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  1. The weird Indian customs discussion

    So my cuzon returned from Bombay where he resides now, and was sharing how terrible the whole Ganesh Chathurthi Festival has become in India, and in particular Bomba where people have forgotten the meaning of the festival. I learned that the Ganesh Ji's murthi is sitting on a truck while truck is going and behind the truck people are dancing on weird songs like desi girl, or any latest hindi dance hit. What's going on? I mean whats suppose to be a religious festival, people have changed the meaning of the whole thing. I am not a religious person myself, but I think this whole Ganesh Chathurthi Parade, in particular Bombay, seems quiet weird to me. I know these are old rituals and customs being continued, but I doubt back in the 90s people used to dance on crazy bolllywood numbers. What do you feel about this? Especially the one living in Bombay or those who are from there.
  2. What pisses you off?

    That we respect people only by their status and fail to acknowledge anyone working harder and tougher jobs like cleaning, mechanic etc. The whole cast system basically. Those who can't afford something, just do not belong among us, that type of mentality. I was part of it when I was growing up in India, I used to see kids from poor families play cricket among themselves as they are considered different than us. I realized it very early how wrong we were as a country when I came overseas and saw that every child, regardless of the background is equal. We are really backwards in thinking.
  3. Yes, Bumrah is a top bowler and someone I would play every game. Both need to be rotated well with other upcoming seamers so we have both Bhuvi and Bumrah available and fit for these important series like the one going on against Australia. For example, Lanka is coming home again and we can choose to rest either of them or rotate them then.
  4. Best bowler of India. Yes better line and length and more consistent and fitter than both Bumrah and Shami. Bumrah was the best earlier but Bhuvi has taken over in recent months. Bhuvi has more control in his bowlig than anyone to have come from India in a long time. And with his batting improving, he will become a brilliant ODI player for us. 2019wc player of the tournament.
  5. Marcus Stoinis is playing a crazy knock

    I thought he was playing safe. Was able to find singles at will. Thats what you need in odi's if you can rotate. May be not good against spin for test matches but if you can rotate while spinners are bowling in odi's, them you have done your job.
  6. Marcus Stoinis is playing a crazy knock

    Surely not ordinary as people thought him to be. The guy bats smarts and waits for the opprtunities. Was looking good today. We have to be wary of this guy in the coming games. He looks in good touch and almost took his team him today.
  7. Yes, best bowler in the world comes in and takes the wicket to wrap up the game. Humara Bhuvi Kumar . Legend
  8. Downvoting/Negative Reputation has been disabled

    negative was randomly being used for good posts where opinions differed of two different posters but both made great suggestions. For example one guy would write how Umesh Yadav can be handy now with the new ball, while other would comment Umesh Yadav is better of coming later because he can use reverse swing better. Now in this situation, there is a good discussion going on and some random guy who doesn't agree with either of the two will come and give negative rep. Now this has nothing to do with troll yet the guy ends up getting negative rep. This is where system was absolutely farce and it was time to move on. If you don't like someone's post, you can always quote him/her and reply in the thread as long as you are not cursing the person. No one is stopping you from calling out someone's post as rubbish or anyone. You have freedom to do that.
  9. Downvoting/Negative Reputation has been disabled

    It hasn't helped find trolls honestly. May be one or two. For example groups were being formed with this. Dhoni fans will get negative reps from anyone who has been anti dhoni and then dhoni fans will be negative repping sachin fans. This back and forth continued along with other members joining. All at failt and I won't take anyone's side. Also like you said it would have helped find trolls, it really hasn't actually. May be one in 70 members but then if the troll is active enough, he will be figured out and banned pretty soon once we see his trend of posts and hence negative reps weren't really required.
  10. Downvoting/Negative Reputation has been disabled

    No. By disabling it, we want to make sure people don't keep on downvoting every good/decent post just because they have not gotten along well with a poster in the past. Yes, that is a fact that most downvotes recently were because a certain group of friends would just wait for a certain member post to post anything so they could downvote his/her post. Similarly, the other group will come and ensure that they downvote back to the person. Fights and trolls on forums will exist everytime. We can't stop them from posting and trolling as this is a forum on internet. We can only contriol by moderating. Cheers
  11. Hello everyone! Our staff members have decided to do away with the "Downvote"option or Negative reputation as you might call it. We believe that this option was heavily misused on this forum and most often created fights on the forum than anything. The upvote option will continue to exist. Thank You
  12. Davis Cup - India vs Canada(World Group Play-off)

    Its pathetic team this Bopanna and Purav. I can't believe we are trailinng in this series when we should have been 2-1 ahead by now.
  13. Davis Cup - India vs Canada(World Group Play-off)

    Ramkumar dropped first set but came back strong to win the next 3 and put India 1-0 in the 5 match tie. We got where we wanted, our first win. However, a big game coming up for Yuki Bhambri against Shapovalov. If Bhambbri can win this, we are winning this tie agains Canada for sure by tomorrow or on day 5 as Bhambri will surely beat Schnur on Day 5. Lets go Yuki. Lets go India.
  14. Davis Cup - India vs Canada(World Group Play-off)

    Ram Kumar starting things off for India against Schnur. It's on serve. Guys in India can watch on Neo Sports while people overseas, its showing on Sportsnet in Canada.
  15. Tennis :2017 season

    Yep, Leander had, in fact still has quickest hand on net. Really fast hands. That is why he kept winning lot of doubles because of being quick at net to close out the point.

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