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  1. This SL team isn't that weak. They beat Australia 3-0 too and winning 3-0 against Australia is always great achievement even at home. So Bangladesh beating this side is a big achievement for Bangladesh. Their team showed some fight in India too but were out classed by our side. Overall, it is only good for cricket if more test teams are competitive. Congrats to Bangladesh
  2. Lol for once I actually liked Manjrekar's commentary:) he said it too :)
  3. Thats it, make the damn batsman play, instead of bowling wide and bowling dot balls which won't win us the game
  4. Anyone who aversges over 50 or close to 52-53 is always going to be an ATG of the world, regardless of what attacks he faced. You don't take into consideration that pretty much all world class players faced attacks which had one or two ordinary bowlers or bowlers not at their peak. And Dravid scored on 1998 South Africa tour which was pretty good bowling attack, Dravid scored on 2001 tour in South africa at Port Elizbeth and saved us the test match when we looked like losing. Also against England when all the greats were participating in 0-4 loss, Dravid scored against English attack which was a oretth good attack which had dominated many teams.
  5. Yeah and pathetic that. You have to set up the batsman. Bowl at least M onto the wickets and make them play. Luckily we still got lot of time. Hopefully it doesn't continue for long.
  6. Yep. Will be extremely lucky if they ever get a wicket like this because ideally they are not looking to touch any wide delivery unless in their range to drive an easy four.
  7. We have to make them play. The more the ball is straight, they will have to use their bat.
  8. Using him was fine but he bowled way too wide. Glad he is removed now. Smith won't fall to wide balls unless it is marginally in. Better use spinners here for now and bowl good wicket stuff if seamer is coming.
  9. I think you did not watch much of Dravid or used to shut-of your tv when Sachin used to get out.