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  1. Review part was bad by Kohki but is not even a big deal here unless it later comes back to bite us. Buut overall it was bad day mainly for batting. I am glad Kohli showed little frustration on fielders(it wasn't a lot though). Fielders wanted to go back to pavilion after the collapse so they were being lazy and hence Kohli had to remind them that we got to field another session and take wickets before we go to the hotel. So glad Kohli did show little frustration and gave them heads up and reminded them to gather themselves back.
  2. No I am pointing you out that in fielding you have to just say thing at times since we did different ways earlier. I am not one of those anti-Dhoni folks you looking at, just pointing you out why Kohli did that and rightly did. Regarding, reviews yes,taking them was a bad choice. I will say bad reviews here more than first innings as in first innings he was made to take by Saha but here it looked bad because not many were interested. But that is not even part of bad day. Taking reviews or not doesn't make our day bad as we did not lose anything with it. Our bad day was mainly because of our batting and then fielding.
  3. I saw him say "come on yaar" when there was a misfield. Nothing wrong. Yes it was in frustration but it can also remind fielders that they are losing it and need to gather themselves back. Sometimes you have to say. I saw him smiling too at Pujara when he asked Pujara if it was out before review and Pujara said "pata nahi shayad" and he was making fun of that. So he is also enjoying but rightly keeping his boys pumped up and in check. You can't always do the same thing as Dhoni by not reacting to misfields. Sometimes you got to let them know. Not always but sometimes. All in all, a bad day for all.
  4. All right folks. It's time to back our guys. It's been tough day with some bad batting collapse basically. We played some silly shots, some can blame the pitch even. Aussies bowled well too but overall let's just call it a bad day in the office. We do not have such days often so let's cut some slack and back the boys. Let's back the Blues. We are no.1 test side and seriosuly if there is any 1 test side which can come back in this game, then it is that of India. I am backing them to comeback in the game. Let's get behind the team. We got this Come on India
  5. We can, let's do this.
  6. That was bad keeping from Saha. He took the ball before the stumps. Should have let it come to him and kept glvoes behind the stumps
  7. It's not that bad as yet. Smith is scoring runs too. You have to bend and olay shots and make sure get on top of the ball. watch and bat low to avoid bat/pad
  8. I know whoever made this match thread might lose his privileges for creating match thread again. His career is heading towards the end.
  9. I ate Rajma Chawal. No pic as I already ate.
  10. Bot bura hua aaj. Batting na dekne layak na sunne layak. I got my plate and food ready to watch after lunch session and saw the collapse. Ruined the food (:
  11. Can't drop someome who scores 200 in a Irani trophy. You were talking about Pant's stats that he should be picked for his Ranji. Fine but Saha scored 200 too when team was in trouble while chasing. So he had to be picked. Too early to be asking for Saha's head. We have to wait till the end of this series.
  12. He just forgot that England used a left arm spinner in India. He forgot Ansari toured lol.
  13. He bowls a lot so he is not a part timer. He bowled a lot against India and was mainly picked in the team so he could bowl. You said England didn't have left arm spinner, so wanted to point you out that they did and did not do too well even though he was playing as a bowler And he is a bowling all rounder and not a batting FYI.
  14. New venue is fine but they could have had a better pitch.
  15. You forgot Zafar Ansari is a left arm spinner and he played against India and sucked.