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  1. Vijay Shankar (Batting Pacer Allrounder) - Performance Watch thread

    All the best to him. Hope he gets a match sooner than later.
  2. My choice is Bumrah as the fourth bowler ahead of Ishant. Bhuvi's success is only reinforcing my opinion.
  3. 50 test wickets for Bhuvneswar Kumar

    Please don't derail the thread by making it a Dhoni vs Kohli discussion. Bhuvi has improved because of himself. What Dhoni or Kohli did is intangible and is a tell tale.
  4. 50 test wickets for Bhuvneswar Kumar

    This is the result when you follow basics. Line, length and discipline. Results may be delayed, but will come slowly but surely.
  5. Pool of seamers for away series

    Somewhere is the current series, than SA.
  6. Pool of seamers for away series

    Bumrah at least has some international experience. We know what to expect from him.
  7. Pool of seamers for away series

    We can't take a rookie pacer to SA. Bumrah is the only option. Apart from Panda.
  8. Pool of seamers for away series

    Shami, Bhuvi, Umesh and Bumrah should go. Probably the bowling coach should do something about Umesh. He needs to get his bowling sorted out.
  9. Umesh bowls a wayward ball and then smiles... irritating.
  10. Get in Jadeja and York Lakmal.
  11. Manju is such a sneaky fellow
  12. But Kohli wants a chat buddy ie Dhawan
  13. Bhuvi needs to bowl faster, like in ODIs.
  14. Emptly stadium on a Sunday. Play a test in Chennai :/
  15. Shami bowling better.

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