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  1. Cricketics

    Bollywood's most impactful films

    Swades was a mastepiece which was even liked by people from overseas. I think Ashutosh Gowariker deserves a tip of the hat for the effort he put into this movie as it had some brilliant scenes. I felt SRK was brilliant in this movie, one of his best efforts. AR Rahman’s music was again top notch too and together the combination deserves special mentiona and this movie surely deserves a mention in the Bollywood’s Hall of fame.
  2. Cricketics

    Why do most of Bollywood stars speak English?

    There will be few wannabees in Bollywood or anywhere for that matter who would feel that doing certain things or as in this case speaking in English is cool. But most of them speak in English because they have grown up in an environment from where they have picked up speaking English and it actually comes naturally to them. Also in a country where English is a common language it shouldn’t matter. But yeah, making fun of other actors is childish and foolish.I don’t know if top actors actually do that. Only few wannabees will make fun of a fellow actor for his/her English.
  3. I come to every Ravi Shastri related thread just to read the comments. The amount of gaalis he gets left and right is absolute crazy . Don’t think someone has gotten so much love in the past from indian fans as much as Sir Ravi is getting since he took over the reigns.
  4. Cricketics

    James Anderson, 10 years on

    Absolute legend. We are lucky to have such a bowler play in this era.
  5. Cricketics

    Tennis: US Open 2018

    Absolute horrific behavour from Serena in the final. Refereeing was bad but Serena’s behavour was worse. She should have taken the decision sportingly. The whole drama about “I have a daughter” etc was bs and nasty. Referee just penalised her for one point and she kept on going. I do feel referee could have been less harsh but he was still well within his rules to put the violation. Serena’s behavour was absolutely apalling.
  6. Cricketics

    D2 Predictions

    England 225 India 210-4 Rahul 68 Pujara 35
  7. It will be pathetic to blame one thing or one person for the loss. Our batting was just not good enough on regular basis whether you say your favorite wasn’t picked in the line up or not. These guys were expected to perform better than they did. Batting under performed and now deserves to be called overrated line up by anyone until they do well overseas. I still have confidence in Rahane and Pujara down the line but for now, all of them including our pathetic opening stand this series will be considered overrated. Our line up needs to come back up with a strong performance Down Under with a different openinng pair as this one clearly isn’t working.
  8. Cricketics

    Tennis: US Open 2018

    I don’t like demeaning Tennis greats like. NAdal and his fans, but its pathetic to see 7th time in a row Nadal retiring from a game when he is 2 sets down in a grandslam. Just complete the freaking game and lose like a man and behave like a champion. He messes up his legacy by doing this stuff. No one is going to take away the honor he has of winning 17 slams but he and his fans must take the criticism that Nadal does this shyt every time he feels he can’t come back in the game. This is 7 times now. Absolute Bs.
  9. “Mahi maar raha hai” Rohit should take a back seat and let Mahi do that talking. Lee needs to remember. @velu @Laaloo
  10. I am glad we are not making any statements for Pakistan game for a change. Its fine to go as underdog and conquer the tournament. It will not be easy without Kohli to be frank a d we will be tested, but we can still win this tournament.
  11. I fear Rohit will be picked mow for Windies test series at home before Auatralia tour where he will butcher them to pieces and retain test slot for Downunder. God save the Queen.
  12. Cricketics

    Former India pacer R P Singh retires

    Hey found it and took a gif of it. One is the dismissal of Prior which I was talking about and the other is just a regular delivery showing the swing he was getting back in the days in England series. The delivery to Prior in real time looked just top class.
  13. Cricketics

    Former India pacer R P Singh retires

    I am pretty sure it wasn’t Vaughan. He got Vaughan out too bowler but not the same dismissal which I mean as the one to Prior came back in and was just unplayable. I have full recordings of that series in one of my old laptops as I used to record games then. and will have to look it up and post it here. Youtube search doesn’t show anything.
  14. I would still drop Rohit for an old, retired and now commenyating VVS in the test team any day.
  15. Typic mentality of people. Whenever team loses, any guy sitting out of the team becomes a hero or the game changer which the team missed, forgetting that same player was miserable and gave the team too much trouble and not much runs after playing for India for almost a decade.

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