bol Thread 2018!! - RR Fans, Idhar Aavjo

    So a free pass to KKR? They have little chance to beat them.
  3. someone

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Such big tournaments are always awkward to watch. Don't know who to support, and the passion is not like supporting India.
  4. someone

    Karnataka election results

    Why are RWs so nervous, defensive, paranoid on just one setback? It's clear in this big game of politics, RWs lack patience. Compare that to Rahul Gandhi who gets no blame for losing elections after another, and is actually rewarded, praised after elections losses.
  5. someone

    Karnataka election results

    Wrong analysis. It's Hindutwa vote is only to a certain limit as seen in 2009 elections, and that won't win you elections. BJP very well knows it, and thus have been looking to expand its vote base, scope. Today, it's getting more minorities, OBCs, Dalits voting for them, and thus, the party is rightly evolving. It knows very well, it can't depend on its traditional middle class Hindu voters. Even in Karnataka, it lost crucial seats as its middle class voters in Bangalore took a holiday than vote. BJP has more allies today than 2014, and in 2014 it was more than 2009. So allies are increasing, don't just believe the propaganda of the media. However, many parties are only dynasts, and dynasts don't get much with BJP. BJP is today facing united dynasts, not united opposition. That's a important difference, and these dynasts are formidable combination who have no idealogy but only to save their own family. Again, it's united dynasts, not united opposition. You can add SS to that list as it's also one of them. Wrong, it's part of the strategy. BJP needs their opposition to have over-confidence. If they are already demoralized and low on confidence, they will align with each other pre-polls. BJP have won so many states based on this opposition mistakes and over-confidence.
  6. someone

    Karnataka election results

    The demographics overwhelming favors the opposition, if they united. That's the reality and we must accept it. My question is why do people still vote for the same failed leaders? I have always wondered what goes in the head of them in making their decisions. Rahul has zero achievements, and perhaps the only person in the world who got rewarded, despite being defeated in 20+ elections. Caste leaders like Yadav, Maya have ruled the states for decades, and have shown incompetence together with big corruption cases on them. So why do a lot of people vote such dynast leaders? Like if Gandhi family are default rulers of the nation...
  7. someone

    Karnataka election results

    http://www.opindia.com/2018/05/durbaris-are-angry-because-bjp-refuses-to-play-dead/ Probably this is what they hate about this BJP....
  8. someone

    Karnataka election results

    It's one long week for BJP to prove majority. A lot of existing settings can end , and new settings may emerge. So will it just be a week long Yeddy gov? Only time will tell...
  9. someone

    Karnataka election results

    How the media failed to read the anti-incumbency is to be the biggest takeaway. Many ministers lost, and yet our esteemed journalists who toured the state saw nothing against the gov. And it's not the first time either. These media people didn't see the MODI tsunami in UP. Today, the media has lost it's credibility. Their anti-BJP agenda and hypocrisy is clear to see.
  10. someone

    Karnataka election results

    Situation has changed a bit with new channels. But still the narrative is controlled by the same anti-BJP channels. This Lie Big, and apologize small has been seen greatly in the last few years. Take the recent farce and violence in Bengal elections, it wasn't even in the news in majority of channels as it didn't suit their agenda.
  11. someone

    Karnataka election results

    Wrong, BJP contested all seats. The difference is BJP themselves have presence in 180 odd seats only. Mysore region in particular BJP lacks any presence. So BJP has concentrated vote bank geographically while Congress is more spread out. Thus, BJP has a greater vote share than Congress in many regions of Karnataka. But due to Mysore region, their average and final vote share goes out. And it was expected and seen in 2008 as well.
  12. someone

    Karnataka election results

    There is no long term or short term. Everything is about 2019LS. BJP will correctly want to be in power there. And why do people assume this alliance wont last? This alliance is based on selfish reasons, pure nepotism, HDK will be happy as long as he is CM, while Congress will play junior partner just to stop BJP. Its dynastic politics at its best where both parties came together for each of their son's future. The state Karnataka will lose, while these dynasts win.
  13. someone

    Karnataka election results

    NDA has more members now than in 2014. The main problem is nepotism. Majority parties are dynast and for them, the foremost is to make sure their dynasts are in power at all costs. They won't accept a supporting role with BJP.
  14. someone

    Karnataka election results

    TDP have their own anti-incumbency. And LS and assembly elections are two different things.
  15. someone

    Karnataka election results

    I guess you never heard when Sonia made a just one-man party MLA as CM just to prevent BJP. In Jharkhand, Sonia used the entire IB, police to stop BJP and their supporting MLAs.

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