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  1. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    As expected, this dravidian properganda and brainwashing is too much in South. Its very dangerous. And there isnt any Aryan politics so this whole Aryan- dravidian divide is done by only one side.
  2. The bashing is completely politics and it has filled completely in South. The Aryan-dravidian brainwashing means people are simply allergic to Hindi. And in your own words, not knowing Hindi can be unfair to students, which is the best reason why Hindi should be the National language. It's all about competitiveness and we want to promote it.
  3. Seems like you don't want to get the point actually. Tamils can learn English fine and so Hindi should be fine by same logic. Unless again, you want to keep implying Tamils are not capable enough which is stupid there. I am comparing with English.
  4. Diversity means being open, not intolerant. Their is a lot of brainwashing with the aryan-dravidian theory and hindi bashing is key there. the source of this issue is from south india and thats where this has be resolved.
  5. Tamils learn Engish fine, so learning Hindi is not an issue. Or are you Tamils aren't capable of learning Hindi? Really, thats a stupid point
  6. Lol, you have answered it yourself. Not knowing Hindi can create some unfair situations. Thus, making Hindi as a national language will address that and increase competitiveness, that's the ultimate aim of education.
  7. CJI VS SC judges

    https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/former-sc-hcs-judges-urge-cji-to-put-all-sensitives-cases-before-constitution-bench-of-five-senior-most-judges/articleshow/62496178.cms That explains it, given the Ram Mandir case, Aadhar privacy case, rohingya case all around. They ultimately want to delay it, create confusion, public mistrust and try to get possible stooges in such sensitive cases.
  8. And that's the exact reason why Hindi has to be the national language in order to prevent such things.
  9. You are brainwashed clearly. Also, if you think Tamil is superior, I don't care as that's not the point. Both Tamil and Hindi can both exist together in TN, it's not a crime to learn both languages. But if you just think only Tamil exist, then it's YOU who need to understand the idea of India and it's diversity. You are saying like we are Muslims and superior, and so we cannot allow the inferior Hindus as that will destroy our culture. It's a very dangerous idea
  10. Two things, why no Gujarti think of Hindi as threat to their culture, why just the South? Next, why just Hindi, what about English? When they learn English, isn't that a threat to their culture, going by their same logic? Thus, it's just part for the Aryan-dravidian brainwashing. This hatred of Hindi is needed to keep the divide alive. You see Hindi isn't a special language. So when people say tamil is older or even call it superior, I don't care as that's not the point. It's all about Hindi being widely spoken and the most important language, so every Indian has to learn it.
  11. Obviously, few other states use it as fuel for their own regional politics. But the main, and the source itself is from the South, and it's all part of the Aryan- Dravidian politics. There is a lot of brainwashing. You see there aren't any anti Tamil protests in North. Actually, there isn't even anything called Aryan politics. But there exists a Dravidian politics and hatred of Hindi is essential for such brainwashing to continue. When our own Gujarti PM has no problem speaking Hindi, so why can't South learn and speak Hindi? Like no Gujarti has a problem with Hindi, so why it is a big issue in South? No Gujarati thinks of Hindi as threat to their culture nor has any issue about Hindi being imposed on them. Two languages or really multiple things can exist at the same time, and that's the beauty of India. But obviously with dravidian politics, they have to be completely intolerant of Hindi in order to exist itself. Now, we need to end such divide.
  12. Wrong. Diversity actually means you should be open to new things. So this hostility/intolerance against Hindi is plain politics. A Hindu has no problems going to a other religious places, similarly a Tamil should have no problem learning Hindi. And this Hindi is the most important language in the country, thus makes all sense to be the national language.
  13. It's all part of the Aryan-Dravidian issue. Being against Hindi is the key aspect of Dravidian politics. You see they aren't against English, but just Hindi for this specific reason. Majority of South India is brainwashed by this false Aryan Dravidian divide. So the blow has to come from the Dravidian side. This thing has to end, as this politics has divided our country.
  14. Gujarat and Himachal elections:2017

    Imo, many wrong conclusions are being made. This results or the small margin of victory doesn't impact future elections. If that was the case, BJP would have lost UP after Bihar elections. Every election is fought on different issues, and public always have short memories.

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