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  1. The Dark Horse

    Dhoni plans to retire only after T20 World Cup !!!

    Incentive to post more on ICF...bring it on
  2. The Dark Horse

    2020 T20 trophy Australia

    Dhopi? The hotel people will do the laundry...
  3. Boss, there are still a lot of ad contracts unfinished on the table..
  4. The Dark Horse

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Tell it to the OP
  5. The Dark Horse

    What next for Vijay Shankar?

    He's a must in tests. But really has to improve his mental strength if he has to achieve anything.
  6. Because they gloat like there's no tomorrow.
  7. The Dark Horse

    Shameless Kohli now expresses Sympathy for Devilliers

    Do it personally you idiot..this is called cheap publicity at the expense of others.
  8. Agree...but neither was it beneficial to the team as it's made out to be.
  9. How come Edulji wants Mithali Raj out but wants Dhoni to play Clearly something happened under the table
  10. The Dark Horse

    Your ODI squad for WI tour?

    Dhoni will take voluntary rest
  11. Lol I can guarantee most of these idiots are CSK supporters from Namma TN My friends (Dhoni fans): **** dude..only if thala had not gotten runout, we would have nailed it! My mind voice: Dei naaye this guy is the reason why we needed so many off the last two
  12. The Dark Horse

    Ian Smith commentary in final moments

    Ian Smith and Ian Bishop the best when it comes to the final moments. Simon Doull usually does a sharp analysis IMO.
  13. The Dark Horse

    Coutdown for Dhoni retirement.

    If he had thought of retiring he would have come to bat at 5 without fear.

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