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  1. Loved this comment from Rohit Sharma. Happy B’day Gambhir
  2. I will update this post regularly which I think would help many posters in picking the best available legal options in their area. Feel free to share more options and I will update the OP so we can have a good list. Please if possible, share the exact tv network provider too in your country which has the channels available to watch cricket. Also, if you see there is something wrong with my list, then let me know. We really need help in getting specific information about how to watch in places like Canada, UK, UAE etc. Please share if you can. How to watch cricket in:- INDIA On TV - There are many TV channels like Star Sports and Ten Sports which cover cricket in India. Most of these channels are available on Tata Sky and other(?) competitive satellite TV providers. Online Hotstar and Sony Live covers cricket matches online also for viewers in India. USA On TV - Willow Cricket channel is available on most satellite and cable TV providers like Verizon, Dish Network, Comcast etc. Willow covers all matches from India(excluding IPL), Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, West Indies One World Sports covers all England home matches and Caribbean Cricket league. The channel is available on Verizon, Directv and few more providers like Google fiber etc NBCSN covers 10 matches of Big Bash League. Online Willow.tv is the best way to watch cricket in USA on internet. It has a monthly package of $14.99 which covers all the cricket matches they televise on their TV channel. The games from India, RSA, Australia, UAE and West Indies are usually covered WatchESPN is available for free on most internet prociders. It braodcasts all the matches from New Zealand. It also covers many domestic matches from West Indies. OneWorldSports app/website also allows you to watch the live feed of the channel if you have the credentials of your tv providers account. Whole English summer of cricket is covered on this channel from the feed of Sky Sports. United Kingdom On TV - SkySports and BY Sports are the two major channels covering cricket in UK. (Need more information regarding the availability of these channels on different providers) Online - Sky Sports App and website allows you to buy online subsription to purchase the channel. They have various packages available. BT Sports website too allows you to purchase the monthly package. Australia On TV - Channel 9 covers all the home cricket matches. TEN covers the Big Bash. Both channels are available easily in Australia. Fox covers most away games in Australia. Online - Optus website allows you to purchase summer of cricket packages via cricket.comau website. Canada, UAE and other countries will be updated soon. I would also need info on places like UK and Australia to make it more specific and detailed like we have for US. --------------------------------------------------------- Older Post What is your Set up to watch Cricket in your area? So this changes for everyone from time to time. Some who travel a lot or or usually who live with friends, have online subscriptions. Some rely on free/illegal streams available online. And then we have many and perhaps most who subscribe to different TV packages on their TV network to get that cricket channel. What is your current set up? This thread could also help many in helping pick a better option than what they currently have in their area, especialy for people living in India and even for people who travel overseas as students. Please also mention your country in which you have your set up. My current set up I currently have Verizon here in U.S on TV and do get Willow Cricket channel as part of the sports package on TV. Along with this, I also have a subsription of Willow TV online which I can use it on cell phone or on pc. I was given this for just $5 a month since I already have Willow TV on verizon. Usually they charge $14.99 otherwise. Willow covers all the games from India, Australia, South Africa, West Indies and Dubai. All NZ home games we get here are on Watch ESPN which we all have free access to using our internet service provider. Whats your set up like?
  3. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    Yes, but he will learn a lot from Tendulkar than any coach. His coach won’t remain the same or he won’t be in touch with Mr. Bannrjee all the time as he reaches different stage of his career. This is where travelling with Tendulkar to UK regularly in summer when Tendulkar goes there will continue to help him. Plus he got to fail, as failures will certainly help him learn and put more attention to his game every every aspect.
  4. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    Totally raw at this time, should do fine in few years. If he can get Tendulkar work ethics, he can be really good. Unlike Gavaskar, Tendulkar isn’t a full time , commentator so may be he can spend time coaching him. Will probabaly go on to play for India.
  5. Tennis :2017 season

    Daymn just saw this. I remember watching it live, but almost forgot about it. Good share.
  6. Tennis :2017 season

    Yep, perfectly fine, but I think 2 slam bans is a lot. May be just ban him from representing in US Open and few atp 100 tournaments.
  7. Tennis :2017 season

    Wow Fabio Fognini has a massive fine and ban coming his way after his US Open uspension when he was guilty of misogyny after being in a crazy reaction to umpire’s call. He was already auspended from the US Open laat month after his reaction, and today ATP announsed that henwill be suspended for two more slams, and also 94k fine on top of it.
  8. Sarcasm is good, but not everytime. This is retirement. Lets respectfully retire him, he has served Indian cricket well.
  9. Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    Top Post and I agree. Let me know if you are ever in DC area or in U.S anywhere next year or so. Btw, I would like to know about squats and hamstring. Do you ever recommend bowlers squats over other excercises regularly.
  10. Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    Good to see your thread. I am a bowler myself who is part of leagues in Washington DC area. What do you feel is the best best and top most exercise which remains currently and is performed by bowlers around the world. I know each has their own way of dealing things. But I feel squats remains the pinnacle of all. Squating has been used the most by bowlers to keep their legs and hamstring strong. Strong and healthy legs is extremely important for a fast bowler. Is that is what you recommend your bowlers the most too?
  11. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    Starc will be okay to face. Hazlewood is going to make the bigger impact on England. Looking forward to watching Hazlewood.
  12. Sehwag talks a lot. He needs to be given a lesson like how Bhogle was omitted from commentary team. May be that is what will help him.
  13. Dumbest new law in Cricket-Fake Fielding law

    Dumbest law. I used to do it all the time on field and now I won’t be able to. If batsmen can move why can’t fielders do some fake action. Its actually the presence of mind more than being fake. Most pathetic rule ICC could come up with.
  14. Was having conversation wih some icf members and came to know that Ranji games from knockout round will be shown on Star Sports but the regular games will not be telecast on TV. However, I heard the regular games will be shown on Hotstar. If that’s the case, as long as they are covering few games every week online, its really not a bad way to watch Ranji. I also have a feeling that these games might actually be shown in USA on tv even though they are not being shown on TV in India.
  15. Is this selection committee best India had?

