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  1. Wow!!...couldn't watch this match live, just checked the scores now.....good result for RCB...
  2. Under_Score

    THIS IS PUNJAB's YEAR. You read it here first: 2019

    Yes...today's loss is going to hurt the playoff spot with low NRR already a disadvantage.
  3. For KXIP to win...all three, Gayle, Rahul & Mayank have to do well in the game....at least two of these players have to stay until 14 overs and one of them has to do some big hitting towards the end....doesn't happen always and bowling also sucks.
  4. Time to step out....Good luck to KXIP!!
  5. Hopefully KXIP can defend this total.
  6. At least 50 more runs needed for KXIP
  7. Praveen Amre must be eating a Dilli pakoda
  8. Trundeep is making Chris Gayle run too much
  9. Misraji offers Dilli laddu to Gayle 50
  10. Gayle & Miller big partnership needed today

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