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  1. I think leopard as a gift will inspire Pujara to run faster. You never know, now he might start converting singles into triples.
  2. Injured KL Rahul in doubt for Johannesburg Test

    24th ko hai. Don’t pick Nazuk players. Hint Hint
  3. Manjrekar the selector.

    Give 3 tests to Pujara-Kohli-Rahane combo and all will be fine with our test team. They are the best 3-4-5 still.
  4. Aus team batting isn’t better than us though. Only Marsh and Smith scored runs in the Ashes during crucial part of the series. Aus bowling is better than us but their batting lacks. Now they might perform better is another thing but currently their batting looks very weak to me and again it will be onto Smith to rescue them. This Aus team isn’t as good. England made them look too good with 4-0 result.
  5. Australia are touring South Africa very soon in a month’s time. There are four test matches. Do you see them winning the series? I think this South African team is good but not great. India had their chances and we faltered. If Aus get same amount of chances like we got, they will likely convert it into a win or two. I see a very competitive series which either side could win. South Africa winning 2-1. Your predictions?
  6. another Smith brain fade?

    Exactly, this si the first time I actually heard fixing and Tendulkar. Regarding shininging the ball, ICC must come up with something new for shining the ball. You can’t allow one way and not allow the other. I mean using saliva is ridiculous too like Lip guard since it is also “taking care” of the ball when is regularu applied by players standig on the “mid-on”.
  7. another Smith brain fade?

    Have heard about tampering allegations from Saf series but match fixing allegations at Tendulkar? Thats new to me unless some desi guy went crazy on internet/forum on his agenda few years ago which I missed. On topic, its sad the way the world works but its a great opportunity for Desi Media to make a big thing out of it. I don’t see anything wrong in what Smith did just like I did not see anythinng wrong with what Dravid did when putting the jelly to shine. When you can use sweat and saliva to shine, then why worry so much about Lip guard/chap stick. i am pretty sure many players who put a lot of sunscreen on their face would even apply that on the ball.
  8. Injured KL Rahul in doubt for Johannesburg Test

    Agree. In Hindi they say “nazuk” insaan. Inko cheek maarne pe back mein dard ho jaata hai.
  9. Can India win the 3rd match? (carryover effects)

    Hopefully no patta. Don’t want any of our bats to find cheap easy runs and secure their place forever. Hope they are tested big time and that they are made to earn every run.
  10. Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    No pathetic tournament, bot well organised. Poor crowd and not well commercialized, failed to attract big players regularly barring few. It also did not give wild card properly to Indian players. Along with it, the planning of the tournament was bad. Maharashtra Open ints first year promoted the tournment so well all over social media.
  11. Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    Dude I am following Challenger and Futures level Tenis a lot in last 3-4 years and Chinese tennis is prospering at the lower levels in challengers. Now you can see many Chinese, Taiwanese players progressing theough the challenger stages and reaching ATP events. There might not be many Chinese players in top 20 but there are many in top 500 who are progressing already. I think recent Maharashtra open being transformed after poor run of Chennai Open is the best thing to have happened. India will also now be hosting challengers I think in Mumbai for both men and women so those are great signs.
  12. Let us all thank Goose

    Keeping scores and running the game is pain in the arse and especially when members like me plan to play who need reminders to post the team. Top Stuff Goose.
  13. The Australian Open 2018

    We are starting this thread late but better late than never. Great game last night between Nadal and Schwartman. Cilic vs Busta was classic tennis game too. Whom are you putting your money on this time?
  14. Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    With home challengers and futures, players with in India get to be part of tournaments and do. Ot have to think twice of participating u like when tournament isnoverseas and they have to pay for everything such as visa, hotel, dlight cost etc. Travelling within India is very cheap and organized can easily arrange for a room, unlike challenger tournaments overseas. Also players are able to earn some “cheap” points or young players can get “wildcard” into futures and challengers and face top players at young age to gain experience. This is our only option. Imagine how much people from Aus, Uk and US gain when their young players get wildcard into grandslams being the host nation. Tennis is all about giving young players wiled card as it leaves major impact on their young career.

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