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  1. True Reminds me of a joke about political state of affairs in India Election contest between Party A & Party B Party A : Give us the victory & you'll see all the changes for good & all people will reap the benefits. Nothing much happens in the five year term.....corrupt business as usual Election time again Party B: You elected party A and see what they did.....Nothing for the people, they just made money for themselves, please bring a CHANGE....vote us to power this time. Party A: Thank you for voting our party to power in the last elections, we honestly agree that we made good money and we are very happy & fully satisfied, NOW we are ready to work for the people of this country, IF you elect the opposition this time, they will make money for FIVE more years and NOTHING will be done for you, so please re-elect us again so that we can actually work for you.
  2. Under_Score

    What a classy test match pitch

    These close matches are the best!! close results like this keep Test cricket exciting..
  3. Bowl Bumrah & Ishant in tandem and last wicket will fall.
  4. Time to bring Ishant & Bumrah and win the match without further delay
  5. Under_Score

    Classic Movies Thread -> 1920s to 1960s

    Hilarious movie during school days
  6. Pujara doing justice to his Mongoloid Warlord looking face by hitting that 4...good
  7. Pujara determined to stay NOT OUT...courtesy Nigel Llong
  8. Under_Score

    Indian wedding couples ( simple quiz )

    Bihari couple
  9. Under_Score

    Indian wedding couples ( simple quiz )

    Here is the right order 1) Gujju 2) Tamil 3) Andra 4) Marathi 5) Bengali 6) Karnataka 7) Muslim 8) Bihari 9) Oriya 10) Sikh
  10. At least he got a good score.
  11. Vijay tambi...yenna pa nee? what a rascala shot to throw away your wicket after so much patience....do better in the next match.
  12. Good to see hard work of Bumrah paying off...

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