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  1. Under_Score

    Kerala Floods !!!

    The Flood disaster victims need all the help possible....God bless them!!
  2. Under_Score

    Memes and jokes thread

  3. Under_Score

    Happy fathers day !!!

    Happy Father's day to all here
  4. Under_Score

    Memes and jokes thread

  5. Under_Score

    Is Kumar Sanu the greatest singer ever born, in his genre?

    No doubt super hit songs from this good singer in 90s.....his style of singing seemed copied for the legend Kishore Kumar.
  6. Under_Score

    Justin Trudeau wears fake eyebrows...

    Quote from the link below.... A bizarre false rumor is making the rounds about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's eyebrows. Yes, you read that right. His eyebrows. https://www.buzzfeed.com/ishmaeldaro/justin-trudeau-fake-eyebrow-debunked?utm_term=.qx3yQx87O#.bo0RlZXAY
  7. Under_Score

    Guess where.

    On Mother Earth..where else? Ok..has to be somewhere in North America...on going vehicles driving on the right side of the road does suggest that...video must've been made from the backyard of your house.
  8. Under_Score

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    OP just mentioned what Imran Khan's ex wife said, she's the one who mentioned about 'Black men'...anyway just read all the replies, you will see that many here don't agree to what she said.....cheers!!
  9. Under_Score

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    Lucky you...seems like you just viewed all the explicit videos regarding this topic
  10. Under_Score

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    This video deals with some direct questions after the leaks, the writer, the person who claims to have exposed the contents and also a small interview of Wasim towards the end....worth viewing to anyone who is interested to know what actually is going on. https://youtu.be/gQJBGU34w0o
  11. Both...option required
  12. Good move by SRT...it's all good when it results in a win, had MSD failed to score & team India lost, not sure it would've been mentioned...LOL
  13. Under_Score

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    If true...dirty laundry of the bowling legend being exposed for most likely personal gains by IK's ex wife...if false, she should be sued for the last penny for this.
  14. Under_Score

    Anthony Bourdain is no more.

    Sad news this...RIP Suicide is the most extreme step, it's quite common these days...sad.
  15. Under_Score

    Memes and jokes thread

  16. Under_Score

    Memes and jokes thread

  17. Under_Score

    Memes and jokes thread

  18. Very popular Gold digging this....Anna Nichole Smith ( 26 ) & J. Howard ( 89 ) in this pic....both are no more....sad
  19. Majority of Bengaluru people are really nice & educated...these attackers seem like rural folk who are too dumb to understand that EVERYTHING posted on social media is not true.
  20. Under_Score

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    My guess is that his dark side fantasies could be something like this, you can guess what books are in the background.
  21. Under_Score

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    Not sure if she's Scandinavian but she has the Pope's approval
  22. Under_Score

    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    Enjoy the championship!!

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