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  1. Which all states/UTs have you been to in India?

    Born: Bombay ( Family Moved to B'lore when I was only 2 years old ) Brought up: In Bangalore Cities & States visited in India: Mysore, Ooty, Madras, Bombay, Delhi, Chandigarh & Punjab PS: Chandigarh used to be the capital city of Punjab...but corrupt Indian politics made it a union territory...corruption sucks
  2. Maniac bro...aap ko galti se misundertanding hogaya My most Fav & respected players are Dravid, Kumble & Sachin Cheers!!
  3. So sad...just can't imagine the plight of the little girl who suffered this....Hopefully the culprits are brought to justice.
  4. How to approach your crush !!! [ Serious ]

    How to approach your crush? seems like one sided affair..lol Koi baat nahi...just ask her out for a dinner and see what she says.
  5. You don't need no Lactose to digest a good Punjabi dinner....you need Daaru pegs This Punjabi medication strictly recommended before food
  6. Bat: Pujara Ball: Bumrah Field: Hardik
  7. It's KingsXI management decision....too bad Chennai pooper kings couldn't retain MSD in 2016 & 2017.....why?
  8. Batsman: Kohli Bowler: Shami Fielder: Saha
  9. New year resolutions !

    2018 Resolution passed...Less Whiskey...More Vodka
  10. Happy New Year 2018

    A very Happy New Year to all ICF members...cheers!!
  11. SRT's mistake, trusting this unreliable person, everyone has their bad days, that doesn't mean that he was so afraid of phaast bowling for life...and why disclose this now after all these years..
  12. The OP surely seems like a typical Bhajji hater, some other posters also got sucked into this bull crap....I like Bhajji's fighting attitude Here...eat this you haters
  13. Any Heavy Metal Music fans here?

    These days, Heavy metal songs are just played on some Rock Radio stations or at NHL Hockey games during play breaks. Nice to revive some old memories...weed & Heavy Metal was a great combo in college...nothing seriously addictive...But fun times with great buddies back home.
  14. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry X'Mas to all fellow ICF members...Happy Holidays!!...Have a good party Our family X'Mas Tree All set for the evening party...Cheers
  15. Any Heavy Metal Music fans here?

    C'mon fellow ICfrs, give up your fetish for Shastriya sangeet & Jhankar beats.. Here's another classic...

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