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  1. Cricketics

    Zimbabwe Suspended by ICC

    I like the fact USA cricket is growing. I am in same boat as you in terms of supporting. I am fine with ICC supporting it, but my whole thing is that at the same time they shouldn't let the little boards/countries disappear like that. Zimbabwe has given many brilliant cricketers and have been very competitive at the world stage, you can't just distribute funds you can manage their funding or structure too just like you are trying to do for USA cricket.
  2. Cricketics

    Zimbabwe Suspended by ICC

    USA cricket did the same. Old board used to be called USACA here and all of them got fired. Eventually, ICC took over here and reformed the board. There is a new team, new coach here now. They got the best of the best to USA realizing the potential USA has and the money which they already made from USA. Now think about that, if ICC would have taken over Zimbabwe cricket a while back, things could have been different. ICC tries to act like police but they really are bunch of hypocrites. They could easily interfere. Zimbabwe is not like Bermuda or Venezuela cricket team where the cricket is hardly played, it's a team which consistently made it to World Cup and also had test status. They could have saved Zim cricket way too early. They still can. This suspension is absolutely sad for the players of Zimbabwe.
  3. Not really, never noticed this. They are least concerned. They love bolly movies too and just totally different than average middle eastern country. Their attitude is more like Sri Lankans, simple cool people to hang out with, love their country and just want peace.
  4. Cricketics

    Zimbabwe Suspended by ICC

    Gutless ICC. They want to invest money win USA because thats where they know they can make money, but can not at the same time also help boards like Zimbabwe or Kenya who have shown in the past that if handled properly, they can be real asset to be one of the top 10 cricket playing nations.
  5. I went few months ago too. Qalandia checkpoint is a shythole created by Israel. Absolutely miserable treatment there and they treat Palestinians likes slaves. I am supposed to go again, both the areas are absolutely beautiful and worth visiting in general.
  6. They are b.s folks. Also. as much I have supported Palestinian people recently, I also would say that some of the Muslim community in USA too needs to calm the off down at times as they are solely focused on the people of their own religion. I am talking about American Muslims from Pakistan and other regions who just hate Israel with passion for sometimes random reason. They are ready to be anti-Israel for every random thing in the world, I mean they won't even talk to any Jew in USA at times. Funny thing is that Palestinians, are more tolerant in that regard and Palestinians in USA actually like to get along with Jews etc and are open to talk, but some people form other Muslim countries are more absurd. I think Palestinians deserve respect and need to be shown compassion for what their country has gone through, but some of these people from other middle eastern countries and people from countries like pak need to stfu. They make Palestinians look worse honestly.
  7. Country always first bro, individual's and idol worship is left to Some bhakts, there is no room for that.
  8. I rather have them rest home series, I find home odi series more meaningless where its patta and generally all our players score centuries.
  9. Thala wants to win another cup for Srini Mamaji.
  10. Cricketics

    Who should be next India coach?

    As much as I like Ponting, I rather have Moody. Has an eye for talent and knows a lot about Indian domestic cricket. Is a calm personality and would fit will with our seniors as well as Juniors.
  11. Sab maan gaye hai lekin beta nahi maan raha. Beta waiting to retire once cricket gets its admission into Olympics so he can win Gold Medal.
  12. People like Maniac will print this article and get orgasms reading it. Fake shyt.
  13. Fine to go as long as he is not captaining. He shouldn't captain, Rohit should or someone else.
  14. Gaza. - people must watch, especially Indians who don't have a clue about the life of poor Palestinians and just blindly hate Palestine just because Israel has helped India overall with war against Pak.
  15. Cricketics

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    I feel Pandua will destroy him. Let's hope Iyer doesn't get into Pandua's sangti.

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