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  1. Cricketics

    Why is Hinduism even classified as a Religion?

    Hinduism isn’t a religion, it is a culture.
  2. Bumrah and Dwayne Bravo are the two smartest bowlers for now. Bumrah will be my first choice because of extra pace and if I have Bravo then he will be my second choice for his variations and reputation for foxinf the batsman. Sometimes you have cut the pace in the ladst overs when defending as batsman wants to use your pace and Bravo is brilliant at that.
  3. Cricketics

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Yes, plate or whichever league, he is a star as I was saying earlier. You can’t score this many runs that easily and that too consistently ecoring 70% od your team’s runs. He made a brilliant decision to move on.
  4. Cricketics

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Delhi howled out. Looking forward to watching Khejroliya bowl now.
  5. Made up by OP. Captaincy is overrated and you can lead as much from front as you want you will still lose if you have a shyt team. A captain is mostly as good as his team and the players he has. Among the two teams shown above, Kohli will win not because of leadership or captaincy, but because he has Kuldeep, Bumrah and himself in the team.
  6. Cricketics

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    There is a bye week for pretty much much every team as too many teams are playing. For Example, Delhi did not play in the first week. Plus bye-week has been therd forever in Ranji Trophy and many domestic tournaments across the globe.
  7. Cricketics

    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    He has already proven that he is good but just not comsistent. I think he will be late bloomer and his real consistent period will come post world cup 2019, when we start new transition.
  8. Cricketics

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Fireworks from delhi. Just 12 overs and 72 runs. Hiten Dalal seems to be playing really freely.
  9. Cricketics

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Can’t wait for round 2 to start. Hoping Hotstar continues to show 3 games today like they did in the first round. I do know that the one on tv will be Delhi vs HP as Star sports did mention that on twitter so it shall benon Hotster too. Not sure which other games will be broadcast along with it. Btw, they need to have a dedicated Ranji trophy tv/hotstar schedule. These sort of things need to be there on the website. At least on us hotstar site its not available.
  10. One of his best spells was getting Gayle out in Windies and troubling him over there under Dravid. He was brilliant even when was raw. He did play his part in 2011 wc but he could have achieved more. Congrats to him, he will be satisfied but I wish he had not lost the steam and been more aggressive as a bowler back when he was bowling fast. Congrats
  11. Cricketics

    Two declarations in 20 minutes

    Kudos to NSW and Tasmania players. After few days got ruined in their Sheffield Shield game, the captains decided to do quick declarations on the final day to make the game interesting. NSW scored 440 odd in the first innings. Tasmania meanwhile took the initiative after the interruption in play, declaring when they were just 4 down for 115 and then NSW followed the suit and declared after batting just 4 overs. Now Tasmania needs 350 in the remainder of the theday. Should be fun last day to watch as Tasmania will be going for the chase. Its coming live on the CA website if you want to watch
  12. Pretty solid win for Zimbabwe considering most teams struggle big time in Asia to spin. Be it Bangladesh, Zimbabwe has done brilliantly. Even Australia had hard time on their last tour to Australia. Hopefully Zimbabwe will win the series now.
  13. I sometiems felt Gambhir does lot of ott desh bhakti but then you got to give it to him for having guts to speak against former cricketers whom he might have grown up watching and also played with at times outside the Indian team. He taked against Bishan Bedi too who is a hot head himself. Gambhir as an administrator somewhere will ensure there is no illgeal stuff or cheating involved. This guy is one person you can actually have hope from who will bring change and improve things whether in sports or outside sports. I wish he ran Indian Tennis association as bunch of Indian talented players can easily become top 100 players with administrators like him. Absolute Legend.
  14. Its fine, I expect him to do well in world cup where all the limelight will be on Kohli and Rohit like always and he or someone else might ourscore them. I think our opening will do fine with Dhawan and Rohit. Not much concerned there. At this time we shouldn’t be worried or thinking of changing our openers. They will click every 2nd or 3rd game. We need to strengthen our middle and lower order and worry about that for now.
  15. Cricketics

    Ind needs to pull its socks up (WC19)

    Bhuvi for the conditions will do fine in England. Our bigger worry is batting line up and not bowling. The way Pant is dailinf and fear of Rayudu getting picked, we need to be worried about that along with Rahul not scoring either. Bhuvi and of course Bumrah are all set and should be two of the bowlers to be used through out the world cup. We need to only find their partners. I am not saying Bhuvi doesn’t have to improve, he does need to improve but since injury, he seems to have been bowling fine but restinf a bowler like him doesn’t make sense who just came out of injury. So let him play. Batting is our concern now
  16. Cricketics

    For the love of God, Pant has to perform in LOIs

    If Pant keeps failing he has himself to blame and not selectors for not getting picked for wc 2019. Only to certain extent you can back up a player. If he fails in Aus again, then he probably doesn’t deserve and may be he will have to go back and comeback like how Rohit did during the time when he was left out for 2011 wc and came back after that. But Pant still has time to impress with the series coming up in Aus and of course this one.
  17. Cricketics

    Anmolpreet Singh is a star

    He can play both. Mainly middle order like you mentioned so will likely replace Rahane/Pujara in the future but the way he bats, he has the game to tackle the new ball. He has batted after coming in at 50th over mark and has batted long, so means he has faced the new ball which was introduced in the 80th over plenty of times. Anyways, he has to pile some more runs in Ranji and need to have another good season here and then we can tak, bur he is a good deal for now I believe.
  18. Cricketics

    Dhoni must be furious

    Karthik is also better than him in tt20s as shown in recent t20 games.
  19. Cricketics

    Anmolpreet Singh is a star

    Yes, he will be playing for India in both LOIs and Test for a very long time. Matter of time he breaks it into Indian test team if Indian openers continue to shar like they did in England.
  20. Cricketics

    Ambati Rayudu to retire from longer version of game

    I want to meet this legend one day and thank him for his services to Indian test cricket.
  21. Cricketics

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli - who is better ODI batsman?

    That was one of the greatest knocks by the greatest batsman then surely but that doesn’t make alone him stand out among the rest. Its my fav knock too and I can watch it agin and again, Tendulkar against top bowling attack. But still when we put the whole thing into perspective, Kohli has reached a different peek all of a sudden and is creating his own name and will surpass Tendulkar when the actual numbers are in favor of Kohli, which currently aren’t due to him having not played enough. It wil be matter of time though.
  22. Cricketics

    Your future travel plans and recent experiences

    Switching jobs and between that I have few weeks, looking to do Euro road trip.
  23. Cricketics

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    I am missing something. I have only seen half of of band Baja Baraat in installments which was decent movie and also seen a bit of Padmavat where he seemed to have acted well as Alauddin Khilji. But being not a big bolly bhakt, I have surely missed something. Why so much hate for him. Is he like Rakhi Sawant when it comes to giving interviews or whats up?
  24. They should also ask CA to have some buffalo sauce and barbecue sauce as condiments. O and also Siracha, the cremy one.

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