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  1. Cricketics

    Mohammad Amir avg 80 in last 8 games with jst 3 wkts

    Daymn he didn’t do “shyt” against Zim in all those games? I mean he did do “shyt” I guess.
  2. Cricketics

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    Yaar other batsman in the squad ka naam toh dekho - Rayudu and Pandey are the only other options in this asia cup squad. So based on that I pick Karthik as I feel he is better than Rayudu and someone who I trust more than Rayudu. Anyways with Kohli coming back, I won’t take any of them. I have said long before I wanted Shubman Gill or someone drafted in by now so we could get some new players ready. ideally it would be nice to see one youngester in the line up like Shubman. A line up like this could be brilliant. Order can change Rohit Dhawan Kohli Rahul Gill/Krunal/Nitish Pant Pandya You have lot of firepower there whch is very much needed in todays game at the death. Also Pant can be used as an opener and Rahul can play at 3 also if required.
  3. Cricketics

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    Karthik has been poor in the past but with recent t20 performance, he deserves his chance a bit. Yes it wa sin t20 and yes it was against okayish bowler, but not everyone can do what Karthik did. I will give him this series. I will though play Rahul ahead. at no 3. Also, Karthik is batting better than Dhoni, so him there in middle order can help us for this particular series as we do not have Kohli who has been vital for us all these years in the middle. We have limted options as per the squad picked and going by that squad my order against Afghanistan would be: Rohit Dhawan Rahul Manish Karthik(WK)
  4. Cricketics

    Rohit should lead our WC19 campaign?

    Different definition for big games for all. Big game player is not defined by scoring in one big game or not scoring in one big game. If someone doesn’t score in finals or semi finals but scores in other games leading to the world cup, thats big performance too. For example game against Pak or Aus or South Sfrica or England. Example of Tendulkar failing in final but performing well in other games leading to it would be appropriate. Same thing for Kohli like he did aginst Pak in 2015 which was big too. On his day Dhawan is good and will start in the Indian line up because o( the reason you me’tioned, but just fyi, big games are also the regular top featured games leading up to the final. Yuvi failed in the big match too like against Pakistan in the semis, but was a top player through out leadingnup to that. Kohli similarly failed in 2015 wc playoffs, but was vital in our LOI tournaments like champions trophy or even in t20 tournaments. So I consider him a big game player who has just failed in certain big games like any top player would. So going back to topic, we can’t appoint Dhawan as captiai of course but we can’t be appointing Rohit at this time. Let him bat freely like he does. Kohli likes to bat with captaincy pressure and Rohit is doing better without much responsibility as captain. Post world cup, we can see if we need a change, but for now, I will keep things as is as captaincy is concerned.
  5. Cricketics

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    Rohit trusts Rayudu more hecause he did decent job for Mumbai Indians under him. Rahul needs to play.
  6. Cricketics

    Send Bumrah Home

    No might have two more games to go against Pak in this tournament. I rather have them play that. I don't want Hong Kong game kind of situation any time that too against Pak
  7. Cricketics

    Rohit should lead our WC19 campaign?

    India in recent past have had a fragile batting order. This has been one of the biggest reasons why we have lost so many games. Only two guys who have been most consistent have been Kohli and Rohit. Kohli is batting well under captaincy pressure, his record proves that. Rohit is performing well when he has no pressure. We don't want poor starts in the world cup with Rohit having extreme amount of pressure as a captain. Changing captaincy now might impact India negatively in terms of getting the best out of Kohli and Rohit in a big tournament. Kohli and Rohit have been focused a lot on their batting and enjoying their respective role. I think that should continue. I would stick with Kohli as captain for 2019 and we can go on from there.
  8. My colleague just now after seeing Bumrah celebrate that last wicket Colleague: So the blue guys are winning I see Me: Kind off, we bowled well and now need to chase down their total Colleague: looks like you got it. Lets go the blue guys
  9. Good comeback by boys after that Malik p’ship. Boys doing well. Shabash Ladko, jaldi se do aur lejao, and hopefully catch doesn’t go to Dhawan, enough of habru celebration. Looking more and more lame now.
  10. Man need to take 4-5 wickets more fast, it is getting boring
  11. Cricketics

    Bollywood's most impactful films

    Swades was a mastepiece which was even liked by people from overseas. I think Ashutosh Gowariker deserves a tip of the hat for the effort he put into this movie as it had some brilliant scenes. I felt SRK was brilliant in this movie, one of his best efforts. AR Rahman’s music was again top notch too and together the combination deserves special mentiona and this movie surely deserves a mention in the Bollywood’s Hall of fame.
  12. Cricketics

    Why do most of Bollywood stars speak English?

    There will be few wannabees in Bollywood or anywhere for that matter who would feel that doing certain things or as in this case speaking in English is cool. But most of them speak in English because they have grown up in an environment from where they have picked up speaking English and it actually comes naturally to them. Also in a country where English is a common language it shouldn’t matter. But yeah, making fun of other actors is childish and foolish.I don’t know if top actors actually do that. Only few wannabees will make fun of a fellow actor for his/her English.
  13. I come to every Ravi Shastri related thread just to read the comments. The amount of gaalis he gets left and right is absolute crazy . Don’t think someone has gotten so much love in the past from indian fans as much as Sir Ravi is getting since he took over the reigns.

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