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  1. Me defending Sikh terrorists in Canada? Show me a SINGLE post or STFU, Like I have mentioned in the past, If Sikhs in Canada talk about 1984 Mass Genocide in India against Sikhs, they get branded as Khalastanis or their supporters.....this is so typical of people who want to live a life of denial, typical sympathizers of baby killers...Shame Coming back to you....are you still doing this?
  2. Keep up your Punjabi hate, not all Bongs are bitter like you...it seems like your ultimate aim in life. Sulk & burn..... Cheers
  3. Sidhu is a disgrace to all Punjabis, too bad this moron was not booked for murder of a elderly person in a road rage incident a few decades ago. He is a typical scumbag politician who will do & say anything to stay in politics. My personal experience of living in South India is that they are the best people to live among compared to the rest of India.
  4. Players like Sehwag did keep the test matches interesting...fearless batsman he was!!
  5. Damn...sad to see KL Rahul getting out cheaply again.
  6. Under_Score

    Happy Airforce day

    Happy Air Force Day to everyone here, Good Tribute by SRT. It is also time to remember one of the elite members of I A F...RIP https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirmal_Jit_Singh_Sekhon Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon, PVC (17 July 1943 – 14 December 1971) was an officer of the Indian Air Force. He was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest military decoration, in recognition of his lone defence of Srinagar Air Base against a PAF air raid during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. He is the only member of the Indian Air Force to be so honoured.[2]
  7. ^ Vishnuvardhan was a very good actor, he used to always wear a super thick steel Kada ( Bangle ) on his left hand. Well, this thread is about remembering some famous people who died at young age, not to make fellow posters here sad, It is the reality of life and it could happen to anybody. Another two names that come to mind Jaspal Bhatti & Vivek Shaukh
  8. Actually I met Sunil through my Konkani friends, very humble guy, he had not ventured into movies yet, I remember him telling me that he joined the Gym since he wanted to look more fit & strong for his upcoming movie career, too bad he died in an accident. Usually when young people die who are aspiring in their career, foul play speculation often gets rumored. It could be true in some cases. Also another actor who had just made his name also died in a car accident in B'lore
  9. ^Madhubala was Awesome. Even Vinod Mehra left early Pop Sensation of her time Nazia Hassan Young aspiring actor Divya Bharati @UrmiSinhaRay Was her Death Suicide or Murder?
  10. Please mention your fav Singer or Actor who left this world at a very young age....they do deserve a mention. This video is of a popular young Punjabi singer who was doing so well in his career but died at young age due to cardiac arrest during a stage show. This album is a tribute to him. Below pic is of a popular Kannada actor Sunil whom I knew personally, we used to hang around with other buddies in Bangalore...Good times.... he too left this world due to a tragic accident a while ago. Life can be cruel sometimes.
  11. Under_Score

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    Yep, my personal preference is Veggies ( Sabzi & Daal ), fish & chicken ( No oil tadka, small quantity of desi ghee instead ) also outside food mostly tandoori or baked appetizers...no more greasy curries...lol
  12. Under_Score

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    Vegetarian food is more healthy, Sea food is good as well...Red meat.....Hell No!!
  13. Won't be surprised if Delhi's 'Rape Capital' tag is bcoz of these low life sub humans from UP, MP & Bihar.
  14. Took this snapshot off the screen while watching the Final game this morning. No matter if not so convincing win...it still matters to millions of Indian fans, Individual player performances can vary from game to game...personal likes & dislikes of players will always be there..bottom line is...Winning the FINAL is the ultimate goal and Team India has done it yet again in this Asia Cup...Enjoy the Win...cheers!!
  15. Awesome Match!! Super nerve holding Win Congrats Team India

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