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  1. The Dark Horse

    Get Washington Sundar into Indian LOI team already

    Man of the series in his first T20I tournament...Didn't get to bat at all, coz captain knows jack about his batting skills. Has an average IPL, doesn't get to bat there also. Dropped from team after that. Who is to blame here?
  2. Pandey playing like his guruji taking it till the last ball
  3. The Dark Horse

    Sid kaul selected for third t20 against WI

    Sathiya sodhanai
  4. Why not Kohli take rest? What if he gets injured? This guy acts as if he is BCCI.
  5. Lol so true. Fans are doing disservice by attributing bowlers/batsmen's success to captains like Dhoni and Kohli. Yes they might have influenced them by at most 10% but it's the players themselves who put in the hard yards like Bumrah.
  6. You're right. Was about to start this thread. Players are themselves and keen to contribute without them. It's got to do with the attitude that Kohli and Dhoni bring in more than anything. Players were fearful and gloomy with these 2 around..
  7. ROFL..We should just lock him for a week in a room with just food and an iPad.. outcome should be interesting
  8. The Dark Horse

    IND v WI | 2nd T20 | 6th Nov 7.00 PM | Lucknow |

    Khaleel is a good pick for this format.

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