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  1. Under_Score

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    What Mughals did to Sikhs is a known fact to Sikhs, they have always considered them as enemies. What Congress party workers did to Sikh families in Delhi & Kanpur during 84 riots is also very damaging...if only any non-congress party had brought the baby killers & rapists to justice after they took office....the bitter feeling would've been limited to Kangress party only. What kinda bravado is this when mobs in hundreds killed & burn't even toddlers alive....all in the presence of the police which is supposed to protect ALL of it's citizens in a Democracy.
  2. Siddhu is not a trustworthy person..he's a typical scumbag politician who will yap for his own benefit.
  3. This is sad, condolences to their grieving families....R I P
  4. M It must be Mohtarma ....
  5. Will be interesting to see what Pandya bros will tell their parents after this game. "Aaj hum laker aaye" OR "Aaj hum dey kar aaye"
  6. Blank check delivered to Third Umpire by BCCI.
  7. C'mon Bhuvi...Don't let down Beetle in this decider
  8. Not sure if photoshop. This is Genuine
  9. Good win for team India ..G'nite
  10. Well played Rohit, now time for others to keep up the momentum.
  11. Blank Check is proving very profitable for team India
  12. May be she's trying to be a Ninja On a serious note...in this day & age, it does draw negative attention as in the case mentioned below

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