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  1. He has done well to decent. I don't think he has been that bad. His statements are coming left and right since he is a youngster and media tends to hype youngsters. Its otherwise pretty common. Its not like he hasn't backed up his words, he has played some brilliant knocks against touring sides of Australia too in longer format. I think after the World Cup, the guy deserves a run at sometime. Put yourself in their shoes sometimes, and realize what it means to them. They don't have any job. All they do is play cricket and look for incentive out of it and if they have scored runs for a while, they are feeling that some reward is around the corner. Iyer has done well in the past and that is why he got picked for India, it wasn't out of the blue the the got picked. He earned it that time. So yes, may not be the best talent around, he has amassed plenty of runs to get a chance in the near future.
  2. No that was RCB motto last year I think in kannada “ e sal cup namde” or something lol. I totally screwed it up I know :)
  3. Delhi winning the cup - e saala cup Dilli ka Hai,
  4. Agree to each word, well put. Indeed Ganguly instilled that factor od “long run” but wasn’t the best captain in terms of tactics and shrewd mind.
  5. This guy is sharing experience. Listen to him. On the same notion, I watched Pintu Parcha’s clips for 2 hours yesterday on Youtube. I believe he will be easily able to adapt to british conditions and aid our batting line up.
  6. Some of these past cricketers still have major "sadma" from the 2007 World Cup.
  7. Cricketics

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    Bhuvi is going to be India's highest wicket taker in the World Cup.
  8. Cricketics

    KKR sign Warrier for injured Nagarkoti

    There are still few. Thampi has that in him to produce amazing spells.
  9. also in Trump's words @SecondSlip is fake news rofl.
  10. Cricketics


    :) CAPS is what is used even for Washington CAPITALS - CURRENT CHAMPIONS OF NHL STANLEY CUP WHICH IS ICE HOCKEY'S BIGGEST LEAGUE. I was glad Delhi chose this name. It fits well actually even though looks like a copy from Washington. People who did not like the name basically do not follow American sports or have that naming convention in their mind. The name will eventually grow. When Washington Capitals win, we writE "ALL CAPS." #ALLCAPS is a hashtag always trending on twitter.
  11. Cricketics


    I will be in Delhi for few weeks, will be supporting our team. Hoping schedule comes out fast for games after April 5th. I think we will do all right. We are winning it I feel.
  12. We need to win 2 out of the three surely. I think we are capable of beating both NZ and South Africa but defending against Australia is where we lack and it prove din this series too during the record Australian Chase. Our bowling has to be better when we are defending against Australia.
  13. Actually it will be nice to see him making come back to some IPL team down the line. Would be fun if he is put in the same team as Bhajji :)
  14. Cricketics

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    Lol I don't care, I like rubbing it in. Know LALOO FROM 10+ years from another forum.
  15. Cricketics

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    This is Muloghonto

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