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  1. Cricketics

    Anthony Bourdain is no more.

    I grew up watching his show - No reservation on the Travel channel and then parts unknown on CNN. He wasn’t just a foodie, he was more of how to visit remote areas and travel and enjoy different parts and cultures of the world. Through him, we got to see some remote areas of the world which one won’t have ever heard of. This guy was the true amabassdor of Travel and food industry. He will be missed. RIP
  2. Lara was a special. I mentioned Pujara and Dravid for their patience since I am absolutely impatient against spin. Lara was just class apart on how to score freely against top spin bowlers. He did not have to play it safe against spin because he had so much time and technique to put the ball away to the boundary safely. What a player he was.
  3. Spin bowling or slow bowling has been the biggest the pain. It happens a lot that you are playing club cricket with one of those bats which is well knocked barring that one place of the bat where you did not hammer well and you end up trying to slog or hit a six to a full delivery, you get caught because the ball didn’t travel far enough because of your shyt bat or that you did not hammer it well. Spinners are so enticing hence they get most wickets. You just want to murder them. Kudos to the patience of guys like Dravid or Pujara.
  4. Cricketics

    Bowling combo in England

    I will start with Bhuvi-Bumrah-Shami-Umesh and we will go on from there.
  5. Cricketics

    Moderating the ICFs cricket section is like !!!

    Velu and Beetle were rated the most liked mods according to some poll. Laloo managed to only get votes from Vilander and company.
  6. Cricketics

    Moderating the ICFs cricket section is like !!!

    Man jab dekho @Malcolm Merlyn ki lete rahte ho bechare ki :) somehow he gets into topic.
  7. Cricketics

    Rohit Sharma doing stuff

    @maniac This guy @Trichromatic is becoming anti-Rohit day by day. Your boy needs love. Whats going on.
  8. Don’t worry about BCCI being smart or not. When it comes to business, they are the smartest of the lot, way ahead of many boards around the world. One might like their moves or not but they know what it takes to make money. Test cricket has already lost the sheen among the viewers and for hence even when the top teams come like Australia, we still often don’t get big crowds in certain places. So with Afghanistan being a new test team, its not any bad move from BCCI to attract more fans to the venue to watch a game where their most marketed player - Virat Kohli won’t even play, whom the crowd actually come to watch.
  9. Cricketics

    Grievances thread

    I think if I have followed all posts correctly, people are saying @Cricketics is the best memeber of ICF.
  10. Cricketics

    If Pakistan win the second test....

    We will win in England. Even though ODI’s aren’t ideal, but the game time is important and that will give game time to guys like Kohli, and Rahul hopefully who would/should start in our test line up. Also game against Afghanistan isn’t bad even though its in India. It will give decent warm up to the batsmen. Yes, ideally we should play more 3 day warm ups in England but even if we start badly in the test series, we can’t make any excuses because we are playing in a 5 match series where we have enough time to bounce back. If we don’t, then our line up is just isn’t good enough. But I know these guys are good and albeit not much warm up before test series, they will thrash England in England. I have faithbin this bunch. Bring it on.
  11. Cricketics

    NBA 2017

    Anyone following NBA this year? Cavs and king James still on top and leading the wastern conference. Golden State too topping the West Conference. Looks like another Cavs vs Warriors? Honestly, I am loving this new rivalry. Curry is the best 3 point shooter in the game and probably one of the best ever.
  12. Going to watch presentation ceremony to see Rishab Pant get some award. Congrats CSK. Well deserved. Dhoni is a class t20 captain as always. Hard luck SRH. Still a top side
  13. Cricketics

    Congratulations to Pakistan

    Boys played well.
  14. Cricketics

    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    Shabash Velu :)
  15. Cricketics

    Kohli unlikely to play county or Eng series

    Great players adjust and Kohli is a great player and bound to learn from his mistakes from earlier tour. Time will tell how he does but we shouldn’t go by what happened few years ago for a player like Kohli who played brilliantly in recent test series and showed patience on pitches which might not be same like England but required great grit and determination to score runs on which most couldn’t show while Kohli did. I back him to do well in this series.
  16. Many were looking for Vijay to be that great batsman, but one forgot that he has regressed big time since Australian tour. He has scored runs at home just like any other player, yet his average has dropped even though we had 2 full home seasons, without playing much away from home. Now some of his shot selection in this series have been pathetic right from the first innings of first test. How much time you are willing to give him? I am all for giving him first two tests in England to sort his shyt out, otherwise we are better of investing in a new player. We have invested a lot in him, so it makes sense to give him 2 more tests. I won't like to see him dropped right away, but he has to be monitored more. Just because he can play better than Dhawan, it shouldn't guarantee him the spot. If Dhawan is pathetic, shouldn't mean Vijay can continue to be pathetic and be played every game. 2 more games for him in Engalnd tour. I will give Rahul at least 3 tests in England. He deserves it as we can't have too many different openers. I would like to see Shaw go on tour with Indian team to England so he can replace Vijay if needed. Also if Shaw is not picked and neither is Pant picked, then Karthik should be the reserve wicket keeper for Saha. Karthik can then be used as an opener with Rahul instead of going back to Dhawan or sticking with Vijay all tour. Karthik has actually done well in swinging conditiosn in England as an opener in the past. This is only if he is required. I rather play Shaw.
  17. Cricketics

    Vijay finishes with average of 17, Rahul averaged 7

    I will stick with Pujara at 3. Top 5 for the fiest two tests at least. Vijay Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane
  18. Yeah maza aa gaya. Jaate jaate ek aur team ko bahr kar waadiya. Can’t rememeber when we beat Mumbai both home and away in a single year. Been a long time. Some positive :)
  19. Cricketics

    The ATP Tour 2018

    Guys, so Chennai Open is history and bere is a new begining to our only Indian ATP event. The tournament will now be played in Pune starting January 1st. The line up this year looks amazing Check the names. US Open finalist along with the former US Open Champion Marin Cilic will be two of the top seeds. Here is the list of all the overseas players who are coming. Along with Cilic and Anderson, we are going to also get Giles Simon, Bautista Agut and the giant Ivo Karlovic. This is a brilliant time for Indian tennis. Our youngsters Sumit Nagal, Yuki Bhambr are looking in fine touch. Sumit Nagal in oarticular just beat Yuki who is a top 100 player himself and beat Monfils recently. That along with another younngster Ramkumar make up a great trio of three top India mens tennis players who are all top 75 caliber. So this will be good tournament where lot of Indians might get a wildcard.
  20. Cricketics

    Best looking players from all teams

    Hmm Beetle kaha phasa diya. Okay here is my list DD - Naman Ojha KKR - Nitish Rana RCB - Manan Vohra, Chris Woakes
  21. Man fk this seriously, every fking game, score well and then bowling fails. Kya yaar humari Dilli waloh ki kiskat.
  22. Brutal Pant. What a player

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