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  1. LOL...He has no guts, just a keyboard warrior who feels safe in the comfort of his home. He has issues with many other posters here on ICF, it's his cowardly nature that gives him the adrenaline rush when he types all the fake bravado on forums Here is why He doesn't want to meet me in person
  2. My friend from B'lore shared this image today....seems apt given the weather situation
  3. Please don't insult Dhramendra...he was the greek god from the wheat fields of P u n j a b !!
  4. Have heard this before as well, my personal experience living in the beautiful city Bengaluru is....Kannidigas didn't approve Hindi language much and this must be from long time, it was just like a natural thing over there, it's their choice and has to be respected......one of the best citizens of India...Respect
  5. Under_Score

    Nazia Hasan

    She was a Pop sensation, simple yet beautiful....too bad she died at a young age due to cancer just when she was all set to become more popular....sad.
  6. Under_Score

    NBA Finals 2019

    Took these pics as it happened... So Happy Today Kwahi Lenord MVP!! Nav Bhatia....Toronto Raptor's Super Fan from so many years!! Time to start the Party now........ Cheers guys!!
  7. Under_Score

    NBA Finals 2019

  8. Under_Score

    Canadian Sikh Soldiers March in Khalsa Day Parade

    @coffee_rules do all the math you want.....Genocide resulted in 10X more killings. There is no end to this discussion. Jagmeet Singh next PM of Canada? It'll be Conservatives or Liberals whom Jagmeet Singh will support ( If needed to choose between Conservatives & Liberals )
  9. ^ All Canadian Sikh NRIs are considered Khalistanis by NRI Hindus?....Alright
  10. Not sure if Kangress was popular & won immediately in Punjab after 1984. I have no time to dig though details.... Akalis were given many opportunities....The Badal family politics just focused on making money then again Kangress was chosen. It's like dealing with two parties to choose from. Canadian Sikh NRIs wanted Punjab to prosper & make a turn around towards progress so wanted people to try a new party instead of same old tried & tested ones. So AAP which showed lot of promises initially was preferred, many NRI's went and tried to educate people to try a New party, but that didn't work well, part blame could be on Kejriwal as well the way he was not clear cut in his decisions. After that, NRI Sikhs stopped investing in any land purchase in Punjab, avg price of farm land acreage fell from 25 lacs to 15 Lacs. Now may be even lower. Badals were so corrupt, people this time around got fed up of them & went back to Kangress. Future of Punjab is fooked!!
  11. Under_Score

    Canadian Sikh Soldiers March in Khalsa Day Parade

    You conveniently decided to ignore reply to 1984 Mass Genocide post which even the successive India governments after Kangress lost the 1989 Elections ignored for whatever political reasons. I have never said blowing Air India plane was good, also It happened after the mass genocide. For people like you, lives of 250 innocent Hindus killed in Air India tragedy is more important than 3000 plus innocent Sikhs killed by the then Central Government of India. Also the B'lore reference has nothing to do with BS you are trying to twist & spout, I was just telling that NO ONE takes the parade speeches seriously, Even the local recently elected Premier was also present.
  12. Under_Score

    Canadian Sikh Soldiers March in Khalsa Day Parade

    LOL...well said, This person has some serious issues. Not too long ago here on ICF he was asking for me for proof regarding Kangress Govt involvement in 1984 Massacre and claimed that it was not a Genocide......Now he is saying that the anti-Sikh Genocide by Kangress was a failure bcoz only a few thousand Sikhs were killed.... I have stopped replying to his BS posts, he still follows me like Rabid dog Like I have said before, I have no hatred against India but will not shy away from mentioning criminal activates, Back-stabbing, Treacheries and dirty politics of Kangress party done against Sikhs since 1947. Sikh Terrorism started due to broken promises to Sikhs by Kangress before Independence which I have already mentioned in my previous post. I wouldn't have been posting here on ICF if I was supporting the movement of Khalistan, to this day in my life I have not visited any Khalistani website nor I want to, I don't have time for all that. Khalistan is a lost cause, was only possible during partition, The Vaisaikhi day parade anti-India speeches & Khalistani banners is a routine normal stuff every year, people come...have a good time meeting other people & enjoying tasty variety food at so many different stalls & leave, no one even bothers to talk about it the next day. It's like the Kannada Rajyotsava Day speeches that used to happen a while ago by some local MPs in B'lore towards all the outsiders who had moved & settled down in B'lore. Local people frustration vented for that day & business as usual the next day. I have heard some really angry speeches, they also sounded hilarious since nick names were used to address people from different states.
  13. Under_Score

