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  1. Christine Fair is a popular professor from Georgetown University and Scholor who has studied India-Pakistan conflict very well. She is big time into India and Pakistan. Some of you might be aware of her from that famous youtube video where she puts the Pakistani student in place who was commenting about Kashmir and India. Here is her candid interview during her ongoing trip to India. Very interesting comments and must watch
  2. If supreme court and all the bodies and our public had started scrurtinizing our politicians the same way as they are doing for Pandua and Rahul, our country would be so much better.
  3. More like more Indians need to know how some outside scholors actually know their thing before Indian scholors bring Aman ki asha etc topic.
  4. Cricketics

    Resurgence of MSD?

    @Laaloo has always suspected and caught malcolm cheating he says using other ids.
  5. Cricketics

    Australian Open 2019

    Yes, Berdych is back to his closest best but I don’t see him beating Nadal. Regarding Di Minaur, I feel he will play better in front of his home crowd in a Davis Cup atmosphere when he faces Nadal. It will bring him to play like Lleyton Hewitt. I am just feeling something special about that game. Hopefully it will be a cracking 5 setter.
  6. True that. Lets see. This is the best I have seen of Shami consistently bowling well across different formats with also looking fit and focused. Surely has made his case for world cup squad which wasn’t certain over a year ago.
  7. Dhawan and Dhoni must get notice from BCCI and be forced to play if they want to represent India in the world cup. You can’t sit in Melbourne with family all the time snd come straight into ODI series and look rusty. I knwo they are confirmed for world cup but this whole place for granted shouldn’t be be allowed. They need to go hard on seniors. You got to earn your spot. Nothing for granted. This is about world cup.
  8. I agree, I think few odis here have been good but he seems to show sign of niggles like some neck pian etc, plus he will be bowling a lot in IPL and that is what is my concern. Not many people realize but I feel this world cup is actually ideal for many teams who have players recovering from injury as each team plays at least 9 games and players could be at their best by 2nd or third game without hurting their team’s chance if they haven’t had much match practice. So that I think is one good thing. But yeah, ideally we want our players to go with some match practice for ODI’s. I think IPL, even though too close to the world cup, isn’t too bad for some bowlers to find rhythm to bowl in death when players are attacking. That phase of bowling in death will help them for the world cup.
  9. He should just quit ODI captaincy after this world cup. Concentrate on Test captaincy and enjoy batting in ODI’s as a player. South Africa is the only team which will linger around our total points for next 1 year. We need too send them packing big time when they come home and just dominate. I see us being number 1 for a while now.
  10. Isko Koffee with Karan ki Adalat mein hazir kiya jaye.
  11. Cricketics

    Dhawan/Rohit Beat Sehwag/Sachin (ODI)

    Not many have doubt about his ability in ODI’s. That doubt you talk about is for test matches where he isn’t scoring much after being given enough chances. In ODI’s, he is our go to guy who will surely get couple of tons in the league stage. He is a gun ODI bowler.
  12. Man we need to preserve Shami also a bit just like Bumrah has been rested. He has been playing a lot. Also will be good since it can make way for a younger pacer.
  13. Cricketics

    Australian Open 2019

    Guys who’s waiting for Nadal va Di Minaur in round 3? Both are yet to face their round 2 opponents and I hope both of them win because I feel Di Minaur is going to play the match of his life against Nadal in front of his hom crowd. He is a future grandslam champion and one of the most talented sportsmen currently on earth. Yes, thats big statement but having seen enough of him upclose and from court side, I can say he is a talent you can’t ignore. I am feeling an upset. Lets go Di Minaur.
  14. Cricketics

    Virat Kohli vs sachin tendulkar 100's in AUS

    Fine to defend Sachin but saying such thing also shows disrespect to a chanpion like Kohli who is doing something crazy or already has done something crazy. Kohli’s numbers while chasing and winning for India are just some crazy numbers. Habit is not even a word I can use now for him, he has done it way too many times. That ought to be respected. We sometimes thing its literaly video game where we can chase any total and literaly that is what we get spoiled with after seeing how easily and often Kohli keeps doing and scoring ton while chasing. Eventually when he fails and we see other big players not perform while chasing, that is when you realize how tough it is to chase 270 plus total - be it a flat track or any track when your team is 20-1 or 2. Batting and then chasing isn’t easy in international cricket when chasing 300, be it against any top 10 ODI teams.
  15. Cricketics

    in DK I still dont trust !

    He is better than Rayudu any day. We have bigger problems than Karthik. Keep Karthik in squad for world cup, the guy does his role as a finisher well in t20s and in ODI’s. Our problem is that our x-factor Pant is sitting out to Rayudu. Thats not Karthik’s fault. We can easily remove Rayudu and get Gill and Pant in the squad with Karthik as back up instead and make this a stronger line up. 2 of them play in the world cup line up based on recent performances.
  16. Cricketics

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    They are always good in world cups, and I know thry will do well again but the reason you suggesting isn’t the reason. Not because Warner and Smith walk in an make it stronger. Yes they will make the team better, as they are their core, but main reason is their player’s ability to field well and adjust to shorter format of the game and perform under pressure and play attacking game and no tuk-tuk during pressure situations. That is what they do better in world cups. They will reach semis and get knocked out there to England.
  17. Cricketics

    Whether Jadeja is the best ever indian fielder?

    He is the quickest in the outfield and inside the thirty yard circle. If there is a better fielder than him in India then he hasn’t probably played for India yet. Jadeja is indeed the best ever fielder to play for India- better than Yuvi, better than Raina or better than any top fielder from the past including a player picked for his fieldijg in 90s named Noel David.
  18. Daala hai, dhoni aur rayudu ko tu khilade, tere facorite hai :)
  19. Cricketics

    Siraj - not impressed

    I think it will be harsh to judge him after just one game. He did bowl with decent pace like we have known about him and you could see he was just trying too much earlier and later in the final spell did try to bowl fuller but it did not work in front of one of the best hitters in Maxwell. I will give him more chances. Might be a little late for world cuo, but I would play him more games whenever possible. No need to be judging him by just one game. Everyone get taken apart in ODI’s.
  20. Need a 75-90 run stand at least from Dhawan-Rohit. They should take their time and negotiate early swing.
  21. Prem Jyotish add. I feel like calling him to see if he can drop Rayudu.
  22. Man I can’t work from home tomorrow at its already midnight. Fk. Expecting Kohli chase. Looks like I will have some red eye tomorrow.
  23. Has bowled same short delivery to Shaun Marsh who has made merry. Needs to keep fuller to the left hander and bowl to the field. Or if he realy wants to bowl short, then take deep square leg and bowl that line all day for just one run. You have fielder up and witht har short line you will surely get hit for a four. That is Shaun Marsh’s strength to pull that for four.
  24. Best fielder in the billion people country. Quickest. Well done Jadeja.

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