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  1. Cricketics

    Should we worry about Pakistan

    Its good to worry about every team. Its not like we are to play a knockout against Pakistan, at least not for next one and half month. We have to go through 9 important games to reach the last 4, and just like Pakistan, every team will be important and everyone is batting well - be it West Indies, or Bangladesh. We need to bowl well and make sure our batsmen are able to pile the runs. Pakistan and England are playing a run fest right now and hence it brings concern to us all of a sudden. Fact is that most teams will look good come late next week when the warm ups begin. Most teams are on par with each other I think.
  2. Perhaps the white balls being used aren't of the same quality as red balls either. They also need to look at the balls being used. Red balls are more favorable to bowlers and are generally better quality, at least historically this has been the case. May be look to improving the quality of the ball so they don't die off early and bowlers can still find one side shine at the end of 20th over.
  3. Cricketics

    Aiyo Rama

    CSK Fan reaction :)
  4. Cricketics

    Do you feel ashamed to have ever supported Arvind Kejriwal?

    I support no one. Share bhaad mein Jaye. Lets chill and drink beer. @velu
  5. Cricketics

    Rohit ... Absolute chicken

    How many World Cup has Rohit played that people start to rate him not meant for ICC tournaments. Just one World Cup, that is 2015 and he did score in Quarter Final, albeit against Bangla. Hopefully he will click this year. Every game is important in World Cup, and not just the knock out game. So if he scores in the league stage where India has to play every opponent once, then its fine.
  6. Cricketics

    ATP World Tour 2019

    Indeed the most hard working guy who kept trying for the glory. I loved his speech in the end. Translation is available everywhere. Lot of parents would want their kids to be like Ferrer who tries every time. Indeed that is what you need in life, at least try before you call it quits. Ferrer embodied that and manifested that. The tour will miss him, but surely the players won't wanna see another Ferrer as they know they guy was really hard to beat. What a player. Ferrer. HATS OFF.
  7. Cricketics

    Do you feel ashamed to have ever supported Arvind Kejriwal?

    I just found the whole "chowkidar" thing cringeworthy. I know its a move to attract more votes. I am not against it. I just found cringeworthy like I said. Just my opinion. I am not against it or anything. Some things are just cringeworthy and no harm in mentioning that whether its done by the person you like or not. For example, my favorite player Gambhir also put it on his twitter handle. I am big Gambhir fan, but it still sounds cringeworthy to me, so I won't forget to mention that. Its a tactic I know. Few days ago I was in Delhi, and another cringeworthy thing I noticed on big holdings was "Jhaadu ko vote do". Na mileagi jhaadu, na mileage vote. :)
  8. Cricketics

    Bored of the same old teams- GO DELHI!!!

    Yeh Global baba bada kameena insaan hai. He is trying to jinx Delhi. Saleh door rah. Buri nazar na laga @Global.Baba
  9. Cricketics


    lol You missing him? Is he banned? Let me look for him o btw, that Hindi sounds more like some drunk guy has written @beetle @Global.Baba, thanks to me working too hard at work withou much sleep last night and at the same time autocorrect.
  10. Cricketics


    Aaj human bot khushi hai :) Bas aise he jette te rahe. Badhai ho sab dilli ke supporters ko. Ab CSK ko harana hai.
  11. Na na na na. We are here to win. I am here to win.
  12. Man Delhi giving too many runs in the end. Need to chase big so that we can get ready to beat Thala and co next.
  13. Cricketics

    Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    Cricket season is here and even though I put on some pounds during my recent trip to India where I ate everything thing I wanted to and drank without any concern, I seem to have shed most of it in just 10 days. That is because I caught that weight gain right away. It's called temporary weight gain which you can easily get rid of if you work it out right away. Now ready to bowl this season in our 40 over championship tournament starting next month after memorial day weekend. Looking to gain some muscles so focusing on weights but not too much and don't want to get too bulky near the arms areas, just a tad bit.. RUN/WALK/RUN WALK
  14. Cricketics

    Twitter Updates...

    Nice share. Kid is delighted. Happy for him.

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