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  1. What makes you happy?

    Thanks for the kind words Beetle It's just my Man duty towards my family & I'm happy & proud about it.
  2. What makes you happy?

    What makes me happy is...even if I die tomorrow...I've done enough planning regarding savings, assets & insurance policies for my wife & kids that they can live a good life without me...
  3. It would be a eternal SIN to cover this good looking woman in Hijab...good move by her.
  4. Yes...I never said ONLY Sikhs...but you have to agree on one thing....Indian people who come to Canada and do studies don't have the luxury of Hindi as second language in Schools, a Gujju friend of mine who moved to Toronto a few years ago was offered to choose between French or Punjabi...He chose Punjabi. Good for him Also http://www.immigration.ca/punjabi-now-third-language-in-parliament-of-canada/
  5. For those people on this thread who are so paranoid about some Khalastani supporters in UK & Canada....just calm down, as mentioned earlier on a similar topic thread...Khalistan moment is DEAD...Sikhs in Europe & West are having the best time of their lives after leaving corrupt India, they are hard working, successful & affluent. who the hell has time for all this separatist moment ....so enjoy your weekend, Daru peo aur Chicken Tikka khao And listen to this good Punjabi song, this is how we enjoy....cheers!!
  6. Babu Moshai...you are spending way too much time with the repetitive stuff...go and complain to corrupt Indian Govt about posters in Gurudwaras here in Canada...see what shyt they can do....NOTHING?....Suck it & digest it...this is Democracy...not some baabu crap Govt where justice for mass genocide will NEVER be served.....btw, is today your women laundry folding day? Coz you seem too pissed off...g'nite.....lol
  7. STFU...stop the retard broken record rant of..ALL Canadian Sikhs = Khalistani supporters....go and hug your Hindu terrorists who are still alive in India who committed mass murders against Sikhs in the 1984 Genocide...after that...please die...thx
  8. It's his hard work & effort...good for Jagmeet to achieve this....insecure people and hate mongers can cry a river...We Sikhs are Happy for him...Cheers!!
  9. Tom Alter dies aged 67

    R I P Tom Alter....very good actor.
  10. Which cricketers have you met in real life?

    Sadanand Vishwanath, Kumble & Syed Kirmani. Edit: First class cricketer Sanath Kumar was my immediate neighbor...great guy. At one time either he or Javgal Srinath were the candidates in competition for selection into the Indian Team, Srinath took more wickets than him in that crucial period and ultimately got selected.
  11. Growing up in B'lore....it was cool to have school buddies who were from Tamil Nadu, Andhra , Kerala, Rajasthan & a few other states. Here is how some of their accents sounded like... B'lore Buddy Eat = Khao in Hindi ( Kao ) in B'lore accent My Science Teacher in Grade 8 from Kerala Twelve ( Tol ) Simply ( Simbly ) Madras Buddy Hindi ( Indi ) Here in Canada...come across many Desis who moved here directly from the wheat fields of Punjab. Here is how some of their accent sounds like Six ( Sex ) Water ( bater ) Whisky ( Bisky ) Please feel free to share your experiences since many of you are from different states in India....Thx
  12. It's not about correcting people to change their accent of feel inferior bcoz of the accent....this topic is only about how funny the accents sound....cheers!!
  13. No one is asking or saying which one is correct....it's just funny when some people mix their native tone when speaking a different language.....and it's a Universal thing...
  14. Even Koreans who have studied in their country & immigrated to the West have very strong accents. I always hire this Korean building inspection guy since he is very qualified, experienced & specializes in structure & foundation of the building. When he is reading the report to the Buyers after the inspection....it's funny to see the expression on the face of Buyers. Since the report is typed in English...so no big deal even if they can't understand most of the words coming out of his mouth. In the end....if building is ok....he says..." No Frabrem" ( No Problem )
  15. Even some playback singers have a strong accent....S P Balasubramanyam is a good singer but he makes Hindi & English sound totally different https://youtu.be/YKy-I7q5Kn0 But Usha Uthup is awesome!! https://youtu.be/x4UI3jO8O3Q
  16. It is like..."Snake Khaya?"...LOL
  17. LOL...some funny replies..I had a friend from UP who used to say 'Eshtyle' for 'Style' & 'Aswi'n instead of 'Ashwin', now this Ashwin guy is a software programmer in CA and calls himself....'Ash' which is cool
  18. Fiji people some reason will not use the letter R.... say 'Kona' for 'Corner' and some Sri Lankans I have met here say 'Dorondo" for Toronto..lol
  19. Thanks for making the requested correction...very much appreciated!!

  20. Is this a political move or a justified one...please suggest

    I have already suggested licensed firearm...you can read my posts. I'm not sure how many non Nepalis patrol streets at night to keep the neighborhood safe...my experience in B'lore was that it used to be ALWAYS a Nepali person doing that...he used to visit residents once in a while in day time to collect some appreciation for his work and people used to pay him happily.
  21. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/carrying-kirpans-kukris-amp-machetes-banned-in-bengaluru/articleshow/60472451.cms Not sure if there is any incident of a Sikh stabbing any innocent person with his sacred symbol Kirpan in B'lore. And also the population count of Sikhs in B'lore is 0.15% http://www.census2011.co.in/census/city/448-bangalore.html This Ban was supposedly made since local Rowdy elements were using Machetes to attack people. Is this a sensible decision? your views please...thx
  22. Is this a political move or a justified one...please suggest

    Do you know why this Ban was imposed? Bcoz local Bengaluru goons killed some political leader with machetes. There is no law to open carry Machetes in India...so how is this going to help? the bad people are still going to conceal & do it....more like a retarded political crap decision to impress people. It doesn't matter if Kirpans or Kukri's are banned....can you give some stats as to how many innocent people were stabbed to death by Kirpans & Kukris in B'lore? If not....then totally retard decision...Why not just Ban Machetes only?...this seems like trying to appease locals for whatever popularity only people there can understand.
  23. Is this a political move or a justified one...please suggest

    No...I just mentioned that if Nepali Gurkhas are banned from carrying Kukris...how will they protect themselves against armed thieves when patrolling the streets at night and guarding the houses of rich people in India. That's why I recommended that they should carry a licensed firearm.
  24. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Hey Essay writer, when did you immigrate to Canada? Edit: Usually you respond so fast...so I thought may be you need some more info on why I asked you the question. Read this....just the first paragraph will give you some idea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikhism_in_Canada Early Sikh settlers in Canada had to deal with lot of racism, but they had the attitude to fight and they did so...it involved lot of physical fights ( Hockey sticks, baseball bats.. etc) with racist whites who used to say 'Hindus go back' since they had no clue what Sikhism was.......not only that, they had to raise their families and work hard to be successful in life to build a strong community. Today we are a very strong community and we would never have achieved this if we had not fought Racism in a physical way. People who immigrated to Canada from India since last few decades don't know that the 'No Racism' zone they are entering into is not because of Gandhi policies...it's because of Brave Sikhs who have the attitude of Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

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