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  1. Cricketics

    Australian Open 2019

    Its sad to see Federer lose but I doubt Federer is out of this. He still reached 4th round and we saw this style of play from Federer even during 2015-2017 where he even got knocked out earlier than 4th round once. its not like he is playing bad tennis, others are pushing and I am sure he has a slam win or two still left int he tabk. Yes, he is indeed not the same player he was but he in Tennis, in few months from tournaments to tournaments things change fast and I am sure come Indian wells and Miami tournament, two tournaments where federer has had success, he will find his groove. Again. I expect a slam this year from Fed. Congrats to Tsitsipas. Young bright talent. I was in his press conference in my local citi open in DC where I volunteer as journalist. He always seemed a level headed guy to me among most youngsters. More power to him.
  2. Usa is country of immigrants. If you want to see all goras in the country’s team, then one has to know usa’s history. Regarding expats, all the expats now are married and have kids and their kids are playing in under 12 tournaments etc and they will be future Americans who don’t have any association with Indiia, Australia, Pakistan, windies etc other than that their parents used to live in india once. So they are very much American who have probably never been to India. This age group will feature 5 years from now in under 19 world cups etc. so when you see them you will realize it.
  3. Good thread. Associate cricket is important. USA is coming soon for div 2 qualifiers also
  4. Cricketics

    Telecast/Broadcast - India tour of New Zealand

    He likes EB5 commercial more and that “third eye” statefarm commercial.
  5. Cricketics

    Telecast/Broadcast - India tour of New Zealand

    Hotstar being offered for 12 dollars for the year with some coupon code. Little desi community manager here has made some deal with hotstar for 12 bucks for the year.
  6. Cricketics

    Telecast/Broadcast - India tour of New Zealand

    I had willow stream earlier but now with willow tv having “login as provider” option available, one doesn’t realy need a willow subscription any more. But willow tv channel or online subscription or hotstar subscription is still needed eventually for future tournaments like world cup or ipl etc.
  7. Cricketics

    Line up for NZ series

    Bhai mere squad dekho, bowlers aur koi nahi hai. Only Siraj and Khaleel are remaining options to go with Bhuvi.
  8. Cricketics

    Telecast/Broadcast - India tour of New Zealand

    Just download regular espn app and sign up for 5 dollar streaming service. There is jusst one paid Espn service now and its caled ESPN+
  9. So just confirmed India tour of NZ is going to be on Espn in USA. This is not your regular WatchEspn old app which used to be free. You have to pay 5$ a month. Its actually good. You can even watch all Australian open match courts also on this and plenty of other sports. So those banking on Willow to show or Hotstar in usa, forget it. All NZ home games have been with ESPN for a while now. So you will have to fet ESPN subscription.
  10. I have backed Karthik’s selection as part of squad for a while so I trust him more than anyone. Check my other post to maniac where I am giving him 3 options there is a way to play both Jadhav and Karthik with Pandua and Dhoni at 4.
  11. @sandeep no like the usage of “mumbai lobby”
  12. We don’t have much time but ideally if Shankar could play plenty of games as just pure batsman who can bat and score runs in the lower middle order, along with dishing pies fod 5-6 overs eith decent economy, then there was a place for both Pandya and Shankar too in one line up. Only thing is Shankar’s hitting ability isn’t well known, so he can’t compete yet with karthik or Jadhav since there is not much time left. So bascially I don’t see Shankar anywhere near Indian world cup line up. Gill has the best chance among all outside folks to make it to Indian world cup squad as he is coming in solely for middle order bat role.
  13. We can have numerous diff line ups. Not all of them have to play together. Sometimes with Pandya in, who will also do the job as as a finisher, we won’t need both Jadhav and Karthik in the line up. So we can accomodate Dhoni and Gill both in that situation. If Gill fails, we have back up of playing both Jadhav and Karthik as well as of course Pandya who will most likely play every game. So having Karthik/Jadhav and Gill all kn squad is possible. So our order could look like this Rohit Dhawan Kohli Gill Dhoni Jadhav Pandya Or our order could also look like Rohit Dhawan Kohli Gill Dhoni Karthik Pandya or id Gill struggles Rohit Dhawan Kohli Dhoni Jadhav Karthik Pandya Ideally, Pant can be there too, bur he is not being picked.
  14. One positive is that Rayudu was dropped so we know he isn’t the ideal guy Kohli/Shastri want. Also with just few months away from world cup if selectors want Gill in squad, means they want to see if he can do well and make it to the team for the world cup. They have considered that at least. What this means is now that the onus is purely on Kohli and Shastri to play Gill in the middle order right from game 1 in NZ. If they do not use Gill from game 1, then we can’t blame selectors but should actually blame Kohli/Shastri only. In all seriousness, I think Dhoni among runs is a good sign even with all poor strike rate. I think it augurs at least somewhat hope. If Gill can just take slot 4 or 5, it will be ideal. A strong Dhoni-Gill pairing at 4/5 with pair of Pandya/Jadhav/Karthik as finishers isn’t a bad line up.

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