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  1. The Dark Horse

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Yep...anti-bjp sentiment so parliament results not a surprise here.. If admk wins less than 10 in bi-election..they will lose majority?
  2. The Dark Horse

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    MP should be the most forward state...Sadhvi Pragya seems to win
  3. The Dark Horse

    New Kits for the Wc teams

    Sri Lanka's looks cool..we should add more colours too, instead of the same boring blue..
  4. The Dark Horse

    Best players of political game in India

    How did you leave Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa
  5. The Dark Horse

    England gloating thread

    Great thread, if they win the world cup...need to keep the TV switched off for a month...
  6. Something is better than nothing. Plus it's hard to be on the sidelines after having such a star-studded career. It's good that at least he's being realistic- better late than never.
  7. The Dark Horse

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Who cares, now we have good fast bowlers. Bumrah+ Shami + Pandya/Bhuvi are as good as any currently in the world. Surprisingly it's the batting that's weak this time.
  8. The Dark Horse

    Predict your upsets in the WC featuring BD, SL, AFG

    Afg is not a minnow IMO.
  9. The Dark Horse

    Should we worry about Sri Lanka

    There goes Lanka's chances
  10. You can't expect him to say..."yeah I suck"..
  11. The Dark Horse

    Kohli & Pant ad

    Should have painted his teeth also

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