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    Memes and jokes thread

  2. Never said you enjoyed that, you can see my posts....cheers
  3. If you think you aren't one of them, then you don't have to be so much concerned, if you feel agitated by what I said, then you have to ask yourself..'why'..... they know who they are, I don't owe any explanation to you or anyone else.
  4. Under_Score

    Happy fathers day !!!

    Happy Father's day to all here
  5. You type so much trash in your replies and when I asked you for a meeting, you want to do recording, involve cops, want me to sign a consent letter. Don't be so afraid of me dude, I'm just curious to see how a real life coward looks like. stop this kindergarten talk about email & shyt, may be after the meeting, we might become good friends. You can contact any poster of you choice who lives in my city Surrey and ask him to do a recording for you. If you can't walk the talk, please don't waste my time & other's time here by posting stuff that you might think will make you look so brave, in fact..you are making a clown of yourself on a public forum. Enjoy your day....cheers!!
  6. Read my post again, I said some haters, I don't know why you think that I mentioned you. The amount of hate some posters spew here, I have no doubt that these people enjoyed the 84 riots. Unless I didn't mention your name, you don't have to make assumptions, sounds like you are trying to defend some losers here on ICF.
  7. You can show me where it says 11,000 Hindus alone were killed during militancy in Punjab....I'm just enjoying some music right now with my favorite Scotch. I have no time right now...thx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punjab_insurgency First paragraph from the link...this is how it all started. The insurgency in Punjab originated in the late 1970s, as some Sikhs, including Khalistan proponents, turned to militancy. The roots of the insurgency were very complex with the main factors being inadequate recognition of Sikhism and the Punjabi language and mistreatment from the Indian Congress Government since its formation in 1947. With all schools in Punjab teaching Punjabi children Hindi even after Punjab's linguistic reorganisation, parents and community leaders started to become concerned.[3]
  8. Whenever you grow balls, be ready for a meeting...don't just waste time & energy in your useless hateful posts.
  9. Great Post!! Some haters her will not like to read this, they probably are missing their fellow rioters who can't be here for them to give them that moral strength, must be feeling so helpless...no corrupt goons to back them up....all around them a successful Sikh community. That's why these type show their frustration in their posts.
  10. @rahulrulezz I hate people who consider themselves bravado on the net and are otherwise darpoks in real life. He had mentioned on another topic, I think it was something like 'What do you hate most' & he had posted that it was 'Folding his wife's laundry' that he didn't like, that topic must be floating somewhere in Chitchat....so nothing about bringing his wife into the discussion...it's his own post I reminded him of. I have been on ICF for almost a decade now, this is the only poster to whom I have said this.....when he starts name calling like a coward he is, I had to say that. If he's a chicken in real ilfe, then he shouldn't act all brave on the net.
  11. There is no rona dhona here, just bare facts and if you don't like to hear...you can ignore.
  12. This person hates Sikhs so much...he goes berserk and starts spitting vitrol...I hope some illegal Bangladeshi refugees settle down in his neighborhood to give him some comfort...lol
  13. That part suggests that you have been smoking some bad weed....lol, oye fukra insaan, stop this BS and go fold your wife's laundry.
  14. @rahulrulezz You are interpreting me wrong, you are talking about Hindus who fled Punjab and probably settled in Haryana. when I say innocent Sikhs, I mean the ones who were killed in Delhi & Kanpur, they were not Sikh Terrorists, they were long time 'Innocent' residents of Delhi and many of them had no clue why the hordes of rioting mobs were attacking them & burning them alive on that fateful day. The Graphic carnage images were shown by the local media in Canada & UK & will not go away from the minds of NRI Sikhs until those culprits are brought to justice in India, which most likely won't happen. The Sikh Terrorists who gunned down innocent Hindus in Punjab were eventually killed by Punjab police, Crpf & Army. For every Sikh extremist a dozen young Sikhs who had nothing to do with Terrorism also got killed during those times. Regarding your bad experience with hatred from some Sikhs in a local cricket team, that is unfortunate and shouldn't have happened unless you tried to justify what happened to Sikhs in India. Social media hate posts are from both sides, no one can have any control on that. I rarely go visit Gurudwaras and not sure if the priests are telling all Sikh attendees to hate Hindus...lol Generally people who immigrate to developed countries definitely look for a better