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  1. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    I used to think like that too in the past, but not anymore. Iska matlab...hum jayenge Narak and aap jaaoge Swarag
  2. The cake smearing Indian birthday tradition?

    Here, it used to be like a little spots of cake to the face...but these days it's different, now it's more like all the close relatives spoon feeding a bit of cake to the B'day person and posing for photos...it can also get hectic sometimes...lol
  3. Taking the historic trip to India

    Enjoy your trip Tics...just be careful if you decide to drive....quite a few vehicles on the roads & erratic driving is still normal there and be wary of pedestrians who walk on the sides of the road...usually they step onto the road first if they decide to cross it and then look out for speeding vehicles coming their way....you will have lots of 'WTF' moments in traffic....LOL
  4. It's a known & proven fact that Jihadist Muslims cannot co-exist peacefully with people who believe in other faith ANYWHERE in the world. The twisted interpretation of their religious book is not helping the cause either. Here in the west, majority of Muslims I have come across are a tax burden, no ethics, no morals in life...just a parasite mentality which leeches blood from the society, collecting welfare...Husband & wife showing fake separation to collect help money from the Government on behalf of hard working tax payers. What kinda life is that?
  5. Trump has many flaws but when it comes to keeping Muzzie terrorists out of USA.....He is the man who is most likely capable of doing it.
  6. Respect to one of the best cricketers Rahul Dravid, but he cannot expect every India captain to be mild mannered, Kohli's style is more like 'In your face' type...but he has all the numbers to prove his attitude. I'm not sure Dravid or SRT have ever returned a sledge from international cricketers ( esp Aussies & Brits ) with aggressive approach verbally, some may call it 'Gentleman' type...but it can also be interpreted as 'too timid' Venkatesh Prasad's aggression after bowling Aamir Sohail after he was sledged is simply awesome to watch, also not sure Yuvi would have tonked 6 sixes off Barbie if Flintoff had not sledged & riled him up. These type of statements won't help much...times have changed, ICC is soft on Gora players when they show aggression, it's not a Gentleman type of game anymore... Biased ICC will not give any award for tolerating bad behavior from competing team members. Thanks to Sourav Ganguly, his approach was not like Dravid when he became captain of team India & was very aggressive....that's when India actually started winning matches.
  7. Unientionally funny movie clips !!!

    Here is the scene that tops this funny scene it's the #1 in this video.
  8. Unientionally funny movie clips !!!

    This is a good one too...lol
  9. Seems like Muslim vote appeasement....I don't want to hurt the feelings of fellow Muslim ICF members...but just surprised at the mindset of majority of Muslims I have come across in my life be it India or here.....they just want to produce as many kids as possible....what's the sole purpose behind this? Is it...more Muslims so that eventually Islam will be a major religion on this planet? I and many people I know...Both Hindus & Sikhs....most of them want to have a quality life...have a couple of kids whom they can provide proper education leading to good careers & make them law abiding tax paying citizens of the country.
  10. What you do for living?

    Trading? Dealership? or Authorized Distributor?
  11. What you do for living?

    I'm into Real Estate business, apart from Buying/Selling homes for my clients, I do purchase & sell properties on my own. I thank the almighty for being very kind on me & my family and also very happy to live & do business in this beautiful Country Canada which is my present home/country after India. Wishing well for all ICF members to succeed in their careers & future endeavors...cheers!!
  12. Edit...It's a choice between equal opportunity too all or justifying the fitness to be a ball boy.
  13. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    Wishing Arjun a successful career, it's not easy since there is so much competition out there & on top of that..all the expectation pressure from the India public since his dad is a living legend who has achieved so much in his career.
  14. Supreme Court banned sale of crackers in Delhi

    Ok..thx, not easy to impose ban on a big festival.. just like that.

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