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  1. Bumrah-Shami-Bhuvi Bumrah-Shami-Bhuvi Bumrah-Shami-Bhuvi Bumrah-Shami-Bhuvi Bumrah-Shami-Bhuvi Bumrah-Shami-Bhuvi
  2. Here. We had just one wicket left
  3. One of my favorites was the one he finished against Lanka in the tri series. We looked like losing and finished it 2 balls before :)
  4. The Real Finisher
  5. May be he took citizenship of Trinidad. Now Pathan will play as overseas player.
  6. Why only Ramayan dude, include Mahabarat and also the other Epics. Stop being racist.
  7. Lol okay if that makes you happy. I couldn't care less whonyou including incluing full Vanar Sena
  8. What the hell is wrong with the crazy thread titles these days Dhoni, Krishna
  9. Dude 90 percent of the time batsman moved on every wide even if he doesn't try to hit bevause batsman is always trying to play a shot on wife delivery. So most umpires would have given wide. It is not that he was playing reverse sweep shot that it shouldn't be called a wide. I want the game to become better for bowlers too as it is too harsh for bowlers with free bit rule and stuff, but this is just piss poor wide ball which is illegal ball. That was very wide. Batsman has to move of course.
  10. Unadkat got lucky. Rohit hit that six and then Undakat did not know where to bowl and bowled a wide delivery but umpire called it a legal delivery even though it was not. These things make a difference. Stupid umpiring.
  11. Thats some shyt umpiringg though. Rohit was rightly pissed. It was clear wide
  12. Porbandar Express bowling
  13. Yes, Pandya has been and hence I keep mentioning. i still feel his bowling is his prime thing with which he won India's cap. The way he bats, he is bit of Yousuf Pathan like batsman who can hit big but eventually with string of poor scores might find himself out. However one thing for Pandya is that he can bowl fast whivh Yousuf could not and hence Pandyashould bowl and keep bowling. Yes, his bowling isn't that great yet but than his batting isn't that great either yet.
  14. Yes, I want to see all Indian players play too and see them in action, there is nothing wrong in that, but if a team requires 10 runs of last over to defend, then for team's sake, I will give over to Malinga and not Pandya because I trust Malinga to defend that over Pandya. Team comes first. This tournament is not about Team India and to get them ready. Here owners have put lot of money and td all about their team.