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  1. Pakistan Super League 2018 - Tournament Thread

    PSL will be shown live on Willow in USA. Big move by PSL organzers to get Willow to broadcast in U.S and now they seem to have official broadcaster in India too it seems.
  2. Pakistan Super League 2018 - Tournament Thread

    People like supporting minnows and following those teams just not have much interest in them as much they support their home team. So it will take time. Also if you have too many threads on the same topic, it will also not help, so be mindful of that. Then people will start ignoring the thread even if the topic will interest them. The moment two associate nations are playing each other, threads might not get too much replies, but as soon as one of the associate nation is playing one of the 8 top nations, you will see the increase in number of posts.
  3. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Like I said, the bats used by most tennis players are extremely light and also 90% of the time those same bat won’t work with the hard ball as they do not have enough grains and stroke in them and will break easily if used with a hard ball. So guys like Pintu Parcha will have to get used to a hard ball bat. Now of course you can search for a really light size hard ball bat so it doesn’t feel totally new to a tennis ball player but again it will still feel heavier than a regular tennis ball bat and swinging that won’t be as easier when facing a hard ball.
  4. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Yeah, you can say that. Depends what kind of tennis ball also as there is a heavier tennis ball like Vicky brand or flash tennis ball, and not regular tennis ball. But yeah, hitting regular cricket ball and tennis ball are both hard to hit actually, and require different level of skills, hand-eye coordination etc. A player who has played hard ball all his life might not br able to hit a tennis ball for a six that easily in first few games, but eventually after getting used to playing with that ball will rock that kind of format of cricket. Guys like Pintu parcha posses special skills of hitting the tennis ball which a regular hard ball hitter might find hard to replicate if he is sent to bat in a tennis ball game. It comes naturally to Pintu and also hr has done this probabably all his life so he can do this better than most pro crixketers can do in the tennis ball cricket format. But transition from Tennis ball to hard ball as a batsman is much harder. You will be batting with heavier bats which you can’t swing as easily as you can a tennis ball bat which are extremely light. Different ball game totaly.
  5. I just celebrated by drinking beverage in my famous glass of champions
  6. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Saw the other thread from NarenPande’s and as soon I see the thread starter’s name it reminded me Pintu Parcha and the famous thread he opened.
  7. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    @beetle Ravi Ashwin type serious guy Alert.
  8. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    The wicket was as deadly as old WACA track and he produced this knock
  9. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Yes saw . Legend getting contracts. Actually happy for him. Playing Hard tennis ball cricket requires different talent which he posesses, just bowlers can’t seem to york him on the stumps is hard to understand. Par ab Indian team mein jaga pakki banti dikh rahi hai iski.
  10. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Bump, I think the legend of Pintu Parcha should be flown to South Africa. He will beat the crap out of Junior Dalla. Pintu Parcha ko bhejo Dakshin Afreeka
  11. Twitter messages

    I think most of them you meant would have replied with a cheeky reply but kept the whole fixing part out. Moment someone brings fixing part, shows the guy is trying to insult the other guy, and if he is trying to insult means he was really mad at what Gibbs said to him. One shouldn’t be angry so easily. Ashwin lacks sense of humor I think.
  12. What song are you currently listening to ?

    Ek Ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga by Sanam band. Guys I am new to Sanam band and some of you in India might be already aware as he has 3 million subscribers, but this band is really talnted. This one is so well done. Have a listen
  13. Twitter messages

    Jalebi still handles well, its our lalloo bhaiyaa who gets triggered the most lol
  14. Twitter messages

    Torres Ashwin clearly got mad for no reason. He should learn to have better come backs than that bull crap he put. And people reminding us that Hibbs was a fixer is even funnier that now they are reachin this height to defend Ashwin. Ashwin failed to take a joke their or at least got too serious.
  15. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    May be you are right. I haven’t seen a whole lot of movies of them to notice that, have just enjoyed their general sense of acting and expressions. Simple yet enough to leave an impact. Similarly also enjoyed Naseeruddin Shah’s movies also.
  16. Countdown to 50th 100 [ Virat Kohli] !!!