future, but being a Sikh minority in India and after seeing the outcome of what can happen in a secular democracy after 84 riots, to me and many other Sikhs I know, it was more like the trust was betrayed. In fact, I had a very successful business in India and life was so good, I always wanted to live there & continue to enjoy the easy life and success at a very young age. I'm not the type of person who is constantly thinking about what happened to Sikh minorities in India, yes...if a sensitive discussion like this comes up, it does rekindle the thoughts about the anguish & plight of those dark days in which people had to suffer in riots when the police in a democracy didn't protect it's citizens of a particular community for 3 full days. The whole intent was to wipe out the entire Sikh community from Delhi. There were good Hindu neighbors who did help & save some Sikhs, but the odds were so high....they could only do so much. Anyway, I don't wish to debate anymore on sensitive topics like this...we can agree to disagree...cheers.
  15. @asterix Honestly, Sikh NRI's here in Canada were fed up of both Congress & BJP parties rules in Punjab, nothing good has happened for the home state, so they full heartedly supported a new party AAP in last year's elections. They're not Hindu haters, they wanted a Hindu leader like Kejriwal to win and hoping for a change for good, but that didn't happen, whether it was rigged elections or people were swayed of bribed or people just didn't trust a new party...God knows, anyway now they have completely stopped buying any land in Punjab and the land values have plummeted big time, they feel that there is no hope for any type of advancement for a good future for the people living in Punjab. @rahulrulezz Yes, I fully condemn all killings of innocent Hindus by Sikh militants in Punjab. I also condemn the bombing of Air India but I won't feel bad if corrupt politicians are blown to bits and each one of their supporters or party workers who have killed innocent Sikhs during 1984 mowed down for good, they don't deserve to live. You are Hindu, how much hate have you personally seen from Sikhs here towards you. If there was fairness & justice for all communities in India, people like me & you wouldn't be settled here in Canada for good. @sandeep Unlike the mass murders of 84 riots roaming free in India, at least there was a trial for the suspected Air India bombers here in Canada. Their lawyers got them acquitted. https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/air-india-trial-ends-in-acquittal/ It's retards like you who are living by Hundreds of Millions in India will eventually sink India from within. It's already a complex situation over there. Regarding me, how I wish I was living in my mom's basement home, I do miss her a lot.
  16. It was more like that Phattu Gandhi in 1947 wanted Muslims to stay & now BJP & Hindutva allies want to get rid of them.
  17. ^LOL...does it really matter, in India I have heard many distraught people who are fed up of corrupt politicians who are destroying the country from within say that British rule would've been better for India instead of this freedom which is completely plagued by corrupt politicians, each on of these politicians want to make maximum profit before their elected term ends.
  18. It's the typical generalization you are making about all Sikhs in Canada. Some Khalistani supporters here probably want to have a separate state in India since there is injustice happening to Sikhs in Punjab, not sure if they would want a separate state here where it's the real democracy....no riots, no corruption and no political goons to harm minorities...very simple.
  19. Does being a Indian born Canadian citizen who condemns 1984 anti-Sikh riots sponsored by then India Kangress govt after Indira Assassination also be considered as a 'Khalastani'? So many Sikhs here in Canada hate India for that reason alone since none of the murderers, Rapists & baby killers are brought to justice to this day by ANY political party in India....Majority of Sikhs in Canada have no time to think or give a fcuk about Khalistan...they feel that India is a corrupt shithole meaningless so called Democracy where minorities don't get justice.
  20. Under_Score

    Memes and jokes thread

  21. Under_Score

    Is Kumar Sanu the greatest singer ever born, in his genre?

    No doubt super hit songs from this good singer in 90s.....his style of singing seemed copied for the legend Kishore Kumar.
  22. Under_Score

    Justin Trudeau wears fake eyebrows...

    Quote from the link below.... A bizarre false rumor is making the rounds about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's eyebrows. Yes, you read that right. His eyebrows. https://www.buzzfeed.com/ishmaeldaro/justin-trudeau-fake-eyebrow-debunked?utm_term=.qx3yQx87O#.bo0RlZXAY
  23. Under_Score

    Guess where.

    On Mother Earth..where else? Ok..has to be somewhere in North America...on going vehicles driving on the right side of the road does suggest that...video must've been made from the backyard of your house.

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