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  1. Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    Pathetic road.
  2. What kind of vegetarian are you ?

    Fish is the best...you get Omega fatty acids or something.. Also less heat...chicken is mostly broiler nowadays...I'm sticking to fish and occasionally mutton.. avoiding chicken as much as possible...
  3. To Indian football fans..just curious.. How good is Sunil Chettri, as compared to international footballers?
  4. What kind of vegetarian are you ?

    No keda vettu?
  5. SRH 2018: countdown to IPL 2018 Championship thread

    Why count down a match you won't be playing?
  6. Bangladesh create history.

    It was started by Gunathilaka in Bangladesh. Apparently it's payback time Never mess with the naagin
  7. Same side goal. Let's see how far EPS and OPS can go with this puppet government...
  8. Batsmen for whom you will pay to watch their batting

    Mushifiqur Rahim for Naagin dance
  9. Bangladesh winning moments and celebrations !!!

    He seems to have lost his fizz anyways
  10. Bangladesh create history.

    Dang missed it
  11. Lanka vs Bangladesh 6th match

    Good for lanka
  12. Washington Sundar vs Krunal Pandya

    Washington's forte is not bowling but he has grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Same with Shankar. Both of them ahead of Pandya. Haven't seen enough if him either.
  13. Virat Kohli behaved like a clown in South Africa: Paul Harris

    Still better than lame cowardly acting by Elgar..

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