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  1. Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    To all my beloved Bambi fans -
  2. This is the best IPL season so far!

    Accidentally ran into some video highlights of IPL games from 2008-2010.. Some very noticeable changes... - Back then, every team pretty much had 1-2 absolute sh!t Indian players who were enormous liabilities, that is not the case anymore.. With 10+ years of T20 cricket, the talent pool or local T20 talent is now large enough to contain a critical mass of quality players to supply 8 IPL teams. - Most teams also had a couple of big name international stars who were well past their prime (Remember 'ICON' player concept in the first year or so?). That too is gone, teams are picking smartly and not going after big name players or spending a large part of their purse on out and out fast bowlers.. The above two reasons - and others - is resulting in overall better quality of play.
  3. Ashwin's captaincy in this IPL season

    Tactical acumen is only 10% of captaincy.. More important are man management skills, ability to sell players into a vision that they will run through a brick wall for, reliable instincts under pressure, a personality that commands respect among the team. Ashwin is a just a smart human.. With a few hours of studying, he's smart enough to have a decent go at a second order differential equation.. but that does not automatically equate to solid captaincy skills. His Achilles heal is his incredibly sensitive nature and propensity to react strongly at every perceived slight.. So if you play your cards well, you can get under his skin rather easily and ruffle him. Plus - I dont think he's the most personable or like-able character in the world. His biggest test yet this year will be how he manages to handle the Chris Gayle situation. At some in the next 4-6 games or so, law of averages will catch up with Chris and his numbers will start to dip alarmingly. Will Ashwin have the cohones to walk up to an all powerful personality like Chris and tell him he has lost his spot in the playing eleven? Even by KXIP's own pronouncements, Chris has already exceeded his expectations by winning 3 matches for them so far. So in Chris' view, they are playing with house money now and should continue to play him. Chris is playing now not just to re-assert his dominance, every tournament he partakes is essentially an audition for the next T20 tournament. So Chris will want to keep his place in the side so that he can continue performing and win his next big contract elsewhere in the world..
  4. I had to google and re-watch this for old time's sake.. 100 off 6 overs, what an historic assault!
  5. I am surprised this guy is still only 32! I was expecting him to be in the 34-35 range. In a very weird way, he is one of the reasons why IPL is even here today. He was probably the best among all mainstream Indian players who took part in the inaugural ICL tournament in 2007(?) and was banned from all BCCI sanctioned tournaments for a while. He kept waiting for a India selection that never came and decided to go the ICL route. He seems to have entered a phase in his batsmenship where the ball/bowler combination seems completely irrelevant. Its all been reduced to the pre-set plan and whether he can execute it. One thing I dont like about him is how he seems to repeatedly sell out his team mate in public when there's an runout culminating in his dismissal.
  6. Andre Russell thread !!!

    What a beast this guy is... Probably the most prolific six hitter doing the rounds now and on top that can bowl 90 mph with super athletic fielding skills. Andre is like a made-to-order T20 player. He is just big enough to have to the necessary power, but not too big to be injury prone or un-coordinated in the field..
  7. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    Dhoni's game finishing philosophy can be summed in the following words - 'I will pick the option that reduces the outcome of the game to the highest collection of probabilities that I control...' This is why you see him flatly refusing single when he needs 15 off the last over because he'd rather trust himself to score 15 off 5 balls than the opposition batsmen to score a boundary or take a single. This is a all or nothing proposition. Either he has all the glory or all the ignominy
  8. THIS IS PUNJAB's YEAR. You read it here first: 2018

    Khota...! And it took a Madraasi kaptaan for you guys to do it..
  9. Best chase - chasing 190. Worst case - chasing 240 and losing for sure.
  10. OMG, this is getting ugly. Someone please call the United Nations Human right council and inform them about this massacre.
  11. With Rahul, there is literally no margin for error because he has every shot in the book..
  12. In a weird way, this is bad for Queens XI.. this means they cant drop Gayle atleast for the next 2-3 games and at this stage of his career, he is only going to come through once every 4-5 games..
  13. Oh no.. This is looking ominous..

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