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  1. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    "Aiiyyoo Shankara...Yenna paa nee?"...it's not good for you when opposition team supporters are saying this Poor guy, hopefully he get's over it, he should be thankful to DK who saved him & cow lasher Pandey today.
  2. Massive R e s p e c t to this A w e s o me effort by D I N E S H K A R T H I K
  3. Site Feedback

    You've already played your part today...no point in being modest now.
  4. Site Feedback

    This dirty politics from mods like you has reduced the number of posters from what used to be before to such a low numbers now...just like corrupt shithole politics of India.
  5. Site Feedback

    Biased mods who close threads just after their suckhole chamcha Muloghonto has posted some bullshit reply need to get a life....shame!!
  6. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    Garbage type of low life Journalism from some people in India, no respect for the artist who contributed so much to the movie industry. I received this whats-app message from India few hours ago. I told the sender that it was not funny & it was a very tragic incident...sender did feel bad & acknowledge it.
  7. @Alam_dar Hey Bro...no matter how good you post a reply...he'll keep getting back at you even if his posts don't make any sense.....So, don't waste your precious time. Conclusion...Mulogonto wants to have the final say....his post has to be the final one...LOL
  8. Team that has ___________ will win the IPL

    Ashwin http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22583515/r-ashwin-captain-kings-xi-punjab
  9. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    This is the top comment in the link "The cause of death would be so evident to the person who found the body first...why were presstitutes shouting hoarse cardiac arrest all the time till now??! Something is fishy in her death"
  10. What song are you currently listening to ?

    Awesome song...how sad that both good artists in this song are no more...Vinod Khanna passed away last year.
  11. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    Well, as you mentioned..it's her personal thing and respect to her decision ( If she ever got any other extensive surgeries done ) Nose surgery was something which was commonly known & visible when she hit the Bollywood scene, even if she got other surgeries done...not sure how they could be so fatal, she was a health conscious person, not over weight...it's quite shocking & baffling as to how she could die due to cardiac arrest.
  12. This lady was stupid since she tried to cure cancer by God's power & becoming Vegan.... doesn't make any sense. But Yoga is pure science. It's all about more oxygen supply to blood through breathing exercises & other exercises that make your vital body inner organs more active...very simple. If Ramdev is saying that if you already have cancer, Yoga will cure it....then it's not possible. From what I've seen in his video, he says that many diseases & also serious diseases like cancer can be avoided by doing Yoga regularly and eating a good healthy vegetarian diet....which makes sense. ( But I like some chicken in my veggies ) That's why Yoga is practiced by so many people here in the west.
  13. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    Yeah...not sure if cosmetic surgeries can cause cardiac arrest....very common reasons are clogged arteries and a enlarged heart...clogged arteries due to high cholesterol in the blood & if high BP not controlled by medication, can cause heart to enlarge...I'm no expert...but these are the basic reasons which are a common knowledge.
  14. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    Sad to hear...R I P
  15. Fantastic game..Good win!!

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