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  1. I think DK has got slotted into final 15 after performing well in the List A games however not sure he is needed in 11 with Dhoni and Yuvraj already there in terms of seniors. He has earned his selection but we could have picked a youngster instead at this time to have a good mic of young and old in the roster. I am disappointed tthat none of the youngsters were picked. When it comes to selection, I am conservative actually who likes a balanced squad and wants the seniors to play including Dhoni etc, but having no Pant or some other youngster is disappointing. We surely could afford to take one youngster instead of either of Rahane/Karthik. We have trusted our young bowlers in the past, why not give a long rope to a young batting prospect too and give him a run or at least get him into playing 15 man squad for an ICC tournament.
  2. So since Star now has the rights to TNPl and will brodcast on Star Tamil, this means one should be able to watch TNPL on Star Sports in other regions and also on Hotstar?
  3. Hence i said that we do not look favorites on paper and hence the importance of players like Dhoni when the team is kind of struggling with players going in and out of the team. This is where experienced players can help us and may be after a game or two others like Yuvi, Rohit will get their eye in and will be able to find some form. It was a good outing for kohli-Dhoni-Dhwan today, who might not be at their best but at least batted for a reasonable amount of time today and got a good practice. Hopefully Rohit and Yuvi bat for at least 40-50 balls each which will help them get ready for the tournament ahead and get used to the match conditions and help them take some of the rust which they might be carrying from injury time out.
  4. My honest opinion - I don't t rate Pandya much. I know many have been mesmerized by his hitting and that in him they see finally a player who can bowl fast and bat down the order and hit, even I can see that but I still don't rate him much as I feel he lacks quality to score runs on consistent basis. Sooner or later his batting might cost us. But thats another topic. However all that said, I think he deserves chance because he has been okayish with the ball and not bad with the bat in whatever little chance he got. He will play I know but since thread asks our opinion of whom should we select, I picked Ashwin-Bhuvi-Jadeja.
  5. For a decade, he was my favorite Indian bowler. Hopefully he has a lot to offer, not just as a selector but also as a bowling coach to youngsters in India from all his experience.
  6. Typical Indian media. Twisting words and trying to make a new drama now between Dhoni and Bhajji. Worse case is fans fall for this stuff.
  7. No he was not. He was a good captain but some others are equally good if not better or worse. Anyways, captaincy is overrated. Only good at certain times off the field when captains back a player after few failures. Barring that mostly overrated.
  8. Very good actress and very popular one too in the mother role. Died too early. Sad news this. RIP
  9. I hope he does well and gets a chance ahead of Rahane.
  10. I am not Dinesh Karthik's biggest fan, but he deserved it over many players from the past. Though I wanted either Iyer or Pant to make it to the line up, but Karthik has heavily scored in INdian domestic and deserved his chance. He did not deserve the chance ahead of Manish Pandye though, but since he is injured, I am fine with Karthik now. If he fails, he fails. If he does well, it's good for Indian Cricket because he does bring lot of experience to the team.
  11. HR should hire whoever he thinks is capable of doing better. If the guy who failed in the past is back with good experience, then I as an HR would love to get the guy back instead of going back his past history and stereotyping him. Unless, the new fresh face is exceptional, I can hire him too. But hiring the failed guy from the past isn't wrong either and hiring the new one isn't wrong either. Regarding Tiwary, I am not sure how good he will turn out, but regarding picking him over youngsters, you need to read what I wrote above. I said youngsters can be tried and then Tiwary should too be tried. Please just scroll up and read what I exactly wrote. I am all in favor of trying younsters but also in favor of not forgetting the players who have failed in the past as with time, they do improve.
  12. And hence I said that players mature later, Raina matured a bit later, and thats what we should expect from other youngsters too. If they fail as youngsters, they can be played later in their career and they shouldn't be just shown the door like that and put curtains on. And similarly, not all should be tried right away together otherwise team will lose more often like DD was losing in the IPL. Have proper transition.
  13. Best captain Indian hardly use.
  14. If we remember clearly, Raina showed spark as 17-18 years when he won us a game against Pakistan in Panistan and then went on a decline and then later picked up his game as he matured and even though he had his weakness, he dominated lot of attacks in ODI's later in his career until recently when he started failing again in ODI's. He matured late but did exceptionally well once he was set. This is why it is important to carry one or two youngsters at a time but not too many. Have few and rotate around them. And give them chance and even if they get dropped, don't just shut them out completely forever and call curtains on their career. They shouldn't be treated like trash whom you just use and throw. They can be tried later once others have gotten chance.
  15. People are crazy absolutely. They think anyone nearing 28-29 is old, all of a sudden. Some people improve for better when they are around 28-29 and can still offer a lot to the team and play good 5-6 years for the country.