    Canadian Sikh Soldiers March in Khalsa Day Parade

    The Corrupt Hindustan leader's promises & broken promises. Promises Made to the Sikhs In response to the inspiring sacrifices of the Sikhs, the leaders of the Hindu-dominated Congress party promised them due consideration in a free and reconstituted Indian republic. At the 1929 session of the Congress party held in Lahore the traditional Sikh colour of saffron was incorporated into the Indian national flag and the resolution made: “The Congress assures the Sikhs... that no solution thereof in any future Constitution will be acceptable to the Congress that does not give them (Sikhs) full satisfaction.” On March 16, 1931, Mahatma Gandhi was asked at Sisganj Gurdwara in Delhi what assurances he might offer the Sikhs that the resolution of 1929 would be enacted by his Indian National Congress. His reply, published in Young India of March 19, 1931, reads: “Sardar Madhusudan Singh has asked for an assurance that the Congress would do nothing that might alienate sympathies of the Sikhs from Congress. Well, Congress in its Lahore session passed a resolution that it would not enter into or be a party to any settlement with regard to the minority question that failed to satisfy any of the minorities concerned. What further assurances the Congress can give to you Sikhs, I fail to understand. I ask you to accept my word and the resolution of the Congress that it will not betray a single individual much less a community. It is ever thinks of doing so, it will only hasten its doom... Let God be witness of the bond that binds me and the Congress with you.” In July, 1946, while the British cabinet was debating the issue of giving the Sikhs their due in the coming political settlement, Jawaharlal Nehru declared at the Congress meeting held in Kolkata: “The brave Sikhs of Punjab are entitled to special consideration. I see nothing wrong in an area and a setup in the North wherein the Sikhs can also experience the glow of freedom.” On January 5, 1947, the Congress Committee adopted another resolution that declared: “By British Cabinet Scheme of May 16, 1946, the rights of the Sikhs should not be jeopardized.” In June, 1947, Hindu and Sikh members of the Punjab Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a resolution that: “in the divided Punjab, special constitutional means are imperative to meet the just aspirations and rights of the Sikhs.” [6] The Proposed Constitution of States in Independent India As early as 1920, at the Nagpur session of the Congress, it was decided to reconstitute India on the basis of its linguistic cultural groupings – Bengal for Bengali-speakers, Tamil Nadu for Tamil-speakers, Punjab for Punjabi-speakers, and so on. This became the official Congress policy and was confirmed in every session held in 1921, 1927, 1928, 1937, 1938, and 1945-46. Moreover, these states were promised considerable autonomy within a federal system. In Nehru's words from the first session of the Constituent Assembly, held on December 9, 1946: “...the various territories of the Union of India would be autonomous units with residuary powers.” As for Punjab, to compensate for the loss of its capital of Lahore, the Indian half of the bifurcated state was awarded a new model capital to be built and named Chandigarh. [7] Promises Broken When the Constitution Act of India was declared in 1950, it declared Sikhism to be “a sect of Hinduism” and offered no safeguards to the Sikh community. Both Sikh members of the Constituent Assembly refused to sign the document. They declared vehemently that: “The Sikhs do not accept this Constitution. The Sikhs reject this Constitution Act.” In subsequent years, all the personal laws of the Sikhs were abolished and replaced by Hindu statutes, such as the “Hindu Marriage Act 1955,” the “Hindu Succession Act 1956,” etc. When in 1954 Jawaharlal Nehru was reminded of the solemn promises made to Sikhs and other minorities by the Hindu-dominated Congress party, he replied, “The circumstances have now changed.” [8] The Struggle for a Punjabi-speaking State With the Congress party turned against them, Sikhs began to take action to realize the promise of a Punjabi-speaking state. In 1952, the Congress lost its first election in the young country's history in the Patiala and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU). In PEPSU, a jurisdiction with a slim Sikh majority, the Shiromani Akali Dal (Akali party) of the Sikhs formed a coalition government. After years of fruitless talks with Congress representatives in the capital of New Delhi, Sikhs filled the streets in nonviolent protests to pressure the government in 1955 and 1956. Conventions, protests, hunger fasts, and more fruitless negotiations followed. It was not until 1966, after Punjabi farmers had shown remarkable mettle and patriotism in helping repulse the Pakistani army during the war that year, that the national government agreed to create a Punjabi-speaking state.[9] The award however left a number of issues unresolved. In granting a Punjabi-speaking jurisdiction, the government also broke the state into three: Haryana in the east, Himachal Pradesh in the north, and Punjab (India) in the south-west. Chandigarh, the capital specially built to serve Punjab, was to be shared with Haryana. The allocation of river waters flowing through the Punjab to neighbouring states also remained a point of contention.[10]
  14. Under_Score

    Canadian Sikh Soldiers March in Khalsa Day Parade

    I think I know what irks some of you guys here, it's the fact that you cannot tolerate any minority who says anything bad about serious wrong doings in India, it does result in rage and brings out the unconditional 'Desh-Bhakti' in some of you guys who pledge loyalty to India only on forums, but will never go back and do your bit to improve India. On the other hand, there are posters here who have said stuff like 'Gay Hind' so many times, it's just considered funny and you will dismiss that as just said in 'jest'....whatever, what double standards...
  15. Under_Score

    Canadian Sikh Soldiers March in Khalsa Day Parade

    So it means that on ICF...nothing bad Government of India has done & continues to do so should not be mentioned? WTF subdized education are you harping about? we just paid normal fees in Private schools. You are expecting gratitude towards a country which kills it's minorities and fails to bring all the perpetrators to justice. May be corruption is a way of life for people like you. It's bcoz of posters like you....there are more Indian posters on Pakpassion then all the combined active posters here on ICF. If any Admin asks me to leave this site...I will oblige. If truth hurts...not my fault.

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