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  1. You also started liking CSK recently and it didn't go well for them after that.
  2. C.mon SRH, tonk some sixes to make this match interesting
  3. Yep...good come back by SRH in the last few overs. hopefully enough score to defend.
  4. @bowl_outMust be the DJ screaming on top of his lungs.
  5. Gayle should hit a six and the ball should just go inside that loud scumbag announcer's mouth & shut him up for good.
  6. The most significant outcome of this match is..Finally MI get the points Bad luck RCB...Rohit's effort deserved them this win!!
  7. KL Rahul scored fastest fifty of IPL

    Good if that happens...He's talented...wishing him the best.
  8. - Fair play points for Senior citizen Kings

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