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  1. Stupid post. What does that say about fans? This forum then?? It's discussion, and it's the topic that matters, not who said it....
  2. There is still some difference between both laws. Precisely in one, they talk about kafirs so let's not make it equals....
  3. isnt hindsight wonderful??? Still 3 more tests so lets wait...
  4. Many use that as a motivation while you are whining about it. Parents single biggest aim is that their children have better lives than themselves. And education is the number one method for it.
  5. someone

    Can India win the World Cup with Kohli-Shastri duo?

    Doesform matter going into the world cup? We were trashed in Australia in 2015 series yet reached a respectable semis.
  6. I guess the issue is Pujara is a luxury player. The other batsman needs to the hard work which is scoring runs while Pujara peacefully takes large time to settle. Its the other player job to keep the scoreboard ticking. Fundamentally, nothing wrong in this method especially when the other player is doing well. But here in England, all players are doing bad, so the obvious question becomes that why play this luxury player at all?
  7. Short memories, a Dravid once went 40 balls without a run. There aren't any issue with SR. It's his inability to make it count. Plus, he "seems" to have a arrogant character, so that also makes it worse. You can check his interviews and he comes across as a attitude guy..
  8. Silly thread. Last thing India needs is a captain who himself isn't a good player. We don't want to play a player for the sake of captaincy. Kohli gets into the team on his pure ability, is well liked and trusted by his team mates and enjoys captaincy. Till, there is any evidence to the contrary, it is the best player and captain.
  9. It's interesting that one side has presented literature, supporting documents, statements based on constitution while another side has none other than the equality card. You do understand there are festivals and temples where men aren't allowed. But hey, don't let facts corrupt your mind. Your quotes that how men, the religion and other women are evil, shows the deep hatred you have for others. That's the personal attack. You can't think straight, and can only shift goalposts.
  10. You are here because you are only bashing men, religion and other woman. At least be honest with yourself. Of course, I have to question your sanity as you are on full rant mode. Plus I mentioned some legality points on this case to which you have no answer. This topic isn't about you, so stop hating everybody else. Stick to topic, is again my last respond to you.
  11. I guess you don't even understand your own posts. You keep bashing men, religion, and now other woman. You really hate everybody except yourself. Obviously, it's gonna be pointless discussion with you. Quit taking a high ground. Stick to topic and discuss on actual things. There are enough points already mentioned to support the cause. Either offer a counter, else just quiet down.
  12. So stick to the topic. Don't come here bashing men and religion... and don't make it like you are the smart women, while others just are dumb who treat other women unfairly. That's another rant from you.
  13. You can't think straight, can't stick to topic. Your rants doesn't make you right. And again, you don;t represent Hindu women. There are women who support this case, so you can keep bashing men, and religion, but that will not make you right. Seriously, your rants makes me wonder about your mental state...
  14. What a random rant. I guess we should all just convert as we will automatically become sane, thinking people according to you. And what is this shifting goalposts? You can't stay on topic and keep talking about other stuffs. And you don't represent all women. Back on topic, you understand that the deity itself is protected by our constitution, and has rights. Next, the temple doesn't practice exclusivity, and there are women groups who support them. The article in this thread has some very nice points summary. And the outcome and its implications could mean tomorrow another can say "he wants to offer chicken to Lord Ganesha citing Article 25(1) and so on" (as mentioned in the article). So it's not as black and white as you foolishly try to tell.

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