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  1. The Dark Horse

    Mohammad Amir avg 80 in last 8 games with jst 3 wkts

    Thanks Amir
  2. Forgot the condition If (town==Mumbai) TBH, Rohit is pretty good, but you can kiss Rahul's ODI career goodbye.
  3. The Dark Horse

    Has there been a player more cringy than Hardik Pandya?

    @zen Truly an all rounder
  4. The Dark Horse

    Why not Raina ?

    You mean winning mentality..
  5. Dude...not the time to discuss about Sachin now..he was a good fielder IMO..that's all...You guys carry on with your
  6. Rahane drops catches, Sachin didn't. He was by no means a bad fielder.
  7. He was 100 times safe fielder than Dhawan, Rahane, etc.
  8. One thing which he was doing good...if he had done that fans would have gone Gaga
  9. The Dark Horse

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    Rohit is insecure. And Rahul can keep.
  10. The Dark Horse

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    Jadeja is the worst pretender to have played in blues. And a selfish one too.
  11. The Dark Horse

    Asia Cup- Dhoni trigger movement watch

    By trigger movement, do you mean lunges?
  12. The Dark Horse

    List the diamonds re-cut by MS Dhoni !!!

    1. Joginder Sharma 2. R P Singh 3. R Jadeja 4. Ishant Sharma 5. Manish Pandey (Work in progress ).

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