    Yeah, some first class 4 day games can easily make him a solid against seamers. He’s playing lot of limited over cricket for India right now, but it will be great to see him in first class whenever he can get a chance. He should always play 4 day games if they aren’t clashing with Indian schedule. Will only make him a better player. The series down in South Africa next year will be also of great help to him.
  16. Is this selection committee best India had?

    Yes, i am not a fan of Umesh Yadav in ODI'S and neither am a fan of this selection committee yet. Still would give them time. My posts have been mainly about captaincy and how India is doing well over all. We can do better in picking bowers and giving chances to other players who can be tried now like Pant.
  17. Is this selection committee best India had?

    Solid hitter to spin who has batted well against seamers. Like I said earlier, if he takes his chances, he should be continued. And he shall continue in the line up. I as an opposition captain would have tested more against seamers instead of giving him Zampa and Head all the time, but he has done well in whatever he faced to pace in this series. Smith sucked as captain this whole series honestly in that regard, or perhaps is showing signs of not a good captain for ODI's when the oppositions are ahead in the series and are a better batting unit. Pandya has been brilliant, and hopefully he continues to improve his game against seamers, as his attacking game to spinners is what is his strength.
  18. Is this selection committee best India had?

    I have never seen India win 4-0 in ODI’s, unless I am getting old. 4-0 was in test which we continue to dominate at home. ODI’s are more competitive when teams visit as that gives them best chance to win in India and Aussies have hd a great odi record in India. So beating them 4-1 is impressive.
  19. Yeh yo yo Kya Hain, yeh yo yo!

    That is the test being used in lot of universities in USA and by many professional teams. i think it is brilliant for bowlers too.
  20. Is this selection committee best India had?

    Won 4-1, just now. In my life time, India has never had it this easy in an odi series against Australia, so things are definitely falling the right way. Lets not mix the anger of the t20 team selected with India’s 50 over team which just thrashed the Aussies. There is a world of difference in those two topics. Yes in the current ODI team, I would still replace Rahane, but we can’t blame him much at this time since he has been very consistent post CT. We will have to wait for the right time to call on that, but for now, I am happy that Pandya is playing the role of a proper all rounder and is also being given proper chance to bat and bowl, Manish is being given chances even after few failures and that pacers are being rotated even though some more could be tried.
  21. Young Batsman Making Debut ODI - Kohli Captaincy Watch

    This post is strictly about the ODI team and not T20 team, which OP and rest are talking about. People throwing theories with bullet points to show how many seniors Kohli tried should remember that Yuvi was part of BCCI regime and in the selectors’ scheme of things when Kohli took over all of sudden when Dhoni decided to quit captaincy. And this has been mentioned hundred times, yet people blame Kohli. Yuvi was not dropped but was injured and hence could not play more or else he would have played in the tournaments which Dhoni last captained. Check the timeline of his career when he was dropped, before coming up with theories. Don’t assume that people won’t remember. Lot of people remember facts so stop coming up with random things. Also, same people were mad that Kohli won’t drop yuvi and Kohli did. Yuvi and co are no where to be seen since west indies tour post chanpions trophy. After telling same fans million times to wait for the Champions trophy to be over when Kohli and coach will rebuild the team, people did not agree. You can already see we are rebuilding. Pandya and Pandey have taken over the middle order roles and are featuring regularly now. Raina, Yuvi, Mishra, are no where to be seen. Guys like KL Rahul have been told to fix your ODI form and fitness and compete with other younsters like Pandya and Pandey, which will only make our odi team stronger. We are already strong number 1 and just keep getting better. We have never thrashed Australia this bad like we did just now, 4-1. This is big even at home. Team is gettinng ready for 2019, and its going to take some time. Things don’t happen over night that you get all youngsters you want. Kohli isn’t perfect and will never be perfect just like any other great captain in the past. But we as supporters need to be considerate about the ODI team. These aren’t like bugs and fixes in an app where manufacturer depends on user to find faults so they report and manufacturer can fix. Kohli and co know what they are doing and they know the standard of each player and what thy will offer in the ODI team. They won 4-1 just now but will continue to play the best combination to get better and get ready for the 2019. That is what at the end of the day, we should also want, that team is getting ready for 2019.
  22. Tom Alter dies aged 67

    Just heard that Tom Alter is no more. I remember him since Zabaan Sambhaal ke days. Legendary actor. RIP.
  23. No Mishraji, means no fun. SAd day. They forgot how he won games in IPL with the bat.
  24. Last wicket and he is going crazy. Tune in if you can or get to the match thread This is an epic chase by him. Australia were down and out and he got them in with a chance to win from no where.
  25. I like Josh Hazlewood and Warner. Warner is destructive at the top just like how Gilchrist used to be. Even though Warner isn't the same, but he is brilliant to watch when in flow. Hazlewood reminds me of good old Mcgrath. The limelight is always on fast and furious Starc but he does the job doing all the basics right and bowling just stupendous line and length all day. Most organized bowler for me in International cricket who doesn't lose his line that easily when increasing pace.

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