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  1. That's the worst argument. It was used when Dhoni was in the test team, as captain. By that logic we won't be having a Saha or Kohli. As of now, Dhoni has done enough to be in the team but his spot will be under continuous scrutiny because of age and to build a future team.
  2. Favourite TV shows

    The series has been gripping, no doubt but they could have delayed Batman's entry. Still not sure, so let's see. You have to watch it just for the bad ass villains.
  3. This is the best we've had. Got good potential to become the best of all.
  4. What pisses you off?

  5. What pisses you off?

    Queue jumping, staring for no reason.
  6. Analysis of Dhoni's art of batsmanship

    The fact that he's the captain has given him the leverage to choose his batting position. Except Kohli who's the star player, he has shunted all the other players up and down the order to his benefit. Can't complain much as most of his tactics worked. May be he understood his strengths and weaknesses. However, someone like Raina has been affected by this approach. Played selflessly but now is no more a part of the setup because of random shuffling.
  7. Halftime thoughts on the 1st India-Aus ODI

    Pleasantly surprised at the total we reached. I hope Kuldeep does something special. If it goes to D/L, Aussies will win comfortably.
  8. [News] Ravindra Jadeja to replace injured Axar Patel

    Let's see if Kohli still keeps Kuldeep at Bay.
  9. Jaddu strikes
  10. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Watched Vikram Vedha (Tamil)..What a movie!
  11. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread


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