    Plenty of ODI’s coming in next one year. Kohli has a good chance to get closer to Tendulkar’s record. India’s tentative ODI schedule for 12 months: 3 ODI’s in England Asia Cup(India will play around about 5 ODI’s minimum) 5 ODI’s vs West Indies at home 3 ODIs vs Australia(away) 5 ODIs vs New Zealand(away) Kohli can surely get close to 41 at least I feel. He might even go crazy against West Indies at home, who knows.
  17. Pakistan Super League 2018 - Tournament Thread

    It will stay here since its a cricket tournament related thread even if two pakistanis post in this. We might not sticky it like it happened last year is another thing. But we need to be considerate of other fans too. Everyone should be welcome to discuss their cricket team on ICF. Its fine to poke fun every now and then and banter should always be there but we can’t reach so low that we start behaving like morons and start moving everything Pakistan related to jokes or chit chat section. That will be misuse of my admin/mod power. That would honestly be ridiculous on my part if I would have done that as an Admin or Mod. Its a popular cricket league, not as popular as others but many Pakistanis like to discusss it and this being forum on internet should give them freedom to post here. cheers
  18. The domestic 50 over competition starts next week. I would love to see all our under 19 play for their respective states. It will be great to see Shaw, Gill, Manjot, Abhishek, Nagarkoti, Mavi all back in India representing their state teams. This is a big tournlanet for Rishab Pant and many promising players knocking the door. Squads announced so far Bengal The squad: Manoj Tiwary(captain), Sudip Chatterjee (vice-captain), Shreevats Goswami (wk), Abhimanyu Easwaran, Writtick Chatterjee, Anustup Majumder, Vivek Singh, Kanishk Seth, Ashoke Dinda, Sayan Ghosh, Mukesh Kumar, Aamir Gani, Pradipta Pramanik, Sumanta Gupta, Abhishek Raman and Ishan Porel. .
  19. 2018 Tour of England

    Deal hai tujhe pata hai 10 saal se icfers ko arsenic pila rah3 hai hum and teams ko bhi. Ek aur baar hoga arsenic ka Jashan
  20. Yes, people don’t realize that Kohli rested just now before the South Africa series during the Sri Lanka home ODI series since that was not extremely important and is now hungry to play after serving his rest period. If he feels he needs extra rest, he will ask for it and most likely get it for the t20 tri series which is to take place in Sri Lanka before IPL. Being the best batsman, he shouldn’t be obligated to take rest for the last match of an ODI series since this is the tour which Kohli and the country was most looking forward to. This is not like home sri lankan series which has become a yearly festival. This South African tour comes once in 3-4 years and the best player in the world wants to win that series by dominating in it. There is nothing selfish about that.
  21. Agree, same bs all the time. I wonder why @Malcolm Merlyn is so worried whats going to happen. Its not that this same thing doesn’t happen every time under the cover.
  22. You don’t burn out by playing one extra game in 6 game series where you have already played 5. Captain doesn’t want to skip playing a game for his country in an overseas tour. That is not selfish. I like such captains.
  23. 2018 Tour of England

    Touring before in ODI’s will help guys like Kohli, Rahul(even if he doesn’t get games in t20s or ODI’s), Dhawan, Bhuvi, Bumrah, get used to the conditions. Pujara will be likely playing county again. Only guy left will be Vijay from our top order who should arrive early to join the squad so he can get used to the conditions. This is going to be India’s best test tour to England . We are going to thrash England in England if we stick to this top 5 from the first test. Vijay Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane
  24. Everyone looks at it differently. May be they want to beat them badly like 5-1 and take confidence into t20s, instead of breaking the momentum and giving them a chance. I wanted them to try others too but it did not happen, they at least tried a new bowler. I won’t call them selfish for that. Kohli is all about mental toughness and being the best player, he doesn’t like skipping games so if he is there he wants to play himself everytime. Everyone has agreed that he must give chance to few more players and make the required change in the middle order. No one has ever disagreed that.

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