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  1. IPL 2018 script watch

    @velu @VVS Laxman @Vilander @BeautifulGame @Detonator @saik @Garuda@Zelig @bowl_out Though I don't agree with the Dhoni part, Bhajji is just
  2. BJP's vision for India

    Living in the present..
  3. Samskrita Bharati - online learning

    Congrats, you are a true Indian.
  4. BJP's vision for India

    More tax on the working class...cut slacks on the ruling class...Farmers..meh who are they?
  5. Samskrita Bharati - online learning

    My brother took Sanskrit, he made 190/200...and just because went for tution to a certain teacher
  6. Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    How was Ashconda today
  7. Washed up players watch

    Yuvi, Gambhir
  8. Is this the beginning of Ashconda
  9. Punjoos finally have got some swag
  10. Top 3 Likeable IPL Teams

    1. KKR - A team with a lot of youngsters Mavi, Nagarkotti and Gill. An underdog captain wanting to prove himself. 2. KXIP - Hated the queens but with a shrewd captain, yet to do something big in IPL. Not to mention Rahul and Gayle who both have a point to prove. 3. RR - Always been an average team but punched above their weight. 4. SRH - Consolation price
  11. Pity he couldn't set foot in TN though.
  12. Post all the ODI and test innings played in IPL !!!

    Pollard 21*(20) when others were going at 130+ SR

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