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  1. The Never Ending Thread

    My life’s so awesome, I cant even believe it. In fact, I am having so much fun, I think I am having too much and am gonna suffer from an overdose. Can somebody tell me how to have less fun? (
  2. Tamilnadu Political Drama

    Are you bleeping kidding me? is this really happening to my home state!
  3. If ever there was a handbook of biased commentating, Healy and Warne would be the co-authors.. They somehow tried to jedi mind trick South Africa into declaring before lunch on day 4 of the recently concluded test when their lead was in the region of 440-450. Why the eff would any team declare with more than 5 sessions remaining in the match? They kept criticizing the South African leadership for batting well past lunch of day 4, when it was the absolute right thing to do. Even without one of their premier bowlers missing due to injury, SAF will able to bowl out Australia with nearly 2 full sessions left in the game..
  4. The Never Ending Thread

    Hey hey hey.. !
  5. As an individual contributor, MSD is still easily good enough to hold a place in the ODI side atleast for the next 15-18 months (he should definitely quit T20s. Barring the odd resurgence, he has proven himself to be an average to below average batsmen in that format). Having said that, it maybe better for the collective good of the Indian team if he chooses to exit the Indian team sooner rather than later. With his fame, fortune and past successes, Its obvious that he is one of those guys with a Sachin type aura around. After one of his many Man of the match/Man of the series award presentation interviews, the host asked Ashwin to explain the recent rebound in his test bowling and in a remarkable moment of candor, Ashwin said something along the lines of 'Well, i dont want to dwell on the past, but the previous regime had a certain way of doing things and it affected me..', while the new test captain Kohli looked on. MSD is one of India's top 10 cricketers of all time... He's a national treasure and hero.. but its time for him to distance himself from the current indian team. And btw, I am almost 99% sure that he will quit ODIs either at the end of this year or early next year.
  6. The Never Ending Thread

    Hello Radhika, hello Malcolm.. great to see the familiar names...!
  7. Better to be biased than be rubbish...*cough cough*..*Sivarama Krishnan* *cough cough*
  8. The Never Ending Thread

    Hello Homies - how's the peeps here!

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