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  1. If we don't experiment in useless series like this, then it's never gonna happen. No.4, 5 and spinners are all vacant spots for WC2019 and we ought to try more players.
  2. Religion is under the state, and so state keeps an eye. That is correct. But that doesn't mean states can dictate/control religion, its festivals & customs. That's a Saudi version if you want state to decide on how much or little religion one can display/do. States keep an eye on religion through the secular constitution, if only something is unconstitutional, they may intervene. Decisions are made through on constitution, not from your insignificant opinions which are completely irrelevant. Here, firecrackers is not unconstitutional so it's a wrong decision and unnecessary interference. Tomorrow, a judge could say meat has health hazards and bans it. Would you support it? No, and it's a similar case here of completely wrongful interference.
  3. Wrong. In secularism, we don't want religion to influence state, however similarly, we do not want state to influence religion. Firecrackers aren't unconstitutional and banning them is plain interference. There should be some regulations instead.
  4. Different Topic. However, we had influence from Afgan to Indonesia but now have shrink to just 20% of it today. So we aren't doing well and are regularly losing the battle.
  5. Obviously, if you keep coming with new meanings and flip-flopping, nothing will affect you. You started the day by ranting how you don't want to see any religious identity in public and have ended with this. It's a welcome change and I agree with the rest. Guess this 3 words, waste of time can be a summary of any discussion with you of every poster here. Now the question is namely secular parties in India, which continue to differentiate among Muslim and Hindu victims or even rewards distribution.
  6. Affecting you? You are insignificant and have no permission on decide one's religion identity in public. One can celebrate religious festivals publicly, chant Hare Krishna in public or even join Christian missionaries. Secular government allows it and that's good enough for me. One can wear, chant, pray, preach freely on the streets in secular countries. You are allergic to religions, and it's you who needs to open your eyes and check ground reality, And it's Indian secularism which has demented. Some governments think minorities have first right over resources. That's preferential treatment and wrong.
  7. I give up. Next time when you see Sikh politicians with their turbans, please argue with them and on how dare they bring their religion. You have allergies with religions and that has no place in secular countries like Canada, India. You are a hopeless case.
  8. Such ppl have inferior complex. They are in awe of foreigners and their things. I have seen people who earned some quick money, and the very same people around them, culture, festivals suddenly become backwards and inferior.
  9. Now, that's correct and so you were wrong in your earlier definition of secular government. It is separation but if church needs some protection, gov has duty to help it although not at the expense of other religion. It's not atheist governance . So for you to say citizens cannot have religion in public domain is wrong. That is like Saudi version for all the other religions. Next, there is a mechanism out there to help religious institutions in getting lands or loans, but will gov accept everything from them? Of course not, but at least you can approach the secular government for assistance. Also remember there are Christian missionaries there which operate in secular governance. So preaching is part of it as well.
  10. Secular governments do not give preferential treatment to any religion, yet they provide support to religions if possible. You need a temple, mosque, church, ask the government they will help.... There are many public celebrations of different festivals and you can freely display your religious identity in every public domain. Secular governments does not mean atheism.
  11. Bad post. Drawing conclusions using some random observation and limited sample size
  12. Again Saudi version. Other than one religion, everything else is restricted and must be kept out of public space. Secular governments actually allow people to practise their beliefs freely without need for secrecy. You really should go to Saudi if you want your secular version
  13. Thats Saudi Arabia. Other than one religion, everything else is inferior and should never be in public life, only can practice in very private space. Such thing is not possible in secular India.
  14. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    We need away performances to decide it. Away matches are very different, and even batting of tailenders become very useful.
  15. Prithvi Shaw

    He is 5'2. That's very tough and challenging. Although, he still have time to grow some height.
  16. Hardik hasn't even reached his peak, and that's why he is rated so highly. Have performed very well already in his early career.
  17. And they were all over 30s. Whereas many more cricketers do arranged, when younger. Guess it's not a taboo in cricket compared to Bollywood.
  18. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    We are the only country which has suffered from many "Hitlers" and also the only country which glorifies them. Will they show khilji as just a Muslim invader, or will include his actual torture?
  19. I do not believe/do it so I will enforce that on everybody else. This is freely applied when it's Hindu issues. But if other communities, it changes to who am I to decide, non-interference. And on this particular issue, some can have lavish parties, travel aboard. But for many Indians, it's occasions like Diwali where they get to celebrate fully. And now that's taken away from them. Will it be Holi next?
  20. Stop being so sensitive over some forum posts. Their family knew each other, and nothing wrong over such "arranged" scenarios. It's more of a comparison with other industries like Bollywood where majority stars have "love" marriage.
  21. Its seems its an arranged marriage. Interesting that are many such cricketers despite their fame and money...
  22. Why do universities, & so called libs invite him? He is everything like Trump. Elitist, family first, power without responsibility, and an idiot overall.
  23. So ppl are saying Dera should pay for all the public property losses. Will the same case be applied here?
  24. Does India need the Mars program? Technology is greatest investment and no need to be apologetic on such things.
  25. It's the other way around. Time is the biggest obstacle and challenge in most sports. 90 minutes, 20 overs, 4 quarters.

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