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  1. Ram

    The Never Ending Thread

    My life’s so awesome, I cant even believe it. In fact, I am having so much fun, I think I am having too much and am gonna suffer from an overdose. Can somebody tell me how to have less fun? (
  2. Ram

    Where are the Kolkata Knight Riders Fan?

    This is a good team. They tick the boxes for many pre-conditions for a successful T20 team... They have explosive batting at the top (Narine, Lynn) They have mystery spinner (Narine) They have commendable domestic fast bowling prospects (Prasidh, Mavi, Nagarkoti) They have experienced finisher in the middle order (DK) They have impressive power hitter in the lower order (Russell) Never understood why the cricbuzz guys were low on them from the tournament start.. If anything, with Gill, Mavi and Nagarkoti getting more experienced after 1 yr of playing, they will become even good next year..
  3. Its not all MSD.. CSK team brass has cracked the T20/IPL code. With or without MSD, they will - Always pick a squad that allows them to play with 7 bowling options. - Always pick a squad with enough high quality spinners that gives them a distinct advantage in Chepauk. - Always pick a squad with enough high quality Indian batsmen that can cope with mystery spinner thread. - Always pick a squad with foreign players who are primarily fast bowling all-rounders. - Prefer experienced players to upcoming jump-starts - Not bid high for marquee fast bowlers like Starc, Cummins who are likely to break down during the season Just by doing the above, you can have a solid squad every time you step on the field..
  4. CSK staff should run clinics for some of these teams in the off-season. This is peak 'snatching defeat from the jaws of victory' by RR.
  5. OMG they scored 30 off the last 5.
  6. How can you be only 2 down and still not be able to chase 60 off the last 5? not only that, you are going to be short by 25 runs!!
  7. @velu @The Dark Horse Thanks! I like this Prasidh guy.
  8. Only way Stuart Binny gotten this far is if there was a 'Son of former player' quota.
  9. How fast is Prasidh bowling? late 130 ks? early 140ks?
  10. CSK against SRH - Needed 43 runs off last 3 overs, 2 wickets in hand - RESULT - WIN RR against KKR, Needs 43 runs off last 3 overs, 7 wickets in hand, RESULT - TBD
  11. Hate to say this, but SRH are the favorites to win at this time..
  12. All of a sudden I became a believer. God please help us.
  13. **** **** **** **** **** ****..
  14. As a Professional Mumbai Indians hater, I was literally jumping in joy to see that ugly slash from Hardik go up in the air... But even as I was in mid-air, the lifelong Indian supporter realized that Hardik should have known better.. Some of the shot selection by the batsmen in this game was astonishingly bad.. People keep blaming MSD for being too slow in the middle overs..but this is where he is so good... he postpones risk till the time when its absolutely unavoidable and creates more chances for the opposition to screw up..
  15. Ram

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

  16. Ram

    Match 47 : MI vs RR

    Is MI officially knocked out after today?
  17. Ram

    Match 47 : MI vs RR

    Laloo please post picture of the humble pie you are eating for lunch today.
  18. Ram

    Match 47 : MI vs RR

  19. Ram

    Match 47 : MI vs RR

    Very nice RR
  20. Ram

    Match 46 : CSK vs SRH

    About effing time we put in a good performance.
  21. Ram

    Match 47 : MI vs RR

    Rajasthan is my favorite state in India. Royals are an amazing team, with the best collection of players. Please win today
  22. Ram

    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    I would be absolutely flabbergasted if if they mafias make the playoffs this time. The worst part is, they dont even have to win the remaining 3 games to qualify.. Effin useless KKR and RR.

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