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  1. WC Qualifiers

    Man this dude Brendan Taylor is class. Always steping up. They are on a mission and he is leading the way. I hope their bowlers are able to keep them in the game.
  2. Karthik vs Saha

    Karthik can play as a batsman ahead of Rohit Sharma in Test Matches, but not required at this time to replace Saha as a keeper. I have been saying many times, if Vijay and Rahul fail regularly in England in first three games, Karthik can work as a back up opener too.
  3. Is KL Rahul mentally shot?

    A good IPL knock being watched by many fans on TV and he will be back into his regular mood and gain confidence back. Things change quickly so all those youngsters who couldn’t impress in this series or did not get much chance recently, must not lose hope. That includes Hooda, Pant, Rahul, Shankar etc.
  4. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Because of these epic moments
  5. Sending Shankar over DK

    I would have liked this move if it was earlier in the tournament where things could be tried You don’t try these silly moves in the final of a series. If you want to give chance, give them earlier in the tournament so we have chance to bounce back if youngsters fail. Final game is not to give chance. We almost got naginned. Bad captaincy.
  6. KKD hatsoff

    Another Kohli selection gone right.Yesss. What a captain.
  7. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Thats why team lose games while chasing in t20s when players struggle to score or make silly mistakes. Thats what Shankar did. These things like player not rotating strike happens all the time, even Yuvraj has done in in important games and cost India matches. Like I said, he is probabaly not the best t20 bat around and even if he does well in future, its too early to expect young players to start performing from ball one or game one. T20s make new comers try different things and hence they struggle. Shankar is just another player who struggled in his first t20 outing with the bat.
  8. Pandey and Shankar !! What was that ?

    Pandey can only play in t20s if he is coming at 3. Anything else, he is not cut out as he takes a while to start scoring or rotating. Shankar can’t be judged. He started well with early boundary today but that Mustafizur over made him look really bad as he could not connect anything in that over. It can happen to best of the best. He will learn. Its just a t20 match and judging a a new comer like Shankar based on one bad over of batting in a must win game isn’t right. Whats not gone for Shankar is that his okayish or poor bowling like today would only make some cricket fans think he is an ordinary cricketer since he also struggled witht he bat.. But he isn’t. He is very handy for ODI’s. Judge him after he has played about 15 ODI’s. This slogfest under pressure game isn’t the right way to judge a young player. He is a quality batsman.
  9. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Shankar is batsman who can bowl and not the other way around. Shankar can’t impress you until he can be given to bat consistently. Bowling is not his strength. So wait for him to play at least 10-15 ODI’s and then you can judge him. And judge him based on his battinnt again. This t20 batting where he batted for the first time and had to throw his bat where he struggled aren’t the best way to decide careers. Give him time.
  10. Dude younare talking about his bad batting and sharing bowling stats. Whats up with that? He batted for the first time. He has been hyped like others because he has scored plenty of runs in domestic and not for his bowlign. Don’t judge him by his bowling. He is a Batsman first. You don’t make it to Indin team like that. Judge him after he he has played at least 10-15 ODI’s, and not this t20 game where he is having to throw his bat under pressure.
  11. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    He played a bad over to Mustafizur. Looked under pressure. I would just say that. T20s, lot of plaers have done the same thing, playing bad over.
  12. KKD hatsoff

    Legend. You showed you deserve to he in Indian team.
  13. Lol you are judging him based on him missing while playing last 7 balls in a high pressure game in his frst t20 batting outing and that too in a while. Well done. Hence I say in t20s, don’t judge young players.
  14. Man cobra ashes is on. Lanka tour of Bangladesh.
  15. For a change all Lankans are supporting India after what Bangla did last game.

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