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  1. You have answered your own question. It's Raut who is making all the noises. We can't read too much into it. For all the noises, they still run together in state alliance. And you contradicted yourself, you keep mentioning how BJP needs allies, yet now say BJP should ditch SS.
  2. What a self goal by opposition, they had 2 objectives yet failed it. 1. Show their unity.They had a guaranteed number of 145 together, yet their number came at 126. That's a significant difference. Who did not vote for them should be the question. While they also failed to capture the undecided ones. 2. RaGa emergence, it was his 48th launch yet he failed to show any maturity and lack natural ability really. Forget allies, but do Congress themselves take him seriously?
  3. someone


    Just realized that this is just like the communal violence bill. Hindus are the default aggressors and minorities are seen as victims only. And it should be Muslims talking to Muslims, after all it's them who target each other, as they are brainwashed, radicalized by their own people. When will bollywood make a movie on this?
  4. someone


    Law of diminishing returns. And isn't it already happening??
  5. There are two big problems. 1. Lack of middle order (4,5,6). We are complete top heavy, and our middle order has failed to keep up. 2. Tail starts at No.8, it's a long tail. Do you need the likes of Ash or Jaddu back in team?
  6. Exactly. Case closed.
  7. Disagree, disagree. You keep insulting the millions of women by calling them oppressed as housewife. Next, arranged marriages aren't just for the poor, illiterate as you keep saying. There are loads of educated, rich people doing that. It's not a crime to be a housewife, Arrange marriages , housewifes are here to stay, and there is nothing inferior about it. You call your opinion as superior while making everything else as inferior just doesn't cut in reality.
  8. There are two kinds of people. One who blames everything on Muslims, while other who makes Muslims as only victims. Both sides will blow out of proportion. So we need a middle ground. However, India is a weird place, where it's taboo to talk any Muslim aggression and then, there is whole industry marketing the victimhood part. So here, it's complete one way traffic with this movie as another example. They call themselves peace-loving, but it's actually peace-loving victims. Ultimately, it's two things, one is religion of peace and them being the biggest victims. Both has to be countered especially the latter, as it's not discussed at all.
  9. You have no real argument other that "I haven't seem something, so it doesn't exist". Using words like outdated, inferior, docile, oppressed to describe housewife, is plain dumb from you. On arranged marriages, it has be realized that even the richest of rich does that, so it's all classes. It works well in our country, and nothing inferior about it nor superior for that matter. What is needed, is for woman to have more options, and that's changing. There are housewife who have their small business. With technology, multiple things can be done, and so nobody needs your dictates on how they must live their lives, else they are oppressed.
  10. Using your logic, men also do not have have a choice, they are told that they have to be the breadwinner of the family. Next, for you to say women are inferior,docile, oppressed if they don't follow your way of living is plain stupid and speaks of elitism. That's an insult to many women. Ultimately, with today's technological advances, we live in time where one can do multiple things. And we see it here, housewife with their own small business at home. That's a good development and what is needed...
  11. Who is she saying this towards? It should be for the Muslims to introspect. As Muslims are getting targeted and then attracted by the radical mullahs, clerics. So she's correct that they are targeted. So this should be the question as why are increasing Muslims, both educated and uneducated getting attracted there? These are the uncomfortable questions, and nobody wants to answer. It's this question which has to be answered at first place and are at the very root.
  12. A woman's testimony is worth half than of a man there. It's unconstitutional.
  13. I wrote this earlier here, of course there are problems but, We aren't the most unsafe nation, and that has to be dispelled vigorously. Next, just like India is a poor place, India is unsafe for women maybe correct. But we don't get anything if we take this image of our country to the world. We must defeat this mindset, and perception. Also, there are many Western countries with higher crime rates against women, so we have to the the population into consideration.
  14. Nothing new, there is an entire ecosystem out to threaten anybody with Modi. Celebrities likeLata mangeshkar also had to face abuses, protests for supporting him. There is a huge list, and common man are no different. It's important to remember it was taboo to be supportive of Modi publicly before 2014. It's come a long way since, yet the abuses, personal threats persist. So the facists, right wingers are the other side really....
  15. Well, many Western countries are worst than us, as they have higher crime rates. We have take the population into consideration. So it's wrong to single out our country only.
  16. Disagree. Women do and will choose to spend more time with children than man. That's the statistics. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being a housewife similarly as nothing wrong in a wife doing a full-time job. The problem is when you make one as inferior and other as superior. That's the trend nowadays where some people want to dictate how women should make their decisions and how they are oppressed if they do otherwise.
  17. someone

    "Indian question" in South africa

    Wrong, in SA, the minorities who are the whites are being said to give up their lands, properties. Here, our secular governments think minorities have first right on our resources. Will our minorities ever apologize & give back the properties taken during the Hindu genocide by them?
  18. Do you even know the issue? Clearly not. Firstly, it is fashionable nowadays just to call anything you disagree with as far-right. The reality as seen in this thread, BJP supporters can't be taken for granted. They have their own minds and will question their own leaders if needed. Compare that to the other side, where like the minorities voters are blindly follow their leaders. When was the last time Rahul Gandhi was questioned? His party and the supporters instead made him president despite terrible losses under his leadership. And on abuses, the most abused person and party is Modi & BJP respecitively. They have faced the most scrutiny, and been targeted regularly with fake news.
  19. We shouldn't make Baba/Gurus as a bad word. There are many good people within them as well. Take them like politicians, there are evil minded people but there are genuine good ones also. What should actually be discussed in how every kind of people are attracted to Baba/gurus. We have seen cricketers in their presence, there are film stars, educated ones, not just poor people.
  20. So many conspiracies. You have to understand not everybody is like Modi. This is an elite group and they don't like questions, and can't stand the heat. The entire secular parties are full of them while there are some in BJP as well. Modi aren't one which is why he has succeeded despite years of abuses, heat, threats against him.
  21. Yes, west are having their own major problems, and conflicts. Many are questioning the marriage institution itself. So feminism is fine, but it should not be just following the western ideas. Many Asian countries including India have such traditional values and it's the right thing.
  22. someone

    Sanju Movie trailer

    Sanju: A Dishonest Biopic That Absolves Its Leading Man Of All Responsibility A very good article, really must read. This movie choose to blame everyone except Sanjay himself.
  23. Future Crime Patrol episode
  24. I aren't the one making it a political issue. I am just answering those who think that BJP started this problem. It's a existing problem and we need to work all together to fix it. On comparison , I have already mentioned like Haryana is better sex ratio under new government than old government. So the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao has had some success. We aren't the most unsafe nation, and that has to be dispelled vigorously. Next, just like India is a poor place, India is unsafe for women maybe correct. But we don't get anything if we take this image of our country to the world. We must defeat this mindset, and perception. Also, there are many Western countries with higher crime rates against women, so we have to the the population into consideration.

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