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  1. Indian women winning this world cup is more important for the women game to spread and make the game popular than what England winning world cup will do for the game. This coild change our women sports for good. Will be very inspiring for the teenagers who will see themselves representing India across different sports. The real Chak De India women moment is this one.
  2. Real Punjabi food would be Paranthe and dher saara thoos kar Makhan.
  3. I agree man, I find the same with this Indian Monaco Biscuits too for some reason. I can eat the whole pack in 5 minutes.
  4. Abaolutely sad news this. Gutted about this. I really liked him and the linkinpark. Gone too young. Just 41 RIP
  5. No mention of Rahane? Wtf man how can you forget Rahane in your post. Its a must name in your post.
  6. Kohli sbould be inside in first 30 overs but later, best catchers or outfielders need to be in the outfield. Kohli is a brilliant out fielder and catcher. He sucks at slip catching but in last 10 overs you need players who can chase the ball and throw back to avoid the 2 runs and get a run out or stop boundaries etc or take high catches, which is all what Kohli is good at. He should be one of the four fielders on the boundary always in the last 10 overs, not before that.
  7. Tht was 't supposed to be in hindi lol
  8. You should create match thread for the finals. Need a woman to create this and do sarvanash of angrezi girls.
  9. England are favorites but we are hard to beat at this time
  10. Um jeet gayr araam se jaise pahle jeet rahe the. They hd to hit every ball. Baantoh Mithai ab
  11. Arey bhai, I mean bhen, 33 run se araams e jeetu, last wicket had no chance. Too mch gap between runs and balls remaining. I play enough yaar tomsee there is no hance for Aus to win. Balle balle
  12. Dude 25 odd runs quickly under pressure. Enjoy the win. Girls played well